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The Sims Mobile SLIGHTLY ASKEW ep. 1: Have I Caught Llama Flu??

October 20, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Contrary
Sims and to my first episode of my let’s play following the Askew family,
Slightly Askew. So I am getting over a cold at the moment so my voice may at
times sound a little hoarse or nasally, but I really wanted to get this series
started and just to play the game for you. Okay, so just checking in here – and if
you haven’t seen the trailer, have a look at that because I do introduce the
characters there, who they are and what they’re all about. Starting my to-do list…
so overnight I usually have them do some events so that they’re done in the
morning, so that’s one career event, or hobby event rather. And I actually
usually have Bear, the son of the family doing a special event overnight but
because I was sick I didn’t get around to doing my last little bit for the
evening. That’s checked off a couple of the to-do lists there –
Master Your Craft and – oh no just one I’m not sure why it comes up with the wrong
numbers sometimes, and it also always checks off the acquire new items
clothing or heirlooms one first thing when I start it, and I’m not sure if
that’s because of the the daily rewards that my sims are getting. Maybe it is.
What’s happening over here? Someone’s having a party.
Rachybop’s party is still going, oh it’s reach level 10, cool! So that’s not
finished for another 8 hours. Okay. Alright, so let’s get into playing this
family. So I’m not starting this series from the very beginning because I have
been playing the soft launch for months and honestly I really don’t want to
start a new save. So what I’m actually doing is I’m going to be retiring my
first generation here so this is Admiral Askew and his wife, Contrary Askew. So they will be retiring soon so that I can continue on with the next
generation with their kids here. There’s… Lyric sorry the cold is
making me a bit… a bit stupid. And Bear, and also September who is not playable
um I’m not sure where she is. Oh, there she is, she’s just standing staring
into space as usual. Checking her phone. Yeah okay, enough of that let’s get them
doing something. So the Hot Tub event is still going on so what I can do is get
Contrary to go to the fashion studio where she works and do a shift there to
get some of the “ducky bucks”. I’m not really sure about these events so far
because really well I’ve gotten a few things since then but really all I seem
to get is the patio tables I’ve got four of the patio tables and two of the
chairs, like what am I going to do with those? So I’ve only got two days
left so I don’t know if I’m actually gonna get the hot tub in the end or even
any usable swimwear but you know I’m not gonna be too cut up about it. Okay
so she’s working away at that and we can also do another one at the
restaurant so um let’s get Bear to do that.
Let’s get him doing that he is at the top of the career at the barista event. I
figured that was a good starter career for him because the kids I still figure are
actually teenagers, even though the game thinks they’re ready to retire. To me
they’re still kids. And maybe since we’re still gonna need to do a special event, let’s get Lyric to do that. I’m
gonna go see her first. So what I want to do with the kids is
start new careers for them so Bear is in the the barista career as I said and
Lyric has actually started at the hospital, in the doctor career, before the
update happened where the career events got stories. Uh, what am I doing? Really, I’m
very dim at the moment because of the cold.
Let’s have her do this one. She can go to this movie event in the downtown area
where it’s always night for some reason. So that’s fine.
And then we also need to do… oh I should have done those social events first cause
I could have done them much quicker but that’s okay. What can you do? Maybe you
can actually oh he can do – oh here we go. New stickers this week. Okay, cool.
He can do a social event with his daughter. Fine, okay. Oh she thought
that was very funny! Okay September okay. Yes so once we retire – I think I’m gonna
retire Admiral next – once we retire him, we can
make September playable ’cause at the moment she’s really a bit of a
blank slate. I can’t do anything with her, I can’t change her clothes, I can’t get
her to do anything interesting, so most of the time she just stands staring at
the wall Or whenever any of the other sims in my family have anyone over
she races over and you know, gets talking to them and showing them things
on her phone. She’s such a little sister that way, and I know because I am a
little sister. Let’s see how quickly I can get through some of this
event here. I do have lots of cakes that I can use – cupcakes that I can use to
refill their energy so we should be okay. Okay let’s try sewing a microscopic bikini. Let’s see how this goes, is she
gonna do it? Sewing swimwear material is hard! no she
failed! Bummer! Oh well, let’s just keep at it. Okay so I
actually took a little break from recording because I want to limit how
much I’m talking through events in this. And I really want to get to the actual
story, so to say, where I can get my kids into careers. So I think I just mentioned
Lyric has started at the medical career before they brought in the stories, so
I’ll say she did, like, a work placement when she was in high school, perhaps. Now
she’s 19 she needs to get a real job. She is a bit of a hippie type so I’m gonna
say she’s going into the medical profession with a bit of an aspiration
to go into more natural homeopathic kind of medicine so I feel like she may have
some issues with that going into a conventional hospital. But we’ll see how
that goes! Let’s go there now and get her doing a
work shift so we can start the medical career story with her. Okay let’s choose
the Mystery Cure we’re going to uncover a shocking secret apparently!
Oh I selected “choose later”, whoops. Okay the Mystery Cure: a medic on a
mission. “There’s an outbreak of a new disease, Llama Flu. Its origins
are mysterious but we’ve got to work with the nurse to find a cure.” Hmm I
wonder if there’s a homeopathic cure, Lyric. Okay so I still do need to start
the shift? Yes, okay. So let’s do this, we’re nearly at the next level which will give
us the next story part, so let’s just do a quick shift so we can get through it
quickly. Okay! What can we do here? “Check patient’s
vitals”. So we have this lady coming in – no? Oh, okay. There’s no one here! We’re
not checking anyone’s vitals. Okay Who’s this? Our colleague. Excuse me!
Wait! Seek a second opinion from a co-worker about that invisible patient
that we just checked on. “What do you think?” “Well I think she’s probably
invisible, which isn’t great.” She’s a little more confident, let’s keep doing a
few more actions so that we can get her confidence right up. Excuse me, sir,
how are your symptoms today? “I’m not great”. Yeah, I feel you, Marlon, I’m not
feeling great either. Maybe I have Llama Flu! What’s this? “Decontaminate”, also known as washing our hands. How’s our confidence now? Could still do some
more. Are we going to be tending to an invisible patient again? Looks like it.
Yep. All right, she should be good to do a
risky action. I’ll attempt advising lifestyle change. Yes! That sounds like
Lyric! “Have you just tried being healthier to make you healthier? Have you
considered that?” Okay, she’s gonna consider that. Oh and she’s done! Okay
that was quick! and we should get another little piece of the story. Level 2. Do we get
any rewards for that? No. No story? Wait a second, where’s the story? That’s our
coworker, Brody Briggs, we could start a friendship with him. We do also need to
start some friendship stories. I have done a few, a couple of them already. I’ve
done the geeky one. Let’s have a look. I did the geeky one with Bear and his
friend and also with Lyric and another… where are we? Where the stories? There they are.
So she’s done the Yay for Vinyasas, for the yoga. She started Geek Speak but not finished it because that was the only story for a
while ,so it kind of forced me to start it again. She did secret crush with Dave so
Dave is um actually her boyfriend at the moment but I’m not sure if that’s gonna
last. And Dave is actually Bear’s best friend as well. She’s done Art Aficionados with her sister and BFFs Forever with Eliana, another friend of hers, so
those are the ones I’ve already done of the friendship stories. So I could do
some more in this let’s play. I’m just I’m not sure why I didn’t get any story
with that! I’m gonna do another, I’m gonna do another shift. Let’s go ask about his medical history.
Oh! Actually before we get into that shift
let’s take her home to have a break. So you can just skip out on your your
shifts at work and go home to refill their energy, that’s completely fine. Even
if they’re in the middle of an event. So let’s get her showering and give her
some privacy. It looks like um Admiral is actually finished his event that he was
doing so I can get him started on something else. So he’s finished
that cooking hobby story ages ago, so I just do these shifts over and over again
to get them earning some cash. Let’s do a standard one. It’ll keep him busy for a
while. She’s done here. And she can also have a nap, in the inappropriately shared bedroom
for some, you know, pretty much adult and teenage siblings. But this game doesn’t
let you have many rooms, so I’m kind of forced to have them sharing a bedroom at the minute. Back to work! She can have a bath later if she needs one. Let’s tend
to another invisible patient. Oh, Bella’s here, oh my goodness! We
actually have a patient. Amazing! Let’s try it again.
Diagnose her – no she just walked away. Okay, no patient this time.
Let’s keep going. Talk to our co-worker, seek a third opinion from co-worker. Who
was the second opinion? I mean I guess he was the second opinion earlier, but I
feel like you need three people for a valid third opinion. Wait what was that
I’m doing? Diagnose a case of something. Again – invisible patient. Now we can do
attempt advising lifestyle change. “Bella have you considered I don’t know maybe
eating some healthy foods?” “Yes I have you idiot! I’m not stupid!”
Bella did not go for that. Okay diagnose her. No, we’re just standing still. Okay
sometimes the actions don’t really, you know, work out. Note down symptoms. Again, of nobody. And she’s done. Do I get some story this time? No?? Where’s my story? You
know what, I’m really probably going to cut out doing this until I get a story that I can show
you because this is a bit repetitive. I’m going to do a standard shift as well, to
make sure I get to the next level. Okay so jumping back into the middle of a
shift, it shouldn’t take too much longer to finish, and it seems like some of the
animations are actually working properly now. So let’s try advising Sheila of
trying out a lifestyle change mmm I’m not sure why prodding her in the
face is necessary for making a suggestion, but that’s fine.
And also that went well, so let’s try the experimental anti dizziness serum. I feel
like I need a little bit of that right now. Yep checking her inner ear, she may have
an inner ear infection. Okay cool. I just wanted to zoom in on
one of these sims, well they’re not doing it now. They were making really obnoxious
coughing noises and I just identified with that so much at the moment.
I really am starting to get concerned that I’ve actually caught Llama Flu. She’s out
of energy, that’s fine we have loads of cupcakes.
Let’s just keep her working. You know, doctors and nurses, they work really long
hours, so more power to them. They’re important, they do important work and
sometimes they don’t get enough thanks for it. Like just then, come on Lady I’m
trying here. I’m really trying to help you out.
Oh diagnose a case of the Mondays, okay that’s what we were
diagnosing before. Cute. Okay she’s feeling confident, oh it went
well even though no one was there and she didn’t actually do anything, but
she’s very happy with herself. She’s giving a herself a pat on the back.
Good job, Lyric. Come on come on oh no, we’re frozen. Okay, we’re fine.
We’re all good. Oh no, why is it going so badly? She’s like “That hurt! What are you doing?” Seek a second opinion. “Did I
did I – do something wrong, by shoving that that thing in her ear? I don’t know, I’m new
at this. I don’t really know anything about medicine.” Even though her confidence
isn’t that high let’s try it again. Yay, okay she did it properly that time. And she’s done! Do I get a story, please? She’s level three now.
Oh, hey I get a skeleton. Okay I’m really confused about why I’m not getting any story.
Is something wrong here? Twenty-seven percent complete. “I’m
handling my first medical outbreak pretty well. We need to help these people!”
Twenty-seven percent complete… I feel like we should have gotten a little bit
more of a story spiel by now but you know what. I’m done with this! Hopefully
we get some more some more story next time. That’s fine. Oh hey, Elisa.
She looks like she’s retired. Okay cool. Let’s give her sticker. You’re retro. There you go.
Sticker for you. Okay let’s see how everyone else is doing because I still
have Contrary working over here. I’ll probably blast through this with
cupcakes so I’m gonna go ahead and do that. Okay so quick interlude, my um
stickers have just come up, the stickers that I received for the past week, and my
fashion gems for the week as well. So in this episode I might also do a bit of a
visit to Izzy and see what clothing items I get. I feel like I’m
maybe the only one but I’m not I don’t really like the whole Izzy fashion thing
that much. I don’t really like the whole particle effect things flying around
your sims. There we go I got quite a few. Nice! Aw, Bear! Bear never gets many but it’s
okay. I’m gonna give him a makeover really soon when when we start his new
story. Yeah he’s really quite um ordinary looking. You know,
he’s a simple sort of guy at the moment. So does that mean I got all those
stickers then, uh all those gems I mean. Twenty-four! It costs 20 to make one, I think so yeah,
let’s do that. Okay so I have completed both Bear and
Contrary’s shift for this the hot tub event, and uh, oh it’s only two – no it’s
fine, it’s fine. If you watch the ad you can get extra of
the ducky bucks and they are really hard to get, so I usually do do it. She’s done
as well. So now I should have enough to get my next goodie bag for the hot tub
event, and I’ll also drop into Izzy’s and get a new outfit. So I’ll go ahead and
spend that. Let’s see what I get. Oh I actually got a swimsuit finally!
Okay good great. Still no hot tub. No idea if I’m gonna end up getting one. Never
mind, I’ll keep trying. I don’t like the how much luck is involved in what you
get. What am i doing? I am going to Izzy’s. Let’s go to Parkside with Contrary. And let’s drop into Izzy’s. “A bird nested
in my hair once. When life gives you an accessory, embrace it!” Okay sure. Let’s see
what we get. A jacket. A kind of unattractive jacket in an unattractive
olive color with sparkles and a not sure what that boost is. Victory boost? Oh
actually, I take it back that looks pretty good. I kinda like that.
Okay, let’s claim it, we have no choice anyway. “Excellent choice”. I don’t have a
choice, I didn’t have enough gems to retry. But yeah that wasn’t so bad after
all. Okay so I am gonna end that episode here. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be a little bit more animated because I’m a
little bit sick and I’m not sure what was going on with Lyric with her medical
story. I feel like there’s some kind of bug there cuz I feel like I should have
been a little bit more story but she did a good job. I’m gonna send her home and
get her to do a bit of yoga to unwind. Come on, get over here. Let’s have her do a
standard practice session, work out a few of those knots from a hard day’s work. Okay so next episode I actually want to
throw a party for Admiral, who I do want to retire from his job in the business
career. He’s fully leveled up at that, he’s fully leveled up at the cooking
hobby, it’s time for him to retire. And when he retires,
I can make September playable, and just progress a little bit further because I
at a bit of a – I’m a little bit blocked from progressing at the moment, until I
retire hi. So I want to throw a big party for that and I want you guys to
come, so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna put up my friend code, let’s open that up
I’ll get my friend code up here on the screen there we are. My friend code is
there and I’ll put it in the description below as well. I’m gonna throw the
party on this Sunday coming probably about 10pm my time, in Australia, so
it’ll be earlier on Sunday for most of you guys. I’ll put a few different time
zones in the description as well so that you can figure that out but, um I think
it’s it’ll probably be about 11am Greenwich Mean Time.
So yeah before Sunday add me as a friend because I’ll make the party open
to friends only so that more of my friends have a chance to get in. Come to my party on Sunday and I’ll you know I’ll meet a few of your Sims and
maybe I can do some stories with them as well, some social stories, because my
younger sims, they do need a few more friends I think, but thanks so much for
watching I hope this was enjoyable even though
you know I’m not really in my best form and I had to keep cutting a little bit.
I hope you join me next time for the next episode of Slightly Askew. Thanks
for watching! Bye! Friend code:JADHVWL


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    Hey everyone, I mistyped my friend code on the endscreen! ? I blame the Llama Flu! The correct code is JADHVWL.

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