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The Untold Story of Vaccines – Silent Epidemic – Documentary

December 23, 2019

A GARY NULL PRODUCTION well kids won’t be allowed back to
school Monday if they haven’t been vaccinated the district will continue
door to your visits until everyone is vaccinated one third of British nurses
have said that they will not take the swine flu vaccine because they’re
worried about the possible side effects how do you convince the other parents
out there that we need to do this yeah well I’m gonna get it yeah if that helps
at all but I’ll say it my wife is not getting me there’s our kids because I
got forward then when I go home I’m not dr. oz I’m mr. oz is on independent
study yeah kayla has she been verified with her Tdap no okay we were coming
today I think you’ve hit the nail on the head this is going to be a public
relations trust your government and your health officials public campaigns but we
trusted the scientists back in 1976 with the original swine flu shot in the land
it was a survival right now that some people died some people perish on itself
and people remember the swine flu vaccine as a terrible disaster but this
is one time forget the conspiracy listen to our government agencies these guys
are telling the truth you know there’s no conspiracy here folks just get your
damn vaccine they look on the CDC website as to what is in the swine flu
vaccine you know aluminum insect repellant
formaldehyde mercury there really is no firm evidence that vaccines do what they
say they do we have the most unhealthy generation of children in the history of
mankind the vaccine known as Gardasil about 8
million American girls have gotten the vaccine but is it safe but today marks
HPV vaccine is dealing with a growing number of reports of serious side
effects manda Radner she came down with an illness so excruciating she had to
take morphine her parents both doctors blame Gardasil she’s gone from the
position of being a competitive and varsity lacrosse player in high school
to some who’s chronically ill 14 year old Jenny developed life-threatening
paralysis that’s resistant to treatment Merck in the CDC say Gardasil is safe
and effective and that they’ve not found a link to any deaths
they also say illnesses reported after vaccinations may not have been caused by
the shot they go in for their one-year checkup with their pediatrician and they
get another round of vaccines and many of them within hours days weeks or
months digress into autism there is no such thing as a harmless vaccine autism
is in my opinion at the far end of what’s happening in terms of brain
destruction from these vaccines the idea that we can put toxins and poisons into
a perfectly healthy immune system is naive at best and it’s probably quite
evil it’s kind of a unrefined method that they use they had to use high
levels of these adjuncts including by Marisa it’s it’s an antiseptic
preservative and hasn’t that been linked in some cases to autism it has in yoga
it’s been shown to cause autism and children with mitochondrial dysfunction
Sanjay there’s been some significant develop
on the alleged link between autism and childhood vaccines what happened there
are three test cases out there wolf that’s sort of a special court ruled on
today trying to establish whether or not there is a link between certain vaccines
childhood vaccines the MMR vaccine in particular and autism this was a ruling
that a lot of people are waiting for for some time the answer came back as no no
no on all three of those test cases no link was established I looked at the
science they’re relying on it I can tell you Joe it is so weak and you and I have
seen in legal practice when junk science and we know you know what these phony
scientists are who create happening in global warming and now it’s happening in
a way that’s interesting our kids live this is classic tobacco science even if
you were to to hypothesize that there’s a vaccine that could be necessary that
could maybe save a life that would have otherwise died from an infectious
disease there is always a cost in the 1980’s the autism rate in the country
was one in 10,000 it’s now one in 50 looking at the safety and efficacy of
these vaccines what I found that the CDC and the FDA were telling people and the
truth that the vaccines were two different things it’s really hard to try
to find unbiased research that doesn’t somehow have the drug companies
associated with it autoimmune diseases can take months and
years to manifest their follow up is something like two weeks you cannot make
any firm conclusions about the safety of the vaccine what effective really means
is that a substance is injected into a body and it creates an antibody and if
an antibody response is generated by that shot then the science says the
vaccine is effective it did what it was supposed to do they don’t actually go
back and compare vaccinated versus unvaccinated they consider that the
vaccine is effective simply by measuring the antibody generation there is a leap
in assumption then that simply because you have the antibody it will protect
you and keep you from getting sick animal models were injected with
vaccines that created antibodies and then they were introduced with the virus
and still succumb to the virus so we don’t have real studies that say if you
have an antibody to this disease you are then immune and you are immune
for this many years we don’t have that because vaccination is based on the
principle of immunization rather than on principle of naturally acquired immunity
what we have after vaccination is only a short lasting protection each of those
shots have chemicals things like aluminum polysorbate 80 all kinds of
toxic chemicals that are causing lots of problems in immune systems beyond any
shadow of a doubt aluminum atoms on their own can inflict autoimmune
diseases the largest most powerful industry in the world is the
pharmaceutical industry they have fingers into foundations fingers into
major corporations the media they are everywhere no American should be legally
forced to play vaccine roulette with their child we have sacrificed an entire
generation of children’s brains and health to build a pharmaceutical
industry you can’t have it both ways they can’t be unavoidably unsafe and
safe and effective at the same time the fact that vaccines must be mandated is a
sign of the failure of their program we’re playing with fire we’ve got a lot
of viral material we’re playing with DNA we’re playing with foreign DNA DNA from
animals from green monkeys from chicken eggs all kinds of DNA that we’re not
eating we’re injecting what are we creating we don’t even know
it’s like Frankenstein’s do we really believe that health can only come
through a vaccine there’s just no basis for saying they’re
safe there’s zero basis as the number of vaccines put into a
child’s schedule increases in the United States it is also being promoted in all
other countries of the world today we are seeing more vaccines given to more
children at a younger age than ever before in history as the number of
vaccines given to children today we have a rise and moderate to severe asthma
seizures diabetes and food allergies were diagnosed with autism an alarmingly
increasing rate of autoimmune diseases mercury-based preservative
live viruses and vaccines and other chemical agents are known culprits for
neurological disorders we must begin to honestly and objectively address what we
are choosing to consume and put into our blood streams and ask is it worth the
risk one of the things that women certainly
are going to be concerned about is whether or not they should give their
children vaccines and and how safe are the vaccines people who have real
questions are afraid afraid to ask about what’s in it is it safe when I had
discussed you know my fear that it was the vaccines that caused him to regress
with our original pediatrician who had given him the MMR shot he told me I was
crazy he told me absolutely not they’ve proven one way or another that vaccines
have nothing to do with autism when I told him that he had had had a normal
bowel movement in a year he said that’s a toddler diarrhea in the last 25 years
as we’ve more than double the numbers of vaccines that we give our young children
we’ve seen a doubling of learning disabilities doubling of attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder a doubling of asthma a tripling of
diabetes and a 600% or more increase in autism in every state issue is what has
happened over the last 25 to 30 years to cause this epidemic of autism and so the
only thing that really has changed is the number of vaccines being given to
children my name is dr. Janet Levitan and I come
to speak to you today as a clinician I’ve been a pediatrician since 1982
when I was in my residency I saw a baby die of sudden infant death just within
hours after having been vaccinated this is an event I saw it take place two more
times in my early medical career since 1989 Ford their records of 42 children
from Massachusetts that have died around the vaccinations 98% of them were trying
to receive a school vaccinate a school required vaccinations nearly 90 percent
died within the first 10 days 1/3 dying within the first 24 hours this is Ryan
hours after his MMR the last day that he was a neurotypical child 15 months we
got his MMR I remember him not sleeping that night crying and waking up with a
very toxic smelling diaper I also remember 48 hours later he had
105 degree temperature 3 days after that he had a full-body rash
he started staring episodes which we later realized were absent seizures at
18 months we discussed some of the changes but his gross motor skills were
still really good so we gave him his 18 month shots the next day he stopped
calling me Mommy he stopped wanting to be in the same room with his father and
he stopped following his sister around by two everything was gone it was born
full-term normal in every way vaginal birth with no interventions or drugs his
Apgar scores were nine and ten which means all his reflexes were perfect and
present before discharged he was immunized with Rock’em babak’s HB
against hepatitis B his fourth night in this world was his first at home and
about five hours after arriving home he had his first seizure the doctors told
us we were causing Ben’s seizures odd behaviors and delays by bad parenting my
son came out and he appeared to be normal at birth and then when they took
him back to the nursery he was given a the hepatitis B shot which contains
mercury and something happened to him and his blood where he became very ill
and they put him in ICU my son could yell or scream for 45 minutes straight
and not stop there was times he would crowd of his car seat I’d have to pull
over on the side of the road and he would be doing flips on my body just
screaming just rages that you would not believe I would have people stopping and
riding my license never did the language was lost he drooled incessantly if he
had extremely low muscle tone diarrhea was our first major red flag
regressive autism let’s say your child does to vote typically and he does look
like this true–but perfect little thing and then all of a sudden you wake up and
they’re gone I’m crying my eyes out to the doctor saying I know these things
started this with my child that vaccines caused this on my child I could look at
the videos and see the change in my child I don’t want her vaccinated he
said I had to as more vaccinations came more
regression came after the MMR within a month of that she started to bang her
head against the wall she started to just run right into the wall and it
didn’t seem as if she had any type of pain or feeling lindsey is
representative of all the children who fall under the mandate Lindsay received
the hepatitis B vaccine two days before entering high school the next day she
seemed flu-like the day after they had so dizzy she couldn’t stand up without
holding the walls the following day she passed out her ability to stand was
compromised for almost six months to do 218 dizziness following our doctor’s
advice Lindsay had a series of three it was on the third shot
Lindsay became so violently ill within two hours that I knew the vaccine was
the catalyst my daughter received the vaccine about a three weeks later
noticed a little bit of discomfort in her arm gradually over the next few
weeks that got worse and worse at that point she was anemic they’d be put in
the hospital and a bone marrow biopsy there was concern that she had leukemia
and had a muscle biopsy because the affected area of her or the following
summer she had meningitis as a consequence of her illness she had
a neurologic problem which was recognized to be part of this illness
that required another spinal tap in MRIs and more medications and it was all
localized at the beginning in the arm where she had the Gardasil vaccine you
know it would take a lot for somebody to come up to me as a professional and say
you know I think your daughter is making these symptoms up but she had objective
evidence you know abnormal spinal taps clinical
events blood tests that are abnormal nobody could look at that and say this
is something your daughter is making up this is a coincidence and a daughter has
some bizarre illness which doesn’t have a name which we never heard of and can’t
identify or quantify in any way but you know we know that it’s not related to
the vaccine several have come out and say well yes of course this is obviously
related to something in the vaccine I couldn’t believe that they would put
children’s lives at risk and now I feel like I was taken advantage of and then I
was naive and as was Chris her life was taken from a vaccine she didn’t need
about which we were falsely informed for a disease she never would have gotten
within hours I saw what happened to my son I believed it was a coincidence
because I was told it was a coincidence because that’s what I was told I was
told doctors are okay even though the back of my mind I saw
what happened I did it again for Christ’s sake I did it again I listened
I was a responsible citizen again look what happened to my other son they are
allowing all of our children to have all of these symptoms to have all of this
pain and because we as parents mentioned the word vaccine just that one word
those children are absolutely left nobody gives a damn for them they how
conductors allow children to suffer when babies are born they are by
definition born immature their neurological system is immature their
immune system is immature what we do to these newborns is within minutes of
birth they’re exposed to latex they’re exposed to vitamin K shots within a few
more hours after birth then we give them a hepatitis B vaccine the first paper
that came out about the hepatitis B vaccine and using that vaccine in
America was based off of a study that was done in Southeast Asia and mothers
there have an incidence of high incidence of hepatitis B we should
probably give the hepatitis B vaccine to children in this country it made no
sense to me then it probably makes no sense now so a mere 8 weeks old eight
weeks old 56 days of life on this planet the baby goes in for its first well-baby
checkup and at that time they may be given up to six or seven different
vaccines a DPT which is diphtheria tetanus pertussis a polio vaccine
another hepatitis B vaccine a hip which is for Hamas influenza B and possibly a
Prevnar vaccine which is seven strains of strap maybe even thirteen strains of
strap all given at the same time so it’s like giving twenty or thirty vaccine
antigens in about five or six shots that process is repeated at two months four
months six months they get another big dose of vaccines at one year of age so
that by the time children are one year old they will have had more than 70
different vaccine antigens injected in measurable amounts of chemicals in fact
the two vaccines that have the highest amount of chemicals in my opinion are
the MMR and the chickenpox vaccine when I hear statements such as Paul Offit
saying that a baby can receive up to 10,000 100
and vaccines at one go it’s difficult to even describe the emotions that come up
for me I think our rage that this man has the kind of platform he does and has
the kind of media attention I mean he’s the main media mouthpiece for the
medical establishment speaking about vaccines he and his attitude are an
absolutely catastrophic danger to infant and young child health the notion that
that that vaccines cause autism has been harmful one harmful because I think it’s
unnecessarily scared parents about vaccines harmful because I think it’s
subjected children to therapies which can be dangerous and harmful because I
think most importantly it’s really diverted a lot of resources away from
from far more promising leads and as to the real cause or causes of autism we
know that autism for example it’s skyrocketing and it’s not anymore a
question or a debate that oh we’re just diagnosing the condition better there is
a true increase in the rates of autism and people are looking for answers now
some have suggested that autism is a result of some gene mutations the
problem with that is that gene mutations occur slowly and they cannot account for
this huge increase in autism rates that we see in the developed world I think
that certainly autism spectrum disorder is at least genetic any when you have
one identical twin with autism the chance the second identical twin will
have autism is greater than 90 percent when it’s a fraternal twin with autism
the chance of the second fraternal twin has autism was less than 10% so it’s
genetic and now some of the genes are being defined we now know that immune
molecules play crucial roles in brain development this means that you cannot
manipulate the immune system and think that that will not have adverse outcome
especially if you manipulate the immunity
them in early development some people have pointed that vaccines could be the
problem but they’re often ridiculed for such assertions but there is actually a
scientific rationale for that not just a scientific rationale but there’s also
scientific data by the time children the average child in this country has
started kindergarten they’ve gotten 49 doses to 40 different vaccines over 50%
of our children now have some kind of chronic illness over 50% I would ask
those who say that children can receive 10,000 immunization for very safely I
would simply ask them well can you demonstrate that by injecting yourself
with 10,000 vaccines and then we can you can give us your brain for analysis to
see what we find out there is it any wonder we’ve got children that now need
antidepressants antipsychotics and Ritalin because they have inflamed
brains from all these vaccines that have happened through their developmental
years of life and so if you begin to give children vaccines you actually set
their immune system toward one part of the immune system called the humoral
part which makes more antibodies yet at the same time you’re suppressing their
cellular immunity which never develops completely we are seeing an autoimmune
reaction against the the the brain tissue and so these children
unfortunately even the ones who are not developing the syndrome of autism are
developing other syndromes such as a DD and ADHD and of course the secondary
problem is the number of allergies that we’re seeing in in our young children
and part of the allergic reaction has to do with the fact that the immune system
is not completely developed at birth it takes about three years for the immune
system to be developed you might go in one day and get
the MMR and the DPT and an oral rotavirus and you might get the
meningococcal or you might get the flu Bechstein the same day I mean there’s
any number of vaccines they can give you all at once so I think the little what
we’re up to in an individual vaccine is now maybe thirteen different vaccine
doses in the one vaccine it’s that they’re all given together they might
use the left arm right arm left leg right leg and the buttocks so they might
receive an unlimited amount of number of vaccines
apparently the common cold is much greater insult to your immune system
then then a vaccine or even multiple vaccines it’s exactly right I think it’s
a simple cold or even just a single ear infection it’s a far greater challenge
to a child’s immune system and then would be the 14 vaccines that are
typically given in the first few years of life there are no safety studies
showing that the combined doses are safe for babies to take at the very young age where’s the evidence for the claim that
vaccines whether singly or in combination as children get them very
often are in fact safe and effective there is no definitive answer to that
when I first started researching vaccinations and looking at the whole
concept of vaccine efficacy because what always comes out is that vaccines are
safe and effective it took me a while to figure out what that word effective
really even meant we as clinicians and doctors and even parents in the lay
public when they hear the word effective they assume that what that means when
the phrases said vaccines are safe and effective
meaning that vaccines are safe and they will keep you from getting sick to
determine whether or not a vaccine is effective you would basically have to do
exposure experiments to people or to the or to animals if you were going to show
that it was effective or not you’d have to give the vaccine and then you would
have to see if you exposed the animal to the pathogen that you would be would you
be causing disease or not and would there be a difference in the vaccinated
versus the unvaccinated population well it’s considered unethical to do
that with human beings to do to expose them to you know anthrax or a polio
virus or a flu virus so in general the way vaccines are determined to be
effective or if there’s an antibody titer generated and if that antibody is
generated it’s considered to be effective do the antibodies really mean that you
are chronically sick does that mean you’ve had an exposure you’ve had a
certain level of protective antibody and you can still get sick so the whole word
in the scientific literature about effective vaccines means that you create
an antibody but that doesn’t necessarily translate from effective into protecting
you from getting sick and oftentimes there isn’t even that antibody generated
and many of the people who are injected with vaccines elderly people and you
know compromised people often won’t even generate that antibody so it’s often a
complete waste in them so that’s how effectiveness is is determined by the
companies when generating when developing new vaccines there is this
prevalent belief in the medical community that if you vaccinate 90% of
or 95% of individual of individuals you will effectively prevent the spread of
infectious diseases and the term that is used is herd immunity so basically you
immunize almost the entire population you will eliminate the spread of an
infectious agent now that theory sounds really good but it’s only a theory it
hasn’t actually been demonstrated and if you look at the real world data you see
that their outbreaks frequently occur even if there is 90% of population that
has been vaccinated so this whole concept of herd immunity is simply
simply doesn’t hold water because if it were true you should not see any cases
of infectious diseases outbreaks in populations that have been vaccinated
there are problems that come up with prolonged mass vaccination campaigns and
one of them is that between the time that the vaccine is introduced on a
massive scale and a few decades later the disease actually becomes more
dangerous are they efficacious do they actually
against the diseases that they’re meant to protect against and I come back for
example to the mumps vaccine the mumps vaccine was introduced for commercial
reasons not for the benefit of children it was the opinion of the CDC and others
in the UK that this is a trivial disease in children it was not needed now here’s
the problem if you use a vaccine that does not work properly is not
efficacious then you are storing up major problems why because for example
mumps is a trivial disease in children but is not trivial in particularly young
post adolescent males where it can cause testicular inflammation and it can cause
sterility testicular inflammation orchitis is also
associated with later malignancy in the testicle if the vaccine does not work if
it only protects you for say 1 2 3 4 5 years then by the time you are a
teenager you are no longer immune and that is exactly what’s happened there
have now been outbreaks of mumps multiple outbreaks in children who’ve
received multiple doses of the MMR vaccine so what mumps vaccination has
done because the vaccine is not efficacious has taken a trivial disease
and turned it into a much more serious disease over time when you have an
antibody it goes away and that’s why even those who believe in vaccines know
that the antibodies wane and why they are promoting now many many many booster
shots and now we are creating vaccines for
diseases which we perceive is very mild such as chicken pox or rotavirus stomach
flu and who knows what else is coming and for the sake of eradication of the
virus what would is likely to happen 30 years
from now is that these viruses will become much more deadlier for infants
that are going to be born at that time and who will not have the luxury now
it’s going to be a luxury of maternal immuno protection anaphylaxis now is
almost every day schools are urged to stockpile EpiPens because there are so
many kids with different kind of food allergies or other allergies that they
are in danger for anaphylactic shock the kind of anaphylaxis that we see today
and can only be stopped by epinephrine or other substances can only happen
after the injection of these substances or substances into the body and it’s
basically the body’s way of responding to to these substances we know that we’re priming the immune
system we know that there’s things going in these vaccines that when you put an
adjuvant at a subject of substance and the adjuvant is a substance that you
intentionally put in a vaccine to create an immune response which in many people
will be an autoimmune response because you can get the viral particles adhering
to vessel walls cell walls going into the brain from the heavy metals so we’re
seeing asthma we’re seeing food allergies I mean when I was a kid and I
keep going back to when I was a kid because there was a long time ago and we
didn’t get that many vaccines somebody would have food oh it was like one in
like I heard of one person you know there was one person my school who had
asthma one person in my grade school I went to a big grade school who had
asthma I mean kids didn’t leave to use her inhalers it was just unheard of what
we faced unambiguously is an epidemic of autism and
environmentally driven epidemic of autism now alarmingly affecting one in
31 boys in the United States of America and I saw data from Yale just the other
day from South Korea showing that one in 36 children in South Korea
by this lifelong severe neurodevelopmental disorder there is the
true epidemic a big chunk of the immune system that’s missing here when we when
we talk about vaccines is the innate immune system the innate immune system
does not work with antibodies it works with but mostly something called natural
killer cells and are often vitamin D dependent and there’s other issues that
guide them and control them but innate immunity is your first line of immune
defense it’s the most important line of the main defense we know that people
with antibodies to two diseases will still succumb to those diseases we know
that when you have in a community inquired infection such as measles or
mumps it engages both sides of the immune system the side that’s called th2
which creates the antibodies the th one side of the equation which engages the
self immunity that is defined by the difference between knowing who you are
and where your environment stops the innate immunity is not addressed mostly
because if we did things that boosted our innate immunity it’s probably not
patentable it would probably be one thing if it was and so it’s being
ignored but we don’t have studies showing that because you have an
antibody to a specific communicable disease you are therefore immune those
don’t exist the way it’s done with an injection actually sets the immune
system up in a way that can lead to autoimmunity and so that’s one of the
major differences between a natural infection and recovery afterwards which
is lifelong and normal and an injection which will maybe produce an antibody
that will be temporary and won’t necessarily be effective and
could possibly be damaging real infection and you have fever and you
have cytokines and you have white blood cells you have all of these different
types of portions of your immune system coming together in a dance and that’s
where lifetime true immunity comes from when you re exposed to a virus or re
exposed to that infection your immune system has been fully engaged and
recognizes that says I don’t have to process that again we’ve done that once
they push out a little bit of intrinsic immune system help to push that virus
out of the way and that’s where true immunity comes from to give a
combination vaccine and then to load in for example other vaccines containing
mercury preservatives and aluminum which are going to alter the knee response
even more profoundly then no we certainly do not nor could anyone claim
to know that those vaccines are safe they are not and there is a fundamental
rule that something is unsafe and to approve and otherwise you know the
rationale the reasoning for how some of these drug companies and how the FDA
concludes it’s something is safer not safe is not based in rational science
it’s based in you know a pre biased setup really we want this we want to be
able to use this substance it’s cheap it’s a cheap way of preserving it or
it’s a cheap way of reaching the blood-brain barrier to produce a larger
immune response we want to be able to use this product let’s look for a study
or do a study that we can say we’ve done it what gets done is a bogus study or no
study but in some cases I was sent when I requested information from one of the
drug companies a study in one of the ingredients and it literally was a
cosmetic study for topical application but yet it was something that was being
injected vaccines contain formaldehyde and they contain chemicals far in excess
concentrations of what the EPA says is safe mercury in the past was used as a
preservative the reason it works as a preservative is because it’s so cellular
toxic because if you put mercury in a culture of cells they’ll just die
things don’t live in the in the presence of mercury we’re now telling our senior
citizens who take flu vaccine guess what’s in flu vaccine mercury mercury
every year senior citizen gets their flu jab every year a bit more toxin is
accumulating in their brain and what are we now getting an epidemic of domains
here this is my granddad’s not grandmother’s these are the people we’re
now poisoning with our hack scenes this footage from the University of Calgary
demonstrates the degenerative effects of mercury on brain neurons very low
concentrations of mercury were added to the culture medium for 20 minutes over the next 30 minutes the new right
membrane underwent rapid degeneration leaving behind the denuded neurofibromas
reveal important visual evidence to how mercury causes neurodegeneration I’m
convinced that the mercury in vaccinations is a contributing factor to
neurological diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s I’m convinced of it after
all those years we had earrings but that word conclusive there’s no conclusive
evidence creates a doubt and my question to the presidents and CEOs of
pharmaceutical companies has always been if there’s any doubt if there’s any
doubt that the mercury in vaccinations can cause a neurological problem then
get it out it’s not just the mercury yes the mercury is a problem but it’s not
just the mercury and the pharmaceutical industry is pretty much proven that by
taking most of the mercury out yes that is filling the flu shots the multi dose
flu shots it was in the h1n1 swine flu vaccine we still have traces of it in
other vaccines but for the most part the lion’s share of the mercury is out and
we’re still having an increase incidence of autism and chronic disease so that
was pretty easy for the pharmaceutical industry to just go see told you one the
mercury because it never was just the mercury
it’s all the aluminum it’s polysorbate 80 it’s a long list of 62 different
types of chemicals that are in these vaccines and different combinations of
them it’s the latex exposure it’s the gelatin
exposure it’s a the whole combination of the number of vaccines that children get
now it never was just about the mercury the aluminum is used to do a different
job the aluminum is used to basically cause an intense inflammatory reaction
at the injection site so that perhaps less disease matter is needed in the
vaccine aluminum is a known neurotoxin and it is often claimed by the
regulatory authorities that the amount of aluminum is in vaccines it’s
insignificant and that you get more aluminum from food than you get from
injection well this kind of reasoning really defies basic toxicological
principles these claims are misleading because we know from research data that
only 0.1 0.5 percent of aluminum that we ingest is absorbed into circulation
whereas the aluminum we inject while vaccination is absorbed with a hundred
percent the medical authorities will also say that you can easily excrete
aluminum in vaccines but that claim makes no sense whatsoever because
aluminum would be a very lousy adjuvant if it was excreted the whole premise of
an adjuvant is that it stays in your body and it boosts the immune response
and we have no data human data that shows that humans retain aluminum from
vaccinations up to eight years following injections aluminum in vaccines in it is
attached to an antigen so it doesn’t get readily excreted because it simply
doesn’t pass through the kidneys and in fact research in animal models shows
that it’s retain and not only is it retaining the body
but a part of the agilent aluminum is transported by the macrophages in the
brain of animals and in once in the brain it triggers abnormal autoimmune
inflammatory reaction aluminum when combined with florid forms a very stable
complex aluminum tetrafluoride and aluminum tetrafluoride is a very good
phosphate mimic so it basically binds to receptors or it binds to ATP or GTP
where normally reaction would happen aluminum fluoride can actually inhibit
these reactions we know that there’s a host of children born with smaller or
greater propensity of mitochondrial damage that their mitochondria might be
sensitive but left to their own devices they would be okay okay so I’m not
blaming the children for having these mitochondrial genetic you know
vulnerabilities which is what I’m going to call them but under the influence of
all the oxidative damage intracellularly and in in in in the mitochondria the the
mitochondria change and the ATP production changes and the child can
become autistic I recently learned that you know my child’s immune system should
never have had any type of live viruses you know any vaccines to begin with but
the live viruses especially I believe that the MMR was was the tipping point
for my child she had a handful of vaccines at that one time and the MMR is
a live virus I watched a clip on YouTube and it was friend rush her interviewing
Kevin Sibelius and Fred Dressler specifically asked her now there’s like
18 I think and I was just wondering whether you had any thoughts on it or
whether you think that there is any kind of awareness raising talk in the medical
community you should spread them out not give them all together not do them so
young Kathleen Sibelius said emphatically oh we’ve done numerous of
these studies we have them that nature’s done this clinical trials testing not
only safety of individual vac scenes with safety of vaccines given
together the kind of spacing components how frequently they have to be given and
you don’t have these studies and the only study that I could find it came
close was a primate study where they and I believe those macaques that they used
macaques and they adjusted the dose for the weight appropriate for the macaque
and these monkeys did not do well in fact that they showed signs of
regression and autism and behavior changes and developmental delay and
abnormal behaviors and poor routing and poor sucking in the infant ones so in
fact the only study that I’ve read about that I’ve seen when I’ve done my search
has been on monkeys have been on primates and it was not favorable
towards our schedule to make a vaccine is essentially a manipulation of nature
that can only possibly end in disaster because what you have to do is you have
to go out and find a pathogen bring it into the lab and then you have to
multiply that pathogen and adjust it to be in the form that you want it to be in
to ultimately be injected into an infant or toddler or an adult I found have been
meetings between the scientists of the UK and the United States the fact scene
safety scientists the ones that responsible for the health of our
children I found descriptions of how they made
the vaccine speed music I was just at the same as the months palace same as
the other fever virus is grown on the embryos of birds we basically get
fertilized eggs waited as an embryo kill the embryos mash them up and put them in
what they call an incubator they don’t wait two or three days and they quickly
add some previous culture some of the culture to it they would and then they
pipe off the fluid from underneath the cell culture to be made into the vaccine
they filter out everything bigger than a forest they filter out bacteria
they can’t filter out Pharisees because they want these are fast months for us
in the fax teen could be in there they could be on curve oncogenes they say
this we don’t know if they’re there there’s all sorts of cellular debris
from the dead birds in the partisans do we filter this out no we don’t have we
purified the measles virus now all the life powers vaccines are minimally
purified the chairman of the meeting said what have we tested it to amount of
free DNA from birds and they said no we haven’t tested it we have got no way of
testing it this is before they add aluminum and it’s before they add
mercury or any other occupants this is what all facts see they caught the
substrate and one scientist from Britain said if the Greens in my country heard
about what what we are discussing their demand immediately the ending of all
vaccination mediums and the mediums are there egg or there bovine serum
the problem with bovine serum is you you can only test for what you know to test
for right so there might be a lot of things piggybacking but you can’t always
test for prions and bovine serum can contain prions and if you go into the
journals for people in the industry they’ll say purify bovine serum lesser
chance of prion so lesser chance you know they can’t even guarantee it’s
prion free and then you’ve got egg medium and the problem with that is that
some eggs are infected with Campylobacter bacteria Campylobacter
infection is the number one cause other than vaccines of llamar a so most people
come enochian Bray who hadn’t had a vaccine it’s because they had a
Campylobacter infection and because the antibodies that you make to
Campylobacter can look like antibodies to your myelin sheath in your
neurological system so you create anti ganglia side ana
and then you your Milan goes and they look like gamma-ray or polio but this is
what we see manufacturers are actually required to
scream chicken eggs for a number of contaminants and we know that
Campylobacter jejuni is a potential contaminants in vaccines and this same
bacteria has been associated with ghee and burry syndromes it can actually lead
to two that it can start with muscle weakness and then people can lose their
ability to walk and can go into a full paralysis where they basically are
unable to breathe it’s estimated that a third of the population contains one
very potent cancer virus that came in through the polio vaccines the sv40
virus that’s just one shining example of one that was inadvertently picked up
many years ago and it took 30 years for the for the for the medical community to
embrace this fact and speak of it in the literature and so it’s mainstream
literature you can find that this sv40 virus which came through the polio
vaccines is indeed in many people and does cause tumors causes brain tumors
mesothelioma I should say is heavily associated in
many cases to have this virus in the tumor while the surrounding tissue is
free of virus children’s brain tumors 40 to 60 percent of them contain the sv40
virus five years ago while his team was examining slides from children who died
of extremely rare brain tumors they discovered something shocking traces of
an almost 40 year old mystery a virus known as sv40 it was believed that sv40
only infected monkeys and shouldn’t be found in humans and any circumstance let
alone associated with tumors what was your reaction when you found it
I almost fell out of my chair rhesus monkeys tens of thousands of them the
vaccine was made by removing the monkeys kidneys injecting them with the polio
virus and then making a serum that gave humans resistance to polio only monkeys
could be used but they could carry lethal
diseases dr. Howard Erna bits of California is a microbiologist who
specializes in investigating vaccines and how they’re made the best estimate
we can get right now is that there was at least at least 26 different monkey
viruses in those preparations so I don’t know why I was cloned by British television to
Washington because there was emergency meeting taking place there as a monkey
Paris was being found in human cancers and if they thought it probably came
from a fancy car total minor is the most foremost British vaccine expert when the
British government he was in Washington at this meeting he addressed a meeting
to say we have to admit that the fact scenes are made on very crude material
he also said that we the public got to know how monkey fire-support is to mean
far sporty got into the polio vaccine of course we have managed to keep from them
many other similar incidences they don’t know about these people in the Catholic
obviously did know throughout human evolution has never seen these
infections before and you limit the safety studies to three four five weeks
when these are known to be viruses that are capable of hanging around in the
body and causing delay disease I spoke with dr. Maurice Hilleman at Merck who
invented another MMR vaccine and I asked him about the early days of his research
I said I understood that it was an attenuated virus that ferocity had
weakened so it wouldn’t cause measles weakened sufficiently that won’t cause
nasty side effects but leaving it strong enough so that it would give a give us
protection from measles and he said exactly you’ve hit the nail on the head
it’s very difficult to work out this because we have to experiment with
children so I asked him did he have any guidelines for his experiment and his
answer was very simple and very short he said yes 20% well I didn’t understand
the answer 20% syoss and 20% of what I said all we
judge is okay if only 20% of the children fall ill after vaccination I’m
the MMR vaccine I felt was very safe they had said it was very safe I took
him along to the surgery and within hours he started to become very fidgety
and he started screaming and the pain was dreadful with him then my husband
came home from work and he said you need to burn the doctor surgery so I did and
I said to her there’s something wrong with my baby there’s something not right
here he’s got this he’s in pain she said pull yourself together mrs.
Thomas some babies do that next morning Michael was suddenly very quiet and then
up went his fever again and he came out in a Burns rash all over his body – I
took him into the dr. surgery and I mentioned the MMR and he said oh it’s
just a viral infection mrs. Thomas he was not the mic/line you he would be
very aggressive I lost my friends within a week all they could see was this child
hitting their children I think that what I know now is that the problems with
vaccines in general and the MMR vaccines specifically are far greater than the
high had previously anticipated I have four children the first two children
received the MMR vaccine I like so many parents went along with the requirements
and the recommendations for vaccination I didn’t even as a physician and a
scientist I didn’t question that which I should have done and when I started to
question it around 1990-1991 the further I looked into it the more
concerned I became and when I presented questions to those in authority I found
that the answers were completely unsatisfactory non-scientific invested
largely in a belief system a hope a wish rather than hard scientific facts
and the more I’ve learned the more concerned I have become not only that
the safety studies have not been done but in some instances as with for
example the mumps vaccine there was no need for this vaccination in the first
place not my words not my opinion the opinion of the CDC and the regulators in
the UK so vaccines being introduced for commercial imperatives in the interest
of the pharmaceutical companies rather than in the interests of the public and
that causes me huge concern was MMR introduced according to the senior CDC
official someone there at the time on an Oda helmet it called by the CDC did the
CDC capitulate to what appeared to be a marketing ploy on the part of a
pharmaceutical company a ploy that allowed them to monopolize the US market
is that the basis for 60,000 US adverse vaccine events reports including 300
deaths at a bare minimum from MMR is that really what happened is that really
what mumps vaccine was all about but if you’re the one getting the
product and you’re the one gonna suffer the consequences do you want to put your
life out there online so that work can make money when they really don’t know
life and death debate – young girls be required to get a new vaccine to prevent
cervical cancer the maker of the vaccine is backing down but at least one u.s.
governor is not Governor Rick Perry a Republican who made Texas the first
state to mandate that sixth grade girls received the HPV vaccine in the midst of
this executive order there was a big drug company that made millions of
dollars because of this mandate the governor’s former chief of staff was the
chief lobbyist for this drug company the drug company gave thousands of dollars
in political donations to the governor and this is just flat-out wrong the the
question is is it about life or was it about millions of dollars and
potentially billions for a drug hard this is not a vaccine against the
pandemic it’s not a vaccine against a childhood illness that will kill you
it is a vaccine against a virus that 90% of the time does absolutely nothing to
anybody we were recently approached by two
mothers whose daughters have died approximately six months following
vaccinations with HPV vaccines both girls showed similar symptoms mainly
affecting the nervous system periods of amnesia difficult visions of speech
periods of confusion psychosis the symptoms started after the first shot
one girl died after the second dose of gardisil and another girl died after the
third dose of gardisil in both cases the autopsy revealed absolutely no
anatomical finding no microbiological finding and no toxic illogical finding
that could have explained why these girls died and it was included simply
that the case was unrelated to the vaccine we however decided to look
further into the issue and we did a more comprehensive analysis on the brain
samples that were provided to us by the coroner’s office we looked for various
immuno inflammatory markers and we also look for the presence of HPV 16 l1
particles in the girls brains HPV 16 antibodies which recognized the particle
that’s in the vaccine have also showed reactivity and they were binding to the
walls of blood vessels in the brain this means that the antibodies that is raised
against the vaccine antigen is not only recognizing the vaccine antigen it’s
also recognizing your own tissue in the immune system is basically turning
itself on and attacking the blood vessels in the brain targeting them for
destruction which would explain why we found brain hemorrhages in one of the
cases the autopsy revealed brain edema which again together with the
hemorrhages is suggestive of breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and again
this points to an underline vascular disorder in the brain which
explains why these girls died suddenly and way prior their time one was 14 and
the other one was 15 the only thing they had in common was Gardasil I find it to
be a shameful what’s going on with the treatment of some of these kids as well
as the denial of you know the vaccine community that there may be an issue the
very existence of the possibility of any type of illness related to vaccines is
summarily denied by you know by the pro-vaccine activists and it simply is
not you know reasonable scientifically based dismissal in schools right across
Australia from next year boys aged 12 and 13 will receive the vaccination
under the National immunisation program and cost of 21 million dollars over four
years it comes two years after the immunization program began for girls
when Gardasil was approved FDA deferred any studies in males under 18 and yet
three years later they approved the product for boys aged nine and above now
they want to immunize boys for the sake of herd immunity you can acquire HPV
infection through sexual contact it’s not something that’s transmissible by
air or water what is the necessity of a nine-year-old
boy getting this vaccine particularly since it may only work three to five
years which hopefully is before they become sexually active antigenicity
studies show that the antibodies last less than five years on average while it
covers a few strains there’s only one strain present at its five-year mark we
don’t know how long that lasts the other two or three strains are gone by two or
three years and girls unless the men boys no one knows if they’re going to be
long-term sequelae from vaccinating these girls if it’s going to affect
fertility in fact cancer rates affect you know other hormonal issues or in our
immune system in the long run there’s nothing to say that it will there’s
nothing to say that it won’t given that these vaccines have an unknown duration
of lasting it makes very little sense to me that we should be spending our
precious healthcare dollars and especially in the budget of vaccine for
children that we should be spending it to mandate an HPV vaccine so if if the
recommendation is boosters throughout the life but if you’ve already been
exposed and you received survived the vaccine it could potentiate the virus
then we’re dealing with a vaccine that’s probably going to be causing a whole lot
more cervical cancers than it ever saves subjecting millions and millions of
women to eliminate a few thousand cases of cancer doesn’t really seem justified
to me even if it does eliminate those cancers even if it is effective I
wouldn’t do it I’ve weighed the evidence and they would urge that other people do
the same to make sure that people understand the real way that we’re going
to prevent cervical cancer is to keep people in the pap smear screening
programs and then should they choose to get the vaccines
that’s like choosing to buy a pair of red shoes this is a vaccine that does
prevent it some HPV infections specifically four kinds too that caused
warts into the cause cancer we don’t know how long that will last
and unless the vaccine lasts at least 15 years there’s no way we can prevent
cervical cancer although it’s been marketed in the popular press and
magazines and you know lovely advertising that shows happy girls with
rainbows and dancing around has a cancer prevention there simply isn’t any data
that it prevents cancer in women and there’s no reason that that one should
mandate it for your own child as a cancer preventative urge so does not
treat cervical cancer or other HPV diseases
side effects include pain swelling itching and redness at the injection
site fever nausea dizziness vomiting and fainting
Gardasil is not for women who are pregnant the Gardasil may not fully
protect everyone and does not prevent all kinds of cervical cancer we didn’t
even know about dizziness and fatigue let alone death or illness or paralysis
or seizures or any of the other things that have been reported those of us
whose daughters have experienced this want people to know we want them to know
what we didn’t know the question that is very often
discussed and debated is whether vaccines contributed or not to the
eradication of diseases many people even if they talk about the dangers of
vaccines will mention you know they’ll preface oh but you know vaccines have
saved us from all these diseases that were killing us and I actually believed
that for a long time and I didn’t start to question that as so I started you
know looking at some of these graphs in the 1900s people died of scurvy people
died of tuberculosis people died of yellow fever in this country died of
scarlet fever we never vaccinated it away tuberculosis yellow fever scarlet
fever I use those as examples people aren’t dying of them in this country
right and we didn’t vaccinate against away against it they say that the
introduction of vaccines actually reduce the amount of infectious diseases but if
you go back to the beginning of the century you will really see that the
thing that was reducing infectious diseases was an improvement in diet and
improvement in sanitation and improvement in education the
environmental things that were improving as a result of improving economy the
number of infectious diseases were going down many of the infectious diseases
were already 90 percent reduced when the vaccines were introduced Edward Jenner
born in 1749 in England was a country apothecary barber surgeon he’s revered
as being the father vaccination Jenner formulated the idea vaccination after a
rumor he heard amongst the dairymaids but those who got cow pox were protected
from smallpox in order to test the theory on May 14 1796 he removed some
fluid from a dairy mate named Sarah and then injected into the arm of James
Phipps a healthy eight-year-old boy Phipps contracted cow pox and six weeks
later Jenner injected him with smallpox in which he took the fluid from an
actual park when James did not come down with smallpox Jenner concluded
that cowpox protects the human Constitution from the infection of
smallpox this indeed is the entire basis upon which the entire field of
vaccination rests populations who were highly vaccinated against smallpox with
the cow pox vaccine developed terrible epidemics at times when they were
between 95 and 100 percent vaccinated this was occurring in a town in England
called leister and 95% of the people in that town were vaccinated so the leaders
of that town decided to take matters into their own hands and they stopped
vaccinating they cleaned up their dairies they cleaned up their streets
they gave plumbing to people they focused on nutrition and within several
years their smallpox outbreaks had gone down by 80% when smallpox was on its way
out in the United States during the second half of the 20th century the
vaccine was still universally mandated but a few public health officials and
doctors discovered that in fact the site the smallpox vaccine had considerable
risks and hazards and adverse consequences that people had not picked
up on before and in their eyes had become more dangerous than the disease
itself which was had pretty much died out in the United States after 1949
these people initially were written off and seen themselves as dangerous because
they were destabilizing the value of the smallpox vaccine within a few years
however those independent-minded scientists had become the ones who were
expressing the common wisdom and smallpox vaccine was pretty much phased
out across the mass of the population look at death rates from all
communicable diseases include N and scurvy because they’re overlaid you can
see that the death rates were declining from 1900 they reached their bottom in
1919 70 and in fact after 1976 to 1986 it was pretty stable but after 1986
death rates especially pediatric death rates
death rates in general from infectious diseases began to climb again and even
if you take HIV out of the equation there are more people now dying from
infectious diseases than there were in 1970 here are the actual government
statistics from 1838 to win the vaccines were implemented in 1967 high-back then
dropping dropping dropping guess what we had better sanitation we had cleaner
water we were pasteurizing milk we had public health measures and by the time
the vaccines was introduced it was 98 percent gone measles was not a severe or
deadly disease at the time when the vaccination was introduced and yet 30
years later in the 90s what transpired is that the last measles epidemic was
considered very bad 24 percent of all the measles cases started to happen in
infants the ages and maybe 17 to have reports epidemiological reports of
measles in fully vaccinated communities there are academic papers that are
termed the paradox of measles meaning that you’re more likely to contract
Music’s in an outbreak if you have been vaccinated in some of these outbreaks
not only were there every single child or teenager who contracted measles had
been fully vaccinated the few that weren’t vaccinated did not come down
with measles and what was concluded what was concluded was that the vaccinated
were providing hurt immunity for the unvaccinated but think about that for
one minute that doesn’t make any sense if there was herd immunity from the
vaccinated why were they coming down with measles and the unvaccinated not
recently we have seen outbreaks of mumps and pertussis in the last couple of
years and in the mumps outbreak that happened in Iowa about two or three
years ago we found that 67% of the children who contracted mumps had at
least one many of them too MMR vaccines so they should have been
protected from getting the mumps in the pertussis outbreaks that were happening
in California we found that out that the vast majority of those children had had
pertussis vaccination and had the full series in my generation we all had
pertussis we were immune for about 20 years and then we’d be exposed to it
again which is how we maintained our immunity and now that we’re playing with
this and with this ecosystem were seeing antigenic shifts and we’re seeing it and
pertussis but we’re seeing it in other other things as well
so those that are vaccinated get colonization of para pertussis in the
throat and so they’re carriers of para pertussis so in fact it’s the vaccinated
who are creating the problem not the unvaccinated it the claim has been made
that in India last year in 2012 there were no wild type cases of polio but at
the same time there were about forty five thousand cases of paralysis which
is reclassified and it’s considered AFP which is most likely caused by the
vaccine vaccine strains can revert to virulence so for a long time the only
law polio cases in the United States were vaccine we derived from vaccine
strains and for that reason we no longer use live polio vaccine in the US we’re
only giving children kill vaccine which cannot revert to virulence so you can’t
get polio from the killed vaccines in the US now but in the third world
because live vaccines are much cheaper to produce live vaccines are still being
used and cases of polio related to vaccination are still occurring we had
you know almost 50,000 cases of deaths or paralysis from the vaccine all
vaccine acquired polio and there were on average about 12 cases of paralysis a
year in that area presumably from polio so we went from 12 cases a year to
47,500 cases and in a two year span and but Hugh you know they’re not actually
dying or being injured for wild polio was just a vaccine induced
polio there were epidemics of paralysis that were occurring in the late 1800s
and early 1900s and they were predominantly occurring in children but
they were also occurring in adults in fact FDR one of the most famous polio
victims or alleged polio victims was I believe 40 years old when he contracted
his paralysis there was this paralysis that certainly
was occurring and nobody wants to deny that there was paralysis occurring
respiratory muscles were paralyzed limbs were paralyzed and in children that
essentially meant that that limb wouldn’t grow normally and it would be
small like we see the pictures this is these paralytic cases occurred in the
summertime as opposed to the majority of viral illnesses which will occur in the
winter time polio virus itself was a normal flora and in fact 95% of the
population would be exposed to polio and not even know it so polio was a normal
endemic virus found in water and you would get exposed as an infant create
antibodies not become sick and it was a very small percentage of people that
would ever become sick 95% of the people who were exposed to polio even in those
days did not know they were exposed they had no symptoms 5 percent had some mild
symptoms and that a small percentage of that 5 percent went to had paralytic
polio some of the many reasons that people suffered from paralysis in the
early 1900s was DDT arsenic compounds arsenic was used in a numerous neo
Solverson to treat many diseases as was mercury by
the way they’re both neurotoxic DDT’s neurotoxic but many other things can
cause paralysis coxsackievirus echo viruses transverse myelitis the list
goes on and on and in fact the the requirement to make a diagnosis of polio
prior to the vaccine was just 24 hours of weakness or paralysis of course that
requirement changed once there was a vaccine they wanted to show that
paralysis and polio was reduced and so the requirement became much more
stringent but prior to the amendment of the vaccinations scheme diagnosis of
polio was made and it could have been many many other things including all the
things I mentioned plus more we know from historical documents that come
either from history or from government bodies like the Centers for Disease
Control the CDC that have tracked these illnesses and illnesses have spiked and
been mostly gone by the time a vaccine was introduced with making the vaccine
the hero when in fact the illness was mostly gone before the vaccine ever came
on the horizon for any procedure that can kill and
injure you must give people choice the existing and emerging science
linking vaccines to chronic illness and neurodevelopmental damage is devastating
conflicts of interest have changed the rules in the game I no longer protect
our children drug companies and doctors are protected from most liability
related to vaccine injuries and death now vaccines for the most part
children’s vaccines are mandatory that’s real extremism one of our basic
human right is that we should have control of what goes into our bodies and
mandates are violating this basic human right and the only way that vaccines
work as they do right now is because they’re mandated right kids can’t go to
school unless they comply the vast majority of hospitals around the country
are implementing exemption policies for vaccines for their employees that
violate federal law and this really concerns me they’re overly aggressive in
requiring vaccines and not allowing people to refuse vaccines in many cases
who have a valid legal right to refuse the vaccines research community the
medical community saying look what we need to provide the public is good
information and let them make the decision based on facts we have the
emergency community the Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management
Agency people talking about forced vaccinations forced quarantines
basically the politicians running the show instead of the people who are them
from the medical community I’ve talked with health care workers from all over
the country and they report to me they see the vaccine damage firsthand they
see their co-workers and in many cases the health care workers that call me
themselves report vaccine injuries and this is why we see more and more health
care workers objecting to mandatory vaccines in the workplace there are new
laws that have been passed which even require a registry a registry of
children who are not vaccinated their parents this is getting close to a kind
of a Stalinist regime if the current aggressive agenda for
vaccines continues playing out and this amounts to more and more people being
required to get more and more vaccines with no end in sight we are moving in
the direction of what I can only call a vaccine police state in a democracy
where citizens are expected to be able to make choices for themselves the
government is instead telling people what to do requiring people what to do
and that itself makes a lot of people unhappy especially when there are
hazards involved the pharmaceutical industry and the government promotes
vaccines by telling the public these are safe and effective that’s what they say
and yet legally speaking they’re unavoidably unsafe it’s an established
medical and legal fact that vaccines cause permanent disability and death
officials from the FDA CDC and the American Association of Physicians and
Surgeons have all said that something on the order of 90 to 99 percent of vaccine
adverse events are never even reported so we really have no idea no hard data
to tell us what the scope of vaccine injury and death is therefore it’s
impossible to make a calculation about whether or not there’s a net benefit
from vaccines so there’s a real contradiction here at the core of
vaccine policy in law but if there really is safe and effective as they
tell us they are then surely everyone will opt for them surely this a market
would handle it going back three centuries there have been a huge variety
of conflicts over all kinds of vaccines where people have been have rioted
people have fought in their legislatures often successfully to contest vaccines
and they’re mandating mandatory why well the story is that if 95% of the
population isn’t vaccinated they won’t be so called herd immunity you can’t
have 95% of the population immune if the children’s vaccines only give you
immunity two to ten years that means that most
adults in fact are not in you well but it’s a very potent weapon
it’s a justification for mandating vaccines because if everyone who is
vaccinated but who may have a neighboring child who’s not vaccinated
they might be at risk this is the way the argument goes but it does have power
to persuade States to force vaccines on children I’m hearing from people around
the country saying that pediatricians are just flat-out refusing you treat any
child who’s not vaccinated whether parents have a legal exemption or not
and in many cases I believe this is actually violating parents
constitutional rights public health monies from the federal government can
be dependent on state compliance rates so for instance in New York City public
schools we’ve found letters on the internet from the Health Department to
principals that state if your school doesn’t have a compliance rate of 98% ie
you know your vaccine compliance rate you personally the principal personally
can be fined because the school district the Health Department will get less
money from the federal government Obamacare has a language that provides
grants to States for promoting vaccines that includes things such as having
people go door-to-door unless you think the American people are just incredibly
stupid which I suppose you could make a case for but it’s not a case that I find
very compelling that we can look back and see that the masses of citizens in
this country have thought in a very wise way and in a very democratic way about
the proper role of vaccines Sene mandates in American history the
federal government subsidizes vaccine research and development to the tune of
millions of dollars each year the federal government passed laws removing
the vaccine manufacturers from liability from the death and disability caused by
their products state and federal government’s mandate vaccines state and
federal government’s purchase vaccines and the federal government compensates
those people who managed to successfully get through the vaccine injury
compensation program this is the biggest racket anywhere on the planet I don’t
know if any other industry that has this kind of support from government the
science some of the science at the CDC may well have been fraudulent Paul
Thorson who was one of the study authors in the 2003 study that’s informally
referred to as the Danish study was hired by the CDC to pull together
research to show that vaccines don’t cause autism what steps is the CDC
undertaken to ensure the integrity of the research that was performed by dr.
Thorsen who as you know has been indicted for misconduct and
misallocation of resources dr. Thorsen who is a co-investigator on a couple of
studies that came out on autism it was really just one investigator and that
body of evidence related to vaccines an odd choice have you gone back to
validate the variety of studies he participated in I mean you know this guy
is a humungous scumbag one of the most wanted men on earth and you relied upon
him for data to divide to determine whether thimerosal had a negative effect
one of the witnesses told me that the fugitive doctor had been involved in a
couple studies with CDC and and I have information here that he was involved in
21 of the 24 studies and I would like to submit that to the record in April of
2011 Paul Thorson was indicted on 13 counts of fraud and nine counts of money
laundering with the CDC calling into question as far as I’m concerned all of
his research supposedly showing that vaccines don’t
cause autism as far as we can see the US government has done almost nothing to
bring this man back to justice and to find out what’s going on
Simpson wood was the transcripts of a secret meeting that was held between CDC
and representatives of the vaccine industry in which they reviewed a report
that CDC had ordered the first Wratten study of the hundred thousand children
of United States vaccine safety database which they are talking about the
undeniable ‘ti of the connection between autism and thimerosal the impossibility
of massaging the data further in order to try to eliminate those signals that’s
what they spend the first two hours the rest of the meeting they spend talking
about how do we hide this from the press from the public and what they call the
predatory power and if really these vaccines are so safe and effective as
they’re being sold as being then why should they mind if there’s no liability
protection protection from liability is giving companies no incentive to develop
safer products one solution would be repeal the 1986 law right if the law
were repealed people could sue manufacturers directly my guess is we’d
see a lot safer vaccines they are going to consider their bottom line ahead of
the safety you can’t have it both ways they can’t be unavoidably unsafe and
safe and effective at the same time Merck GlaxoSmithKline they have been
forced to into settlements multi-billion dollar settlements and guess what their
repeat offenders vaccine policy and law is being driven by the pharmaceutical
industry we need to understand what that means this is an industry that routinely
engages in criminal behavior in 2012 Glaxo got a billion dollar criminal fine
in 2009 Pfizer got a billion dollar criminal fine
criminal and civil fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars in the
pharmaceutical industry are common no one should ever be required to take a
product from an industry that routinely engages in criminal behavior the US
Department of Justice has sued them several times for criminal as well as
civil crimes now these are the same manufacturers who have complete immunity
when it comes to vaccine injury so they have no incentive whatsoever to worry
about safety because the government has given them a pass there are laws in
place already and bills for additional laws that it would allow children to
consent to vaccines here in North Carolina we actually have a law that
lets a child of any age consent to vaccines and other medical treatments
this is a blatant violation of the US Constitution amend the statute
amend the 1986 law and continue to allow the pharmaceutical industry to have
liability protection for the seven vaccines that were covered when the law
was passed that’s the MMR DPT polio but not to cover the nine vaccines that have
been federally recommended since the statute passed influenza vaccine
hepatitis B vaccine hepatitis A vaccine varicella vaccine amaavas B vaccine a
whole rafter of vaccines that very very few countries in the developed world
have gone along with the US on it is hard to wrenching when you receive
an email from a mother who lost their child because and she thinks it’s the
vaccination she goes to 60 doctors asking if they would be willing to
analyze the autopsy samples if they would be willing to investigate further
to find answers and they all say no the death of your child could not be
possibly due to the vaccine you’re asking the wrong question how can they
dismiss concern without even investigating for the pharmaceutical
industry moral ethical and even legal boundaries are merely financial
considerations no one goes to jail there’s a net profit and so they keep
engaging in the same criminal behavior in 1986 Ronald Reagan signed into law
the National childhood vaccine injury compensation Act and what it provided
for was a compensation program where children who were injured or died as a
result of vaccination so it was absolutely acknowledged that vaccines
cause catastrophic injury and death I don’t like to call it a court because
it’s not a court there’s not normal Rules of Civil Procedure there’s not a
jury you don’t have justice being administered by your peers it’s a
special master who’s not a scientist she’s not a doctor
it’s a lawyer and that person listens to expert doctors and scientists about
whether or not this is plausible that this was caused by a vaccine and in
something like four out of five cases the petitioner doesn’t get compensated
government participates in the development of vaccines through
public-private partnerships and it also at the end of the day is liable for any
kind of vaccine injuries the result of this 1986 law is you cannot go to court
and sue Merck or Sanofi or Glaxo for a defective vaccine or for injuries that
you believe were side effects that were that you were improperly warned say
typical tort claims that you can bring against a manufacturer in other
medicines Vioxx celebrex you can’t do that for a vaccine the government
stepped into the shoes of the pharmaceutical industry because of this
1986 law so this makes it very hard for the government to be an independent and
impartial body and so this is this is one of the one of the problems and
restoring liability very belongs but the manufacturer should make vaccines much
safer Jonas Salk the inventor of the inactivated polio vaccine he made this
argument to Congress in the hearings for the 1986 statute I’m very worried that
this is going to take away the incentive for manufacturers to make vaccines safer
in my view Gardasil would have never happened prior to the 1986 vaccine
injury compensation Act so this program although it’s very difficult to win over
3,200 families have prevailed in the the injury compensation program and the
federal government has paid out 2.5 billion dollars person who’s been permanently disabled
with a serious neurologic condition in a child autism for example or in an adult
you know a brain injury the cost of care for that person could reach 75 a hundred
thousand dollars a year or more so that gives you an idea of how serious these
injuries are that families families get Awards from very small amounts of ten or
twenty thousand dollars but up to millions of dollars for life care for
life because some of these children who are injured are devastated part of the
issue of course being that nobody is responsible for these kids once they get
injured then you find out that your son actually does have a vaccine injury and
you have no recourse whatsoever and it is honestly like pulling teeth
trying to get a doctor to even agree that your child may have been affected
adversely by vaccines whether or not you watched it happen and if you don’t like
the decision that the DHHS employee made regarding your claim that you had a
vaccine injury it gets reviewed by another DHHS employee and if you don’t
like that you are barred from entering the court system there there is no way
you can litigate your claim it’s really hard to prove a vaccine injury I believe
that had we been allowing families to go to regular courts with regular juries
with regular rules of discovery and Civil Procedure over the last 25 years I
believe we wouldn’t be seeing the crisis of childhood health that we’re seeing
today so I can’t sue them because they’re creation of that vaccine did
this to my kid I’m financially responsible and they’re not it’s just
this is supposed to be America it’s supposed to be free we’re supposed to
have a liberal religious choice we’re supposed to be able to do what we feel
is right within our own family and with the government trying to tell us what to
do I mean why why call it a free country Robert Mendelsohn was a pediatrician and
a medical doctor and he came out in the in the mid-1970s in a
very outspoken way about vaccines and about vaccine injuries what he said was
that you know vaccines were a medical time bomb and that we were trading the
normal childhood illnesses that the majority of children they get they get
over just fine they develop lifelong immunity were trading the benefit of
that lifelong immunity from normal childhood illnesses for a lifelong
suffering of chronic diseases and that’s where we’ve gone we’ve been told time
and time again by our state and local health officials as well as the CDC NIH
and the FDA that vaccines are safe and effective however studies and science
shows other words we should consider the benefits and the risks of vaccination
unfortunately you know our public health officials haven’t got to that point and
they keep repeating that the benefits of vaccinations are outweigh the risk but
we don’t really have the studies to prove that 2008 a medical doctor from
Harvard University dr. Marsha Angelle who spent 20 years as an editor for the
New England Journal of Medicine went public and said we can no longer trust
the medical authorities in the literature the pressure from money
involved with what gets published and what doesn’t get published has just
skewed the medical publishing industry to the point to where the medical
literature is no longer reliable I’ve collected numerous studies they’re just
a fraction of studies lack of safety lack of efficacy on vaccines and these
are mainstream published peer-reviewed papers there’s this is just a small
stack of them I’ve got many more as do many of my colleagues why we are not
being heard is for obvious reasons we’re out money by the industry by the
lobbyists the voices of independent scientists who raise issues about
vaccine safety are often ignored or we are personally attacked and this is this
is not good for science and this is not good for scientific discourse what are
the pharmaceutical companies sponsoring most of the research medical research
should not be about money it should be about better medical care and how to
improve the life quality of people not how to make more money you can’t trust
what you hear from the CDC now you can’t trust what you hear from this FDA
because those workers have been bought off they’re waiting for their jobs in in
the pharmaceutical industry they’re waiting for their jobs in the lobbying
industry in 2010 there were over 330 vaccines either already on the market or
in development in early 2013 there are 250 vaccines either already awaiting
approval from the FDA or in clinical trials there are hundreds of vaccines in
the pipeline for a variety of conditions including asthma and obesity and smoking
and the list goes on we have to change the way Washington works or we’ll never
get transparency and never get the truth well we’ll continue
to have studies that are set up to show a certain outcome ear regardless of what
the realities are where the rubber meets the road on this issue is in legislation
we need to become legislatively active we need to oppose bills that if passed
would require more vaccines of more people and bills that have passed that
would limit our right to make informed choices the only thing we can do as a
population is to demand transparency demand liability on the part of these
manufacturers and I think that we have to overturn citizens united and we also
have to change campaign financing we need to support and promote the passage
of bills that give us a right to make an informed choice the only way to change
the system and to demand it from our the people who work for us our legislators
and to change the way campaigns are financed I don’t know what the endgame
is here the direction we’re moving is a very disturbing direction where we’re
seeing more and more vaccines required and our rights to make informed choices
being taken away we don’t have an intelligent media to at
least demand answers of those in authority then my news department at WBZ
I began to present the seismic research that was current and recent and new to
news management I also began to present them stories of vaccine damaged children
that I had come across in my scientific investigations what I was told time and
time again is that there is no story that the science is settled that there
is no reason to present stories of this nature on TV because simply these are
fringe stories this is not representing the masses and to me it was surprising
because I thought the media was supposed to be a voice of the people people and
clearly at that point in my newsroom it was not acting as the voice of the
people the media in the UK do not want to know they are followers of the
government they are put adeno just though the meat
tract I’ve been told this I mean for God’s sake what you know media are there
to show what’s going on to show life it’s not it’s such a cover-up it’s
unbelievable you know it’s been said that a lie
repeated often enough will become the truth I like to think that the truth
repeated often enough can do the same thing we need to be able to give our
parents enough information to make informed choices and I think that we
need to actually stop with the vaccines at this point it’s a problem if the
government is going to pass laws that are going to coerce and are going to
have vaccine squads looking for children who haven’t been vaccinated well then
we’re in very very big danger just say no right until your kid has to go to
daycare or until your kid has to go to school there is no law there is no law
that’s forcing you to vaccinate your child I saw it I felt it I questioned it
but I didn’t question loud enough I allowed them to bully me and that’s
something I have to live with forty-eight states out of 50 there are
religious exemptions if as a matter of religious sentiment and consciousness
you cannot vaccinate your child you have the right to file a religious exemption
and people are now doing that in higher numbers than they used to in 19 states
there are philosophical exemptions people can say no I’m not gonna give the
hepatitis B vaccine I don’t believe in that I believe in polio I don’t believe
in hepatitis B and that’s fine because I think every parent has the right
responsibility and should have the authority to make health choices about
their about their children we need to ask people to look at this you know this
is a serious medical intervention is it justified so I encourage the committee
to endorse this bill and the legislature to pass the bill that will allow people
to decline on vaccines or delay vaccines not only due to their religious beliefs
but because they’re perhaps their ethical beliefs
their moral beliefs their lifestyle their philosophy their conscience a
fundamental human right to control your own health is this does the science
support this is there science to show this is safe for a day old infant the
federal recommendation is the day old infants get a vaccine against a sexually
transmitted disease hepatitis B is a vast and uncontrolled human experiment
so there are very serious questions and is it possible that there could be
lawsuits for fraud and for malfeasance for overreaching by state authorities
yes I think there are possibilities and I’m very interested in pursuing them I
really implore everyone to wake up and read for yourselves read for yourselves
what the realities are about the vaccines about the safety and the
efficacy or the lack thereof you really need to think twice and really need to
learn the risks that truly are there and that are involved if you decide to
vaccinate your child time is ticking and are our next generations are becoming
more and more injured the rates of autism and chronic diseases are
skyrocketing out of control in the next generation most of the epidemiology out
there will not ever pick up the subset of children that will react to these
vaccines each of individuals to get vaccinated they have responses each time
they’re vaccinated and those are cumulative
but vaccine safety does not require cumulative testing and even the testing
for single vaccines is very limited and all we are asking you to do as parents
as citizens as representatives of injured children is to allow parents to
make a choice about medical procedures that are performed on their children in
order that they may participate in the most fundamental right of citizenship
which is the school system yeah powerful all of us parents together in
the UK all of us parents in America and in other countries Australia everywhere
we together are a powerful force and nobody nobody on this earth will ever
ever harm our children and get away with it I don’t care who they are I don’t
care how powerful they are you have done the worst thing ever to a mother you
have harmed her child


  • Reply NaTuber Tv February 17, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Silent Epidemic, by award winning film director Gary Null, is the first documentary to investigate thoroughly the true medical record and the historical evidence about vaccine marvels.

    A factual science based review and evaluation of vaccines and their impact on our health. Experts detail how fraught the widespread use of vaccines is for our current and future generations.

    Conventional medicine has herald the invention of vaccines as a miracle of modern science. It claims that vaccines have been proven to prevent and eradicate infectious diseases.

    We are told that vaccines are safe and effective, and that "herd immunity" can be achieved if a high percentage of a population is vaccinated. However, does the science support these claims and what are the untold consequences ???

  • Reply Liz Keith February 17, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    As a nurse I will no longer give or take a vaccine as vaccines are formulated today. NURSES NEED TO STAND UP AGAINST THIS DECEPTION AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. push your local politician to investigate. make vaccines a major voting issue.

  • Reply Liz Keith February 17, 2019 at 3:31 pm


  • Reply Liz Keith February 17, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Gary Null, Dell Bigtree, Andrew Wakefield, Suzanne Humphries md, Sheri Tenpenny md, Toni Bark md, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, William Thompson of the CDC and many others shall go down in history as SAVIORS AND HEALTH HEROES. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  • Reply Piper Bear February 18, 2019 at 10:51 am

    Here in the UK today the Daily Mail have pulled an absolute stunner! There is an article about settling 'Myths' . One of those quick read type articles and it reads like this : sugar causes hyperactivity in children- MYTH. (Then a couple of sentences to say studies show there is no link between sugar and hyperactivity)
    Then there are a ĺoad of light hearted ones such as ; Going out with wet hair causes flu. Eating carrots helps you see in the dark etc
    Amongst these the Daily Mail have snuck in "vaccines cause Autism- MYTH" and "wì-fi causes cancer- MYTH"

  • Reply Elizabeth T'Les April 5, 2019 at 3:07 am

    Yes mercury causes neurological issues, that's true. But there's not enough of them in vaccines to cause these issues. The dosage is way too small

  • Reply James S June 1, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Dr. Tetyana wants to cry when she see how corrupted the pharmaceutical industry and the fda are… 🙁

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    @ BIRTH = 250 mcg

    @ 2 mos = 1,225 mcg

    @ 4 mos = 975 mcg

    @ 6 mos = 1,000 mcg

    @12 mos = 600 mcg

    @15 mos = 625 mcg

    @18 mos = 250 mcg





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    Special court means no jury. Much easier to perpetrate criminal fraud when no jury is involved.

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