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Top 10 Scary Viruses That Could End Humankind

December 22, 2019

These viruses are considered by the World Health
Organization to likely cause a severe outbreak in our near future. Bear in mind that a lot of these viruses still
don’t have any cures or effective medical interventions. So if one of these viruses were to spread
today, it could be the end of humanity. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
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the top 10 scary viruses that could end humankind. Swine and bird flus make it onto our list
in at number 10. Let’s travel back to 2009 when we had the
H1N1 pandemic. In that outbreak, the virus was made up of
a mixture of bird, human and swine viruses. According to the centre for disease control,
because the virus both infected humans and was easily transmitted from person to person,
it caused a worldwide pandemic. Thankfully for us, the fatality rate was not
high enough to cause a serious threat to the world population and the pandemic was declared
over in 2010. But since viruses can spread so easily between
pigs and birds to humans, what if a highly fatal version of the swine or bird flu came
into existence? The world might just find itself in some serious
trouble. Rotavirus takes the number 9 spot. This is virus is actually pretty devastating. It is known as the child killer because it
is responsible for killing over 500,000 children per year. The Rotavirus is spread through fecal-oral
exposure which is often found on play surfaces or contaminated water. Symptoms include, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal
pain and it can be deadly, especially in the developing world. This virus can be found in every country and
almost every child in the world will suffer from at least one infection by the time he
or she is 3 years old. Thankfully we have vaccines now that can prevent
this virus from become deadly, but for less developed countries, this virus is still responsible
for lots of children dying each year. Lassa virus is in at number 8. This scary virus was first diagnosed in Berlin
and it can be extremely difficult for doctors to diagnose it because only 20 percent of
infected people show symptoms. But, when this virus hits you, patients can
quickly move from a mild fever to hemorrhaging, encephalitis and shock. But that’s not even the worst part of this
virus. One of the most common complication is deafness. It is estimated that about a third of all
Lassa patients will lose some or all of their hearing. The Lassa fever is primarily found in West
Africa and it can be contracted when people come into contact with infected rat droppings
or if they come into contact with an infected persons bodily fluids. And even though we have an antiviral drug,
there is no current vaccine for this scary virus. Next up in at number 7 we are talking about
SARS. Back in 2003, the SARS global outbreak killed
relatively few people worldwide but because it is so easily transmitted through sneezing
and coughing, the National Select Agent Registry Program has declared that SARS has the potential
to pose a severe threat to public health and safely. So yeah, basically if a more toxic strain
of the virus were to spread, it would cause a serious risk to humanity and we’d all
be living in a post apocalyptic world…if we manage to survive. Number 6 HIV/AIDS. Since this disease was first recognized in
the 1980s, an estimated 36 million people have died from HIV. Many doctors have said that HIV & AIDS takes
the biggest toll on mankind right now and it could still be one of the biggest killers
here on Earth. With modern medicine, we have powerful antiviral
drugs that make it possible for people to live for years with HIV. But this disease continues to devastate a
lot of low and middle income countries. According to the global statistics, there
are approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS in 2017 and that’s
why this unfortunate disease is known as the mass killer. Climbing up onto this list in at number 5
we have the black death. This scary sounding virus is thought to have
been spread by fleas that were carried on rats. Approximately 75-200 million people in Europe
between 1346-1353 were killed because of this virus. That’s about 30-60 percent of Europe’s
total population. Many people died within two days of developing
symptoms which included rashes, fever, vomiting blood and swollen lymph glands. Back then this disease spread slowly but could
you imagine how much more quickly the plague would spread in modern times? It would probably wipe us out easily. Oh and idf you thought this was a thing of
the past, you’d be wrong. A handful of people catch the plague from
mice year year in the US. The Spanish Flu brings us to number 4. There have been several world-threatening
flu outbreaks but one of the scariest outbreaks was the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. This pandemic wiped out nearly 50 million
people worldwide or up to 40 percent of the world’s population. This disease has an extremely short incubation
period and a very high mortality rate and that’s what makes this disease so dangerous. So many people started to die just hours after
their symptoms started to show. Unlike other flu epidemics that mainly target
babies and the elderly, this flu did not discriminate. Everyone was a target and no one was safe. A virus list would not be complete without
talking about the infamous Ebola virus in at number 3. Did you know that there are five strains of
the Ebola virus? They are named after countries and regions
in Africa. So they are; Zaire, Sudan, Tai Forest, Bundibugyo
and Reston. The most deadly strain of Ebola is the Zaire
one because It has a mortality rate of 90 percent. Ebola is spread through contact with blood
or other body fluids, or tissue from other infected people or animals. Symptoms of Ebola typically are: weakness,
fever, aches, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. Some people might experience a rash, red eyes,
chest pain, difficulty breathing and internal bleeding. Currently, there is no known cure for Ebola
and the goal is just to treat the symptoms and make the person comfortable. Marburg virus comes onto this list in at number
2. This deadly virus was first discovered in
1967 when small outbreaks occurred in lab workers in Germany who were exposed to infected
monkeys that were brought in from Uganda. I really hope the company offers great health
benefits, or at least a good life insurance policy. The Marburg virus is really similar to Ebola. Infected people will develop really high fevers
and bleeding throughout their entire body which can lead to shock, organ failure and
death. The fatality rate for this virus is around
90% and there is no proven treatment for this virus. So lucky for us, it has been contained but
if it does come back…we are in serious trouble. The moment you’ve all been waiting for,
in at number 1, an entirely new and unknown disease that could potentially end humankind. For all we know, the next big killer virus
could already be making its way towards us. Take HIV for example, it has such a long incubation
period that it was able to spread like crazy before anyone was even aware of its existence. Thankfully its transmission methods kept it
from completely wiping out life on Earth but maybe we won’t be as lucky with the next
virus. The thing with this type of disease, is that
they pop out of nowhere even though they might have been harboring in animals for hundreds
of thousands of years but we won’t know they exist until it affects a vulnerable human.


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