The Flu and You | Why is this flu season so bad?

October 12, 2019

[MUSIC] This year, we think there
are two main issues. The flu has come early, usually
we don’t start to see the flu until late December,
early January. This year it hit late November,
early December, so it was early, and we also
noticed a vaccine mismatch. So normally the vaccine this
year contains four different strains. And one of the strains this
year did not match well with a strain that’s circulating
in the community. That strain that’s a mismatch
is the H3N2 strain. Fortunately all of these flu
strains that are circulating are susceptible to the antiviral
drugs that we have, which is great news. But as we see lots of flu, and we see lots of people
getting treated for flu, naturally we may see shortages
of these antiviral drugs. So, we are encouraging providers
to be aware that flu is definitely here, and
we’re seeing a lot of it. They should be thinking about
it when they are diagnosing patients with flu like illness. And they should be
considering antiviral drugs, especially in those
that are at high risk. The highlights from this year
is that we’re seeing influenza earlier. We do know that there’s
a vaccine mismatch. And I think people
need be smart and practice the same standard
public health measures that they did when we were talking
about flu last year. They need to get vaccinated
if they haven’t already be vaccinated. They need to wash
their hands a lot. And importantly, if they’re
sick, they should stay home. [MUSIC]

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