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There Are 3,000 Compounds in Your Pee, What Do They Say About Your Health?

October 19, 2019

It’s translucent, sterile, amber-colored
and generated by your kidneys. Yep we’re talking about your urine and I’m
here to tell you that you’re flushing secrets about your health straight down the drain. We can learn SO much about you, with just
a cup of pee. When you think of a urine test, you probably
think about drug and pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests measure human chorionic gonadotropin
(hCG) that is a hormone ONLY produced while you’re pregnant. And common drug tests look for the presence
of multiple drugs in a panel deemed the “SAMHSA-5.” But those are just two testing methods, and
there are over 3000 different compounds in your urine. Three thousand! Think of all the things you could learn! Currently we’ve know that pee is a pretty
good gauge of what’s going on in your urinary system on a basic level. I’m sure you’ve peed in a cup or two over
the years when you go to the doctor. And it’s not just to prove you don’t have
stage fright. Pee is 95% water, and metabolites, but the
rest could be things like glucose, ketone bodies, nitrates, proteins, and hormones just
to name a few. However, we’re not really supposed to find
these compounds in your pee. High glucose could mean diabetes, proteins
could be chronic kidney disease, and any nitrites are likely a urinary tract infection! But doctors are also scanning your pee for
a few other key things: volume, color, odor. Volume could tell them how hydrated (or not
hydrated) you are, color can indicate if someone’s kidneys are functioning properly, and cloudy
urine can mean a UTI. And a very strong odor could mean a serious
infection. Now that might seem like a lot already, but
remember we’re working with 3000 compounds here! Scientists don’t want to let this waste
go to… well, waste and they’re working on detecting gastrointestinal cancers. And the metabolites in our pee could help
us do that Metabolites are the chemical by-products that
our cells make during metabolism, since cells come from different locations in the body
and are affected by energy and nutrient intake, their metabolites a can tell us a lot of our
environmental interactions The scientists basically used these as biomarkers for any
disease or cancers in our GI tract And boom it worked. GI cancers altered the metabolic signatures
and it’s all reflected in our pee for us to see! More research is needed, but this could be
a game changer for straying away from costly and invasive cancer screenings and starting
preventative care All you gotta do is, ya know, pee in that cup. So, pee can’t tell us direct answers but
the information pee gives hints at what the bigger picture is inside of us. We’ve come a long way from just flushing
our good information-rich urine to really understanding how we can utilize this gross
resource to something beneficial for all. Hey guys thanks for watching and don’t forget
to subscribe. We may be finding cancer, but porcupines are
finding a whole other way to use their pee, check out Wild Sex cover it here. Fun Fact: The average human generates up to
2 liters of urine every day! Meaning over a lifetime you could fill a small
backyard swimming pool. Kinda gross. Thanks for watching.


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    The presence of nitrite does not necessarily indicate you have urinary tract infection. Doctor uses nitrite to confirm the positive result of the urine culture. That is the growth of bacterial species from your urine sample such as E.coli could be from contamination. However the positive nitrite test will ensure the doctor that there is the growth of bacteria within the urine sample.

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