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The Pulse: What to Know About The Flu | WebMD

November 10, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: How do you sneeze? What’s the great way to sneeze? SUBJECT 1: Whatever way it comes out. [LAUGHTER] INTERVIEWER: Show me how you do that. SUBJECT 2: Ah-choo! SUBJECT 3: Tissue and– SUBJECT 4: Probably one of those, you know? INTERVIEWER: Into your elbow. Or what else? SUBJECT 4: Yeah. Not your hand, because then you’ve got to touch people. INTERVIEWER: That’s right. OK. You could go into your elbow. Or you use a tissue to cover your nose and your mouth. SUBJECT 5: Yeah, that would be ideal. INTERVIEWER: OK. SUBJECT 6: I have learned to do this, not do this. INTERVIEWER: How do you sneeze? SUBJECT 7: In your elbow. SUBJECT 8: Do it into my arm. INTERVIEWER: Into your arm. SUBJECT 8: Yeah. INTERVIEWER: Into your elbow. SUBJECT 9: I usually just sneeze into my elbow like this. INTERVIEWER: OK. Kind of the Dracula move. Is that right? SUBJECT 9: Is that what that’s called? INTERVIEWER: They do! They call it the Dracula. Show me how you sneeze. SUBJECT 10: Into your elbow. INTERVIEWER: Into your elbow. You know what we call that? SUBJECT 10: Dab. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: How far can things fly out of our nose when we sneeze? Any idea? SUBJECT 11: It’s too far. INTERVIEWER: It is far. SUBJECT 9: 50 feet sounds outrageous. But I’m going to go with that. SUBJECT 3: Maybe a foot. SUBJECT 10: 15 feet. SUBJECT 2: About three or four feet. SUBJECT 12: I don’t know, 10 feet? SUBJECT 13: Like five feet or something. It’s crazy. SUBJECT 7: How far? INTERVIEWER: About 26 feet. SUBJECT 7: Ew. [MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: Did you get your flu shots? SUBJECT 1: Yes. SUBJECT 14: Yeah. SUBJECT 9: I did not. INTERVIEWER: Why not? SUBJECT 9: Just didn’t want to. SUBJECT 7: No. SUBJECT 15: I did not. SUBJECT 16: Which is bad, because she’s a pharmacist. [INAUDIBLE] INTERVIEWER: Can the flu shot cause the flu? SUBJECT 1: Sometimes in some people. It depends on your immune system. SUBJECT 2: I think it can. SUBJECT 17: Perhaps. Well, I guess it’s hard to say. SUBJECT 9: Probably not, no. SUBJECT 4: I don’t think so, no. Because it’s, supposed to at least, prevent it. SUBJECT 18: Good question. I don’t know. But they told me no. INTERVIEWER: That’s right. It does not cause the flu. Thank you. SUBJECT 6: No. SUBJECT 15: No, absolutely not. [MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: Now, hand washing is key to avoid cold and flu. How long should we wash our hands for? SUBJECT 4: You going to, ooh, sing the ABCs backwards. INTERVIEWER: The ABCs backwards. SUBJECT 4: I know that one. INTERVIEWER: How do you do that? Sing that for me. SUBJECT 4: Or I guess any direction, but the ABCs. SUBJECT 15: Is it a full two minutes? SUBJECT 19: You should wash it for– SUBJECT 20: 30 seconds. SUBJECT 19: –singing the ABCs twice or something like that, INTERVIEWER: How long does that take? SUBJECT 19: Or happy birthday twice. SUBJECT 12: 30 seconds. SUBJECT 21: 30 seconds. INTERVIEWER: Right. About 20, 30 seconds. SUBJECT 14: 15 to 20 seconds. You sing the happy birthday song. INTERVIEWER: Happy birthday song. About 20 seconds. [LAUGHTER] That’s right. All right. Thank you very much. SUBJECT 1: That’s it? INTERVIEWER: You were great. SUBJECT 1: Thank you. SUBJECT 14: Thank you. Thank you. SUBJECT 1: Have a good one. INTERVIEWER: I can ask you a couple more if you want. SUBJECT 1: Nope. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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