Tight your wife’s VAGINA just in 5 days – How to tighten vagina at home

August 24, 2019

Hi guys ,welcome to natural cure tips.
as i told you in my last video, that i will take next video for ladies, so my today’s
video is basically for ladies. and this video is very important for ladies, and for married
men also. this video is for tightening the girls vagina. my today’s formula is also important for married
men, because they can try this formula on their wife’s. because after marriage girls vagina become
little bit loose, so my today’s formula will make it tight, same like before marriage. lets talk about this. you just have to take 1 thing,
that is, gall nut. This an awesome herb, for skin tightening. Be it facial or vaginal. It is rich in antioxidants, which help in
reduce the process of aging. Researcher has found that, it is rich in vitamin
A, C, tannins, gallic acid, and proteins. It also has anti microbes, anti-inflammatory
properties. Extracts from gall nut, tighten vaginal muscles. It also helps in reduce the discharge of liquid. for tightening your vagina, you have to take
gall nut, and crush it. after that, you will boil it. you will boil, till the color of water change. then cool the water. Now you can use it. you will wash your vagina on daily basis,
you can wash, any time in a day, But it is better to wash in the night, before go to
sleep. Don�t use it during pregnancy, as it might
cause miscarriage. in some days, you will feel the tightness
in your vagina. so by this formula, you can give more enjoyment
to your partner. there are many benefits of gall nuts, like, You can use the powder of gall nut as mouthwash. Boil the powder . Use Luke that warm water
as mouthwash. It is very helpful in treating cavities and
removes bad odor. This can be used as an antiseptic liquid in
case of cuts and wounds. It kills the bacteria and heals them faster. Gall nut has Gallic Acid, which helps in preventing
Asthma and Diabetes. due to rich anti oxident in gall, can prevent
breast cancer, and cervix. gall kills bacteria and fungal infection,
in the private area. It removes any unpleasant odor, and itching
from the private parts. it is full in astringents, it removes excess
oil from the skin. there are many more benefits of this herb.
please try this formula, it will amaze you. i hope you will like this video, please subscribe
my channel, i will come back with new information. take care, and good bye.

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