The most Commonly Misdiagnosed Disease in America Today Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions

February 15, 2020

health beauty and weight loss youtube channel I’m dr. John and today I’m going to show
you what is the most commonly misdiagnosed disease in America today
Wilson disease Whipple disease lyme disease Parkinson’s disease and Van
Willebrand’s disease Wilson disease is a genetic disease that
leads to the impairment of coffered transport the disease is most often
overlooked in a patient who presents with the psychiatric neurological
manifestations of this abnormality they can present with cognitive impairments
gait abnormalities tremors drooling inability to speak clearly and a weird
facial expression that looks like they are grinning unless the clinician does
an eye exam and misses the characteristic brownish yellow rang
about the cornea cássia Fleischer ring he may miss the diagnosis Whipple
disease is caused by a bacterial T with life at causes chronic diarrhea
malabsorption and a resulting weight loss the problems grow over time causing
joint pain dementia and problems with inflammation of the heart since it
doesn’t produce a fever clinicians do not always look for an infectious agent
Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that is caused by a bacterial spirochete
poorly Bergdorf lie even though over the last few decades
clinicians have been better at diagnosing the acute manifestation of
this disease if it has been missed during its initial presentation or
poorly treated the continuing consequences of this infection can be
easily missed late sequelae of this infection can cause arthritis especially
in the knee of subtle chronic inflammation of the brain or a kind of
nerve pain called Paula neuropathy since these sequelae can appear months to a
few years after the initial infection they can be easy to miss diagnose
Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the brain where cells responsible for the
production of the chemical messenger dawood mind breakdown and
the chief features of Parkinson’s disease is tremor slow movement and
rigidity but the early stage of the disease is very difficult to diagnosis
without good position observation skills von Willebrand’s disease is another
inherited disorder this munna defect in the clotting mechanism unlike the
obvious presentation of patients with haemophilia only 1% of patients with
this abnormality which causes an efficiency in the adhesive bridge
between platelets the blood component that seals bleeding holes and the site
of injury have any symptoms so in many patients that have easy bruising or skin
bleeding this condition is overlooked thank you for watching

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