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August 17, 2019

where’d my dick go? whoa [popping sound] flew off [Upbeat Intro Music] hello
everybody it is me chase and today I am super excited because I’m doing a review
that I’ve been waiting months to do and that you’ve been waiting months for me
to do and I’m just so excited today I’m going to be reviewing the hot rod from
transthetics. Warning, I know I have like a really cute cat wall behind me and no
peens or anything like that but I will be showing you prosthetics in this video so
if you’re not into that or you don’t want to look at peens and stuff like that
then don’t watch but remember that these are like actual prosthetics that help
alleviate dysphoria all right so transthetics has brought
you such prosthetics as the ezp, the rod, the joystick, formerly known as the bono
which by the way still my favorite prosthetic for sex after two and a half
years still still and they also have a new product, the lollipop which by the
way I do have and I’m ready to review so that’s coming out soon don’t worry all
right here it is you’re ready for this I’m ready for this here is the hot rod
so of course I’m gonna bring it up to show you some details and then we can
talk a little bit about it because you’re like okay but this just kind of
looks like the joystick like my favorite is doing close-ups when there’s a cat
wall behind me so here is what it looks like all right this is the details of
the head area and then the shot as you can see there are colored veins over
here and the color that I have is the lightest color which I believe is c002,
if we go to the base here you can see that and then oh look at that and that’s
water I just cleaned it so relax and then it goes like this again it’s water
okay oh oh what’s that oh I’ll explain that in a minute, oh shit so yes I will
absolutely admit this looks like the joystick formerly known as the bono,
which I will show you right here this is what it looks like okay this and this
are the same weenie except this one is a lot smaller so I just wanted to give you
a little size comparison so that you can see that there is a difference in size
and there is the difference in weight alright so how long is this well I have
my handy little measuring tape thing with me so according to these
measurements it’s exactly six inches it is 4.5 inches in circumference in girth
the diameter is just a little bit harder to figure out I know that there’s my
formula with the circumference but hunty I’m just gonna say it’s like an inch and
a half because that’s what it looks like here so and if you just want to know the
information of the joystick to do a comparison it is seven inches long and
if you look at the circumference it is 5.5 inches and just another quick
comparison that’s not trans transthetics related the new york toy collective has one
called the shilo, which i have reviewed put that link in the description below
and this is what it looks like here so if you just wanted a little comparison
of what the hot rod looks compared to this this is kind of the size of it so i
just wanted to just give you a little bit of context because my hands aren’t
the same sizes everyone’s hands so if I do this doesn’t really help anybody
alright so I’m super excited let’s go with it aesthetically alright the first
part aesthetically I love this alright the outside to me looks extremely
realistic I’m not the biggest fan of like the shaft here being a little bit
girthier than the head I’m used to having a thicker head like you just saw
in the Shilo but it’s something that doesn’t really bother me it’s just like
if I was to be nitpicky on anything with this aesthetically it would be that
another thing aesthetically is that the color will go away over time alright not
gonna lie to you the color is really nice right now in
the detail in the veins is really great I can’t tell you exactly how long it’s
gonna take for the color to go away but it did go away in the joystick if you
like if you saw that in the video where as it just kind of looks like one plain
flesh tone color of my flesh tone whereas this one is more detail than
it’s more paint on it so just keep that in mind that eventually it will change
colors it won’t drastically change colors but it won’t look exactly as realistic
as this you can repaint it on if you want there are tutorials on how to do
that online so definitely check that out and of course I’m going to put a link to
playlists of other people who have reviewed this prosthetic in the
description below so you can look at all these other experiences of people with
this prosthetic because I’m one experience and I want you to make sure
that you get the product that’s right for you alrighty then so aesthetically
like I said I really like it if you look at it here you can see that it’s kind of
like cut so it’s not like sooo / super like like smooth over here
doesn’t really bother me but just you know for people to know what is the
purpose of this thing is for you to be able to roll this onto your junk alright
I will say that yeah you need to have some growth in order to be able to use
this or Metoidioplasty, so my thumb is my peen and I have now put the sheath on
it and now it doesn’t move and the thing is that inside there is these nice
little ridges so if you go up and down like that it kind of stimulates your
peen and it feels really really good so you’re jacking off but you’re seeing
something realistic so I’ve done reviews in the past of like the bro sleeve, the
Blue Valentine love pill, the buck off, and the kiss X and the shot pocket and
all of these other masturbating sleeves that exist out there and this one here
is just another masturbating sleeve it just looks different it looks like a
weenie so as you can see there are ridges here you like that there you go
now I wouldn’t recommend like opening it up a million times and closing it
because it is silicone and it’s not supposed to rip but take care of your
products these are expensive prosthetics so I would just just be cautious about
that so another cool aspect of this is that you can get a vibe and the vibe
that I have here is the one that it’s like a ring and it’s it’s it’s it’s like
like bluetooth-ededed, so I turn on the vibe and it’s this that’s changing it isn’t
that cool this is the future anyways the purpose of this is for you
to actually put it in, iiiiin there alright and then you roll this on to your junk
so when you’re jacking off yourself you’re feeling an extra little [click] with the
vibrator and before I go into my uh not so great things about this prosthetic um
there’s a little hole here so that you can put a syringe of cum Lube, of Lube, of
water, of water and cornstarch whatever you want not sponsored okay but I’ve
made a video of like my favorite cum lubes and this is still my favorite jizz
by master series you put the syringe I’ll tell you that usually it like
shoots out but I didn’t put a lot of cum lube in there just cuz I don’t have a
cup with me it’s alright so it’s great because you’re masturbating and you’re
jacking off and it’s really good and then when you’re done you just squeeze
that and the cum goes everywhere and visually you can’t, look I get it some
people might not be into that but visually for me it’s one of the best
things in the world it has helped my dysphoria so much especially because
when you roll this on if you have like a little bit of a stomach and you’re not
like SuperDuper skinny it kind of goes over the prosthetic so you don’t see the
line between the connection to you and the connection to the prosthetic same
thing if you have a lot of hair down there
if you roll it on you’re not really gonna see that there is a difference and
this is not actually connected to you so it looks really cool and now here’s the
question that people have been asking can you put this roll it on your junk
and penetrate a partner huntys yes you can I was successful and able to rollll this on and it stays on cuz the suction is actually so good and
penetrate my partner yes you have to kind come up with some positions because
I don’t have Metoidioplasty, so the junk that I have is still attached to the
ligament so that it kind of still goes down a little bit so if I put this on me
it kind of goes down if you have had Metoidioplasty or a release the
ligaments are cut and you’re kind of released so it would be more of a erect
like this but mine is more like this which is okay you just have to find- you
know just put the leggys up and just go on top and you’ll figure out ways and
trust me it’s fun and I was like it’s gonna come off of me for sure it didn’t
and I was like what this this is attached to me and this is the first
prosthetic that is like actually attached to me and nothing is inside me
and I’m penetrating a partner because for me I’m okay with the double-ended
things like the nexus, and the realdoe, and the feeldoe, and the share and stuff
like that but sometimes I’m just like not into it and I really don’t want
anything to be penetrating me and I want to just be penetrating someone and I
don’t want to be wearing a harness so it’s like what do I do it’s awesome that
this is the thing that you can use now you roll this on okay don’t have like
vigorous sex though, like don’t have super hard sex because like it’s gonna fly off
and also I wouldn’t recommend doing anal with this and let me tell you why so
because this isn’t super flared and it’s like super flimsy at the flared base
this is technically a toy that is not flared okay it’s not tapered it doesn’t
have a base I would not recommend this for anal because if you accidentally
just go in too far and it unhooks from you this is going to stay stuck in the
person’s butt and you don’t want that to happen
always always always do anal with a toy that has a base or flared or something
like that now the ease of putting the vibe in you can just put it in or you
can put Lube don’t put silicone lube of course don’t put silicone lube I’ve also
been told that you can put a condom around the vibe and put it in to make it
a little bit easier just keep in mind that some condoms actually have silicone
lube so just be careful because silicon on silicon isn’t good it’s in terms of
like penetrating my partner and being able to like use this with someone and
it’s attached to me is just like I didn’t even try to suction this up onto
me and it’s just staying there like for this is not a magic trick hunty’s it’s
there but there is a negative oh there’s a negative and I can look past it
but it’s it’s a big one so what happens when you have Lube on this and you’re
trying to attach this to yourself and the vibe is in here? well there’s a
little problem where it becomes impossible for me to be able to roll
this back enough to be able to put it back on me now I’m not telling you that
I have like the most growth ever I have pretty significant growth that I’m happy
with but if I put my peen in here you see the vibe is in there I touch the vibe
and to me that’s not super comfortable so I actually I’m okay with it with the
vibe but I prefer it without the vibe because if there’s Lube on here you
don’t have enough finger space to go inside and flip it like it even without
Lube I have a little bit of trouble with it and then to be able to just do this
when you have Lube on it honestly like I was there for five minutes trying to
roll it back on and I was like I getting dysphoric I don’t like this but
then when I actually finally got it to roll on and I was able to use it it
stayed and it didn’t move but the thing that I had to do is I had to take like
cloth around me and I had to really really remove all the lube that was
around it that was in it that was on my hands because I removed it everywhere
and I tried it then it was on my hands so I had to remove it so it was a
process but because I kind of learned that trial and error
you can’t expect your first time to always be good with a new prosthetic
there’s a learning curve always always with every single prosthetic it’s not
going to be perfect the first time I enjoyed my first time when I got it to
work but the beginning was like this is weird if I have to do this every time
I’m not gonna like it so it’s a little bit hard to take the vibe out just just
so you know just a little hard sometimes so now that the vibe is out I have a lot
more space to in it to open it up you see and roll it on me so for me without
the vibe it’s okay it’s a little bit more flimsy but you’re not having
vigorous sex it’s really more like like a sensual play like you put it in and
it’s sensual and it’s nice and it feels good. can you pack with this? I mean you
can try if you want it’s a little long but you could pack with it what you
could do want to see you could just put this on your junk and just walk around
the house like oh like I just accidentally just sucks it in it onto my
sweatpants and it’s literally staying on I’m not even joking right now I
literally suction-cupped it to my sweatpants anyways how much is this is
it worth it I can’t tell you yes bye don’t buy it
not everyone’s Anatomy is the same not everyone’s going to enjoy it so you do
is there’s always a risk involved in getting a toy and a prosthetic you don’t
know if it’s gonna work for you for me this is one of the best ones that I’ve
gotten it’s one of those were like I want to go and like use something to go
masturbate and it’s something that I would be comfortable using with my
partner on me only you know I’m saying oh also if you’re lying down in the
partner’s on top of you it’s not really gonna work I tried really hard every
single position it just didn’t work especially because my junk is kind of
mmm alligned that way if you have had Metoidioplasty and you’re [clicks] maybe but for me
my own experience because it goes down and what happened was that the shape was
like this like it’s a suction cup to me though like I’m
not even joking even moving like this I was like it’s for sure gonna come off
I’m gonna become dysphoric cus where’d my dick go? it WHOA [pop] flew off but it stayed on
even though it was like contorted like this very impressed with the suction of
this prosthetic alright so this is the hot rod from transthetics if you would
like it I’ll put the link in the description below so you can take a look
at it and there are three colors available this is the lightest one C002
there’s C004 and C006, which is the darkest shade so here is the prosthetic
and let me know what you think if you know anybody who has done a review about
this prosthetic that i haven’t included in the playlist please let me know and I
will put them in the playlist in case I forgot alright thank you so much for
joining me have a great day bye [Upbeat music]


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