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Tips How to Kill Parasites from the Body : VitaLife Show – Ep 167

November 4, 2019

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m
doctor Janine Bowring naturopathic doctor and today we’ll be
talking all about parasites and candida and all of
these nasty things that ninety-five percent of us have in
our digestive tracts in our blood streams in our organs and we don’t even know it the shocking
thing about parasites and candida is that they cause a whole host of
different health issues and diseases that are often
undiagnosed and the doctors just don’t know that
these are the causative factors for what may be ailing you. So I
have some great information today please do you make sure they stay tuned to the
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here at the VitaLife Show that you absolutely love So the topic of parasites you may ask what
are parasites maybe you’ve heard about parasites candida as well yeast, IBS types of symptoms that are caused by
these organisms well parasites are basically organisms
that we have in our digestive tract, in our bloodstreams and our organs that really shouldn’t be there so they
are sort of making their home in your body and causing a whole host of
symptoms which I’ll go through today now how do we get parasites well if
you’ve ever traveled if you’ve ever sat on an airplane if basically you’ve ever eaten any type of meat unfortunately you are exposed to parasite larva and you
wouldn’t necessarily know that these larva are eggs are in the meat but yet they are there
and then there are of course ingested and then they start to live in
your body and that’s when they start to grow and cause all the symptoms its true
for children as well especially undercooked meat now sushi is
notorious I don’t know how many you know my patients over the years that
I said you know sushi is just isn’t a good idea especially if you’re eating it here in
North America the way that it’s prepared is not the same as in the indigenous regions in Japan where
they take certain measures to make sure that those eggs and larva of whether it’s a fish parasite or a
different parasites that are you know accustomed to being in sushi are a problem so sushi is notorious if
you love sushi and it it so interesting when I see my patience I can think of
you know years back I saw a young woman she was the lawyer
beautiful young girl and she was having so many digestive
issues and you know no doctor could figure it out she’d been tested for all
different types of things and I asked her what do you tend to eat
what’s the main thing that you eat She’s very thin and you know to care for
herself and she loves sushi well there was my answer because she was
ingesting sushi and often the raw uncooked sushi the fishes and things in the sushi unfortunately she was
holding on to a number of parasites we did some further testing and the good news is with treatment
we’re able to get her well again so this is why it’s so important that we
address these issues with parasites candida is another thing if you’ve ever taken antibiotics if you
ever ever taken synthetic hormones if you tend to crave sugars these are
things that actually feed and make candida our yeast organisms over grow in the digestive tract symptoms of this are bloating gas foggy
thinking chronic yeast infections urinary tract
infections getting sick all the time craving even more sugar in the sweets and
alcohol because those organisms are making you
crave this and this is one of you know things that we treat most likely on a
daily basis as naturopathic doctors its something that
we really have to pay attention to and treat them
accordingly so that they don’t then turn into other more serious diseases down the road so one thing you may not
know about parasites that absolutely disgusting but I wanna listen
anyways is that as they’re growing in your body
unfortunately they lay their eggs the other thing they do is that they
actually excrete in your body so they’re actually pooping
inside of you if I can use that word leaving their excrement and their toxic by products mostly in the digestive tract these then
translate into the blood as well and it’s these toxic after effects of
having parasite, candida in the first place that cause a lot of the symptoms which I’ll talk about now. So now I’ll
share some other symptoms of parasite infestations so it could be grinding teeth I find is very common in
children especially if the grind their teeth at night this is really common maybe it’s a itchy anus this is
really important as well we see this in kids a lot and that’s a
sign and symptom of parasites and parasitic infections especially pinworms
which are really common it could be gas and bloating digestive
issues not being able to digest your food efficiently which makes you become
overweight so a lot of people think oh you know parasites are great because
they eat my food for me they keep me thin Well certain parasites will do that like
tapeworms however other parasites will actually make you hungry
all the time make you gain weight and then affecting
your metabolism in a negative way diary is another common symptom of you
know different types of parasites wether its roundworms, hookworms and different water-borne illnesses as
well. Fatigue, chronic fevers or fevers that come and a telltale sign that you have these parasites so I really do encourage you this is
something that is often overlooked in your health care routine killing parasites doing it naturally is
the best thing that you can do for your health and do a periodically through the
years, so just as we talk about detoxification with our VitaDetox here at
VitaTree something that you do at the change of
every season it’s really important that you’re killing these bad organisms at the change of the season as well and
you’re doing a two-week protocol on this is you know for the average person
certainly if you have questions or comments or you think you’re really you now have a really bad infestations
parasites certainly leave your comments below we do get back to everyone to
guide you through how do you dose the formulation but this is the key thing the VitaTree Parasite Cleanse a wonderful formula that safe and
effective for killing all those bad guys all those nasty organisms those parasites the candida, the yeast, even viruses and bacteria as well this is your natural parasite cleanse its like a natural antibiotic as well. The way its taken is two capsules twice a day and you’re doing
this about half an hour before your meal you wanna feed the parasites and
those bad guys are these herbs that the absolutely hate before you eat so that you’re killing
them before they come to sort of feast on your food you doing
this ideally for two weeks and I want you to do three rounds at least of the parasite cleanse so you take the
parasite cleanse for two weeks and you take a two-week break and then
you’re on it again for two weeks and it’s that two capsules twice a
day and that’s for the average size person so a 150 pound man or woman certainly change the dosage a little bit
for children again if you have those questions leave your comments below but if you’re it more than 150 pounds
and often you’ll have to take actually more than that suggested dosage
so up to three or four even twice a day of these
capsules but it’s a remarkable way to effectively kill all those bad guys it
won’t wipe out your good flora but we do highly recommend teaming up with the VitaTree Probiotics so
that you have to kill session plus teaming up with the probiotic to then reinoculate and protect your
digestive tract with your friendly flora the good guys
in this is your soldier of good friendly flora to help to ward off any
these bad guys in case you ever ingest them or come in contact with them again so that’s a lot of information
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collagen levels up there click here in the middle this is a great
video on detoxification detoxification is really important when
you’re doing a parasite cleanse as well to get all those toxins out of the
digestive tract as well as the other organs and click
down here is a fantastic video all about treating varicose veins naturally as well as cellulite which’ll absolutely
love so again thanks for joining me. I’m doctor Janine Bowring this is the VitaLife Show and don’t
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