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Tony | Bí Kíp Phòng Chống Virus CORONA

February 7, 2020

Hi everyone to Tony TV First, each person takes a face mask do not greet people but take face masks Don’t you know the Corona virus? I know so I was able to film the clip today Because school allows students to be absent This virus is very dangerous Can I have two masks? For what? My house has two dogs, I bring it your dog is very stupid Let me go home and bring a mask for the dog no eyes In my team. Does anyone know this Corona virus? Corona virus is like the Foot and mouth disease of pigs contagious, we must be careful of precautions Does anyone know where this virus came from? Wuhan – China Virus causes all schools to allow students one week off This virus is very dangerous In the past, despite the storm, the school only allowed one day off for students But now the school is off for 7 days I know why 7 days off Because this virus is very contagious Does anyone know what way this virus spreads? Me, there are 3 easy routes 1 is blood 2 is sexually transmitted 3 is the way from mother to child I remember that the virus was HIVS This proves that the children’s knowledge here is very poor Now I will briefly talk about the Corona virus It spreads through the respiratory tract causing pneumonia so it is very easy to spread it in two ways 1 is from animals to humans and 2 from person to person spread from person to person very easy to understand Everyone please see this story Does anyone in our group know where Vu Thanh is going? Vu Thanh is the leader Today is the lesson of addition and subtraction, division Without Vu Thanh instructions we won’t understand What are you doing so late? We have been waiting for you for 1 hour I’m sick Don’t blame it, come here and show me this problem Is Vu Thanh sick but why are you coughing so much? I have a fever, cough and a little difficulty breathing so cold Doctor. Why is my brother having a fever? The doctor asks if you have come in contact with anyone who is sick recently? Three days ago, Vu Thanh coughed into my face Oh My God, Chocolate virus Corona virus Symptoms are fever The current is now 38 degrees hot Do you cough? and shortness of breath Do you have difficulty breathing? I don’t know but now I feel unable to breathe Through this story, people often wear face masks and limit contact with the sick person I don’t know why I recently had a cough, fever and trouble breathing eat mango to keep your throat cool Thanh You’ve just returned from Saigon Do you eat mango? No, I have work I’m so cold, you ask the doctor what my illness is fever of 38 degrees C Have you recently come in contact with anyone who is ill Since I came back home, I just stayed home I remember, 3 days ago I talked and shook hands with Thanh As you can see, this Corona virus can spread through the infected person’s fluids because Thanh got sick and ate mango Thanh sucked his hand and then shook hands with me after that I did not wash my hands and eat with my hands so I was sick through the short films just now Probably everyone already understands the mechanism of spreading Corona virus And the first symptom is fever, cough and shortness of breath Please show us how to prevent it Haha What’s going on? What did you do? Are you going crazy? The opportunity to get rich has come How much is Mr. Vinh making Youtube? Give me the money I buy face masks and sell them 3-4 times more sold 10 times more That’s right, 1 billion bought face masks and later sold 10 billion Haha I do not do such immoral things and conscience Yesterday, I bought a face mask box for 200,000 VND Where is his house? follow me Hey, wait I heard that his son was released from prison last week once upon a time there was a saying “Everywhere have heroes and villains” It is not wrong There are now lots of people giving out free face masks to students and workers to cope with this disease Meanwhile, there are many drugstores and people who do not morally raise the price of face masks at very expensive prices

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