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Tips on Preparing your sellers for a Home Inspection and the Epidemic Plaguing Baldwin County…

January 27, 2020

– Hey guys, Tim Lower here
with Home Boss Inspection. I’m here with Emily Burke today, and we’re talkin’ about
preparing your home to sell and for the home inspection. – Yes. This particular home that is
just going live on the MLS, is probably one of the
best prepared homes, for a listing, that I
have ever seen in my life. And I’m not just sayin’ that
because it’s my dad’s house, but it is my dad’s house. – Nice. So we’re gonna take you
guys through a few things that you’ll wanna look at
that are common defects that we’ll find in home inspections. And be able to prepare your sellers for how to get ready for that. – Right, so that you
don’t have to find out on your home’s home inspection. – Alright guys, one of the most common
defects we come across in a home inspection, is the caulking around the
windows or utility penetrations. – Definitely. – So you’ll wanna go around your home, check out around all the
windows, utility penetrations, and make sure you’re caulked up and ready for the inspection. Now this home has excellent
caulking, I must say. – Thank you, did I mention that this might be one of
the best prepared homes I have ever listed? And I’m not just sayin’
that ’cause it’s my dad’s. – Alright guys, another common defect on homes we find, is the insulation around
the refrigerant lines on the air conditioner units. So you want to get out around
your air conditioner units, check out the insulation
on these refrigerant lines, and make sure they’re intact. – Check out those lines. – Those are some nice
refrigerant lines right there. – Those are some of the finest
lines in Baldwin County, and I’m not just sayin’ that
because it’s my dad’s house. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you lookin’ at there, Tim? – Well one of the other common defects that we find in a home inspection is, when the evaporator coils are dirty. So I was just checkin’ out
these evaporator coils. – Lookin’ good?
– They look super clean. – Perhaps, the best in Baldwin County? Good job, dad. Okay, so it has come to
our attention recently, my fellow agents and I at JWRE, that there is an incredibly large epidemic in Baldwin County. Are you aware? – It’s true, it’s true. Huge epidemic in home inspections.
– Yeah. – Yeah, it seems that, about 90% or more, in my estimation, the homes report reads that the toilet, the commode, is loose. There is a loose toilet
epidemic in Baldwin County. And it’s time for it to come to an end. – That’s right, that’s right. – It’s time for us to fix this. – And you know before I
got into home inspections I just didn’t realize how
big this epidemic was. – I didn’t realize before I was a realtor, how intense, and, shocking it was, the loose
toilets in Baldwin County. But this particular toilet that happens to be
located in my dad’s house, that is listed for sale in
Perdido Beach, Alabama– – It is a–
– Let’s check it out. – It is one of the sturdiest toilets– – Why don’t you–
– So let me check it out real quick, so you kind of get in here, we’ll kind of straddle
the toilet a little bit, and try to shift it back and forth to see if it’s loose or not. And this one is probably
one of the most solid, stable, excellent, magnificent toilets in Baldwin County. – In Baldwin County, in Baldwin County. Good job, dad. Okay, so just to recap, getting your home prepared for listing, getting ready for that sometimes stressful inspection period, let’s see if I can remember it all. So, it was the caulk around the windows, common finding. The insulation around the, refrigerant lines.
– Refrigerant lines. – Outside around your AC. The evaporator coils. Of your AC.
– Making sure that they’re nice and clean.
– Nice and clean. And, the loose toilet issue that seems to be plaguing Baldwin County. But it stops here. Get it together Baldwin County. Secure those toilets. So all in all, how would you say that
this particular seller did to prepare their home for
listing and inspection? – Probably one of the best jobs I’ve seen a seller do
to get their home ready and prepared for a home inspection. – Good job, dad. (hands slapping) – Awesome.

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