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The Latest Dog Flu (CIV) Outbreak

November 10, 2019

Hi there Vacaville, Dr. Celina Hatt reporting to you from Pawsh Place Vet Center I’m hearing a lot of
information right now about the canine influenza virus, unfortunately, the
outbreak has spread not just from Oakland, has spread to our
Sacramento area. So what is canine influenza? Have you heard of the canine influenza? Uh no I’ I haven’t Yes I have I have No I haven’t No I haven’t Yes first of all, everything you ever knew about
the word influenza and related to yourself as a human being not the same
in the aspect that it’s not a seasonal virus. Typically the candidate points of
virus could actually sustain on an object for up to 48 hours and then on
your own clothes for 24 hours and then essentially around the air or on your hands
for 12 hours. That’s pretty scary! What are the signs? Nasal discharge, eye discharge, coughing, lethargy, meaning just really
down and out, and even just having a really high fever. So from there, how do
we even prevent it? Well that’s easy there is now a new vaccine that’s out
and it’s called a bivalent vaccine it’s important that if you have a very social
animal or even if you don’t and you’re just an RV-ing, road-tripping family
you don’t know where those other dogs have been that have been there ahead of
time, it’s worth it to not worry. For you to not have the emotional worry and for
your pet to not have the physical actual debilitation from canine influenza or
CIV. Alright three main things to watch for on how to be aware of CIV and how
to prevent it in your own home. You have to promote isolation. sanitation, and
vaccination. Those are three big clues. Isolation, sanitation, and vaccination. I’ve heard this from my colleagues and I have really loved a coin that phrase,
really breaks it down. So love on your pets, get them vaccinated for CIV. I look forward to meeting you, and I’m sure your veterinarian look forward to seeing you
too so they could be a partner and a team player to ensure your pet’s health and awesome summer

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