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August 13, 2019

she’s not all right I’m not all right
nothing is all right is she and alright we can await this you got
to see this yes yes what’s updates about welcome back If you’re new to my channel my name is Onya rhymes with Kanye so stop and hit that subscriber button what I want to do let’s
commence video as you can tell by the title of this video this is going to be
a story talk about my worst infection average filled my first time ever
experiencing I broke up I was on a show in Atlanta and
this is lesson I was gonna show in Atlanta and has what no it’s telling
right mother was killing me for the longest time and like I was singing on
this terrible throw I was doing everything you can imagine speaking
listen y’all like I was going to lose my whole throw like I know what was going
on like what’s going on after showing oh I came back facility now we had just
started the school year so I’m going to take advantage of this and I’m going to
go to my school’s little health center to talk to them to see what’s up with my
first because I was scared shit when I went to like I went to the bathroom and
some of that shit oh yeah hold up no you’re the big show a quick motion hold
up Oh everyone so something said look it down your throat
over my mom I let down my throat and when I tell you those always like white
stuff in the back of my throat that was ridiculous like our primers others has
stuff to do with the inspection just let me tell y’all how I got to that so I’m
looking at Andres in my throat and I’m saying we got all the flights up
whenever I put my tongue back there feel like something stabbing me like crusty
knives like that’s the only last me explain it was like crusty not stabbing
at me in the back of my foot so or white I was like okay go harder go to the
doctors okay like I can’t just let this be prolong and finger and just think
it’ll get better because I let myself be like this for like for like a good tool
and a half state like medical doctor firstly with the doctor
they look this back marco and la you have just replied oh wow never disturbed
over 400 Moscow I was kind of freaking out a little bit okay kinda freaking I
hope after the fact right the lady gives me the medicine anyway if you have our
affordability in writing so that it can cure all of the stuff that you’ve got
going on them but you give me the antibiotic admission also gives me
another two she said what woman both the power woman get all antibiotics they’re
prone to get yeast infections because you’re put you’re taking away all the
good probiotic out of your body by putting anti biotics in your body so I’m
like okay is there any way that I can avoid this and she’s like you don’t just
drink oh I’m not drink you can eat a whole
bunch of yogurt you know and just try to keep up with your body see what you know
I’ll just fill your body out basically just feel it out and I’m like okay and
she said but if you feel like you’re going to get in you button you should
definitely take these pills and it’ll cure it I should say till it was like
one little pill thing I forgot what it was all like low something’s up
something I was just no up to be in my lobby I was finally getting better and
then a couple of days went by and by a couple of problems with a couple like
two days went by and I felt like my throat was certainiy actually get better
and it would ask valley and like I can speak a little better and next thing you
know down there I’m starting to feel this like crazy sensation me a lot of
people say like it itches or like it burns or something like that
and to me I wouldn’t explain it as a bitch and I also wouldn’t explain as
aspirin it was more of this like a very uncomfortable feel highly uncomfortable
and it felt like oh I’m to scratching this thing about this I feel like very
uncomfortable in life I could something going on that wasn’t the pulse
is going on this is what I did you guys just one handy-dandy mirror that’s like
this one right here actually that I used to like do my makeup and stuff I took
that here and I don’t want to floor it I like tilted about how like looking down
to see what the hell’s going on because I know one service commercial with no
charge on it don’t leave it alone whatever’s goin up like something’s
wrong gonna always do it that I always be in a mirror or something and I’m like
you know and I’m just trying to see the goal I love like I was noticing that I
would like this like white so coming out from down here and like if you don’t
allow the video to see em on video game come on I like this we see a mod videos
no one no one’s going on in this video you can okay a skirt Joey out of here
okay because woman we get discharged but this was like a different kind of
discharge it was white it was so white it a lot of people would say like deep
infections you get like a cottage cheese or something like that comedies charge
mom wasn’t super cottage cheese it was still kind of like you know liquidy if
you will but it still like not my goal distort whatsoever
okay I’m like oh my god is this is it what I think it means
am I getting these if I should probably stupid add antibiotics that I have to
face to cure my damn throat I’m taking this pill because I want my baby to be
good at like machines not all right I’m not alright nothing is alright if she
ain’t I I take the pill and I’m expecting it to
work like when you say you won’t give me some drug to cure something else in this
something else have not the other thing about medicine how you gonna cheer me or
something and then it provokes something outside
so our rub set though your knuckle miles highly upset and so also when you got
the mic once I did that I wouldn’t both the propeller yogurt Oh even is yogurt
anything what I shouldn’t say she said to be overwhelm what I get about how to
I did not do it so I’m over here hello yogurt and I’m looking online at like
remedy stuff that I can use till I tell me because I’m not a medicine person I
don’t really like medicine at all so I’m like what can I use that
homemade that’s like self assured that I can okay what I did was I looked upon
marvelous up a whole bunch of their smiles garlic coconut oil a whole bunch
of other like remedies that you could do at home like one of them was dipping a
tampon and yogurt and putting it up there and I look like less and less and
less each experiment ugh listen I’m not puttin no food up there that is not
gonna happen to me like I’m not about that life already saw a horror story one
internet one DVDs were a girl she don’t put some stuff up there where she was
mere away from the name clean myself right and they had maggots
I have no maggots and I go Mimi what I did was I took my handy dandy coconut
oil and I said I’ll just draw it on last me like like I’m crazy all on the dirty
face but I took my handy dandy coconut oil and I literally put it up here and I
licked wiped it all around with the thing one actually before protocol know
who you are actually cleaned out some are vagina really good and make sure
there was like no white stuff and what I use I didn’t use a typical rag or wash
clothes I actually use cotton balls the same cotton balls you used to like web
Roselle’s like cotton is very good for your giant
vagina and it sticks that’s why a lot of you were cotton um
underwear very good relational health so I used cotton swabs to clean out my
vagina with my handy dandy mirror and watching everything go down and cleaned
it out I cleaned it out really good – we’ll put where Mariana was dry and when
it was dry I put the coconut oil all around it and even on the opening of
where my vagina would I’m saying when I found through my vagina I’m putting on
the outer lip I’m not really sticking it up in there like nothing’s going up in
there it’s going oh wow and if anything does have to go in there I’m not
panicking because it’s cold simple now I did this every morning and night for
like three to four days straight okay or whenever I felt like it was like
I got another ones little sensations like oh my god uncomfortable sensation
and what’s crazy is the uncle Derwood sensation was coming from the damn white
so like I noticed that one whatever the white stuff was touching was when my
vagina feels very very irritated and when I tell you like it’s great like how
people experience different kinds of pains and to me this is one of those
pain girls like oh my god like I just want to Oh like y’all had to go to
school and everything like I had to be normal to tell with this year Pacific
and to pretend that I was going boy down there okay and it was crazy goodbye I
ride my bike to and from school every day
imagine being one fuckin bike and you’re going here right and that thing is just
by sticking your eyes of white paint sensation shinato yeast infection girl
I’m not not after what I had four days later after I’m done you know doing all
the reviews I got going on down there where’s the coconut oil it actually
helped me but I thoroughly believe that that still – what for me okay because I
used the pill I even waited a couple days after for the pill to take effect
nothing’s happened so I’m like this is bull so when I probably did the coconut
remedy that thing helped me and I went to my school nurse again because I’ll
tell her what happened like how I like to keep detention from the antibiotics
and stuff like the doctors were telling me about and she was trying to have me
used to like cream that subsumes like all I don’t think it’s safe put in
coconut oil zone here whatever lady I don’t doctors have went to schools or
school nurses once the schools do like these things or whatever but I always be
the judge of your body you know what’s good for your body you know what when
your body’s in distress you know your body is not normal you know when your
body is upset always listen to your body okay because the doctors are not in your
body they’re just telling you what they’re reading from symptoms that you
have and then what they learned in a book that blouse a closet plus so you
guys that is a story of my gravy as that was it was the most traumatizing
moment of my life and ever since that moment I’ve been like prone to getting
more yeast infection so I actually brought like probiotic pills and I
actually took some of the probiotic pills during that time I was taking
copula coconut oil I would take the probiotic pills and they’re kind of big
cat food and they’re like the fluffy cars so you got to shut that door in the
back you throw and then swallow like it’s crazy y’all but I had to do I have
to do in order to get rid of that thing and if I ever so left them in the giggle
crisis I go to full panic mode and she saw where my phone had to do we’re
talking about a coupling of game sounds like no games cause some part a you can
play no game going to come power either another the videos come too close they
should be short can see a big thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I
saw you and excellent


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