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The Flu Outbreak: Understanding Vaccine Effectiveness

November 19, 2019

vaccine is comprised of several components. So there are strains for
each of the flu subtypes that we expect to circulate– H3N2, H1N1, and B. When
we hear the numbers about vaccine
effectiveness, that refers to either the overall
flu vaccine, so how it’s doing at protecting against all
of the different strains that are circulating, or for
particular subcomponents. The low numbers that we’ve
heard for Australia and Canada, this number, 10%, is
particularly for H3N2. And I bring up this point
because the effectiveness against B, influenza
B, is higher, estimated between 55% and 60%. And as we’re seeing from the
most recent epidemiology, there’s increasing
circulation of B. So even though the flu
vaccine isn’t perfect, it provides benefit not
only against H3N2, but also against B. If you haven’t
been vaccinated yet, it’s still something
that we’d recommend doing because the flu
season we anticipate will continue for a while.

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