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The Top Symptoms of a Potassium Deficiency

August 17, 2019

Hey, guys. In this video we’re going to talk about low
potassium. Why? Because potassium is probably the number one
deficiency with most people, but it’s the hardest to detect. Because when you take a blood test, most of
the potassium, 98% of your potassium is inside the cell, not outside the cell. So when they do a blood test, it’s not going
to show up unless it’s really, really, really extreme. The type of testing you would have to do would
be an intracellular test. It’s very sophisticated. People don’t really ask for it, doctors probably
don’t even know about it, but there is a test that you can do. But I like to go by symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms of low potassium. And by the way, this is not Vitamin K. This is a chemical symbol of potassium. It’s a K+. When you’re low potassium, the blood pressure
will increase. Why? Because potassium is a physiological relaxer. It’s a tranquilizer. It calms things down. Muscle cramps. Because potassium is an electrolyte. Sugar cravings. Why? Because potassium helps you store sugar, and
it will actually help you get rid of sugar cravings, because the storage of glucose needs
potassium. Constipation. Yeah. That’s another symptom of low potassium. And then, high insulin. There’s a relationship between sugar, blood
sugars, diabetes and potassium. In fact, when you have enough potassium, the
need for insulin goes down. So I always recommend potassium for diabetic
clients. This is another one. Muscle weakness. You could have this unexplainable muscle weakness
and not know why. Why? Because the electrolytes are needed to help
the muscles contract. And that’s why you have abnormal heartbeat. Because the heart is a muscle. Same thing with this muscle. Same thing with that muscles. These abnormal heartbeats, for example, like
atrial fibrillation, arrhythmias, that’s a combination of a deficiency of potassium and/or
magnesium. Anxiety. And sleeping problems, because potassium is
something to calm you down. If you’re doing something that doesn’t involve
a lot of � Like, some diet that doesn’t involve enough potassium, you can start manifesting
a lot of these symptoms. Now, let’s just go into what causes low potassium. Well, if you are sick and you vomit or, let’s
say, you’re a bulimic, that can cause that. Or maybe you’re just not eating enough in
your diet. Now, you might say, “Well, I eat bananas.” Right? Well, bananas only have 300 mg. You need 4,700 mg per day to hit your regular
amount that you need. You would have to consume 12 bananas, 11 bananas. We don’t want all that sugar. So what we want to do is we want to consume
our potassium from vegetables, from salad. And you’re going to need about seven to 10
cups. If you watch my other videos, I talk about
that. It’s not that hard. You just have a couple big salads. If you don’t like salad, take kale, maybe
a little bit of berry, blend it with water, and drink your salad. That’ll get the potassium in there. So we want to start to increase that. And that’s how we increase it from the diet. You’re going to feel a lot better, too. Because if you’re doing like an Atkins diet,
high protein, you’re going to definitely need potassium. You’re going to start feeling weakness, because
you don’t have enough potassium. Ketosis is the state of fat-burning when you’re
eating more fat, no carbs, and you can become deficient in potassium from that, too. That’s why they always modify the ketosis
diet, and I make sure that we have enough greens and vegetables to help balance that. Also, potassium is necessary for the digestion
and breakdown and buildup of protein. People that are losing their hair, for example,
and they’re eating just protein thinking that they’re going to get their hair back, without
potassium, sorry, it doesn’t work. So we’ve got diuretics. Say, you’re out of blood pressure medication. Well, you’re going to deplete your potassium
and keep the blood pressure there. Interesting. That’s the diuretic. That’s one of the side effects. So you better make sure that your diuretic
is not pulling out potassium and you’re not putting it back in. High cortisol. That’s stress. Stress can also deplete potassium. In fact, I’ve had people do advanced testing
on their potassium levels, and they are eating a tremendous amount of potassium, but because
they’re under a tremendous amount of stress, their potassium stays low. Because with the adrenal, it’s almost like
you have a hole in the bucket and the potassium goes right through. Again, when you’re under stress, you need
even more potassium. Anyway, this potassium is really important. I forgot one. It’s also high insulin will cause a low potassium,
and that’s sugar. So let’s just add that to the list. Consuming sugar will deplete your potassium. And you can even feel it in your heartbeat. It starts to go boom, boom, boom, boom, fast. A strong heartbeat, you can hear it in your
inner ear. That is a sign of low potassium because you
just ate a lot of sugar, and you need to start consuming more salad to put that back. Last one is drinking too much water. This goes against what everyone says, that
you have to drink when you’re � By the time you drink, it’s too late, because you don’t
know when you’re thirsty and � That’s just a myth. When you drink too much water, you create
a condition called hyponatremia, which is a dilution of all your electrolytes, and then
your heart starts going out of balance and you can have a heart attack by drinking too
much water. So you want to drink when you’re thirsty so
you don’t flush out all your electrolytes. Because you’re drinking water, but you’re
peeing out electrolytes. You’re not putting in electrolytes. I like to hydrate my water with lemon, a little
bit of apple cider vinegar, maybe a little Stevia if it’s carbonated. I drink Pellegrino a lot or I drink filtered
water. I just want to kind of give you an overall
on this very common deficiency that people have and the symptoms so you can start thinking
with it. And if you start having any of these, then
you know it could be connected with that, and then you know the cause of that. Okay? I hope that helped. I will see you in the next video.


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  • Reply DBSali June 2, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    Hey Dr. Berg, this was incredibly helpful. I upped my salad/greens/avocado and this morning my bp was (137/78.) I am an RN and will continue to monitor but I couldn’t figure out why I had a rise in bp on keto. (I have lost all my weight, am skinny and on maintenance @age 62 female.) this was really super helpful. If you recommend anything else let me know.

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    This never happens when I am in western Europe.
    I realised the culprit was salt In the food. After altering my diet to only include high potassium salads that I made myself when in the Med I no longer gained water.
    Listen to the man, he knows his stuff.

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    Like I had that LOCKED-IN SYNDROME! Fully aware of what was going on!
    Craziest thing ever! 🥴 😳
    Anyway, it all stems from cancer & all it’s health-related issues!
    Been repairing my mind, body & soul!

    Oh, and just wanted to offer a few things I found helpful was COCONUT WATER (just be mindful of sugar content) and FENNEL SEEDS (this also helped with my digestive issues)! 😁

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