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Tom: Fasting to Heal Athlete’s Foot (and other fungal issues) & Shoulder & Other Injuries

August 27, 2019

hi this is Lauren Lachman and I’m coming to you today from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica and I’m here with my friend and client Tom and Tom this is your first visit Tanglewood yes it is and you you’ve done I think some short fasts on your own well with my family yeah okay but the plan is for you too fast 21 days and if I believe you have not done that before is that right no I have not okay so what is it you’re hoping to accomplish on this 21-day fast well I want to enhance or even more so the gains that made over the years of change in mind lifestyle diet okay and I want to improve my health if my spine improves so I don’t have to have frequent visits to the chiropractor okay that would be nice alright now just a couple questions so you’ve you’ve been following a predominantly raw vegan diet for a number of years now right predominantly yeah okay I mean more or less okay and that’s been what the last 12 years or more well it’s been yeah more than twelve years I know we met ten or eleven twelve years ago something like that right right we we started trying to work out raw diet while we lived in Michigan okay and so that’s been something more than more Deslauriers yes okay and you mentioned a back problem was you’re you’re a carpenter is that right that’s right did you have an injury or what’s going on with your back well I can conjecture then it may have started when I fell out of a tree at age eleven okay all right I had an injury about 1990 another one maybe 2002 which actually made me lose work okay so were you out of work for a while ya know a few weeks okay all right so needless to say I mean you’ve mentioned that you’ve had more or less ongoing pain now for quite a long time I you know discomfort sometimes you know I used to get by I used to advance in my career by ignoring and Brattain and and working through it right and then even though some pains will go away with a better diet still there are some things that persist and so I’ve learned it I should pay attention to them more and I know that there are more benefits even if the benefit is just to kick some of the remaining mental addictions to say salt starts cooked grain stuff like that that would be great sure and and I know the rest will be good for me and I know this will give a chance to for my body to heal things that can’t sure okay so you’re you’re about 55 right exactly okay and 55 here lean you’re fit you’re strong you’re doing better than many people but it sounds like you’re not doing as well as you’d like to do I I do believe that this rest and given the chance to for the body to recuperate yeah will will make a difference that’s wonderful it’s this is the third day of your fast that’s right so we’re you know we’re only a little lazy you you’ve got 18 days to go so if you if you’ll allow us to would be wonderful to checking with you check on your progress see how you’re doing you’re gonna be here for a total of another 25 days before your four weeks is up right and we may very well be seeing a completely different person 25 days from now but it’d be great to check along the way right so this is this is we had to get this while I’m still pretty much the person who walked in here yeah yeah terrific well Tom thanks very much for your time today we look forward to seeing you again you’re welcome


  • Reply Loren Lockman July 29, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Thanks! I'll pass your note along to Tom; I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

  • Reply zaraman0077 February 24, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Did the fasting get rid of the athletes feet? I have had athletes feet for so long and tried many things. I tried to eat more raw foods, fermented foods, low carbs. Nothing seems to work.

  • Reply Herb.itall.bivore June 20, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Tom looks like he will kill you.

    Only kidding. Hope that this did you well Tom?

  • Reply Randy Schanck February 19, 2019 at 1:38 am

    Im here because i am 26. Ive had athletes foot of some variation, for about five years. I am someone who picks scabs and scratches poisen ivy like no tmrw. Etc. the atheletes foot spread to my hands and both feet. One foot had a very large and constantly open sore which would puss for hours, and dry overnight, and upon my first step it would all crack open, bleed and start all over. That has since gone away thank God, but i still have a very particular infected area. Left foot is infected in the arch area. And right foot has skin damage around the outer edges of my foot. I strongly believe i have lost a considerable amount of blood flow below my right ankle because of the skin damage and damage to nerves and other areas. Tried many creams which help somewhat, but from what i have researched after years, it seems that “starving” the fungus or candida (if thats what it may be now or was then to any degree) is a sure fire way to eliminate its ability to continue thriving in the body. Obviously post fungus treatment is still necessary to ensure it is gone but besides the countless other benefits of fasting, this is one i randomly thought of recently and i am glad to see it is effective, to the degree that one fasts.

  • Reply Helen Talia May 19, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Client seems disinterested, which is discouraging to viewers in search of answers.

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