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This Physics Teacher’s Wild Classroom Antics Have Made Him A Viral Sensation

January 17, 2020

– [laughing) Physics is
a tough subject to learn, but not for students at
Tidewater Community College in Virginia. Their professor went vital for his crazy and outlandish
classroom experiments. Take a look. (swish) – One, two, three (fizzing then inhaling) – [Female] Oh. (laughs) – (mumbles) One, two, three (scrapping on floor) (laughing) (bangs) (laughing and clapping) (light clacking then a squeak) – Ah. (laughing) (squeaky springs and thumping) (laughing) (running footsteps) (laughing) – Oh my God, so that video was
seen nearly 30 million times. Please welcome Erica and Kiarra, the students who uploaded the video, along with their professor,
Dr. David Wright, yeah. (applause) – So, Erica and Kiarra,
what inspired y’all to make the video? Like to film everything? – So we’re both students at the Tidewater Community College
and we’re studying sonogram and one of the requirements
for the program is you have to take physics. I was dreading it, I
was not excited at all. – Not at all. – I thought I was going
to fail, I needed an A, but I walk in and then I see
this really cute old man. He’s adorable. (laughing and clapping) I was so excited and then I see that he brings out a bed of glass and I’m like what is going on? And then he just starts walking on it. – We were so confused
– Barefoot, it was crazy – Wait, like a bed of broken glass? – [Erica And Keira] Yes,
broken glass, barefoot. – Well, (mumbles) what
is that, Tony Robbins. – didn’t it, that guy that
does all that crazy stuff? Yeah. – Yes, we were so confused because most professors on the first day are reading out syllabuses and I’m like “where’s the
syllabus, what is this man doing?” – [Kelly] You’re like,
“Oh my god, I need pass.” – I know, like when’s the test gonna be? And no this man is walking on glass, and I was just like, it
is just a one day thing, he’s doing this to get our attention. – [Both] No, every day. (laughing and clapping) – Every single day, like
every day was something new, a new video, a new demonstration, like every day it was something new. So we just got out our phones
like it was second natural and we just started
recording him and at the end we had so many videos. And we were like, we should make collage. So I did and I sent it to
Kairra and she was like, “Girl, if you do not post that right now.” (laughing) And so, I posted it on
Twitter and just blew up. – [Kelly] Boy it did. – Yes, it blew up like crazy. – And some of your experiments blew up. (laughing and applause) – Yeah. – So, I mean, this is amazing, this is how science should
be taught, I feel like. Physics, everything should be taught. – I think so. – It makes (speaks over) people. Yeah, I think so, he’s telling me. But you must have a unique
teaching strategy, right? Cause its different, I’ve never had a. I had some pretty cool science teachers but I never had anybody
pogo sticking in the room, or walking on broken glass. – Yeah, well, I got my
bachelors and masters and my PhD in physics. And when I got my masters,
I sent out 543 resumes across the country and
I got one job interview. And that was Tidewater Community College. I’ve been there for 45
years now and I love it. – Wow. (applause) That’s awesome. So when you pull your ideas
for physics from everywhere? From every walk of life? – Oh, we do I started out
with traditional education. not much in the way of demos. I had to pull them from various sources, from conferences, from colleagues. I like to use use real world examples. – [Student] Yeah. – Make it relevant to the
students, so for example if I’m teaching physics
and this class right here. – Go for it. – I would use the jib camera over here. – [Kelly] Okay. – Because the jib camera
is a great lever system. It’s got a counterweight on one end, and a camera on the other and
it is like being on a seesaw. If you’re an adult sitting
on a seasaw with a kid, has to sit closer to the middle, right? So the same thing happens here, here’s the adult, here’s the kid. Here we go, and it balances like this. It is kinda strange, it’s
the principle of torque. – Yeah. – So watch what happens,
if you do this now, you make the boom move
up and down like this. Look how far the camera
moves and it’s so balanced, there’s no effort at all to
make it go around in a circle. – That’s so cool, I like how
you’re using just real things that people can show their friends to. Like, dude look what I learned. Nobody usually goes around like, “look what I learned in physics today.” But like I would do that in your class. – I’m gonna impress all my friends on set and be like, “Well this
jib camera, over here.” (laughing) Everyone gather around. – Here’s the weighted
(applause drowns words). – It’s some um. – It’s called torque. – It’s called torque, but no big deal. So what have been some of
your favorite experiments in his class? – There’s been so many, he’s. – [Kelly] I imagine. – Rolling balls down the hallway. – [Erica] Jumped on Pogo
sticks, which is my favorite. – I actually really enjoyed that. – Skateboard, Yep. – ‘Cause I can’t even do
that, I mean, come on. – Oh my God I’d fall and break something. – I can’t even do it, I
can’t even do it myself. So disappointing.
– Yeah. – Sounds like exercise yeah. – But, really, even (laughs) – Yeah.
– Even though. – Which we know they both hate. – Which we’re like we’re
in for like three days, and then it’s like bye bye
(voice over drowns out). – I’m dropping out, bye, yes. (laughter) – Even though, we did end up both getting As in the class. At the end of the day it
wasn’t even about the grade, it was about like how his heart just radiated through the classroom and he will be in our hearts forever. This experience has been amazing. – And taught you in a life way using real life things. – Yes.
(applause) – That’s so cool – [Erica] It has been amazing. – Is that cool that you
touch students like that? – It is so.
– I mean for 45 years? – So Kelly I love physic, wooo. (applause) – And I also love my
students, they’re terrific, and they really energize me in class, it makes a big difference
to have students. I got a new crop of students every year. I’ve been teaching for 45 years and it’s so exciting for me because my students are brand new at this. They’re afraid to be there, I’ve got to somehow
soften that a little bit. Get them (mumbles) with excitement. – It’s gonna be fun. Revive physics. – We were both scared – I would be terrified if someone said you have
to pass the physics class. – Yeah – It was rough, it was (speaks over). – Unless I got to go to your class. (laughing)
You’re fun. – Well thank you, thank you.


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    💕 so pure and inspirational

  • Reply Sarah Johnson January 16, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    This is amazing! Especially when the class is a mandatory one. We need more teachers like this.

  • Reply Shazzy Buzzy January 16, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    I hope I become a physics teacher like that. Goals! 🙌🏽

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    Hey Kelly I remembered seeing a video of him 😃😃😃😃 love this

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    Aww This man is great! 🙌🏻

    … Can someone please Exchange him with My physics teacher, please PLEASE

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    6th comment..yhhh😎

  • Reply Tammi Yates January 17, 2020 at 12:03 am

    Dr Wright was my physics instructor several years ago. He is awesome! His love for physics is contagious! He truly wants his students to succeed. I took his class as a pre-req for the highly competitive Diagnostic Medical Sonography program (ultrasound) An A in physics was an absolute must for one to even think about applying! Thanks to Dr Wright's genius ability to teach, I achieved an A in his class. Thankfully, I was accepted into the DMS program! Because of him, I had an excellent foundation to prep me for the in depth ultrasonography physics classes, and I passed the ultrasound physics registry first attempt! 🙂 Dr Wright, thank you for your genuine love and appreciation for physics and for your inexplicable ability to impart your knowledge to your students! You've made a lasting impact on each of us!

  • Reply Jennifer Coleman January 17, 2020 at 12:08 am

    That's a school worth going to

  • Reply Simon Grönlund January 17, 2020 at 12:11 am

    This is indeed amazing. I had the pleasure to have a handful of such wonderful professors during my time at KTH (the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology) for my Computer Science degree. Those guys were so much fun, without for one second compromising their education for comedy. Still we laughed our lungs out quite often. Summary: Great teachers inspire youngsters in great ways. Take care of those few, great teachers and be grateful your kids will have the best future!

  • Reply Barbara Fischer January 17, 2020 at 12:15 am

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    In Ontario, back in the day, there was a TV show called the Hilarious House of Frightenstein which included Dr. Julius Sumner Miller, a physics professor who refused to talk down to children. We loved him.

  • Reply karma leglass January 17, 2020 at 1:05 am

    From the first show up until today, you and this show are everything this world today needs.You bring EVERYONE together, you are not only humble and kind , you are also most giving and honest. You brighten my day and I'm pretty sure you have brightened many. I just wanted to thank you for the GOOD NEWS hour that I tune into each and everyday. If I miss the show on tv I watch it via Youtube. Much LOVE AND RESPECT !!!

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    amazing teacher he should be very proud of himself

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