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Top 10 Superheroes With Mental Illnesses

December 8, 2019

Welcome back, nerd squad. Today we take a closer look at one of the
greatest villains in the Marvel universe, Doctor Von Doom. Doom is a complex character which is what
makes him so fun to explore. While he does some of the most dastardly things
in comics and has practically been a god twice, he is also one of those villains you can almost
get behind. When it’s Doctor Doom versus the Fantastic
Four, you almost want to cheer him on. A lot of the time, he is trying to act for
what he believes is the good of humanity. Sure he’s prideful and he has an insane ego
but ultimately he doesn’t hurt people to hurt them, he sees it as hurting others for the
greater good. The crazy thing is that he actually is a pretty
decent leader and sometimes the most powerful person in the room, definitely the smartest,
meaning he gets called upon for all kinds of heroic tasks. Today that is what we are going to be taking
a look at as we count down the top 10 heroic things Doctor Doom has done. Let’s get counting. 10
Killed Himself Well more specifically killed his future alternate
self in 2093 AD in Camelot. This scenario comes to us from Iron Man vol
1, issue 250. Iron Man and Doctor Doom must team up and
travel to the future. Once there they team up with Merlin. By the way this Merlin has a beard that appears
to have the end of it wrapped in an elastic blue rubber band. Why? I don’t know. It’s the future? I guess we are just over 70 years away from
that weird trend. During the course of their adventure, Doctor
Doom crosses paths with his future self who is almost full cyborg at this point. Doctor Doom feels shame at his future self,
considering him undignified and desperate, living beyond his prime. As a result of this, he kills his future self. Yikes. 9
Saved the World So admittedly he also sort of took it over
and made himself a god but during the 2015 Secret Wars event, Doctor Doom is the only
one strong enough to save the existence of the world. Granted it’s kinda messed up, it’s not perfect,
but at least it still exists. Comprised of Earth 1610 and earth 616, as
well as bits of other realities, it is a mashed together reality split up into different territories. Doctor Doom rules over it as a god and Doctor
Strange even later confesses that he is really really good at it. Doctor Doom was the only one strong enough
to take in the power of the Beyonders and use it to build this reality, however in the
end it is still Mister Fantastic that usurps him and resets the Multiverse as we know it. Still, you gotta admit for a last minute job,
Doctor Doom did an outstanding job of saving the universe. 8
Saved His Mom In the Marvel Graphic Novel #49, we see Doctor
Doom team up with Doctor Strange to save his mother. His mother was trapped in hell many years
ago after a deal she made with a Mephisto went unsurprisingly sideways. Yet the only way to save her soul would be
to make her pure enough to no longer be able to reside in hell. In the issue it is made to look like Doctor
Doom sacrifices Doctor Strange to secure her safety but it is later revealed that this
was actually most likely a ploy of the brilliant Victor’s. Something he had done simply to make his mother
renounce him as a son and thereby free her soul by making it as pure as it could be. Whether or not this is true is not confirmed
in the comic, though Doctor Doom was the person who gave Doctor Strange the device which helped
him to break free of Mephisto’s grasp. 7
Saved the Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse While Doctor Doom doesn’t survive in the Marvel
Zombieverse, he certainly helps others to escape it. He is one of the last known survivors hiding
out in his castle Doomstadt in Latveria where he also houses many non-zombified refugees. Sure they all happen to be the kind of attractive
ones who are of a “breeding age” and are younger but still he is saving people. Unfortunately the horde eventually breakthrough
to Doomstadt and Doctor Doom becomes infected but even while the zombie virus is fighting
to take hold of him, he manages to get the survivors out through, well, basically a portal
gun, straight out of Rick and Morty. Ash of Evil Dead is also in the castle at
the time and Doctor Doom even resists the urge to devour the wise-cracking individual
and also helps him escape. He breaks the teleporter device just as the
horde breaks in and the Thing threatens to clobber him. Pretty selfless stuff. 6
Defeats Thanos During the Secret Wars event of 2015, God
Emperor Doom defeats Thanos and handily. These few panels that we find is issue 8 of
Secret Wars were considered by many to be controversial but ultimately God Emperor Doom
has the power to single handedly defeat the Mad Titan. The Mad Titan tries to intimidate Doom and
loses. The weird thing isn’t that Thanos used this
tactic but that he used this tactic on someone so narcissistic and powerful as Doom. Thanos mocks Doom, telling him that when he
wielded the powers of a God, the Infinity Gauntlet, he used them better. Doom asks if Thanos now possesses an infinity
gauntlet but Thanos concludes he doesn’t need one for someone as low and weak as Doom. Thanos demands that Doom bow down to him,
that Thanos in his ordinary form is enough to defeat Doom and earn his respect. Disagreeing, Doctor Doom kills Thanos, not
with the snap of his fingers but with one swift life disintegrating blow to the chest,
turning Thanos into bones. 5
Helped Deliver Sue Storm’s Baby When Sue Storm is ready to give birth to her
and Richard’s second child, Valeria, she almost loses the baby. Granted before she had actually lost it but
that is a story for another time. The baby which was originally stillborn the
first time around, got a hard reset but Sue is stuck with the same problem she was last
time, namely that her unborn daughter is throwing off waves of radiation that are harmful to
Sue and the unborn child itself. Last time every conceivable brilliant mind
was called upon including even Doctor Octopus and despite Reed Richards best efforts he
could not save their child. Now Reed Richards is occupied and unable to
be at his wife’s side as she goes into labour and Johnny Storm calls upon the only person
he can think of, Doctor Doom for some reason. He is brilliant but I feel like calling upon
your archnemesis is risky. Doctor Doom agrees to help and manages to
use Johnny Storms external energy–Johnny could not flame off at the point due to this
excess energy without the help of technology–to save Sue Storm and her baby. This also fixes Johnny problem as well. When Reed Richards makes it back to his wife,
she has already been successfully delivered. Doctor Doom’s price was that he would simply
get to name her. He named her Valeria and bestows her with
the full protection of Latveria and his own powers should she ever need it. He then leaves, gloating that he did what
Richards could not but still seeming to be a pretty great godfather all things considered. 4
Latveria Latveria is the nation that Doom rules. Within his nation he is like a King but although
his rules are somewhat strict, and he rules with a literal iron fist, he actually is a
pretty decent leader. Sure, he demands your undying devotion to
him and sure you may not have all the freedoms you would have in another country. But the people of Latveria do seem to truly
love Doctor Doom, even Doctor Strange believes it is more than show and is sincere. Under his rule, Latveria prospers. They have a good economy, healthy citizens,
no one seems to go hungry or suffer from undue ailments. It is a relatively peaceful and calm place
to live. Sure he sometimes uses mind control on his
citizens but hey mind control for a peaceful existence seems like a not so awful trade
off. 3
Prevents a War Doctor Von Doom joins up with Winter Solider
and Black Widow in the Winter Soldier 2012 series. What’s more amazing is he does so after Bucky
breaks into his castle. Doom almost kills him, thinking him some kind
of vile spy as well as Cap’s sidekick who he thought had already died. But before he can amend Bucky’s existence,
Bucky confesses that they are only there to help Doctor Doom. They share that Doctor Doom is being framed
and that one of his Doombots, programmed to look and behave just like Doom, is being manipulated
into attacking the United Nations. This attack would result in a war, potentially
even a world war, who knows. To avoid such events coming to pass, Doctor
Doom agrees to help them and with Bucky and Black Widow they work together to defeat the
villainous plot and save the world. 2
Made a More Peaceful World In the Marvel Graphic Novel series from the
80s, in issue 27, we see Doctor Doom become Emperor Doom when he conquers the world. He does this by harnessing Purple Man’s mind
control abilities and magnifying them with the use of a giant Psycho-Prism. When he takes control of the world, he actually
proves himself to be a relatively astounding leader. Apart from the mind control, that is. He uses his powers for good, not evil. Sure, he makes himself leader of the world
but he also ends war, works towards eliminating world hunger and improves the economy. He basically turns the world into a paradise. Unfortunately this is short lived as although
Doom enjoys being Emperor he soon finds that mind control makes everything kind of safe
and boring, too easy. There is no gratification in it. No struggle. Which makes it kind of strange that he would
later use mind control in his own nation of Latveria. 1
Infamous Iron Man No, I’m not talking about Tony Stark’s Iron
Man here. I’m talking about Doctor Doom as Iron Man,
he became Infamous Iron Man in his own 12 issue series in 2016 when he adopted Iron
Man’s mantle and decided to pursue a life of heroics. That’s right. Doctor Doom did for a time want to be a hero
and aspired to it. The best thing about him as a hero is he still
has the flaws we know and love. He is still prideful to a fault, making him
appear rather flippant. But he is still very powerful and shows remorse
even in the villainous deeds he has formally perpetrated. He even manages to defeat a ton of villains
as they plot to kill him, saying that he was worse enough as an ally but as a hero he would
be unstoppable. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. Do you think Doctor Doom would make a good
hero? Do you want to see him join the MCU? Do you think he needs the Fantastic Four to
do so or could perhaps standalone as his own character slash villain? Let me know in the comments below. He is personally one of my all time favourite
villains because he is so complex and frequently helps others just to prove he can and that
he is smarter. I also just love that even while being a villain
he can easily perform noble actions and it is still in character for him. So complex! While you’re on your way down to
the comments to share you thoughts and feels, be sure to tap that like if you love Doctor
Doom as much as I do and remember to smash that sub and ring our bell. We love it when you do. This has been top 10 nerd and I’m your host
Amanda McKnight, reminding you as always to stay nerdy, YouTube.


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