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The Flu and You

November 7, 2019

Know when to stay home and when to seek medical attention. Flu symptoms can make you feel really sick and last for more than a week but in most cases you can care for yourself at home. You’ll need to rest. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated and take ibuprofen and acetaminophen for aches and fever. The flu isn’t something you want to share. To avoid spreading the flu make sure you wash your hands frequently and clean touched surfaces like door handles. You should stay home until you’re fever free for 24 hours and you’re feeling better. Make sure to cover your coughs and sneezes with your arm not your hand. Getting our flu shot is important but you should wait until you’re feeling better until you go out and get it. When you do go out in public, try to keep a distance from others of at least two metres. So when should you see your physician or primary care provider. The flu is more serious in children under two years old so they are considered a high risk group. So are children and adults with chronic conditions such as heart, lung or neurological problems. Anyone in these high risk groups should be seen by their doctor within 48 hours of the onset of flu symptoms. If your symptoms become severe you should go to a hospital Emergency Department. These symptoms might include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, lips turning blue extreme weakness, rapid pulse or passing out.
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