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THE ILLNESS. Elementary – intermediate listening. Parts of body and illness vocabulary in English

January 16, 2020

I’m ill… Oh dear… Oh! My head aches like ‘booom, booom, …booom, …booom’ my throat, … my throat is sore… My nose… My nose is blocked My right ear, my right ear aches And my left ear is ringing like ‘eeeeeeeeeee’ And my stomach, my stomach aches and is like ‘uaaaaaggggghhhhhh’ And I feel …nauseous… ‘ffff’ So, you’ve got a headache, a stomachache, a sore throat, earache, a blocked nose …maybe we should call a
doctor! No, …no if I still feel this ill tomorrow I’ll call the doctor. Oh! Can I get you anything like hot water with honey and lemon? No… No, I’ve had three cups already. Oh …-like-… my arms… My arms feel heavy and, …and I feel weak. And my legs… my legs ache And -ough ….ouuugh- I’ve got a temperature Oh dear, and it’s Richard’s party tonight. Oh! Richard’s party? Oh! I forgot! I can’t go: I’m ill! He’ll be so disappointed… Well, not necessarily. What do you mean? Why are you putting lipstick on? Well, I’m going to go to the party. You? Well, I hope you feel better soon! Bye!

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    sad drama

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