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The Rule of Virus

March 1, 2020

Hello dear viewers. I’m glad to welcome you on Sotnik TV. We have an unusual guest today. Yury Tabakh, a retired US Navy First Rank Captain. Hello Yury. -Hello. – Our today’s topic is a possible military confrontation between Russia and NATO in the Baltic sea, as well as the actual capability of Moscow to pose a threat to Northern Atlantic Alliance in that region. So here’s my question to Yury. NATO representatives as well as Russian experts have been declaring recently, that Russia is likely to develop some plans on a military clashing with NATO in Baltic region. Yury, please tell us, is Russia really able to threaten NATO with an aggression at the theater of sea operations in Baltic region? – You mean the Baltic basin, off course. Well, there’s always a possibility to threaten. Muammar Qaddafi used to threaten, drawing a red line. Saddam Hussein also did. I can be naming those threatening for quite a while. There were Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un. All those Kims threatened, as well as Fidel Castro, and the rest of them. Speaking about the real capability. There’s always a chance of creating some chaos or some catastrophe by any army. Those armies unable to wage a modern precise war can create that especially well. Such troops are unable to keep from harming civilians and destroying infrastructure. Russia can make it, as its understanding of a warfare comes from the times of World War 2. They shoot lots of movies about World War 2 and still consider such ways to wage a war. That was demonstrated during the war in Georgia in 2008, as well as in Ukraine, when a part of its territory was invaded in 2014. In those so-called brotherhood countries they kept fighting with World War 2 weapons, such as tanks, cannons, and bombings, while those are totally obsolete now. The Baltic sea is rather some big gulf, than a sea actually. That gulf is surrounded with NATO countries. Russian fleet has quite a bad passage to that sea, as it either has to approach from a small gulf on its territory, or to move from Kaliningrad that can only be reached through Baltic States, or Poland, but not directly. So it makes a problem for Russia to wage any actions in that region. They do conduct recurrent drills, and upgrade the fleet there, but by no means that can compete with NATO Navy, or Army located in that basin. I am not talking about Finland, yet Finland is no friend of Russia. That rather lives in constant paranoia caused by the USSR and later by Russia. That country always braces itself. Now regarding those plans by Russia you’ve mentioned. That is correct. Every headquarter always needs to develop all kinds of scenarios of attack and defense. There are lots of such scenarios, and we can’t even count all of them. But once you have real headquarters and real troops, you need to make numerous plans. Yet thanks to president Trump, who is criticized by many, as well as by Alexander Sotnik, as far as I know, NATO got enhanced a lot. That was due to him as well as to Vladimir Putin, who has turned the green light on, saying: now that is your enemy, and you need to arm yourselves, to study and to get ready. While Trump smacked those NATO members who had decided not to pay their fees, nor participate in allied operations and drills. They didn’t want to pay hoping to make it by means of American budget and the blood of the US troops. But Trump said that would never happen. So all those countries around the Baltic and the Black Seas started mending their ships, planes, and tanks, contributing their shares to NATO. So today’s NATO is a quite well funded entity. Every time we conduct drills in the Baltic basin, and the rest of the regions. The aim is to resist Russian invasion. As of today there are no NATO nations, as well as the rest of the countries, such as Finland, Ukraine, or Georgia, that still require a proof of Russia being the aggressor. Hello. I welcome everyone watching Sotnik TV this moment. Let me state that Kremlin mafia, which I can never call a government, spins the repression wheel in Russia of the 21st century. Criminal proceedings are fabricated under the guise of war on drugs, fighting against terrorism, and extremism. The number of such proceedings grows as we see some serious oppression of citizens and the civil society, that has already been stomped into dust. Soon that will outbid the repressions by Stalin. What should we prepare for, and how to oppose that dehumanized power machine? Let’s discuss that with Dmitry Demushkin who got out of Putin’s prison not that long ago. Hello, Dmitry. -Hello Alexander. -Here’s my question. Federal Protective agents will soon be granted right to use force against citizens without a warning. Federal Security agents may already shoot on sight even women, as well as Russian Guard, and Police officers. And now it’s Federal Protective Service. Such an increase of security services powers. What do you think that will result into? – That is a totally natural process we’ve been discussing for many years now. When a certain group of people usurps the entire power, their primary mission is to protect their authority as well as their assets. When you have everything captured from the chair of the President down to the last city hall, but still realize to be loosing on the information field, even though you control all the federal TV channels, all the major newspapers and Internet outlets, you run that all. But still year by year you keep loosing in people’s minds. Where does that leave you? The only hope for you now is the security services. Two and a half million security agents in modern Russia are in fact busy protecting that so-called permanence. That is the kind of permanence that requires that many people protecting. – It’s understood that they will keep spinning the repression wheel. But what should the citizens do? Those citizens lived their lives, not touching anyone. They agreed to stay out of everything, hoping they won’t be affected. But as far as I see, everyone will get affected sooner or later. And when that day comes, what needs to be done? So, to put it indelicately, you had been out of that, and then they came after you. What should you do? – You are absolutely right saying that has affected everyone. Even if they haven’t come after, you’re still affected by the current situation. Your rights, and your freedoms are really restricted now. – Yet everyone is at risk. – Off course. And when they come for you, there’s little you can do, as a citizen. Your only hope then is some public support and attention. But unless you are some figure arrested during a political rally, and supported by the progressive community, unless you’re some journalist, you are in a big trouble. Off course the criminal trials were not fair back in 1937, but many were acquitted back then, while no one is today. Once arrested with criminal proceedings initiated against you nowadays, the only question is what kind of penalties is to be imposed. You may rat on others, you may testify against yourself, you may confess in all that bull crap they have made up, if you haven’t done anything, off course. And once you plea not guilty, they may torture you. What’s going on with people is not even the real problem. The real problem is that the majority of our people doesn’t believe in fairness of today’s investigations. That is the worst thing for them. Any person who gets there able to plea not guilty up to the end will convince people more than the state that prosecutes him. – What if they deserve everything that has happened to them? Saying: that doesn’t affect me, I stay out of politics, and they can do without me, they allowed all that crap inside the country. They gave out the politics as well as the entire state to those dirty, and now they are shaking numbed with fear. What if they deserve that, as hell’s doors are locked on the inside? – In times of despair I look at those people thinking, that they already live in the place they deserve. They have built that so called order themselves. A lot of them were calling for permanence, tired of chaos in 90’s. So here they go. The permanence has come. Yet the most permanent place as of today is detention facility. Everything is really steady there. When they advocate for the Soviet past and legacy, I always reply to that: Guys, the USSR version two, you really dream about today, is located in Vladimirskaya region detention camp. Not only there, but that was where I saw that personally. And when they ask about the most important thing taken away from us, I name freedom. Even obeying law, not killing, nor robbing, nor raping, you now live in constant fear of them coming at your place, searching it, putting you in handcuffs, and taking you to jail for any term. That was Dmitry Demushkin. A madness is on amid the looming disaster of the coronavirus. And what we observe in Russia, is not even a fiddling, but rather some growing lunacy while Rome burns. More of that story is revealed in our today’s main episode of the Wednesday News coming up next. The Original Channel 1 Russia Series is on called 20 Questions to Vladimir Putin, that is dedicated to him trying to recruit you. Those sessions by state’s head recruiter aim to convince their dopy audience to accept his main point. Putin stays forever, so get over it, peasants. That Kremlin’s ripper assures Russians, there’s nothing wrong about battering people with truncheons. Indeed, our Russian guardians are tender and adoring. While those protesters are in fact raving and bloodthirsty. Today they are throwing plastic cups, but isn’t that one step away from throwing grenades? Junta rules Russia since1999, when FSB began blowing own citizens. That series of explosions was only ended when local cops caught special agents mining an apartment building in the city of Ryazan. Those in Kremlin have been more sophisticated since then. So when Putin needs to tighten the screws once again, they set up terrorist attacks at Nord Ost, or in Beslan, or even invade Crimea. The special operation in progress is a big risk, as that will turn creepy modern Russia into some freaky monster. Such names as Putalini, Putler, and Putinessko will get left behind, as no one is now able to compete against that new Putin. He is turning some unique beast, and fighting him with any common means will bring no use. He is akin to a virus spread across, or a gas pumped all over the planet by his agents. Faschists used to pump that into the gas chambers once. That monster swollen with oil money has mastered information technology, and uses that as the main ingredient to poison the mankind. There’s no place on Earth to go to without meeting a fan of Vladimir Putin. His another switch is money. For say, Alain Juillet, the former Intelligence head in France is to host a show about geopolitics on local Russia Today branch. Putin’s cathouse is supplemented with fresh political meat, but that couldn’t operate if not for a huge financial investments. That is filled with political mastodons, such as Gerhard Schröder, or Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as with those new kids. Together they spin that generator of Putinism worldwide, ignoring that smell with Kremlin’s host turning brown. Russian opposition has been disassembled, and literally stomped by security officers’ boots. What Putin is doing now is finishing those lone wolfs, fabricating criminal cases against Net, or New Greatness organizations, as well as the rest of the extremists on the Internet. Putin’s plans can only be messed up by something truly global and unpredictable. Something that does not depend on finances, nor on propaganda approach. And such option seems to have just appeared in the form of coronavirus. That brakes down resource prices and stocks. That stops factories, and closes borders. Meanwhile there’s no satisfactory cure for that so far. Russia is not prepared for the coronavirus outbreak at all. And such outbreak is only a matter of time. Even today Russian online drug stores are out of simple face masks. The virus is lethal for elders and those with poor immune system. Well, the citizens of Russia are mostly old and poor. Quite a lot of them has HIV, and it looks like the Grim Reaper simply had no time for visiting that territory yet, to harvest big. There’s almost no medical care in Russia, and all the reports they provide are fake. No coronavirus testing is performed back there, so where would any officially sick come from? And once start dying, they will be diagnosed anything, up to some common cold, just to cover the truth. It seems strange, but once a virus gets much weaker from another one, the mankind benefits. And such disease making those Putin’s fans roar inside their cave demolishing it on the inside, could turn into some modern canon story of a guilty savage, who punished himself. Off course, unless the USA comes up with anything to stop that plague from China, saving that highly spiritual empire by accident.


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