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TIMB Boise 2019 – Brooke Lacey

December 9, 2019

Hello Hi, where are my signs and my fan club So I am here to talk to you about living successfully with mental illness I did bring note cards so that it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be the 25 minute Brooks show That would be awesome So I am here to tell you about living successfully with mental illness — what that means for my life and what and how Starting a mental illness awareness podcast has made me kind of a big deal Just saying. Yep, you wonder why they had me do hypomania Delusions of grandeur maybe? I don’t know but really the podcast has gotten global attention and really just because I say my shit And it has honestly changed my whole world. It has opened up amazing new opportunities amazing new people in my life Dude seriously, are they fighting over me? I love all of you Well, and it’s it’s offered me this huge chance to change the world so I live with post-traumatic stress disorder bipolar type 1a, anxiety and panic disorder an adjustment disorder So like all the disorders if I have one more I’ll get Yahtzee Sorry, I Wasn’t always this self-aware though. It took being misdiagnosed and over-medicated and under-medicated and not medicated, which you do not want to see For me to really start on this journey To figure out who and what I am and what I have And these terms are very important just like saying I am NOT my illness I have this illness you are not bipolar you have bipolar. I am NOT my illness you are not your illness. I believe in making the decision I believe in making the distinction that I live successfully with mental illness I do not suffer from it because we all suffer right but just to what degree? We can choose to overcome it or we can wallow in our sad little depression blankets season warm In my podcast I share my personal experiences with what’s been called a very candid no-bullshit approach and what I am trying to do is honestly bring healing to those people who are suffering alone and Kind of just bring awareness to like everyone so no pressure Usually I’m in jeans a t-shirt But today I kind of wore my long sleeves and my long hair And it really to make a point You don’t necessarily know what someone looks like right like Eric talked about that has mental illness But if you know me and or maybe you saw me earlier, we kind of know like yeah, this makes sense You’ve got to be a little crazy to get a neck tattoo in Idaho as a woman When I tell you there’s nothing wrong with mental having mental illness There’s definitely a disease that needs to be treated but there’s nothing wrong with you having mental illness The other part of it is mental health. The mental health is the how it is the things we can do for our minds It’s the life hacks that keep our crazy at bay It’s the good things that we can do during the day but I feel like we are bombarded every day by suggested mental health regimen and like inspirational memes and cute cat videos Were you wooing that None of that is bad right? It’s just surface. It’s just shiny and fluffy We need to drill all the way down to what’s really going on. I Would just keep rambling if I didn’t have these we need to reframe the subject our minds break and unravel and We really need to work hard to get ourselves to that self-awareness.journey. We need to just say our shit. I Like to say that everyone needs mental health not everyone has or needs to be treated for mental illness. Does that makes sense? So and we need to stop doing the huge disservice to people by saying that we can somehow cure mental illness that mental health is somehow just sort of Essential oils and practicing yoga because I’ll tell you what, you can’t yoga your way out of a panic attack, right? You can’t My fan club they know my sayings Well, all right, you can go ahead and try I cannot alright back to my story cuz that’s about me From a very early age I was raised with extreme religious beliefs and severe abandonment trauma which then led to a huge burden in adulthood But today I am a successful business owner, a single mom, I thought he would kill me later for doing that. He’s right there. You’re everything a Friend to many and a stranger to no one. I feel extremely blessed to have found my way through medication and therapy and friendship and exercise and motherhood Yoga Tennis. I mean we could just keep going. All the things If you notice I didn’t say successful relationship because shockingly if you do a podcast about being crazy, men like run away. Shocking! Want all of this crazy? So I want to talk to you about swearing ok Did you know that 72 percent of men and 58 percent of women swear in public? It’s true Researchers found that people who swear more are more comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings Thus making them more genuine as opposed to those who don’t swear are seen as dull and reserved. it’s true! I read it on the Internet Swearing can also increase your ability to Withstand pain because it seems to activate your body’s release of natural pain relieving chemicals. Science Swearing’s linked to high IQ Yup. Mm-hmm Also, read it on the internet I say all these things because I swear a lot in the podcast and I want you to listen, but be prepared Switching gears I want to talk about vulnerability in the extremely wise words of Brené Brown Vulnerability minus boundaries is not vulnerability and you don’t measure vulnerability by the amount of disclosure You measure it by the amount of courage that it takes to show up and be seen when you can’t control the outcome And what I found in my podcast and putting myself out there So in such a raw way is really it’s not vulnerable because I’m good with like all the disclosure, right? Like I’m disclosing it to the world the global community what I want to be is courageous and I Just hope that I’m up to the task that this huge responsibility has placed on me Quote by Teddy Roosevelt which Brene also uses She’s probably maybe she’ll call me later. And he says it is not the critic who counts. It is not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or how the doer of Deeds could have done it different The credit belongs to the person who’s actually in the arena whose face is marred with dust and sweat and blood Who strives valiantly, who errs, Who comes up short again and again and again and even though in the end, he may know the triumph of high achievement when she fails she does so daring greatly I memorized that added the she And what I have realized from all of this daring greatly Is that talking about my story and saying fuck you to stigma has been nothing short of profound? right And Listeners from all around the world have reached out with one common reaction, which is oh my god. I’m not alone Okay Mental illness is actually very funny. Okay, I Will tell you about sometimes that anxiety Brooke that’s her name will just sort of be like bitch I got this like just it’s cool Like I’ve been totally send this email for you to this client and it’s just gonna be super passive-aggressive. It’s cool Like I got it like don’t even worry. No sit down. I got it and then you’re like, oh crap, I just sent that email and none of it made sense and It also reminds me of story that a friend of mine Told me about her sister who has schizophrenia with hallucinations, which by the way has got to be extremely difficult Right, like wasn’t Braeden’s story Incredibly beyond like I can’t even believe it has to be so difficult So my friend was telling me that her sister told her Listen, that tree is talking to me. I’m cool. Like I just gonna go about my day but like the tree is talking to me So just you know go with it and my friends like cool Let’s let’s do this thing. We can take make today our bitch and they did indeed make that day their bitch So honestly the point is if you can’t if you don’t laugh No, seriously, sit down sit down. I’m good Siva sit down. It’s fine. They’re fine Just stop just you’re making it longer All right, so one last story or three When I was in high school my best friend’s grandmother Developed pretty severe Alzheimer’s was in a home and her mom would go in everyday Brush her hair and do her makeup and just love on her. She loved her mama and I remember thinking this is why grandma won’t go peacefully into the night Because her daughter’s like there and her energy is there she’s like sustaining her and after about five or six years of not speaking a word grandma sat up put her hands on her daughter’s face and said just be nice and Then passed away And that my friends I believe Is the true meaning of life. Just be nice. Everything else is just noise. Thank you. You

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