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The Flu (2013) – Movie Review

November 6, 2019

Hello Youtube! I am Torstein from Cinema Terror and if you
have Germaphobia, then this film will be a horrific experience for you. The movie I am talking about and will be reviewing
is the 2013 disaster film from South Korean called The Flu. The Flu is a virus outbreak movie that takes
place in the city of Bundang. The virus arrives there after an infected
group of illegal immigrants comes a shore in a container. When the container is open, the infection
spreads right away, but there is one survivor. His name is Monssai, and he is now all alone
and afraid in a new country without knowledge that he might be the key to solve the virus. The government takes action to contain the
virus and are left in a political turmoil as they want to save their people while at
the same time being pressured by western countries to take whatever means available to keep the
virus from spreading, even if it means sacrificing the entire city. Will they be able to contain the threat and
find an antidote to the virus or will they have go to the most extremes of measures or
murdering their own people? You’ll have to watch The Flu to find out. The Flu is not the first and it won’t be the
last film to tackle the idea of a deadly virus spreading throughout the population. Virus outbreak films are kind of like the
cousin of the zombie movies, often sharing the same type of story structure and even
overlapping each other mixing it up making a virus be the reason for a zombie oubreak
in the first place. Considering that The Flu is a Korean film
it would be easy to compare it to the highly praised Train to Busan, a movie I personally
love myself and have done a review for on my channel. In fact, the very reason why I was made aware
of this film was that a friend of mine said I should check this out as I enjoyed Train
to Busan as much as I did, and after seeing The Flu i can see why. Our main characters in The Flu are the firefighter
Kang, played by Hyuk Jang and Soo Ae as the doctor Kim. They develop a love story, of course, but
it never felt like it becomes forced or takes over the film like they often do in big disaster
films. It’s balanced out very well within all the
mayhem that are going on and it actually becomes heartfelt as it not only gets two people together,
but it also is used to display the good side of both characters. Both actors are able to make us care for their
characters while they are not afraid to display the negative sides of them either. Like, we are shown how cold Kim comes off
on Kang at first, but since we get information regarding how she has been left alone with
her child by her previous husband, we start to understand why she is being careful in
opening up to new potential male partners in her life. And speaking of her child, wow. What is it about Korean child actors, because
Min-ah Park as Mi-Reu in this film and Kim Su-An in Train to Busan just gets to you. They both have a scene in each of their films
where they nearly get me teared up. And I am a movie guy that are just happy if
the child actors don’t ruin a film as I rarely care for them. The direction of the Mi-Reu character in this
film is perfect. They balance her out so nicely by having her
shown as just acting like a real kid in some scenes, while they make her bring the emotions
in other. She is just a cool kid, curious, innocent
with a heart of gold. You want the trio of leading characters to
survive and even though they are the big stars of the film, you do at times question if they
will be able to make it as you buy the danger that they are put in. While at first the politicians scenes felt
like they were made out to show how little control our leaders actually has when shit
hits the fan, the development of the issues that they have to tackle does become more
interesting during the film, especially when the addition of the pressure from the western
countries come into play. It raises some questions of what is right
and wrong in a situation like this and that does overshadow that they could have toned
down the western politicians from coming off as nearly evil characters at the final climax. There are some parts of The Flu that are not
all that great though, but I would like to stress that these are minor issues and more
of less nitpicking than anything else. I did find the mentioned politician scenes
to be filmed a bit too bland. Together with the music it nearly feels like
it is going into television territory. And while he did redeem himself in the final
part, I spent most of the running time disliking the character Bae, played by Yoo Hae-Jin. I guess he was supposed to bring some humour
to the film, but I felt it came off too goofy, making him more annoying than anything else. He doesn’t take up much screen time though,
so again, these are nitpicking negative points. The Flu might not be as good as Train to Busan,
but even though they share similiarities I think it’s a bit unfair to compare it to one
of the best films from the last ten years. The Flu can surely stand on its own as it
is a solid film through and through. It’s a big disaster film that have great characters
that you care about, underlying themes, intense and heartfelt scenes and is overall just well
crafted by director Sung-Su Kim. It is an easy film to get into even if you
are not well rounded in asian cinema at all. In fact, this would be a great entry point
if you are curious about checking out movies from other countries. I recommend buying The Flu as it deserves
to sit in way more DVD or BluRay shelfs than what it currently does. The Flu gets the high score of 4.5 out of
5. Have you seen The Flu yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it and what
other virus outbreak movies do you enjoy? I’d be especially interested if there are
some hidden gems out there, so feel free to recommend some to me in the comment section
below. If you liked this review, then there are plenty
more on my channel and please do subscribe as that helps more than you know. Keep yourself away from coughing people and
thank you for watching.


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