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The Most Important Test For Adrenal Fatigue

November 23, 2019

okay I am super excited to be doing this
tonight we are going to be talking about is your adrenal fatigue or the
exhaustion that you’re dealing with related to your genetics is it a genetic
predisposition what do genetics have to do with it why do I have to do genetic
testing should I do genetic testing so let’s talk about who this is for first
of all number one those that are exhausted burnt-out frustrated not
getting the answers they’re looking for being told that their tests are normal
being told that there’s no such thing as adrenal fatigue not being able to focus
not being able to concentrate crashing in the middle of the day not having
regeneration of your batteries going to bed maybe not falling asleep right away
waking up several times throughout the evening waking up in the morning with
very little energy having hormonal imbalances not handling your stressors
well feeling like you’re in sympathetic fight-or-flight how many of those things
do you have raise your hand you have almost all of them a lot of people will
tell me when you mention these things I feel like you’re talking exactly to me
well I am talking exactly to you because I know who you are I’ve had what you’ve
had and I don’t have it anymore so Who am I my name is dr. Joel Rosen I am the
adrenal fatigue recovery ninja and today I want to talk to you about one of the
most important things that I think not only you need to know as the person
that’s suffering with an exhaustion and fatigue problem needs to know but
doctors need to know health care practitioners need to know health
coaches need to know nutritionists need to know they need to know this because
the genetics is really the thirty-thousand view feat of what is
going on susceptibility wise in your body and that’s what I want to explain
to you tonight because nothing is more frustrating than going to the doctor and
telling them that you’re burnt out you can’t focus
you think you have stress overload you think there’s something called adrenal
fatigue and they laugh at you like seriously like where is your bedside
what’s funny about that why do I like to suffer why would I go through a
suffering ridiculing not being able to solve the problem spend tens of
thousands of dollars miss out on my life not work at full capacity see my life
passed me by in front of my very eyes what’s funny about that nothing is funny
about that or what is to be ridiculed about that or why are you telling me to
go to a psychologist or why are you telling me to just start to chill out
more or go exercise or eat healthy when you yourself don’t even look healthy
seriously why are you telling me that so this is who this is for this is not for
someone who thinks that this is a magic pill solution for most importantly as
we’re talking about genetics this is not for someone who thinks that you’re gonna
find the gene that you’re gonna find the one gene the MTHFR gene I got the MTHFR
gene and I’m taking methyl Foley and I crossed it off my list and now I’m going
on to the next shiny object that’s not who this is for this is for someone
who’s frustrated who knows there’s some kind of genetic component who knows that
they are missing something they know that there is something there that
they’re not being told and inherently they want to get their lives back they
don’t enjoy sitting on the sidelines they don’t enjoy seeing their friends do
the things that they want to do they don’t enjoy saying hey I feel like I can
go out let’s make plans and then when the plans come they have to cancel last
minute because they I their eyes were bigger than their stomach that this is
who this is for so let’s talk about that so first and foremost the most
frustrating thing is most doctors don’t believe in adrenal fatigue why is that
because it’s not a nice you know wrap it up in a bow and and present it as here’s
your definitive findings it’s not taught in medical school it’s not looked at it
in the research and and doctors don’t understand or even get into
understanding all the components that go into it
second secondly doctors don’t get taught about genetics they don’t think they
don’t get taught about methylation they don’t get Todd they do kind of in
biochemistry but that’s not applicable it’s not applying it to real life it’s
not applying it to hey if I have exposures to chemicals and toxins and
pesticides and sprays and pathogens and heavy metals and molds and chemicals and
my body gets exposed to those what kind of burden does that put on my body
how is my body suited to be able to rid these chemicals and how can I do that
I’m not getting the same nutrients in the soils and moods by meeting really
you know synthetic processed GMO based mineral deficient foods how am I
supposed to solve this mystery doctors aren’t looking at how the genetic
component is related to that and so many people tell me hey I’ve done saliva
testing I’ve done even the Dutch testing I’ve done bloodwork cortisol I’ve done
an ACTH test and nothing comes back what do you suggest and I say you need to get
a genetic test and they look at me dumbfounded like what does genetics have
to do with anything and genetics has to do with everything because over 250
cellular processes in the body require proper methylation activity so we’re
talking about stress your neurotransmitters your neural chemicals
your immune system your inflammatory pathways you’re rebuilding your body
your hormone balance your ability to deal with histamines your ability to
produce energy these are the things you need to be able to do biochemically in
the body and when you have environmental toxins and environmental things and
stressors that impact your life and overlap with the perfect storm you are
not seeing the complete picture I hope that makes sense it really really fires
me up because this is something that needs to be taught it needs to be a
healthcare revolution so doctors know about this so we can help you so we can
help you that’s what we need to do so anyways doctors don’t get taught
about this and you know what I told you long time ago if you’ve been
following me for some time that this is war it’s war you you are either going to
win the battle or lose the battle you’re either doing things that are more
proactive every day to get your life back or you’re not it’s not one way or
the other now you’re human you’re gonna slip up you’re going to trip up you’re
going to make mistakes you’re gonna make bad decisions you’re gonna give it in to
indulgences and you’ll have that Pizza Pizza I love pizza I can’t do pizza I’m
highly highly reactive to gluten and every time I do it’s not worth it for me
so you know you you dip and dive you get better you you say hey that wasn’t worth
it I don’t like feeling bloated and brain foggy and and joint pain II and
and fatigue and and tired I don’t like that so you know what next time it comes
time to you know make a choice for a pizza I’m not going to do it’s not worth
it right but I don’t beat myself up inside and say hey Joel you’re a
terrible person you should never have done that you’re dumb you’re stupid
people don’t like you I mean those are the impressions that you make in your
head that impact the genetic component because you can think about and you can
how you process it and what meaning you put on you your decisions and your
stressors impact how stress hormones how neural chemicals are released and if you
have genetic susceptibilities that aren’t good at producing them or
eliminating them or putting out fires then you’re going to deplete your raw
materials quicker right does that make sense I’m hoping it does so anyways the
reality is is that both are very real both meaning genetic testing is very
very relevant and not just MTHFR I think as I’m talking about this that
you shouldn’t even be allowed as a doctor to do an nth of our test you
shouldn’t because it’s incomplete that’s like saying hey you know today on
today’s CBC tests we’re only gonna do red blood cells that’s it and I’m gonna
make a decision your red blood cells are normal so everything’s fine your glucose
is fine your iron is fine your fatty acids are fine your inflammatory
chemicals are fine your your minerals are fine everything’s
fine because your red blood cells are fine that’s the analogy if you just only
do an MTHFR test it really is but they’re very very real so why does every
adrenal fatigue sufferer me to do genetic tests why do we need to do that
well hopefully from my little introduction you got some information
about why that is but you’re looking for answers right you want the answers you
know something is missing you want to go upstream you’re not done it’s not for
the lack of trying it’s not for the lack of wanting it’s not like you want to
spend tens of thousands of dollars on not getting the answers it’s not like
you want to be working part-time and making half the amount of income that
you’re making or not even being able to hold a job and it’s not that you want to
be able to be exhausted and tired and chained to your couch you don’t want
those things you want answers you want to get to the root cause of the problem
and most importantly you want to get your life back that’s why you need to do
a genetic test so it helps unlock the hidden health
mystery and when we go over the pyramid dr. John Thomas and I are putting
together our repackaging of the M th of our crash course it’s coming out soon so
make sure you you stick around and we’re going to be launching our your genetic
type website and our entire enterprise it’s going to be super awesome there’s
seven genetic tights that we’re going to be teaching you about but today we’re
just going to be talking about buy an adrenal fatigue sufferer needs a genetic
test so it helps to provide answers it’s a thirty thousand view feet it tells me
hey we’re your most prioritized susceptibilities and what does that have
to do with your actual life like I’m going to be a doctor and I’m gonna do
the old thing of caring and asking you questions and paying attention and
trying to be like Sherlock Holmes right like well tell me about when you were
you know what happened after your major stressor when did it all start you know
what makes it better what makes it worse what have you tried to make it better
what have you tried to make it worse what about you know any type of
roadblocks that you may have been experienced and what I mean by that are
chemicals have you had antibiotics have you had to take medications
what clueless can we get talk to you like you’re a real patient and you want
to get answers that’s what this is about when you want to get answers you have to
marry the genetic component with the environmental component and see where
those top-five susceptibilities are like hey you’re really really bad at putting
fires out so god forbid you knock on wood you have an inflammatory low-grade
you know flame going on in your body viruses pathogens parasites you know
mold Candida yeast bacteria all of those pathogens nano bacterias all of those
things are going to impact your ability to put fires out susceptibility wise if
your genetics don’t allow you to use your nutrients to put out fires
effectively and you got a fire going on then I know that’s going to be your weak
link right I mean does that make sense totally or what if your weak link is you
have a histamine problem so the environment danders pets you know
pollens even you know stressors your immune system foods if they release
histamine and you’re not a good histamine put her out her and you have
some genetic susceptibilities and you live near a very pollinated area or
there’s a lots of pets in your area or there’s danders or whatever you’re
creating a perfect storm right and I need to know about that that’s why you
need to do a genetic test so why do you need to do in genetic tests most
importantly let me paint a scenario for you so close your eyes you know imagine
you walking into your pantry opening it up and thinking that you’ve mistaken
yourself for a pharmacy or for a little bit of a nutrition center right I mean
you’re turn it up and I’m guilty of it because
I will make lots of recommendations for you guys to do that but I don’t want to
just throw crap at the wall and see what sticks right because I want to know what
are gonna be the best nutrients for your genetic susceptibilities and for your
environmental triggers and for where you’re not able to complete that cycle
meaning it’s assembly line of workers and if you have an assembly worker
that’s not at their post then the widget at the end of the assembly line is not
going to be made right so nutritional wise we can figure out what the starting
product is what the supporting product is what the end product is and what the
things are that are impacting those things from happening like maybe you’re
not digesting your proteins maybe you don’t have enough stomach secretions
maybe you have a lot of microbial disturbances those are the things that
I’m going to need to know to make that widget because that widget is very very
important for you to be able to put out fires and if you’re not putting out
fires you have low-grade inflammation and that’s draining all your your
batteries and guess what it does it impacts your thyroid and and it can make
reverse t3 go really high and it can make your total t3 go really low so your
cellular sirenoid function how much is getting into the cell how many logs are
getting on the fire to burn to create cellular activity is really really low
you should be putting 10 or more logs of fire on the fire 43 to compare to
reverse t3 but if you’re putting less than 10 you got four logs on the fire
and you look at your TSH and it’s fine and you look at t4 and it’s fine and the
doctor tells you there’s no problem or let’s play whack-a-mole let’s just give
you more t4 more T 3 and and you feel better great and when you feel worse you
know we’ll we’ll go up and we’ll go down and we’ll hit that lack of mole until it
goes down never getting to the root cause of the problem because
susceptibility wise you’re not crossing those bridges and those dissembler wine
line workers are not there to be able to make that end product widget
and you’re you know so far downstream trying to play whack-a-mole am i right I
mean seriously the only problem about Facebook lives is I hate the fact that I
don’t see your question so what I want you to do is ask questions and I’ll be
able to go back into the Facebook live and answer your questions afterwards so
I apologize about that so most importantly we want your genetic test so
that we can look at the specific nutrients and not –guest not a guess
and some of the cases that we work with great Greek clients they show up to win
and we know when we are in the right area they get really new bad because
that nutrient was either too much or the exact opposite and I think that’s
awesome news because now I can reverse engineer what happened what’s going on
what why why did that happen how how do your genetic susceptibilities and your
environmental triggers overlap for that to happen we take too much did we not
have supporting the chance did we did we go we did we put you know then we forget
to put something else in there to support it and now we’re really getting
good quality information so here’s my own quote you’re not oh you’re really
cool when you put your own quote in there so with every single adrenal
awakening patient that I work with I do a genetic very variation test now this
is brand new I was doing 23andme so many years ago and its really really depleted
and incomplete then I started doing and it’s not bad I won’t
lie but when you do the functional genomic analysis you’re getting over
20,000 genes snips put in a database to be able to correlate your symptoms your
test results and and the data that’s being studied on all the people that are
in that database to see which are the relevant genes and now you get some
really high quality information so I don’t work with anybody without looking
at the genetic test first I don’t so the pyramid this pyramid is is a really cool
period and and so what it has to do is it gives
us priorities so we’ll talk a little bit about that but you’ll see that MTHFR and
foliate are at the very top and I like the analogy now that if you just only
did your MTHFR you’d be like sting hey and we did my red blood cell test and my
blood cell tests are normal and so everything’s fine I like that analogy
but these are the priorities ammonia if you have heavy metals or you have
viruses or you have pesticides or sprays or chemicals your body is really
demanding to produce nutrients to put those out and you may be producing
excess ammonia or you may be producing sulfites however you may be you know
your neurotransmitters may be impacted or your mitochondria is tired or you may
have mast cell activation or you have iron dysregulation or you’re not able to
recycle your antioxidants super important super important so that’s
that’s what we do once we get your your genetic test back we put it on a
priority system and look at your pyramid but what I wanted to talk to you about
is the adrenals right because we’re talking about the exhausted dreamily
burnt-out person and and so I want you to think about why would I need genetic
testing for a person that is adrenal eating challenged is exhausted and
burnt-out it doesn’t handle stress and it’s in fight-or-flight all the time
number one what are the adrenals do they settle down information and I can’t tell
you probably 10 out of 10 people that I do a genetic test for have crappy
firefighters and what that means is instead of being so good-looking I tell
my clients you should have asked your parents for a better firefighter
Christian because ultimately the environments that we live in produces
oxidation like rust right it produces oxidized nutrients and they’re devoid of
nutrients there’s not a good lot of quality nutrients in there and so you
put that perfect storm of crappy minerally deficient nutrients with
chemically ridden nutrients with crappy firefighters
a whole lot of fire and a lot a whole lot of whole lot of nothing in terms of
water and adrenals are responsible for setting down selling inflammation the
number 1 number 2 fluid balance electrolytes minerals your adrenals are
responsible for that and what runs your mitochondria what runs your energy
cycles minerals and what depletes them fires hence your adrenals are going to
be that weak link in the chain and then also your body meets the adrenals to
make energy to be able to combust and use glucose as a fuel source or at least
put glycogen and break it down and put glucose into the cell so that you have
energy to be able to deal with your stressors and if you have mitochondrial
snips if you have oxidation if you have problems with your neurotransmitters
we’re not even talking about MTHFR we’re not so don’t tell me that yeah I’ve done
an M th of our tests and I crossed it off my list nothing irks me more than
people telling me oh I’ve already done genetic testing okay perfect what are
you doing about it oh I’ve already crossed it off my list i’d have i don’t
have the MTHFR it’s fine it’s not a problem hopefully watch this again and
realize it is a problem because it’s only your red blood cells in a complete
blood test anyways so so when you’re under constant
repented continual stress it impacts your brain and they’re bringing signals
your adrenal glands and then you’ve become chronically activated and now
you’re depleting your your cycles your metabolism your thyroid your hormones
everything is involved everything is being impacted and that’s why you need
to do a genetic test we talked about over 250 cells require cellular
processes require these properties ng systems to work properly from making
energy repairing your DNA how many of you guys that have chronically low white
blood cells and the doctor said oh it’s just one of those things you’ve got to
deal with it’s not it’s not one of the most things you got to deal with or how
many of you have been told that your Epstein Barr virus
is an old virus and you don’t have to worry about it there’s nothing that we
can do about know what when a doctor tells you there’s no cure for something
when you get in trouble with this statement it means that no drug has been
patented yet to fix it that’s what it means it really does so epstein-barr
virus you know cytomegalovirus herpes virus I’d like to be in the room with
you when the doctor does a herpes virus test on you sees that your antibodies
are high for IgG which is classical endocrinology they tell you all it’s a
past infection and then you say well what’s this what’s this cold store right
here that just broke out last week is this a past infection because it’s IgG
it’s not it’s a reactivation of a past infection go and study your research
that you produce in your own medical journals that you don’t get to learn
until 17 years later it’s so aggravating go learn you know don’t condescend me
you know you’re the one not me you right it also helps bill with stress your
neuro trapped near neuro chemicals you know I just want to say neuro chemicals
and transmitters at the same time but it helps you make those and if you’re
stressed out and you need to make dopamine and adrenaline and and
glutamate and GABA and serotonin and urine don’t have the raw materials and
you’re not recycling those raw materials and you’re depleting those are on
materials you’re not gonna fix it with taking TSH hormones you’re not it’s not
it’s not gonna happen it supports your immune system you fight off infections
you detoxify the world unfortunately I don’t like to think of things as the sky
is falling the world is pretty toxic nowadays and we’re under more stress and
we have multiple windows open in our mind like the computer does when you’re
running hey let me go check my bank statement let me go check my email let
me go check my facebook let me go check YouTube you got 12 different windows
going on at the same time you have that metaphorically in your mind you don’t go
very deep you have to go back into another train
of five it’s like that eat like that window that didn’t load properly because
you can’t run twelve things at the same time and if you have genetic
susceptibilities and one of your hot spots are your ability to make your
neural chemicals and your neurotransmitters and your firefighters
suck guess what TSH not going to fix it it’s just not so
all of these require a proper enzymatic function and when you do a genetic test
you’re looking at your enzymes plain and simple and by testing your DNA you get
to assess these enzymes the antioxidants and how good is your firefighter crew
you also get to look at your neurotransmitters and see where the
balance of power is is lying where’s the breakdown you could look at an organic
acid test and marry that you can look at a heavy metal test and marry that you
can look at a microbiome test and if like I I put like almost like I’m a
contractor I put like the genetic test like it’s a blueprint on my table and
then I listen to you and talk to you like you’re a real patient and figure
out what’s working and what’s not working and and the other missing
ingredient is caring right because if you’re not caring about that patient and
I’ll tell you I won’t care more than you right because there’s so many times
where I’m kicking your kicking jacking number sort of bringing you in and
you’re kicking and screaming oh no that’s not gonna work that is not gonna
work if you’re not gonna care and you’re not going to think about you getting
your health back is is a battle it is a war and that it’s life or death for you
to get your health back because you won’t accept sitting on the sidelines
and seeing other people that take their health for granted but yet they can
smoke a pack a day and they can still go out with their friends and they eat all
the things that they want to do and yet you’re the one that’s looked at like
you’re the weirdo and you can’t go out because you’re exhausted that’s that’s
I’ll work with you but you you have to be willing to make changes and and do
whatever it takes and most of you do we also look at histamine histamine was at
the bottom of the pier and that’s a huge thing histamine is
from the environment from the foods from the stressors from your immune system
from from alcohol all of those things will create excess histamine and if
you’re not good making your your histamine nutrients too clear and your
methylation cycle up top now don’t get me wrong
methylfolate be 12 Sammy all those things have to be working for these
things to be supplied like what I tell people is if I pay your bills and we get
you supporting your histamine you still have to make income to pay your other
bills and if your methylfolate if your Sammy and figure b12 if your absorption
if your foods if your stressors are depleting those and they’re not working
then if histamine supports not going to fix them because you still have to fix
those things up top you know anyways we also look at digestion this
is an amazing part of doing a genetic test is when you do a genetic test you
can see do you have histamine concerns so let’s lower your histamine foods do
you have oxalate genetic oxalate concerns let’s lower your oxalate foods
do you have gluten reactivity let’s get rid of the grains do you have a peanut
or do you have a dairy or lactose problem let’s remove that now I know
what you’re gonna say you’re gonna say well now I’m not allowed to eat anything
well that’s not true we prioritize I think because we want to
know what your perfect storm is what’s your environmental triggers and what’s
your genetic susceptibilities and let’s prioritize let’s do the three most
important things that are gonna make the 97% of the most important changes and
then once that happens we can make three more changes and get 97% more
improvement right that’s how you go about doing it
it also looks at energy production that’s super important we talked about
that looks at how well does your body the
talks really how well does it detox and you know you feel toxic right that’s one
of the seven genetic types is the toxic type you know you’ve been around
chemicals you like ammonia needed up sulfur and
tolerances you got brain fog you like Pigpen from peanuts you don’t have all
that stuff going all over the place that’s what’s going on
that’s the toxic type you need a genetic test you’re exhausted in you’re burnt
out there’s no such thing as adrenal fatigue and genetics don’t matter right
wrong wrong DNA repair hair how many women out there yeah and losing my hair
if you’re not genetically set up to repair rebuild put out fires regenerate
support your immune system balance your hormones detoxify chemicals guess what
your weak link in the chain is your hair it’s falling out you need to do I don’t
know if you’ve heard it or not but I think it’s pretty important to do a
genetic test I think you’re getting the gist of that so my secret weapon is I
used the methyl genetic nutritional analysis I use that so what I do is I
work with people one on one and we do one-off programs where you will look at
your your methyl genetic analysis will run your DNA and give you a report but
what I want to do is I want those that are serious I want those that are
serious about getting their lives back and if you don’t have a genetic test
then the djinn methyl genetic analysis includes
a test and we do that for 395 and we do the genetic review for 595 so we do that
for 395 and 595 well it’s nine nine that’s what we do that for and that
includes a complete review and that gives you the breakdown of the top five
genes that you need to focus in on and and look at your supplements but what I
also want to tell you is there is more to it than that
and it comes down to are you metabolically flexible how are you
balancing your glucose what’s going on with your hormones what’s going on with
your adrenals what foods do you eat that you may have reactivity to if that
sounds like something you’re more interested in doing then what I’m going
to give you an opportunity for is to a 45-minute no-cost consultation with me
and and what we do is we give three things on the call number one where are
you right now this is not for you to tell me what your blood test results are
and send them in that’s not what this is for this is to tell me where are you
right now what’s not working number two where do you want to be what would it
look like if you didn’t have this problem and number three why aren’t you
getting there what have you tried what are you doing what’s happening what’s
going on and and then if I feel I can help you I’ll tell you everything that
you need to do I’ll tell you that so you have two opportunities you have the
ability to reply to this and have me look at your genetics and give you an
idea on what’s going on or you have the ability to do a 45-minute consult no
cost but with that one don’t be kicking the tires be the person that’s totally
devoted to getting their life back and it’s going to play to win and I’m not
going to care more than you I’ll care just as much as you sometimes even a
little more I got to pull you in a little bit but I’m not gonna care I’m
not going to I’m not going to care this much more right if you’re kicking and
screaming don’t don’t apply if you’re looking for the magic bullet don’t apply
if you argue did your genetic testing you know everything there is to know
about that I’d like to hear about it because I don’t feel like there’s too
many people there’s probably some but not too many people that know this stuff
more than me I’m a nerd I’m a proud nerd and and I think I know there’s a lot
more than the average person out there especially you especially you anyways I
hope you got a lot of value out of that I look forward to answering your
questions I hope you understand by now that this is the single most important
genetic test let any test and I hope at some point in time to change the health
care or sorry the sickness care model into a health care model and last and
not least is I hope for you to get your life back because you deserve to have
memories you deserve to have meaning you deserve to be happy and you deserve to
to fill your destiny of what you’ve been put on the planet to do so anyways my
name is dr. Joel Rosen I am the adrenal fatigue recovery ninja
and I look forward to ending your adrenal fatigue nightmare
have an awesome night


  • Reply ENERGY HEALTH KC June 20, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Genetics are fine but you're forgetting that EMF's are a HUGE component to adrenal fatigue. All of the symptoms you describe are symptoms of EMF exposure.

  • Reply msdemeanor6039 June 21, 2019 at 1:36 am

    I have all of the above.

  • Reply Yash September 15, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    Hey doctor, I'm interested in that genetic test, but I'm from Mexico, do you know of a website that offers tests for international customers? thanks!

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