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The Flu – Get Vaccinated, Protect Your Community

November 15, 2019

way to prevent influenza and
to protect yourself, your family and your co-workers and
community. But because the protection that the vaccine
provides tends to go down over a period of several months now
they think that October is kind of the best balance
between making sure you get vaccinated before the season
begins and also still also having a high level of
protection once there is flu in the community. Each year
Influenza causes thousands of deaths, perhaps hundreds of
thousands of hospitalizations and millions of infections in
the united States and influenza vaccination can
protect against those infections but it is important
because if you get vaccinated it not only will protect you
but it also protects those you come in contact with and that
includes people in your family, people in your
community, people at work. If there is someone in your house
who cannot be as well protected by vaccinations
either perhaps an elderly relative or parent or someone
who is too young to be vaccinated getting your flu
shot is particularly important because then you will not bring
the infection home and potentially infect those very
vulnerable people. For more information visit the Health
Department’s webpage.

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