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The ‘Soft Boy’ Epidemic

December 24, 2019

All right, the rumors are true I got a haircut because I was sick and tired of all of the ruthless Bullying taken taking place in my youtube comment section. Okay, just take a look at these walk out the door You see someone that you know, and they ask you how you are You just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they would never under so My feelings I just want to thank everyone for the mean comments. I really appreciated it. And yeah Bullying works now, we know okay before we get into everything first off. I want to say if you’re new here. Hello. What’s up? And if you’re coming back, hello, what’s up? It’s very good to see you again you see what happens when you subscribe to my channel you get an extra greeting at the beginning of every Single video and that’s the Curtis Connor guarantee. So smash that subscribe button For an extra greeting. All right guys, you’ve got a great video today I know I said that every time because it’s true all my videos are great, boys. Let’s talk about him Okay, you got the tall boys the short boys good boys bad boys follow boys American boys you name any sort of boy you can find them on the Internet in recent years There has been a growing obsession with a certain kind of boy we see it in memes all the time, you know when Twitter crowns its its new white boy of the month, you know, whether it’s Timothy sha’lame or Ross Lynch or Alex wolf or You know Ascenta neo I can’t abandon the person I used to be So I carry him you see the similarities, you know Attractive white dudes with cheekbones and jaw lines that look like they haven’t slept in Ever it looks like they’ve never slept. I want to say something. I don’t have a problem with most of these boys Okay I only brought them up because they relate to the type of person that we’re gonna be talking about in this video the Internet has many names for this type of boy, but the most commonly used term is Soft boy. What is a soft boy? Is that someone who just moisturizes every day? No. Oh No urban, dictionary defines soft boy as similar to a boy But without the cocky attitude the soft boy will butter a girl up by appealing to her emotions and showing a sensitive side long enough for her to sleep with him whether or not he actually cares about her or not, then like the boy he can’t Won’t commit differs from the boy because he goes for the heart and emotions rather than just the body coulda said it better myself I brought up the Twitter boys before because I feel like these soft boys very weird saying that so many times I feel like these soft boys. They look at these You know, they look at the Ross Lynch’s and the nois antonio’s and they’re like all these girls love these guys. I should just Pretend to be them and when they get what they want They’ll just totally abandon it or just keep doing it until they get another thing they want, you know, you know, just textbook manipulation Oh, if you guys still don’t know the type of dude I’m talking about. It’s like the the guy from 500 days of summer. I was would say five murders shades of gray. Oh my god. That’s not a movie 500 summer You know, he’s like, oh, yeah on like I listen to the Smiths and I’m an architect. I’m like sick Why don’t you just fucking marry me? You know, what’s the issue dude, you know, they got like disheveled hair, you know, maybe they There weren’t vans or Birkenstocks. Hey guys, I’m editing right now, and I just realized I said Birkenstocks Which is just not what I meant to say at all. I meant to say Doc Martens. I Don’t know why I said that Birkenstocks for those sandals that your weird uncle wears and I meant to say dogs. Okay. I’m very dumb. I’m sorry Here’s the rest of the video they cuff their pants, of course like oh, you know They cuff their pants dude, the most cuff pants you’ve ever seen every season is cuffing season for a soft boy Okay, the only thing they can cuff our pants Why don’t I have trouble saying a one syllable word? Oh, you know pants how it’s one syllable Well, I made it too You know, they look like they play the guitar But they probably can’t and they carry around like an empty mold skin forever and they never read anything in it And I know I literally probably just described what I look like, but I’m not a soft boy, okay? I’m a hard boy. That’s weird I’m not that either You can usually pretty easily spot a soft boy just from their clothing and what they look like and stuff But the best way to really find out if someone is a soft boy is looking at how they communicate with people on the Internet especially people they’re trying to court alright It’s the Year 1550 – I don’t know why I said court that brings us to what our main focus is today an amazing Instagram account that goes by the name of beam me up soft boy this page shares some great screenshots and text conversations from all sorts of softball soft bytes No, I’m soft boys from all around the globe worldwide It’s and they compile it all into one place and it’s the most amazing most uncomfortable thing. I have ever seen so we’re gonna lie got a few of these and really dissect them and try to get into the mind of a soft boy and See what we can do to stop the soft boy evidently. Let’s get into it, dude Here’s a great message from one of these dudes. I first saw you yesterday Oh And have sense that you might have the same intrigues as me and was wondering whether you wanted to roam Meadows past vicariously through literature and pontificate on our fascination with the way McEwan utilizes the Implicit to demonstrate the wonders of life come over Oh Shit, this is the best response ever. Sorry. Do I know you? I’d like to think that this guy is just right like messaging random girls and being like boy I mean like if I message a thousand one of them’s got to be like, okay Yeah, sure man, like if anyone ever said yesteryear to me and like not as a joke or anything, I’m on it I’m on a train. I’m leaving I’m leaving town dude. Yeah, so yesteryear I was uh, oh, sorry, I am where you going? Oh, oh, oh, sorry, you said yesteryear? so I’m I gotta catch this train really quick and never see you I get to start a new life now because I can I Never want to see you ever again. Dude. Say yesteryear. I’m on a train. Oh cool whereabouts you live. Then my parents live in Hoxton But I live in the moment Huh, yeah, if you’re like apartment complex or your condo building is called the moment Then that’s fine. I don’t think that’s the case though. Yeah, where do you live? No, I mean like Geographically, like where are you? So like I’m trying to pick you up so we can go on this date that you want to go on, you know I’m ready. You know, it’s not about locations dude. It’s about being in the moment and just appreciating it and talking about the yesteryears that we’ve experienced and just fucking Just being in the moment and you know, there’s nothing better Than being in the moment, you know Here’s a tender bio from one of these soft boys because obviously they’re on tinder not trying to show you anywhere on tinder But you know what? Obviously they’re on there, you know got to be indie cuz that’s the only way forward Adidas Originals are the only shoes I wear if you don’t like indie music then am sorry We cannot be friends my anthem. Do I want to know by the Arctic Monkeys? I mean no shade to the Arctic Monkeys, but dude I feel like that’s the least indie indie band you could ever listen to they’re like a very Popular band do like I listen to a really underground shit like you murder Coldplay did yeah, probably not you. Yeah, this is like my little secret Here’s another great tinder bio 5/9 looking for a muse. Okay things I don’t care about climate change Brexit voting Palestine being nice Adel, etc Swipe right if you’re cool and real dude You gotta have a lot of balls to put things I don’t care about and number one on your list is Climate change do that’s so edgy You know, dude Fuck the planet roll and floating change this whole thing five nine looking for amuse and then add two letters at a U and an m59 looking for a museum because then you’re like Oh, he likes museums. So I’m looking for one, too. Let’s go find a museum together. Okay, this one x one was my favorite I feel like I need to do a dramatic reenactment to fully Show it to you and I feel like this is how it went down So let’s go me and this girl is so so cool. I think I have a like a huge crush on her. She seems really Really artsy. Yeah, I need to let her know that um hmm Your artsy huh Oh Auto correct, dude, I meant to say artsy put already. What does that even mean? Okay still no response. Maybe she just like needs a reminder, you know of the text that I just sent Your artsy, huh? All right, that’ll that’ll do it now now sheers now she’ll respond Even why isn’t she responding dude? I texted her twice. This girl won’t fucking dengue bag We’re perfect for each other. I’m arts. She’s artsy. I’m artsy Humored see Thank you. That is a that’s the play that I’m working on called. I’m artsy. How are the dog Martin’s the last four years? They’re an investment. I like I’ve warned them the whole time at Amsterdam So every crease is a memory and has a history and of course being leather means that I have to be Respectful of the life it had before so there’s so much history already in them Their boots my guy ladies someone text you that give them the boot. I don’t do portraits I can paint your aura. Oh, man aura how about or Paint literally anything else than that? Well you imagine like Leonardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa and she’s dead She’s sitting there for so long. Just waiting and then he flips it around and it’s her aura I don’t think that would be in the Louvre that would be in the loo as in the toilet Washing it down auras get flush. I’m an outsider, but I don’t enjoy Shrek, dude In case you haven’t noticed I’m weird. You gotta be a whole different type of monster to not like Shrek You have to be an actual real ogre to not like the movie Shrek can’t believe this. It’s just not very enjoyable There are much better films. Okay. True. Please tell me you’ve watched poke fish. Oh God I’m a weirdo Oh God the worst guy. I just don’t like Shrek. There’s better movies. Yeah No shit, you know there’s better foods than apples apples are still amazing Better foods, please. Tell me you’ve had fettuccine alfredo Shrugs bad because it wasn’t directed by Quentin Tarantino You look like a sociopathic mess, and I love it Okay. This is a remix of the the Kanye and little pump song. You know, you look like a sociopathic mess I love it And this person super liked them and I had to look it up because I didn’t know what that meant but Apparently when you super like someone on tinder like shows up and it’s like a big thing like oh this person is super liked you So this dude did that to make sure that this person saw this message. Do you have mental health problems? You know, I love it it I love that for you. That is a that is a legit like health problem You look like you have mesothelioma, and I just love that. Oh, man Do I go nuts for girls who have mesothelioma? Like dude? Don’t say that. It’s the same thing. Don’t do that I want to decorate your beauty in red and purple berries and with you seek lightning I don’t know why but something was astounded in me. Not particularly a physicality I just got this electricity from you that made me feel I must pursue and the pity is to be obstructed by screens and superficiality Hey, what the fuck? Are you saying? Like, I feel like this guy was just like he opened his keyboard and was like Yeah, that makes sense kind of time for the kisses Oh what time’s it it’s time to get kissed a good piece of art should Make you want to yourself well lashes not true at all a real film fan would know that a movie is only good if it makes you sad there is A part in Shrek where I got really sad, you know, so I think Shrek is better than Pulp Fiction, okay I think that’s what we learned today. Shrek is better than Pulp Fiction. I don’t think my brain can handle any more I think it’ll just leak out of my ears. I always cease to exist because and I don’t want it to happen So I’m gonna stop reading these I honestly feel so bad for just everyone that has to deal with these types of people You know I think there’s something genuinely wrong if you have to pretend to be emotional to get a girl to like you or to get anyone to like you because you should just have Emotions like a regular human being I don’t know just a thought again. You can be an artistic fella You can be emotional You can be all of that, you know, but you still have to be a Jen human being first before that Okay, if you’re behaving a way that is not genuine to get girls or to get just anything to gain something It’s gonna hurt you in the long run, you know being yourself is a lot easier and you’ll attract the right people And if you’re a soft boy watching this please I urge you to change your ways call 1-800 Soft we have people standing by Waiting for your calls to let you know how you can change and become a better person Okay. We want to help. I’m just kidding, please Don’t call that number is not real and it might be registered to something completely different All right, that’s gonna do it for this video. If you enjoyed it, please press the like button leave a comment Let me know what you thought and let me know if you’ve ever Encountered one of these guys and let me know the weird stuff They they’ve said because it’s very fascinating and I laugh a lot every time I see you. Yeah, check out the account Be me up soft boy also Don’t forget to press the subscribe button Because I make a video every week and they’re all so much good so much good You’ll also get an extra greeting at the beginning of every video. So press the subscribe button to join Curtis town today Other than that check the description for my Twitter my Instagram my links for the for my weekly Podcast that I do called very really good and it’s a lot of fun You should check it out And there’s also a patreon for that podcast where you can get early access to episodes and a bonus monthly video episode. Ok Bye, I’m gonna go watch Shrek now See ya. I don’t fit in what’s up my soft boys If you enjoyed this video click the other videos on my screen and watch those cuz they’re great And also don’t forget to press the subscribe button. Alright, see ya


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