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The Opioid Epidemic is a Lie – Medical Freedom

February 10, 2020

I am sitting in a stick Hut in the park. Today, I’d like to talk with you a bit
about medical freedom. I do a radio show called medical freedom and I’m asked
sometimes, well, what is medical freedom? And it’s really a right that we don’t
have, but we should. One of our founding fathers, signer of the Declaration of
Independence, was Dr. Benjamin Rush, and he urged for a provision to be made for
medical freedom just as there was being made a provision for religious freedom.
He wasn’t heeded and today we live in a world of: forced vaccination, pain
patients being stripped of their pain medicine, the war on drugs, contested
reproductive rights, people who actually are injured or killed in the hospitals
as they beg the practitioners either not to give them a certain medicine or
treatment or to give them a certain medicine or treatment, and they are
ignored or disregarded or refused. And this shouldn’t be! It just shouldn’t
exist. There should be no question about our bodies ourselves. I believe one of
the reasons that Dr. Rush’s suggestion was not heeded, is because at the time,
and presently, our country was very much dependent on a system of slavery. So, the
idea of talking about self ownership about the idea that being the life force
in a human body makes you the owner, commander, and
captain of that body, the definitive expert in your own body.
That wasn’t a road they wanted to go down. That was not a can of worms they
wanted to open up. As comedian Bill Hicks said, “it’s not a war on drugs it’s
a war on personal freedom.” The war on drugs and drug prohibitions do nothing but
exacerbate situations make them worse and make them infinitely more dangerous.
We’ve seen it in the alcohol prohibition. During the height of the alcohol
prohibition, why, there were booze out there that could kill you in one shot!
It’s interesting now with the carfentanyl being released on the street
very interestingly. I think it’s very interesting because right now nation
wide, it’s inevitable, cannabis is going to be legal. The cat’s out of the bag. This
is not a harmful substance and your government has been lying to you for
profit. But, now you have a whole system built around its prohibition. You have
police forces that rely on the revenue of the property seizures, of the
incarceration, of the arrests. We have a prison for profit system here and that
system is going to starve without a drug prohibition. So that’s why I’m here to
say, there’s no opioid epidemic. There isn’t! There’s an epidemic of your system,
your law enforcement system, having this dependency on the war on drugs. Mind you, your law enforcement should be there to protect and serve you. Okay, they
should be in place to protect you from violent criminals that would like to
harm you or disrupt your way of life and they’re being taken away from those
duties, so much in pursuit of this war on drugs for profit, because this is a war
with spoils. There’s spoils of this war. Now we had a fancy car in Hudson, and it was the D.A.R.E. police car, and it was like a BMW or
something fancy like that, and they painted it up to say, “paid for by a local
drug dealer” or something to that effect and you know that’s not… We shouldn’t be
parading around in the spoils of war and that’s what it is. Ironically the car
was hit but yes somebody who was high but yeah karma karma. Car-ma! It’s very
interesting now that you have the carfentanyl situation which is deadly, which is a synthetic chemical that is in no way related to the natural medicine that
is opium – that is opiates. Opium comes from a plant and law enforcement in this
country has been pretty successful in eradicating the most natural safest form
which is the smokeable opium. And it’s largely unavailable due to ignorance
because most people don’t know that it just it’s flower sap and it grows. It’s
pretty easy to come by if you want to just spend a little effort. So you have a
situation where, like, heroin gets a really bad rap. It really shouldn’t. It
shouldn’t get a bad rap because it used to be a standard medicine. It was a
medicine designed for children it was… Every time they try to take standard
opium and make it less addictive they make something else that’s like a little
more addictive, so you never really should have strayed from the source of
the pure opium. Although, I shouldn’t say that because there’s people… I know from
the chronic pain community, like I found people who say, like, fentanyl (I mean real
fentanyl not the carfentyl, real, real fentanyl) it’s a lifesaver for them! And
other people who couldn’t take it and other people who might be able to take
morphine but not oxycodone, or so on. Everybody is so
different. Like, human physiology is so diverse that it’s important that we have
a lot of different kinds of medicines out there, because they have to find what
works for them. And nothing should ever be taken away just because it doesn’t
work for some people or maybe it doesn’t work for a lot of people, but because there’s
gonna be somebody out there who does need it. That brings me to another point.
With medical freedom, if really, if we had the right of medical freedom we would
also have a very American attitude of being proactive about knowing our health,
knowing ourselves, doing a lot of our own research and working with our doctors,
when we work with a doctor, working with them together as equals. And we don’t see that a lot in our society. We see doctors who pick up attitudes because the
patient has done some research or the patient has years of knowledge about
their condition and expresses that to their doctor. So I’d like to see… and
people say; “well, this is impossible, it’s just too big,” but, a Constitutional
Amendment. Like, we should have a right of medical freedom just like we have a
right of religious freedom, or freedom from religion. We should even have the right of – or freedom from medicine. Like, those people – like the Christian
Scientists who want to eschew all medicine. Well that’s their right! It’s
both their religious freedom right and their medical freedom right. But it’s not –
it’s really not too big, because we as humanity are evolving. And I think we’re
kind of evolving further and further away from religion as a social system as
it has been. Religious freedom is going to the wayside, because we’re not always
going to be able to rely on the religious freedom provision. We should
have a philosophical freedom, a ideological freedom,
and a medical freedom. But we really need the right to own our own selves and not
have a medical system step in and say this is only how much health you can
have. I mean you would think a person who’s lived decades with a chronic
health condition, who knows exactly what treatment that they need when they are
in crises would have no problem being listened to when they have to go to an
emergency room to have access to those medicines, but a lot of times they find
themselves embattled or ignored. I think medical freedom would change the
face of medical liability as it is, because on one hand you would have to
defer more control to the patient and more responsibility to the patient
however it also means that the doctor is liable for the responsibility to the
patient. I would see, like, doctor/patient interactions being where both parties
kind of agree on a contract, on a procedure, on a course of action for that
patient’s treatment, that they both agree on ahead of time, that they both know
what’s going to happen. And if that doctor fails to deliver on that contract,
or deviates, or does something different from what they are getting the patient
to understand that they are doing, then the doctor is definitely liable. But
right now, the liability seems to follow the regulations. Like, if anybody dies
right now that has opiates in their system it’s going to be considered an
opioid related death and tacked to the statistics even though it may not have
actually been the cause of death. For many people it’s the cause of life! I
hope you all keep your chins up and just think about the fact that medical
freedom can, and should, and very well must be, a part of our future, if we are
to survive as a free nation. Everybody has a vested interest in this.
I’m talking to you vaccine choice people, pro-choice people, chronic pain
patients. I’m talking to everybody. I’m talking to you recreational drug users,
everybody! We all have a car in this race! Every human being,
we all have a car in this race. The engines come at a perfect time. I’m attuned with the automobiles.


  • Reply Dave January 7, 2020 at 4:06 am

    A lot of people in the community (And general public) forget that each person reacts differently to various medications, We are seeing this drastically right now with regards specifically to Buprenorphine products such as the BuTrans Patch and Belbuca. Part of this I think is due to so many patients being forcibly taken off the medications they had safely been on for years and either them having no choice in the matter with one of these products being offered to them or them worrying that this is what will happen to them next, Same can be said with other medications receiving a bad reputation such as whats happened to Oxycontin now. A perfect example is what happened earlier tonight in a phone conversation with my 65 yr old mother as we were talking about my 91 yr old grandmother who just had back surgery done 4 day's ago, We talking about how she was doing with her pain and I told her that she had been put on oxycodone when my mother said something along the lines of "at least they didn't put her on that real addictive medication Oxycontin" At which point I had to explain that oxycontin and oxycodone are essentially the exact same thing, With oxycontin simply being an ER / extended release version of oxycodone which is a IR / instant release version. I then had to explain how physical dependency works and the difference between addiction and it. So in this turn were seeing people think that because Belbuca and the BuTrans Patch have Buprenorphine in them that they are the same as Suboxone and that they are really for addiction when the first two formulations are for pain actually. The problem here is we have a PROPaganda campaign being waged not only against the public but also pain patients and this in turn is causing a massive amount of bad / incorrect information being thrown around from all sides

  • Reply Tierce Junior January 20, 2020 at 6:18 pm

    Nice Ray Bans.

  • Reply cathylovesherkids January 25, 2020 at 11:25 pm

    Omg spot on gf brilliant as usual. Yes the carfentanal is an awfully interesting topic which I would love to expand on once I find some of my paperwork that was packed away because of flood just now moved back in so looking forward to disclosing tons of information that can actually put #kolodnykills in prison baby yeahhhhhhhh

  • Reply Ginger Grigsby January 28, 2020 at 12:46 am

    Totally agree! You go girl!

  • Reply J EMO THOMASCUOUS January 29, 2020 at 3:33 am

    Trillions have been spent on a war on drugs which has achieved no results. smh

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