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The Murder Capital on mental illness, debut album and existential fear

February 9, 2020

We met in music college in Dublin.
Damian, Pump and I met in music college in Dublin… …and our original bassist and drummer left last summer.
I knew Gabriel then from just hanging around Dublin. Doing karaoke and getting drunk and we met
Diarmuid through Tom in Fontaines D.C. It’s reflective of a society that’s neglectful or maybe hasn’t quite
caught up with the needs for mental health resources and help. I think there is a lot of unnecessary deaths in our society. I’m sure it will always be poignant to spread a message about
improving looking after people in general, but also improving… …the way we approach mental illness and reducing
stigma around it. – We are still a long way away from… …what it needs to be. – I think that will always be important.
It’s always a positive thing… we try and… I’m not sure, it is. It is based on our own fears of not fulfilling our creative
potential. That makes me sound like a fucking dickhead… We all have one life and we all have a certain amount of time.
Everybody is up to themselves, they have the responsibility to… …spend that time well and use it wisely and do
just the right things or at least try to. I find it hard to believe in any sort of afterlife,
so it makes everything seems quite permanent. There isn’t really an end to that sort of fear
untill maybe you reach seventy and you can look back. It’s more of an existential fear. It will probably be there forever,
but the fact that we get to play all these shows everywhere… …is righteous. – Yeah, it’s amazing.


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    Great band!

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    So cool

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