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Thomas Gardner, M.D. | Ophthalmologist, Michigan Medicine

February 7, 2020

– Diabetes is the
ultimate systemic disease. Diabetes effects every
part of people’s body, every part of their lives
and we work very hard here to treat their eye disease,
or prevent their eye disease by taking care of their diabetes
and their general health. But it’s really a lot of providing a lot of emotional support to them and their family and, just as if they had cancer and by doing that it makes
it easier for them to endure the treatments that we
have to do sometimes and allows them to get through it and usually they end up doing pretty well. So my primary focus is on
the effects of diabetes on the eye. We’re trying to understand what causes the damage to the retina. We’re trying to understand
how to measure that damage in people and thirdly,
we’re trying to understand how to prevent people
from losing their vision. I think we have a lot better
understanding than we did a few years ago, but
that’s what has driven me.

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