This Mysterious Illness Affects 250,000 People In The UK – Why ME? | Short Film (2019)

March 9, 2020

(Alarm ringing) (Door opening) Are you okay to go to school? (Kyle groans) Mum: Come on Hey, come on Come on (Kyle coughs) I’ll get you some water okay See you later Mum, I’m off to school! Are you not having any breakfast? No! I’m going to be late. Catch you later (Door closes) “Wagwaan baby cakes” Told you to stop calling me that… but knowing you, you don’t listen You lot are so cringe… You coming out tonight? …I’ve got training after school Apparently a scout is coming Is it? Alright then I’ll come and watch Hopefully you’ll make a good impression Obviously I’ll make a good impression, you know me. Yeah right, catch this then I’ll get it (School bell rings) Malachi? Here Wole? Here Chloe? Chloe? Malachi: You know he’s a “dead baller” Liz? Here Kyle? Dead baller… You chatting about me?! Yeah I’m chatting you! You know you’re a dead baller Scout’s not even going to look at you! (Class gets rowdy) Wole…Malachi… OUT NOW! OUT NOW! Does anybody else want to join them? Good! Today we are going to be looking at A life limiting condition Named CFS also known as ME Does anybody know about that? Yeah Does it have something to do with always being very tired? They should just go to bed early then innit (Class laughs) You think it’s funny?! Let me read this to you… This is a serious medical condition characterised by long-term fatigue And other persistent symptoms Such as FEVER, ACHING, BRAIN FOG That limits a person’s ability to carry out ordinary daily activities. Typically occurring after a viral infection. No one knows the cause, no one knows the cure… (Door opens) (Students chatting) I am soo tired. Why is there nothing good on the menu? I heard about the fight today, I hope you’re alright? What do you mean alright? I sorted him out! That’s not what I heard I heard he got messed up Wole: I’m sure if Kyle was here, he’d back me up Laure: Yeah true What do you mean? I was there. I heard you put in a headlock Me? Headlock? You must be mad “Me…Headlock…You must be mad” What, like this yeah Alright Khalid chill, chill… Alright…Alright… Yo lads, we can sort this on the court. Right boys, big game today I know some of you might have heard, we’ve got Scout with us No pressure, but I want to see your best out there I know don’t have a full team but still think we’ve got a chance I’ve watched this team play, their defence is weak So we definitely got a shot Today is your moment and your chance to shine So let no one and nothing stand in your way. Malachi, no butter fingers (Students giggle) Wole, keep your head in the game No distractions. (Students laugh) Yeah…yeah… Coach Okay…! AJ, Malachi, Wole, Sam and… Dan, you’re up, the rest of you on the bench. Let’s make this match count Who’s with me boys?! This is a serious medical condition characterised by Long-term fatigue and other persistent symptoms Such as FEVER ACHING BRAIN FOG That can limit a person’s ability to carry out ordinary daily activities. Typically occurring after a viral infection. No one knows the cause No one knows the cure… Here’s your water Thanks Mum Are you sure you can’t go to school today? No, I’m too tired… (Kyle groans in pain) I’m struggling… WHY ME?

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