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The Worst “Viral Videos” with Drew Gooden

December 30, 2019

Drew: WHAT’S UP DANNY It’s Greg back with another HILARIOUS Youtube video– Danny: Can I please go? I promise I’ll be home by six!
[Drew still talking in the background] Danny: I don’t have any homework, I’m 23! Danny: Mom, come on! Can you put dad back on the phone, he’s– Drew: …and he has a girlfriend. Drew: And they’re very funny, and–
Danny: I’ll call you back… [spooky music begins to play]
Drew: And they say things like, “let’s go get a sandwich!” Drew: You guys gotta see it. This guy’s crazy! Drew: He’s 7 feet tall, he’s 100 pounds, and he wears biiig shirts, and he lifts them up. Danny: Hello? Danny: What are you doing?
Drew: I’m making a video. Danny: How did you get in here?
Drew: Through the toilet. Danny: Okay.
Drew: Okkaay Drew: What’s up Danny, it’s Greg, back with another hilarious Youtube video. Drew: I’m here with a special guest, guest of the week, Danny Gonzalez. Danny: It’s me, Danny Gonzalez, and welcome back to my Youtube channel. Danny: And this is my very special guest, Drew Gooden. Drew: It’s my show, but I’m honored to be here. Danny: Welcome back to another special episode of… Drew: Two white guys watch Internet. The Internet. Danny: For money!
Drew: For money–we do it for money. Danny: We do it mostly for money.
Drew: Exclusively for money. Danny: So I just found the craziest Instagram account that I’ve probably ever seen. Danny: It’s called @viralreactionvids. Have you ever seen this account? Drew: No, I’m really excited to, though. Danny: So you can–
Drew: I love crazy shit. I can see by some of the thumbnails here. Drew: Like this is–there’s a whole variety of things here, but they’re all crazy, and I can’t wait to react to them. Danny: All of these videos are insane. I mean you can tell, like this one with the meat tent? Drew: This dude’s about to get run over by a train. Danny: This one’s got underwear in it. Drew: This guy’s wearing pizza. [Danny laughing]
Drew: This guy’s got cactus foot. Danny: I found this on the Instagram explore page, it’s got 46,000 followers. Danny: And they just post crazy shit. So I’m gonna show you one of their videos. Drew: Okay.
Danny: So, which one do you wanna watch first? Drew: I’m a sucker for underwear, so I think I wanna see why they’re filling up this underwear with water. Danny: Okay! Let’s check it out. [bad dubstep music from video]
[forced laughter from Danny] [more forced laughter] Danny: So what’d you think? Drew: Was that–was that the whole video? Danny: Well I mean there’s more, but what do you think right off the bat? Drew: Right off the bat, I’m wondering who’s wearing the underwear. Danny: Okay, yeah, I’m sure we’ll get there. Drew: Surely, the guy’s wearing the underwear, and the alien’s gonna come up and pour water in it. Drew: ‘Cause, surely this isn’t total clickbait, and it’s gotta have what was in the thumbnail. Danny: The alien’s gonna come up, take the guy’s underwear off, put it in the sink– Drew: Go home, put it in the sink
Danny [laughing]: Put some water in it. Drew: Come back like an hour later, the guy’s still there underwearless, oblivious. Danny: Still sitting on the bench!
Drew: Just waiting. Drew: I–uh yeah, okay, so what happens? [continued bad dubstep music] [music box theme playing] Danny: It’s saying to follow @greatestreactions, a different account? Drew: Fine. Okay, well that was–you wanted to show me that? Danny: Yeah, wasn’t it cool?
Drew: No, it was fucking stupid, nothing happened. Danny: Well they–there was an alien–
Drew: Alright–okay fine– Drew: Yeah, I saw the alien. I’m not gonna judge the whole account though, that was one video. Drew: Uh… let’s watch, I guess this tent made out of meat? I don’t know. Danny: Yeah, I wonder what that’s all about.
Drew: Yeah, I do too. Danny: Okay, so let’s check that out. [bad dubstep music] Danny, through forced laughter: Aw, nice!
Drew: You’re happy about this? Danny: Yeah, it’s this alien video again! I love this video!
Drew: Yeah, but we already watched this video. Drew: Also, it cuts off everytime and tells you to follow @greatestreactions, I don’t wanna follow that page. Drew: Okay, what about this horse-shark? Surely that’s not clickbait. Drew: Because if you’re gonna take the time to photoshop that thumbnail, it’s not just gonna be some bullshit. Drew: You know? It’s gonna be a horse-shark.
Danny: Right. So there’s no way in hell. Drew: I’m saying no way.
Danny: Absolutely no way that this is gonna be the alien video. Drew: I say it’s 0% chance.
Danny: Okay. Drew: You wanna bet on it? Well we both are–
Danny: Yeah. So if it’s not the alien video, we both win $100. [both laughing]
Drew: By whoever wants to give us $100. Danny: Okay. So if we’re right, everybody has to pledge $100 to both of our Patreons. Drew: I’ll start one just for this, deal.
Danny: Okay. [bad dubstep] Drew: OH GOD DAMN IT
Danny: FUCK! [laughing] Drew: I like how this guy says, “Ugh, stop posting the same dang things, I’m unfollowing.” Drew: So he was following them?
Danny: Yeah. Drew: So he was like, he was holding on hope that they would eventually stop duping him. Danny [laughing]: Post something other than the alien video. Drew: Come on! I have so much faith in you to stop doing this, based on nothing. Drew: Hot dog. She’s got hot dogs in her mouth. Danny: I love hot dogs.
Drew: I love hot dogs! Danny: I love hot dogs.
Drew: I love hot dogs!
(yes they said this twice) Drew: So we both love hot dogs, let’s see what’s going on with this video. Danny: She loves hot dogs.
Drew: I think she does! Drew: If she doesn’t love hot dogs, she’s having a miserable time.
[Danny laughing] Danny: It’s the worst day of her life! Okay, let’s check it out. [dubstep] Drew: oh my gooood Drew: I’m not gonna lie, I like when girls show their little tooshies, I like girls’ butts, I’M STRAIGHT Danny: Oh yeah! This looks fun. I’m a straight guy as well, so… Drew: I’m straight guy, white guy, straight guy!
Danny: Straight guy white guy! Drew: So let’s see what these butts is all about!
Danny: Let’s see what these butts is all about. Drew: Let’s get up close and personal with these Butts. Come on butt! [dubstep] Danny: Okay, so– [more dubstep] Danny: I think he’s gonna show his butt in this one.
Drew: I don’t think he’s gonna show his butt, I think it’s gonna be the same video, Danny! Drew: I think this is gonna be the same–
Danny: No, no, no, see? Here he goes, he’s about to show his butt, and… Danny: Aw, okay. Yeah, so–
Drew: Yeah, no. Do you see what’s happening? Danny: Yeah.
Drew: Have you caught on yet? ‘Cause I feel like I’m noticing a trend. Danny: Yeah. It cuts off every time right before he’s gonna show his butt. Danny: All it wants us to do is follow this “great reactions” account. Drew: Okay. Well at least we can get some–’cause I got blue balls over here. Drew: I got viral video blue balls over here, I gotta–
Danny: I’ve got actual blue balls, I wanted to see those girls’ butts! Drew: And they’re private.
Danny: Okay. It’s just like that video you did. Drew: It’s just like that video I did. Guys, watch that video I did. Drew: I don’t wanna follow them, fuck this guy.
Danny: I wanna follow them. Drew: Alright, well that’s your problem.
Danny: I hope they–oh, it’s requested. So they have to– Drew: Yeah, they gotta approve.
Danny: Well, I hope they approve me! Drew: Yeah.
Danny: Do you think they’ll look at my profile and just make sure I’m cool? Drew: Yeah, I think they do very thorough background checks.
[Danny laughing] Drew: They only let the best in, which is why they only have like 9 million followers. Danny: So what’s this guy’s taste in comedy like, before we let him check out our profile page? Drew: Hmm. Yeah, we don’t want him to come in here and really stink the place up! Danny: We wanna make sure that when we finally show him what that alien does, that he really appreciates it. Drew: Yeah.
Danny: I will! I promise, no matter what happens! Drew: No matter what, okay?
Danny: Even if he doesn’t show his butt, I’m still gonna like the video. Drew: You know, [sighs] I gotta say, this page, at first it was pissing me off, I just wanted to see the butts, the meat tent! Danny: I know I just wanna–I wanna see the butts! Drew: I wanna see the underwear! But after a while, I started to change my tune. Drew: I feel like it’s good to get the same thing over and over again, you know? I don’t wanna be challenged. Danny: Yeah! That’s why I like a lot of TV shows, like uh–
Drew: What’s.. happening? Uh, no, what’s it called– Drew: Family Matters.
Danny: Family Matters, right, with Steve Urkel, you always know he’s gonna say: [simultaneously]
Danny: “Was that me?”
Drew: “That’s not my fault!” Danny: Uh..
Drew: What does he do? Who is he? [simultaneously]
Danny: He says, “That wasn’t me!”
Drew: “That’s not what–I do–I did!” Danny: Yeah, something like that.
Drew: Yeah. Drew: It’s safe. It makes you feel like you’re home, and like your mommy’s like “Don’t worry, you’re a good boy, and nothing scary will ever happen.” Danny: Yeah. Every video you click on, you know what you’re in for– Danny: You know what? I have another account that’s kind of like that.
Drew: Oh really? Danny: You might actually like it because of that.
Drew: Yeah, I like that, I wanna feel safe. Danny: I found this the other day, it’s called @robiiiworld.
Drew: Oooh! Danny: He’s got 536,000 followers.
Drew: Robi! Danny: Okay, well let’s watch one of his videos. Let’s see… Danny: #trash, #sex, #bed, #sex. [Danny laughing]
Drew: Yeah, alright, all the sex, trash, and all the sex hastags, and then immediately it’s Drew: “Warning! This is just a skit, no nudity or sexist activity was not shown or promoted!” Drew: So none of it was not shown? He’s saying that there is nudity? Danny: “This is just a skit, no nudity or sexist activity was not shown” Danny: There is no nudity that wasn’t shown in this! We showed it all! Drew: Every nudity you’ve ever seen is in this video. Drew: So, I’m excited. I think we’re finally gonna get our rocks off. [vocalizing pop music in the background]
Rob: Baby, are you ready to do this? Woman: You just want me for sex! [track scratches to a stop]
Rob: Nooo! Drew: Okay, so the first line already was like “Are you ready to do this?” implying “Are you ready to have sex?” Drew: And she’s like, “You only want me for sex!” before sex? Danny: “So do you wanna have sex?” “You just want me to have sex!” Danny: Yeah, well we were about to do that…
Drew: Yeah. Rob: Of course not baby, I love you! You’re the only girl I wanna be with! Rob: [explosion sound] I was finna get ready to propose to you! Wanna marry me? [explosion] Danny: I like that. [mimicks explosion] “You wanna marry me?” [mimicks explosion] Danny: He’s really taking that Instagram sound effect thing to the next level. Just throwing it in whenever the fuck he wants. Drew: And amping it way up. Rob: Kiss begins with K..mart! [explosion] Rob: You know I’m loaded, I’ve got money, doing promos everyday! [explosion] Everyday! [explosion] [repeated explosion sounds] Drew: We know! Jeez!
Danny: he blew out my speakers Rob: …to my Bobby. You’re the crack to my body. [explosion] Rob: Girl, you know it’s more than sex, baby, so let’s do this! Woman: Okay, boy. Narrator: Twelve seconds later… [vocalizing pop music playing]
[woman gasping] Woman: That was good, Rob, what’d you think? [record scratching] [dramatic music playing]
Rob: I gotta go. Danny: Oh no, wait, where’s he going?
Drew: I thought he was about more than just sex! Woman: Rob, where you going? Rob: I got! to go! Woman: Boy, don’t play with me, we married! Rob: Gotta go. Danny: He doesn’t care that they’re married, he’s just gotta go. Drew: They’re married and he’s gotta go! Where’s he gonna go?? Danny: He’s naked!
[laughing] Drew: Put on some clothes and then you can go! Woman: I think I’m pregnant. [explosion] [explosion] Rob: Here’s my half of the abortion. [explosion] Rob: I gotta go. [both laughing]
Danny: Jesus! Here’s my half of the abortion– [explosion] [both still laughing]
Danny: Ow! Drew: That poor woman! Surely she’s dead, based only on the sound of that impact. Danny: Dead of a broken heart, probably.
Drew: Well, that too. Danny: That’s the end of the video.
Drew: Okay so, all I got from that was, he loves sex, he lies, but he’s gotta go. Danny: Yeah. If you want anything more than sex,
Danny & Drew: He’s got to go! Drew: You were saying that he has a catchphrase. Is it that he only likes sex? Danny: Well, I’ll show you another one of his videos and maybe you’ll get it. Danny: So this one is “When bae have a lot of kids.” Drew: Yeah, sometimes she do.
Danny: #daddy, #kids, #babysitter, #boys, #girls. Drew: I like that he hashtagged every type of kid. Like kids, boys, girls, but who’s searching #boys?? Or #babysitter? Danny: Man, I love your videos. I found them one day when I was going through #boys. [same vocalizing pop music]
[knocking] Woman: Hey.
Rob: Oh, hey, what’s up bae? Woman: Thank you so much for having me come, but I couldn’t find a babysitter! Rob: You got kids? Oh, I love kids! Danny: Oh, what a great guy! He loves kids, he doesn’t care that this single mother has kids. Drew: He’s really nice. You know, after the first one I thought that this guy is a little scummy. Danny: Yeah.
Drew: But now, to be honest, I really feel like he’s turned the tables. Danny: He did have to go, but now? He’s here to stay. Woman: So, you do like kids?
Rob: Oh yeah! Woman: Awesome!
[record scratching] Woman: This is my daughter. [explosion]
Rob: Okay. Woman: This is– [explosion]
Rob: Two? [explosion]
Rob: Three? [explosion]
Rob: Four? [explosion]
Rob: Okay, five? Danny: Wait a minute, how many kids does this girl have? Drew: How many kids does she have? Woman: And uh, my oldest. [explosion] [explosion] Rob: I’m not a babysitter! [explosion] Bitch, you a Boys and Girls Club! [explosion] Danny: See, this is what I was telling you about his videos. You know he’s gonna play the sound effect at least 800 times. Drew: At least 800 times, which is truly impressive. [dramatic music playing]
Rob: I gotta go. [explosion] Children in unison: Dad, where you going?? Drew: That’s my question! Where’s he going?? He’s got kids now! You can’t walk out on your kids! Danny: Look, he’s gotta go dude. This is obviously way too many kids for him.
Drew: For sure. Danny: And you know he’s got places to be.
Drew: Yeah, he’s got places to be. Drew: But, where does he go?
Danny: I don’t know, let’s see. Rob: I got! to go! Woman: But you said you liked kids! Rob: Gotta go. Danny: It looks like he’s just gesturing back to his own apartment. [laughing] Drew: “Look, I gotta go!” Without closing the door, he’s just going back inside. Drew: They just kinda follow him in. “No, I’ve got to go!” He goes into the other room. Danny: They’re like, “Okay, we’ll come!” He’s like, “NO” Drew: “No! I GOT to GO!” Danny: Eventually he just backs himself into his own closet.
[both laughing] Danny: And they just keep following him into his apartment. Oldest son: They always leave! [explosion] Woman: How are you gonna go?! This is your spot; we came over here! Rob: You right. I gotta go. [explosion as the door shuts] Voiceover of end credit: ROB! GOTTA GO! Drew: Ohh, so that’s like his thing? Danny: That’s his catchphrase! That’s why I love his videos. You always know no matter what happens, no matter what troubles life throws at him, he’s gotta go. Drew: I feel safe with this guy! That’s what I was seeking, and I found it. Drew: But, I guess my concern is, this has to get old after a while. Drew: He’s got a lot of followers, surely they don’t wanna see him do the same thing every time. Danny: Right, which is why he makes videos like this one. Drew: Oh, this’ll be different?
Danny: Well, um… [rap song about pregaming playing]
Rob & Friend: DOWN IT! DOWN IT! DOWN IT! [Friend 2 yelling triumphantly] Danny: I like that the music tells you what’s going on. The music’s saying “It’s a pregame, pregame” so that you know that they’re pregaming. Drew: But also so does the caption, so they really don’t miss a chance to tell me what’s going on. Danny: Mmhmm. #drink, #pregame, #alchol. Drew: Oooh!
Danny: Al-chol!
Drew, laughing: Al-chol!! Danny: I found your video through the #alchol!
Drew: Al-chol! Drew: You were the only one! Weird.
[Danny laughing] Danny: Actually, let’s see if there is anything else in #alchol. Danny: Oh, there’s lots.
Drew: There’s a looot. Danny: There’s way too many people that don’t know how to spell alcohol. Drew: Well, it’s funny that a lot of them are empty bottles–or, one of them was empty bottles. Drew: Wait–the same girl twice in a row? Danny: I’m Pregnant! #alchol! Drew: No more al-chol for me!
Danny: Plenty of al-chol while I’m pregnant! Friend 2: Rob! Rob: Tch! Man I ain’t no bitch! [explosion]
Rob: This is just the pregame. Drew: Yeah, he’s not a bitch. Danny: He’s not a bitch. He doesn’t like spending time with women, or women with kids, but he’s not a bitch. Drew: He walks out the moment he has a chance, but he ain’t no bitch! [record scratching] [explosion as the drop lands] Danny: Ooh, that drop made a loud noise when it hit his tongue. Drew: Yeah. I’m noticing–does he think that everything sounds like that? Like, maybe he’s exaggerating, or maybe that’s just his perception of noises. Drew: If so, what a terrifying life to live, walking around, someone closes a door–[explosion] [Danny yelling & Drew laughing] Drew: You take a small slurp. [explosion as Danny drinks]
[Drew yelling in fear] [dramatic music beginning]
Rob: Ooh, I’m a little tipsy. [explosion]
Rob: I gotta go. [explosion]
Friend 2: Rob! Where you going? Drew: He just got there!
Danny: It’s the pregame, they haven’t even gone out yet! Drew: They haven’t even gamed, or post-gamed! Rob: I got! to go! Friend 1: But Rob! This is just the pregame, bro! [explosion] Danny: He’s not gonna say “I gotta go” again, do you think? Danny: He’s probably said it enough at this point.
Drew: Yeah. I think for one video, he’s said it enough. Rob: Gotta go. Danny: Okay, well he–
Drew: He said it again, yeah. Danny: Well, it seems like all of his other friends are drunk now too. Danny: I think the joke would hold up better if–
Drew: No one was drunk, yeah. Danny: Yeah, except him. But now his other friend is–
Drew: He’s like shitfaced.
Danny: Yeah. [Rob yawns]
[explosion as his head hits the pillow] Rob: I gotta go.
[falling noise] Voiceover for end credits: ROB! GOTTA GO Danny: ROOOBB!!! [Danny & Drew laughing] Drew: Yeah, in case you guys weren’t aware of my catchphrase, I scream it at the top of my lungs at the end of every video. Drew: Rob! GOTTA GO! Danny: Let’s see if he has any other good videos. He has lots of butts on his page, which is really nice. Drew: That’s hot.
Danny: As a young boy who likes butts? Drew: As two straight guys? Drew: We Love *Girl* Butts.
Danny: Girl butts. Danny: Only girl butts. Danny: “When bae is Asian”! Drew: I like how most “when bae” videos are specific situations, but “when bae is Asian” is always true. Drew: If she’s Asian, that’s always applicable.
Danny: Stop being Asian, bae! Drew, chuckling: When bae is Asian. Drew: Do you think there’s any chance that this could be… racist? Danny: I don’t think there’s much chance of this being racist.
Drew: Or him having to go. Danny: Yeah. 0% chance of it being racist, 3% chance of him having to go.
Drew: 100% chance we’re gonna laugh hysterically. Danny: Yep, 100% chance of comedy.
Drew: Absolutely. Rob, laughing: Hey, to tell you the truth, this is my first time dating an Asian. Woman: Oh! [explosion] Drew: Is there like, a little progress bar on this video? Danny: Yeah, see, it’s counting down to when he says he’s gotta go. [Drew & Danny laughing] Danny: We’re only a third of the way there!
Drew: I can’t wait for the “I gotta go”! Danny: I have to get through all this racist shit just to see him say “I gotta go”!
Drew: Just to see him say his catchphrase! Woman: Really?
Rob: Yeah.
Woman: Really, Robi? Woman: You want me to cook you something to eat? Rob: Yeah, sure, I can go for something to eat. Woman: Okay, I got you.
Rob: Okay, cool. [pots hitting each other, quacking] Rob: Hey babe, is everything alright in the kitchen? Woman: Honey, you hungry? [extremely racist song playing]
♪ Ching Chong Chang Chong Ching Chong Bitch ♪ Danny: What the fuck is that song?! Danny: Okay you know what, I know Rob’s better than this. He’s not gonna make this whole racist video. Danny: You know what he’s gonna do–
Drew: The Rob I know is better than this! Danny: He’s gonna stop the whole video, and do a meta thing, where he’s like “This whole concept is racist, I gotta go.” [Drew laughing]
Danny: Wouldn’t that be great? Danny: I don’t know–what, so she’s cooking the duck? Danny: I’m just confused why the duck’s wearing an apron. [Drew & Danny laughing]
Danny: Is the duck the one cooking? Danny: Asian people. They always let the duck cook! Drew: Yeah, that’s what they do.
Danny: I don’t want my food prepared by a duck! Drew: Absolutely not.
Danny: I want food prepared by my Asian bae! [dramatic music starting]
Rob: I gotta go. [explosion] Woman: Honey, where you going? Honey! [duck quacking]
Rob: I got! to go! Woman: Honey, duck’s good for you! Drew: I like that the captions say “Asian Girl,” and for him they say “Rob.” Drew: Rather than just saying “girl,” or even just saying the words, it says “Asian Girl.” [Danny laughing]
Drew: Like we get it, she’s Asian! How many more hints do we need? Danny: That’s so you know it’s not the duck talking. Drew: Ohhhh. Then there’s one subtitle: [Duck] Quack Danny, laughing: So you know the duck’s not saying, “Honey, duck good for you.” Danny: HONEY! Duck good for you!
Drew: That seems like something a duck would say. Danny: Also, not to critique the already racist comedy, but is Chinese people eating ducks–that’s not a stereotype! Drew: It’s not like a cliche.
Danny: Yeah. Danny: Plenty of cultures eat–like, duck is an acceptable thing to eat.
Drew: Yeah! Danny: Duck is like a delicacy, isn’t it?
Drew: Yeah, duck is like a–and, I haven’t had it, but I’ve heard it’s good. Danny: Yeah. I guess he didn’t want the duck actually cooking the meal. Danny: He’s like, get that apron off that duck. Throw it in the oven, I wanna eat that duck! Drew: Yeah. Also why does this order of emojis make it look like the duck is coming onto her mouth?? [Drew & Danny laughing] Danny: So what do you think about this guy? Drew: I think, um… Yeah, I think he’s great! He’s changing the game! As far as familiar comedy goes, he’s doing good stuff. Danny: See, this is why I like his videos. I feel like every time I make a new video, I have to come up with an idea. Drew: A new catchphrase!
Danny: I have to come up with a way to end it. Danny: He doesn’t have to come up with any of that! All he has to do is come up with just one thing, and then– Drew: As long as it’s either sexist or racist, and then he has to leave. Drew: It’s so merch-friendly, too. It’s so brandable. He has shirts that say, “Gotta go!” Danny & Drew: Gotta go! Danny: It’s just so smart. I feel like what I’m doing here is just so much extra work than I need to be doing. Drew: It’s so laborious, to come up with new shit every time. Danny: Yeah. And my videos are really bad!
Drew: They’re awful! Danny: All my videos are bad.
Drew: I don’t like them! Danny: Yeah. All my videos are very bad.
Drew: I can’t wait to take this stupid sweater off! Danny: I feel like I should be doing this, and not this commentary shit where I have to be funny all the time. Danny: With different jokes.
Drew: I mean, you’ve never really been able to do that anyway. Danny: Yeah, dude, so would you wanna help me try something like this out, where it can have a catchphrase or something? Drew: Absolutely!
Danny: I feel like my viewers would really like that. Danny: Everytime you click on a video, you know how it’s gonna end. Drew: You don’t really know how it’s gonna start, but you know how that shit’s gonna end. Danny: Well, you sorta know how it’s gonna start. You know it’s gonna start with me, and I’m being a dick. Danny: And then something bad happens to me that doesn’t quite tickle my fancy. Drew: And you’re out.
Danny: Well, I don’t know if that’s my catchphrase quite yet. Drew: True.
Danny: Let’s just figure it out. Drew: We’ll figure it out.
Danny: Okay, we’ll figure it out. [loud rap music playing]
Drew: I gotta say though, duck is actually one of my favorite foods, not gonna lie. Danny: Dude, I love duck!
Drew: Yeah, duck is actually like, really good. I don’t know why no one thinks it’s good. Danny: I would eat it for–
Drew & Danny: Every meal! Danny: –if I could.
Drew: Yeah. That’s so funny. [complete silence except the rap music] [Drew coughing and choking] [dramatic music begins]
Danny: Woah, what’s going on? [Drew continues coughing] Danny: What’s happening?
[Drew coughing] [muffled speech] Danny: You want me to help? Danny: Woah, woah, woah, dude. I don’t wanna do that! Drew: Yeah, dude, I don’t think that’s working.
Danny: What do you mean? Drew: I don’t like that catchphrase. Like, no one’s gonna buy a shirt that says, “I don’t wanna do that!” Danny: You want me to try a different catchphrase, or…?
Drew: Uh, yeah. React to this. Drew: Uh.. uh, Help! Help! I’m drowning! Danny: Okay, uh, I don’t know… Danny: That–That’s not my job! Drew: No, not that. I don’t think that really works… Drew: Okay, let’s try this again. Uh, Hey man, do you wanna come to my dad’s funeral tonight? Danny: Fuck You! Drew: That’s really fucked up.
Danny: Touch My Ass! Drew: No one would say that!
Danny: Hump! Drew: Nobody says things like that, Danny!
Danny: Daddy’s Home! Drew: Danny… [dramatic music plays]
Drew: I gotta go. Danny: What?
Drew: I got! to go! Danny: What do you mean? You’re just, not gonna finish filming this or what? Drew: I gotta go! Danny: What do you mean?? Drew: I gotta go dude! Danny: No, dude, come ba–
Drew: I got ! To GO! Danny: Dude, come back!
Drew: I Got. To Go! Danny: We’re supposed to finish this video!
Drew: I gotta go! Danny: Drew!
Drew: I got. To go.. Danny: Drew!!
Drew: I got to go!!!! Danny: DREWWW!
Drew: I gotta go! Danny: hello?
Drew: I Gotta Go. Danny: Well, I think that went pretty well, right?
Drew: I think so too. Danny: Yeah. I think it’s only a matter of time before I’m Instagram famous. Danny: And you by association, I guess.
Drew: Yeah, I hope so! [forced laughter] Drew: yeah, but seriously I gotta go so let’s wrap this up
Danny: oh okay Danny: Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Danny: If you like Drew, or his face, or his hands, or anything about him,
Drew: Anything pertaining to me. Danny: Go ahead and check out his Youtube channel. It’s Drew: And.. just, you’ll find me from there.
Danny: Yeah. His name’s Drew Gooden, it’s spelled just like this on the screen. Danny: And if you go to his channel, you’ll find his videos. Danny: So, thanks Drew for helping out.
Drew: For sure! Danny: Guys, if you’re not already part of Greg yet, Greg is our family here on Youtube. Danny: It’s our fanbase, if you wanna join Greg, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button and turn on my notifications. Danny: And you’ll be truly Greg! It’s the fastest growing channel on Youtube. Drew: Mhm. Don’t look that up. It’s the fastest growing channel on my website. Danny: Yeah. Have you looked it up?
Drew: No. Why would I? Danny: Yeah.
Drew: I’m a man of my word. Danny: Yeah. And I’m a man of your word also. Danny: Thank you Kristen Zianourry for turning on my notifications, you are truly Greg. Drew: Not quite number 1.
Danny: If you wanna get those, they’re on my website at Danny: Links in the description. See you next time with another great video, bye!


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