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Timothée Chalamet on Opioid Epidemic & “Climate of Disillusion” | Close Up

December 17, 2019

(upbeat instrumental music) – Timothy, is there anything
in the current climate that made you choose to play a guy wrestling with drug addiction? – Addiction is the biggest killer in the United States right now. It’s over 50,000 people
a year die from this. That’s more than automobile crashes, it’s more than gun violence, it’s more than both of those combined. And a lot of young people go through this. Not necessarily Methamphetamine, that’s what Nic Sheff went through, things that numb your environment, and that’s I think the
most fascinating thing when you think about
addiction in the United States right now, is in the 60s or 70s, to my understanding, cause I wasn’t here, but LSD and marijuana, these were drugs that maybe amplified your surrounding, or helped people
understand it in a new way, and what you have now with opiates, and I think it’s not at all not linked to whatever climate of
disillusion we’re in, is they totally numb your surroundings. So you could be in the
worst physical setting, you could be in the
nicest physical setting, it’s going to give you the same effect. And I know I’m not only
speaking from my experience, I can imagine you guys too know people that have been serious
affected by addiction, and there’s still like a
moral failing around it. And weirdly I feel like with people my age there could be like a
glorification of it too, kind of like a martyrdom, like, “Yeah, I’m destroying
myself, it’s my right.” And that’s really sad, and I
feel a real responsibility, not in a fake way or in a facetious way, not to be like inspiring but
to point some way forward. And ‘Beautiful Boy’,
the irony of that movie is it’s not like the most
uplifting movie in the world, but at least there’s a
redemptive value in, okay, here’s story that maybe doesn’t
get honored all the time, and spoilers but that Nic survives, that he made it through,
that there were four relapses in the movie, he had 13 in real life. – [Richard] Wow. – And now he’s eight years sober. And I guess even what I just
said is misinformation a little bit too, because it’s a day
at a time, you never beat it. That’s one of the really
interesting things in talking to people about the movie, sometimes people are like,
“Why was he addicted?” And like, “Is he going to be okay?” And I kind of go, oh you
didn’t really get it, because that’s not– – [Guest] Yeah, yeah. – The why is purposefully not addressed, because that’s not as
important as the fact that one is addicted. And secondly, you never really beat it. – It’s interesting, I guess you spent time with him and with his father. – Yes. – The father wrote this
very celebrated book. What surprised you about the two then? – Nic’s book ‘Tweak’ is
a dream for an actor. I shouldn’t maybe say it
like that cause it was such a treacherous, terrible
experience for that family, but ‘Tweak’ is written
in the present tense, it is moment to moment,
he’s not thinking ahead, he’s not thinking of what just happened, it’s, “I’m going to go do
this, I’m going to go do this, “I don’t have drugs now,
I need to get drugs here.” And David’s is this beautiful 360 view of how an addiction can affect a parent, a family member, a loved one, a friend. And the way that Nic
describes it when he read it, he didn’t know how devastating what he was doing was to his family. And I think now what surprises me, because we do Q&As with them, is just like their strength of character and the possibilities of love. And it’s something Greta Gerwig said to be cause we’re working on
‘Little Women’ right now: “The most important things
in life are cliches,” and it is symptomatic
of what we’re living in to be cynical or disillusioned, and it can be harder but it’s
not like you’re going to make a whole difference pressing
a little thing each time, it’s a little bit of this,
you can impact a little bit. What people want, they
want accurate reflections. They want a mirror, basically. – Authenticity, right. – [Timothée] Yeah. – Yep. – And the demand for content,
whether that’s Netflix or Hulu or Apple’s making stuff. I saw a thing that said AT&T original in the street the other day. (group laughs) Apparently they’re making things. So there’s so much out there,
especially as a young actor I think your first dream is like, how can I be economically self sufficient? Like that first time you
could pay your check, and you didn’t do any other
job, you’re like what? – That’s success right there. – Yeah. (group laughs) – [Stephen] What surprised
you most about fame? – What has surprised me the most is, I was rehearsing this play ‘Prodigal Son’ which was in the same
space that Mahershala was rehearsing a play at Second Stage, this was four or five years ago. It’s about a young person
bursting out of their constraints, and whether cause the tickets
were too pricey at the theater or something, basically
no young people saw it. Which was fine, I was happy to be working. But I had this fear, I
was like, oh am I getting into something that’s like opera or ballet or something, that’s becoming an art form that is not as viable or something? And what’s been very
inspiring about my experience or something is I haven’t really worked on a commercial movie yet
besides ‘Interstellar’. Like, ‘Call Me by Your Name’
was like an art-house movie. – [Guests] Yeah. – A lot of young people saw it. And that makes me really hopeful, because it makes me feel like I’m starting a career in something that’s viable, and that as an art form is viable. So anything beyond that,
maybe I’ll regret saying this, but at least for now I’m
like, this is fucking awesome. (group laughs) (instrumental techno music)


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