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The Spartan Death Trials of Yonaguni Island

November 23, 2019

I hate taxes. In fact, I hate everything about taxes. I hate the idea of taxes, I hate paying taxes. I hate even thinking about taxes. I bet you do too. But even still, there is no way you hate taxes
as much as the people of Yonaguni. Because if you did, chances are
you wouldn’t still be alive. The island of Yonaguni is closer
to Taiwan than it is to Japan. In fact, it is closer to Taiwan even than
it is to its next neighbour over on its island chain. Which has meant that throughout history, it has had
a unique language, expressed a unique culture, and due to its relative remoteness has
sort of been left undisturbed by its neighbours. It still had to pay tribute to the empires,
just like everybody. Sometimes China, sometimes Japan. But even as a member of the Ryukyu kingdom,
they were sort of the masters of their own domain. Sure, they were subsistence level farmers
and fishermen, but they got by. All of that changed when Okinawa
was conquered by Japan. When Japan invaded Okinawa, as with all feudal
societies of the past they looked to their new subjects to provide both manpower and supplies. Here on the island of Yonaguni with barely
a few hundred people to begin with, and as far from the mainland as the Japanese
tentacle could grasp, that meant supplies. In turn, this island, which was not particularly
well-cultivated, received a head tax so large that there was no way they could
possibly fulfill it. To the elders of the community, this would
have been an extreme imposition. Rice and materials would need to be
provided in numbers that would effectively starve
their entire community to death. There was no way with their population
that it was possible they’d be able to meet the demands
of their Japanese overlords, and in their desperation they turned to an option
that today seems almost unfathomable. Democide. For the community to survive,
the weakest would have to die. There would be no room for those
who were unable to work. There would be no room for those who could
not produce more than the tax demanded. And so they set about creating a series of
challenges that would help them choose who lived and who died. Two of these challenges are remembered
by the people of Yonaguni today, and in a somewhat macabre fashion, have been
made into spots for Japanese tourists to come and silently reflect on the toll
their colonialism imposed on these people. In the centre of the island, there was
a famous rice paddy. It is almost equidistant from the major population
centers, and takes roughly the same amount of time to reach from any of the island’s
furthest pastures. It was there that the leaders of the community
set as a destination for a foot race lifted right from the pages of a Stephen King novel. Once a bell was rung, you ran to the paddy. No matter what you were doing,
you dropped your work, and you ran. The first few hundred people to make it
here would be allowed to live. Everyone else would be killed. At least in theory, it was an egalitarian way of
deciding who was the most physically fit. Who was the most able to work. It wasn’t about age or gender
or physical size. It was merely a race to the finish. The second way of keeping population down
focused, not surprisingly, on pregnant women. As the tax would have been levied against the
community based on the total number of citizens, adding new people was a very dangerous affair. So just as with the race to the paddy,
they turned it into a test of strength. On the far Western corner of the island, near the town of
Kubura, there’s a chasm in the earth. It isn’t particularly deep or
a spiritually profound location. It wasn’t a magical gate to hell or
anything interesting like that. It was just a little bit too wide for a weakened
pregnant woman to leap across. Which, naturally, is what they made them do. If you got pregnant, you’d be forced
to jump across the chasm. And if you made it, you and your baby were safe. If you didn’t, they’d bludgeon you
to death then and there. Again, a fairly egalitarian way of deciding
which women would be strong enough to work through the pregnancy, and which in their
eyes would produce the most capable children. I feel for the people who had to make that choice
almost as much as I do those forced to leap. Because nobody specifically told them
they had to kill their own people. They just gave them a number
they could never hope to meet. They taxed them to the point
that life was simply unsustainable. For their community to survive, the weakest
would have to die, and as harsh as it was, they did their best to make it fair. They calculated their losses, and acted. I’m certain that nobody on Yonaguni
wanted to kill their pregnant women, nobody wanted to slaughter their
slowest relatives and friends. They did it because they had to. And in turn, they survived the worst
of the mainland demands. They survived another year of colonization. I often talk about how bad it is to be colonized,
but I focus on the things that the colonizers did. I often talk about how bad war is,
but I focus on the things the warriors did. But there’s more to the horror of conquest
than the direct actions of the conquerors. We’re all affected by the choices
of our leaders. We’re all taxed. Often for wars we have no desire to wage. Sometimes we’re taxed so much it kills us. The right solution to a problem
isn’t always right. There are times when we have to
sacrifice those that we love. When we have to sacrifice our children
and ourselves. Just to survive as a community. And I think that’s something that
we have forgotten in our world of plenty, for better and worse. But here on Yonaguni they remember. Even if it’s just as a tourist site. This is Rare Earth. And I honestly don’t know if I would make it.
Pregnant or not.


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