The HIV and Viral Hepatitis Epidemic

August 30, 2019

Hepatitis B is spread in the
same ways as HIV, only more so. It’s actually more infectious
than HIV and so blood contact, sexual contact, mother to child
transmission is only a magnified problem for Hepatitis
B in comparison to HIV. The best thing that we have for Hepatitis B prevention
is a vaccine and we have– at CDC, have committed
ourselves to a national goal of eliminating transmission of Hepatitis B in
the United States. About 15,000 persons die
of Hepatitis C every year. That’s about a 50% increase
in just an eight year period. Right now the number
of people dying of hepatitis C associated
deaths has surpassed the number of people dying of
HIV/AIDS, a testament both to how the nation has
successfully responded to the AIDS epidemic and
what is needed to be done to have a similar response
to this Hepatitis C epidemic.

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