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Tips for Preventing the Flu | Vibra Hospital of Denver

November 22, 2019

Hi! I’m Maureen Bunch. I’m the Infection Preventionist here at Vibra Hospital. And this is Kelley Degarate. She is the CCO here. [Kelley]: Hi, Maureen! It’s flu season. So tell me the important things we need to
know about this season and what we should do to prevent the flu. [Maureen]: There are a lot of good things
we could do to prevent flu during flu season. One thing we can do is to get vaccinated. Another thing we can do is to not spread it
by washing our hands, and also by covering our cough. And whenever we’re sick, stay home from work
or school or something like that. Another thing we do is we also go ahead and
vaccinate our patients, as well. During the flu season, we also go ahead and
have visitor restrictions. Some of our visitor restrictions are similar
to the ones that are in the community other hospitals in the community. We limit visitors to two adults. No children under 18. Don’t visit if you’re sick. And always wash your hands. These are the ways that we try to prevent
the flu. [Kelley]: And I noticed that you put out our
“Healthy Hands” station. Where would we be able to see these in the
facility? [Maureen]: These are all over. There are “Healthy Hands” stations throughout
all the main entrances, and also we have Purell at every single patient room. And there’s also sinks for hand washing. [Kelley]: And the flu season usually goes
through what month of the year? [Maureen]: ‘Til April. [Kelley]: Okay, so it begins in October and
ends in April. [Maureen]: Yes, April 1st. [Kelley]: So, if you’re a visitor coming to Vibra Denver, if you have any questions, please
reach out to Maureen, our Infection Control Practitioner, or myself, Kelley Degarate, CCO.

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