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The Flu 2013 Fullmovie FullHD

March 10, 2020 Hong Kong, April 2014 It’ll get colder. If you don’t want to die, stay close I know you need the money.
You are all doing this for your family. Hey. You’re sick? No. No. Not me. Not me. I’m okay. Have a nice trip. 9 Days later, the port of Pyeongtaek. THE FLU Bundang, May 1st. Please move everything aside. Move it all aside. Hey, how can you put that thing upside down?
Move it all aside. It should be placed properly here as well. And here, there is also the covering.. Jing Ye, you’re not here as a supervisor! I was studying the situation slowly… Study what? Hey, the objects over there, How can no one saw it… Give me a break … Ji Goo, you’re going to go down there? This is very dangerous,
31, Bring something from there
and come straight back. I would rush
to get them out of there. Today, we will not
have time to rest. Ji Goo, you are going to go down? Do I have to go down too? I’m from the Rescue Squad. Is there anybody there? Just me alone. Do not worry. Sir, help me… Mr. Rescue Squad staff, Quickly help me.. Sir, save me. Don’t worry. What should I do… I will save you. If you get too excited, This lever tool plus your gossip would be very dangerous… What, what, ahhh… I’m not going to fall right… Of course you’re not going to fall, From now on … Look at my eyes, Don’t look elsewhere.. um, um Just look at my eyes. Good. Now I’ll carry you out, Wait, wait. I have to open this part first, Let me do it first.. The seat belt must be removed first. Well now, Don’t move first… ah Don’t worry, Sorry … I have to hold your bottoms. Now… now… We have to get out of here. 1.. 2.. 3.. Your skirt is caught in the seat… I would slowly pull it. One … My skirt… Sir, you really… Skirt is not so important at this time. Come on we have to get out … No… Now is not the time… Give me a break… If so, wear this. Give it to me. Damn. This guy is really .. Sir.. sir.. Ji Goo … Are you okay? Ji Goo … Ji Goo .. Are you okay? Ji Goo …
Are you alright? She has been successfully saved. Yeah. Now pull us up. Don’t worry. I was very anxious. We were very worried about you … while going down there,
Initially everything went well The rope moves, then … Yes .. yes .. I understand how you feel … You must remember Ji Goo I have checked, I’m the victim here, What’s your KTP number? Didn’t I told you just now? Ahh I had fill it in. Thus, at the junction, I just go straight
It was a sudden car accident We can confirm your statement through
the traffic cctv video footage. – Later we’ll contact you back.
– It’s not like that Sir .. sir .. Ugh… It’s okay? Drink this coffee drink. You are Kim In Hei, right? I do things like this every day, But this is the first time
someone sitting next to me, After almost dying. Don’t worry. Believe in us as a rescue team. Do not talk too much … All this is your job. Err .. Yes … Ahh .. Don’t bother her. Leaving without saying anything? At least, just say thank you. Make us look any useful. She didn’t say anything
so what should I do … You .. Why didn’t you ask … Hey .. hey .. you.. Yeah, you’re attracted … You saw her? Mmm kind of sweet. Yes, very pretty, The moment she looked at me .. With her eyes … I’m really regret… You did not say anything to her? How could I do it. I’m embarrassed … You should have said something … However, she was
wearing my jacket That’s true … So why however? If you borrow clothes from others,
What would you do? What else … I definitely come back again
after a while, with clothes that are clean. She definitely must come back. Of course she will come back and say, – Oops
– Thank you Much obliged. Thank you very much. At that time,
and in such circumstances I did not say thank you. Then I’ll say, ah yeah, who are you? You did well. Hey Ji Goo! Yes! Some people are looking for you. Who? Look like the woman you save. That woman. Yeah! Where’s he going? You’ve got a call. I love you. What the fuck … Please help me find my hand bag. At least help me to wash it. Oh.. oh.. sorry. I’m too busy. Sorry. Oh, It’s okay. So your excuse to meet me
is only to find your hand bag, Yeah, ahh.. I’ve ask others
but they all said no. Of course they refused,
what if they don’t manage to find it. but, really … The information inside the car
is very important to me What if you do it
as a personal task. I will never undertakes
a mission for just a person. Look… This place has been sealed. And the rescue team task is not to look for something
but to save lives. What do you mean? On TV, it’s said you will assist
in finding cats and dogs. It’s not the same thing. Yes, I understand. Where are you going? It’s dangerous there, Don’t mind me. After all that I did,
why are you like this? I’m trying to take care of you
in order not to do … So you’re not going to go there, right? Are you okay? Let me see. Do not push me .. ahh … Sorry. You’re hurt, See, I told you. It’s very dangerous. ah Besides, I don’t know
what is in the bag. Whether it’s still intact or not. Please go. Can you stand up? I’m really easy to be fooled.
Usually I’m the one injured. How can someone …
Who doesn’t want help act like this. Very excited to meet me
and then go off in anger. Quickly. How much longer? Do not let us get in trouble. How much longer? Ah, damn it. Damn it. Don’t be quick to get angry. Do it one more time. If the transaction is successful, I’ll buy you something,
Michael Jordan Collection.. Really? Of course, when did I ever fool you. Hold it. 1 … 2 … 3 … Ouch … This is their waste. It smells … Silent. It smells very bad. Oh, it got on my shoes. I said quiet. Damn it. Alright. Hello, everybody stand up! These shoes are quite expensive. Silent. Come, come with us. What is this … Get some light. Damn it, all of them are dead. Shine downward … Can’t be trusted. How did it turn out this way?
Damn it. release my hand. ah, damn it. Release it. Release me, you fucking idiot. Please help me. Hey idiot,
only you survived? Please save me. The others are dead. Say something … The shit just hit me in the face.. This is really crazy Watch him… ah ah ah ah I have to take my hand phone. Don’t forget to wear your mask. May 2nd. How can that be?
May 2nd. May 2nd. How can it end like this? Nonsense. I’m just a courier, However… Now there is one person who survived. The transaction still have to go on. You can not possibly not know! Why are you doing this to me? Ah.. really unlucky. Hello! Hello, wait a minute. There are police,
Let’s go. Let’s get going. I’m unwell. Fucking idiot. Ah..damn it. Didn’t you see it? Sorry. Where did he go? You have severe flu. You need a lot of rest. I’ll give you some medications. Wow. Mom. Fucker, really? I understand, I understand, I said, I understand. I’ll catch him. I’ll catch him soon. Let’s go. Your dissertation data is lost? Yes, I’m sorry. There’s no time left. Dr. Kim will not be in charge
anymore, someone else will replace her. But now, there’s not much we can do. I’m sorry, about that, I will work harder
at the end of this semester. Sorry, At least don’t involve others. That woman really sucks. If we get caught … It was your idea to help her, You forced me
to do all this. Understand. Elder brother … You said, you know a lot about women. You also do
dangerous things for them. This is also work for the public. It’s official. I will file a complaint. I didn’t really mean it. Elder brother … Please don’t touch her things. Do you like it when someone else
touching your things? Of course not. But you can do it politely. Just because you do it politely, so it’s up to you if you go
through other people’s hand bags. Hey, You’re too polite. What if
this is not that woman’s hand bag? Well, what? This is too much. But I’m already too tired
I want to take a break. Tired, tired. If so why Tung Su run off
with another man Don’t talk about Tung Su. What is this … She’s a doctor. Who’s calling. Hey man politely answer the phone. The phone still vibrates. Don’t answer, don’t answer. I already answered. Talk … Hello. Uncle, who are you? Why answer my mom’s phone? Mom? Why uncle take so long? I have to go home quickly. Now, because of uncle
I will be home late. Traffic jam. Sorry. Who are you uncle? What do you do? My name? My mother told me not to talk
with people we do not know Really? I’m Kang Ji goo. I’m from the rescue team. Look at this, Read it, It’s correct?. Rescue team staff. I don’t understand the writing. I’m really a member of the rescue team. What is the rescuer team’s task? Helping people
in a dangerous situation. This includes doctors too? We are stronger than the doctor. Doctors can only
help people in the hospital. I’m the one who deliver
those people there. And doctors do it To get the money, we do so voluntarily. You understand it, voluntarily. Give me my mom’s hand bag. How do I know you’re really her daughter? Your mom is always like that
when she sleeps? Your mother’s really unique. Enough is enough. Give me her bag. All right, take it. Are you going? Uncle, give me your name card. Maybe there is something missing, We need to call you. Alright. Here, take it. I’ll take you home. No need, My mom told me not to go in
other people’s cars. My teacher is going to take me home. Don’t worry By the way
Thank you. She is really her daughter. That’s really her child. It’s not an exaggeration. But she and her daughter are very similar. ha ha ha She’s a married woman So it is in vain then … Yes, I’m on the way home. Class! Class monitor. You ate something wrongly? Children… It’s time to eat snacks. What is it? Are you okay? Not here. Why? – Why are you so late?
– Sorry I’m late. I’m sorry …
I’m sorry … Thank you. Mom. Did you do what the nanny tells you aunt? Like it? Ohh … Finally I found it. Thank you dear. Thank you, my sweet Mi Reu. I love you dear. You know, mom finds it very difficult to find. Uncle from the rescue team
help to find mom’s handbag. And I did not go in his car. If there’s something missing
from mom’s handbag, Just call the uncle. I told him
to provide his contacts, So that he could be responsible later. We don’t really know
the person. Ohh my dear. My dear Kim Mi Reu. Of course, I’m mom’s daughter. I’m incredible, right? Say thanks to me. Say thank you very much.
Thank you very much dear. Because you live for mom. What should mom buy for you? I … want a cat. Mother had already said, the one
thing you can’t have is a cat. Ohh …
Ohh … Cannot keep a cat. The cat’s leg is injured. It cannot be adopted. No one wants it. It need someone to take care of it. Is acupuncture treatment enough? That’s okay, right? Mom will make you, your favorite food. At that time he talks nonsense. Why not help me from the beginning. Now in fact he goes alone
to find it. Mom, telephone call. Oh, I’ve found the USB thumbdrive. Doctor, there is an emergency. You need to come here. Virus attack? the body temperature
is more than 40 degrees. the man is being isolated. But we do not know the cause. All right, I understand. I’ll be right there. That’s all right. Go mom, for my sake. But, what about your dinner? I can feed myself. It’s an emergency, Right now I can’t get the nanny. Mom, just help me this time. I don’t always ask for mom’s help. Only this time only. Dr. Kim. Here. Mom must help me to take care of Mi Reu. You should, I have to hang up. Isolation area. Is he vomiting blood? Has he been injected with antibiotics? Blood poisoning can lead to coma. With anti-hypertensive drugs
we couldn’t control his blood pressure. We have to examine his internal organs. Have you’ve checked
where he ever traveled? We haven’t check. Doctor, this. I need time,
I will inject this drug first. okay. Is that the patient’s belongings? Ah, yeah right. Professor. How’s the patient’s condition at this time? This is the patient recording. View this recording. There’s a possibility of infection from
the container. Based on this video, there’s a possibility he is attacked
by some sort of bird flu virus. What are you saying? Our country is attacked by bird flu virus? Are you the family of the patient? Yeah, something like that. Have you seen the video in his hand phone? What happens inside the container? I do not understand what you mean. We do not know the cause of his sickness… but for the moment he seems
to be infected with bird flu virus. To make sure it’s really is a virus, So I think you’ll understand. What virus? Like a computer virus? He always drank cough medicine. Where’s the container? Where is he? No need, He isolated at this time. Damn it. I have to meet my younger brother. Why are you guys … standing in my way? Emergency conditions ….
Emergency conditions …. Immediately proceed to the isolation room. Emergency conditions ….
Emergency conditions …. You cannot go there. Move over guys. You may be infected as well. Catch … catch him. Byeong Woo … You may not enter. Byeong Woo … Byeong Woo … You must not hold him, Don’t, let go. Come on, Quickly, take him out of here. Hold him fast. Byeong Woo … Kitty. Kitty. Where are you? Kitty, I came, I brought a lots of yummy food. Miow …miow.. Kitty. Damn it. Be careful when walking. Damn it. Are you sick? I’m sick, don’t come closer. Or you’ll be in danger. Go there. Don’t come close. Call me Mi Reu. Why do you keep following me? Go home to your house now. Go on, go home, go home. I said, call me Mi Reu. Mi Reu. Mi Reu. Your name’s Mi Reu. I’m Moon Sai. My name is Moon sai. Ahh … Moon sai. Oh, thank you. You’re a good girl. Looking at you, I remember my sister. Moon sai … You’re sick … Moon sai, I will find someone to help. Moon sai You must hold on. You have to wait for me, understand. Wait for me. Come on my little friend, come out. How can I reach it? Don’t give your heart to a beautiful woman. Come on out little fella. It’s hard to live. There’s a wonderful place, yes? You really don’t remember? I really don’t remember. Come on, come out, Stop it, Ah, contact. Oh Mi Ki. Did you suffer? How is it there? Mommy is sorry, Ah, it’s funny. Really funny. Sir. Rescuing dog is not with the mouth. This is very disturbing. When there’s call to 119, We instead end up helping a puppy. There must be an error in the system. Hello. Who? This photo, This is a photo of a bird flu patient
in vietnam last year. His face was red. Look at the photos of the patient Byeong Woo, The situation is very different. Strangely both are similar. But the spread is not as fast as this. Perhaps the patient is already sick before this, Do you have any infected patients in
addition to the patient’s in this hospital? None yet. Judging from the rate of death with the
number of patients, what could it be? … This should be handled by the
Disease Operations Center in our country. This’s the best way. Doctor! There are some patients
with the same condition. Make way … make way … Out of the way… out of the way… Director, There is a call from the police, they have found the container. Doctor, This patient’s condition is also the same. Make way …. Take emergency precautions immediately. Where is he … Moon Sai is sick. Mi Reu, uncle should go. Uncle have to go back to work. Moon Sai … Moon Sai … Uncle should go now. Moon Sai … – How can a child loses a “Moon Sai”
– Moon Sai This child … Moon Sai … Tell uncle, your mom’s phone number, Mom’s phone number, Tell me… Why? I can’t give my mom’s phone number. I called uncle to find Moon Sai. Is not that, Mi Reu. Your mom is very busy. Uncle is also very busy. Quickly find Moon Sai. You should not disturbs uncle like this. Moon Sai. Uncle go first. Understand. Sleepy … sleepy … Gosh …. – Moon Sai …
– Moon Sai , Moon Sai Uncle, why don’t you look seriously for him. Yes, I understand, – Moon Sai …
– Moon Sai Where are you Moon sai … This is enough, Quickly take the picture. Quickly close the door. We have not found
the source of the disease, At this time it would be very difficult
to conclude the cause. However, based on the current situation. It can be concluded that
this is an infectious virus. I thought that animal’s viruses
cannot infect humans? WH5, now can infect humans H5 from… I’m talking, Why do you interrupts me? I mean, Don’t interrupts me. What I want to say is that
we’re all infected and can die. Although only those infected for
more than 60 hours are going to die. Mr. Mayor. The time of death of the infected patients is rapidly diminishing. Wait. This is Bundang’s Mayor, Mr. Mayor. Stop, stop. He has not finish. What conclusions do you want to say earlier. It’s a disease pandemic What is “Pandemic”? Please interrupts everything, You don’t speak clearly. Try to explain so that it’s
more easily understood. Describe the core of what you said earlier. Like for example, if the virus spreads … will have a major impact. Is that the point? Soon … Scorched earth Bundang Scorch the earth? “Across the Pacific Ocean … ” “What a very pleasant
helped keep the boy .. ” Geez … Yes it’s fun, very fun. It’s like a dream come true. “Looking better …
World for the better … ” Then, I hang up. Yes hang up,
so that the child stopped singing. She’s very noisy. “The fact that we have to deal … ” There’s one thing … Uncle’s lunch with me … The must be kept a secret from mom… Understand. Uncle will not mention this to your mother. Mi Reu, uncle have to go back on duty. Even if Uncle should not know
mom’s phone number, But uncle show know your dad’s
phone number. What’s the number? Dad has not returned. Mom would cry. Why’s mom crying? Mom cried every day. I also cry sometime. Mi Reu not live with dad? Dad’s in America. And he left Mi Reu with mom. ha .. ha .. ha .. It’s outrageous … He left behind his pretty daughter. Stop it. Because my dad left me, I couldn’t go during the
school’s opening ceremony. Uncle, you don’t know anything. Uncle understand. Uncle didn’t eat his food. Geez no, Mi Reu want it? Want it? No. I want to give it to Moon Sai. The “Moon Sai” again. Moon Sai … Moon Sai … Uncle, Help me, to put on my hair band. Geez … I never had someone to take care off. Here. Good. It’s beautiful. Uncle, buy me another glass of
strawberry smoothie. Mi Reu, you have a cold? If you have a cold,
you should not drink cold drinks. But I want to drink it. Your order, a strawberry smoothie Bundang is an urban area. In Bundang at the least, there
are approximately 460,000 people. What? Scorch the earth? This area is only 15km from Seoul. Here, is like Seoul. How many international standard events
are held here each year How can you make such an irresponsible statment. What can you do? Mr. Mayor. If it is true, this case is due
to some sort of virus, We will lose
more than we can imagine. You’re so afraid of a new virus, But you said it as if,
we are like the cats and dogs. Mr. Mayor. Let’s leave first. There is another meeting you need to attend. We are holding a meeting now, what else? Now the disease is spreading … We will ask the more experienced … Come on everyone,
we have 30 minutes to eat. Time is running out … Eat as fast as possible. Professor. In the container there was a survivor. There’s a survivor? Oh Brother, Did you get my message? I’ve given instructions as well. The child fell asleep. It’s really crazy. I’ll call you again. Are you okay? Shine downward … Hold. The container containing the stowaways, It is clear there is a survivor. Now there is evidence,
that there is a survivor. All this, why is it? Now you starting a game He is in Bundang. Byeong Woo case is the first case. Nowadays, even doctors
could be an investigator? You are the police chief, Seongnam? Yes sir. Mr. Mayor If this is an epidemic, This will spread
faster than we can imagine. You’re a doctor, right? It seems you have no idea
what is your duty. Don’t create problems here. If you were given a choice … Would you want to destroy or build? You make your own choice! Mr. Director, Currently we are in a critical situation. The number of patients is increasing rapidly. Professor, currently, all hospitals in Bundang are filled with infected patients. Doctor, we must speed up the process. Uncle … Uncle rescuer . Here, here. Immediately handle it. How about now? Come on … Currently, we will begin the evacuation. Right now, don’t go to any crowded places. I can not think of much right now, Oh, there, Stay there, do not go anywhere. I’m going to meet mom there. I understand. Get on board. After finishing your call. Professor, currently, my daughter is alone out there … Let me go for awhile… Dr. Kim. You don’t know how’s
the conditions out there today. That’s all right. I believe you can survive, Don’t worry, come back quickly. Where is she … View the previous recordings. The previous recordings,
is the one below that. 4 May, 15 hours After Infections
Liaison Road, Bundang Don’t tell me, mom can’t go there? Actually, what happened in Bundang? Speak slowly so mom can understand. Mom, don’t come here. I’m going to seoul with Mi Reu. We must make a public notification If people knew, they will not remain silent. If you make an announcement about this,
everything is going awry And it will further spread the virus. Mayor Choi … We have to tell him,
the Prime Minister. This is my territory. Once you tell him, this problem will be widespread. Sir … Why are these guys? He’s exaggerating it. All we have to do now is
to stop the spread of this outbreak So we will make an announcement
after meeting with the President. Mayor Choi. From now on, leave this to me. Prime Minister, the President is here. Once infected, all will die immediately, Plus there is no cure.
Is this true? Even so, until now … We have made a decision. Will hold a public announcement,
until after Bundang’s isolation. Give the report to me now. How long does it take
to isolate Bundang. All road users,
you are not allowed to pass through… What happened? I’m heading there,
where are you? She was heading to … That’s E-Mart’s door, right? Yesterday, an influenza epidemic has spread
in some areas, in Bundang The Epidemic Prevention Division had done an inspection
and conclude that this is some sort of epidemic. This is a new flu outbreak
and it’s very dangerous, For the safety of you all,
I will do my best … Why not give the medicine for the cure. To date, there is no cure
for this disease. The people who had survived it has not been found,
So how can we make the antibodies The estimated number of the infected
and the dead will rise. Are you saying that,
this epidemic will kill thousands of lives? Maybe there will be
10 thousand people who died. Where Mi Reu,
Where my Mi Reu. There… It’s her … Where Mi Reu, my daughter is now? Mom … Mom… Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Let’s do it this way, the first to
find Mi Reu immediate update. Wait, you need to use a mask. Mi Reu … Mom … Mi Reu … Are you okay? Mom… Mi Reu … Mi Reu …
Are you okay? This is mom …
This is mom … Why’s Mi Reu here? Come here. Mom… Wear your mask. Police has decided to
blockade the supermarket … We have to get out of here. There … Mom, Be still, Mi Reu … Mom come quick, My son is outside. Hello professor, The situation is dire, you have to come soon,
This will be the last flight. Can you add for one more person? There’s one more person who will come on board. Okay, I understand. Alright, thank you Professor. Come on, we got to get out of here. Come with us, let’s get out of here. In Hae, you go ahead. Ji goo, over there, there are the infected. I know, but I’m a rescuers team member. Not a single person here who knows
you’re a rescuers team member. I know that … Here, take my car with Mi Reu
hurry away from here … Mi Reu, you know right where uncle’s car is. This time don’t let go of
mom’s hand, understands. This time don’t forget to wash my car,
and return it to me, okay. Wait. Mom….
Mom… Why don’t we go with uncle? He is helping the people there. Sheesh can open it with your feet? Damaging something with a kick,
it’s not the time now. Out there, it’s like an earthquake zone. Can’t you come earlier … You just called … Be careful … Thank you My son … Slowly … This part is very sharp. Sir, thank you, thank you … Yes, thank you as well… I had to go on board the helicopter now, I a Medical Staff, Kim In Hae. Definitely on the list. Well, wait a minute. There’s no time, Alright, immediately go there. Ahh, Stop ..stop. Why? This child is not allowed to go
if she has the flu symptoms. It’s not the flu. It’s just a regular cough,
It will disappear by itself. We do not care about it. The child… Please step aside. The current spread of bird flu
is very dangerous The symptoms are skin redness. I’m a medical expert. Just because of a small cough,
we can not pass! I know, I know My daughter is not having a fever. We just following the existing regulations. Hey, this is … Go back. It has been confirmed, it is the H5N1 virus. It’ll infect birds or man and then spread to others. It had recently also appeared in Zhejiang
and Jiangsu in China and in other places. It has emerged as H7N9. In Indonesia and other countries,
this flu has spreads from human to human. A Korean outbreak like this does not exist, But it appears that this is the H5N1 virus Like normal influenza,
but with high infection rates. Can be said as a monster virus. Virus spread can only be prevented
by using masks. So we can use the gas mask. Never remove the gas mask guys. Prepare to leave. Car. No. 26, Car. No. 24, start moving.. As a President, it’s a very painful moment,
at not being able to protect … People’s lives are precious
and existing national assets, can only remain in place. For all those who are affected by this
epidemic and is facing this situation, I have a full responsibility on all this. To resolve the problem of the
influenza outbreaks in Bundang’s area, We as a government, will put in our
maximum efforts. This is my promise to all
my people are out there. To all the residents of Bundang,
I beg you to hold on and survive. Everybody should wear a mask. The Government has set isolation
regions for this outbreak, For anyone who is still healthy … How come, you did not board the flight? Sorry Professor, but there are a survivor
from the container. If he’s still alive, we can make antibodies. The police were looking for him.
The police will soon find him. Professor, currently everyone
is brought to the same isolation area. You know how dangerous it is to gather all
the people in one place at this time. We are still looking for a way out. If you’ve reach there, give the description
of the survivor to them. And leave there as soon as possible
with your daughter. To speed up the process of evacuation,
immediately prepare your Identity Card. Just for the influenza outbreak,
it involve the helicopters as well. Things like this cause a reduced
supply of oil in this country. Geez … Our country is really … Everyone at Bundang at the moment, is considered a potentially
infectious person, and will be segregated at the camp. We initially track down the
infectious person by visual examination. Is this a sign? You have a red mark. The various status of contamination
will be determined through PCR test. A symptomatic person,
within the first 48 hours with a negative test results
may leave the camp. This way it’s too dangerous. Placing an infected person and
non infected in the same place. The number of infected
will increase sharply. In the end … Wait a minute. If we don’t control it, the
infected people will travel from Bundang. And our country will be finished. Is that not what you said, Doctor. Even if it’s just in Bundang,
we must not let the virus is spread. so we have to focus on the containment. It’s not necessarily that the person making contact
with an infected person, will be infected as well. The estimates is about 50% chance. and the remaining 50%
is not necessarily healthy. Although we isolate them. The prime minister, 50% of the residents of Bundang is
equivalent to more than 200 thousand inhabitants. Doctor, if 50% of the citizens of Korea,
how many is that? You’re going to infect 25 million people. I want to say, we have to find a way
to treat it and make antibodies Ahhh … I understand, I understand … From now on, We will focus on the isolation plan. The prime minister, saw in several towns in
Egypt and other countries in the isolation, The young children there are
using the internet, youtube… They record video with their hand phone, then send it via the internet with attach comments. Then the blockade must include
the Bundang’s area network. The blockade includes its communication network. It’s a very good idea. Such a control would make
the crisis control becomes easier. Wait. I didn’t say about quarantine. Quarantining them together is not the right thing. I don’t approve of this. We do not need your permission in this meeting. Why there is no mobile network here … Oh, wait a minute. Hello, I’m Kim In Hae,
a member of Bundang Infection Control Center. Have you filled your name and identity card? I should have joined the medical team. Due to a slight problem, I came here. Can you call my boss? No. 2967, look behind you. Because of you Aunty, the rest is delayed. If you need confirmation, Phone Dr. Yang for confirmation. Your number is 2966. Next. Just now I was alone at home, Now every one can see me… That’s uncle. Mi Reu … Uncle’s naked. Move along..move along… Don’t look. Why? I told you, don’t look. Hey kid, why? Why did you do this?
Are you mad huh? Ah you’re hot … Mom will tied back your hair. Mom, let’s go forward. Quick …quick… Mom… 3899 I’m going to take a sample
from your mouth, open your mouth wide. Come on. Put the hand bag below. Extend your arm. Mom, 2966 what is that? It’s a replacement number for name. Mi reu 2966 And mom is 2967, understands. Don’t cough. Why? If you’re coughing, they will not
put mom and Mi Reu together. Please follow the instructions of the
commander in the region of isolation … Isolation Area After 10 Hours
Tan Chuan Barrack, Non Infection Area. Can’t you see there’s already
too many people here. Mom, I’m hungry. Why did you let me
slept on this thing? Mom, come on. Mi Reu … Oh uncle. I’ve been looking for you guys since yesterday. Kim Mi Reu you should not be
in contact with the uncle. Why like this so suddenly. Did I do something wrong? Absolutely not. Did I make you angry? Let me help you,
It’s it wrong to help you here. I don’t want you to help us. You’re … Forget it. Because I’m worried
I’m here with you two. Now that you have said that …
It was a bit excessive … Bye uncle. Sir, you really don’t know the
current conditions in Bundang. Everyone here lived
in a large apartment. Now you tell us to
live in a small tent. At the very least you should
let us bring our own tent. You think you could organize us arbitrary? How can we live here … There’s no water and the toilet don’t work. We’re like dogs or pigs. Now we are … I order you back to your tents, fucker. I just wanted to say, I’m done. Why do you treat us like this. Hey, from now on, no one is
longer allowed to complain. There should be no more saying
you are not satisfied. Hey sir,
do you think about what are you doing? Who are you? Don’t talk like that to me.
I asked you, what did he do? Damn, are you dead? Wait a minute. Everyone stop. Calm down. Why you fucking interrupts! Troops leader. All the people are looking at you right now. Take it. Young, and full of anger. Everybody knows how’s the current situation. Yes sir. Return to your tents. We must not be bunched together. Return to your tents. B17 back to your tent. Where? Tent B17 … Mom, I don’t cough anymore. Good. Mi Reu, It’s OK
That’s all right. After quarantining residents in Bundang area,
Bundang residents faced another problem … Unilateral enforcement of isolation
with no notice, This makes people angry,
and very difficult to stabilize. If Seoul were also infected,
How will … Blockage of Bundang area received
35% of the Korean’s public support. The blockade in Bundang area
is still be a controversy. They are not concerned with our loss, They are only worried about the effect
against themselves … It’s a normal thing for humans. So it is best,
to send CDC scientists there. Isolation in Bundang area is good. Even if you invest more money
it will have no effect at this time. Dr., It’s the Americans who are
currently in charge at the moment. Either you accept it or understand it. To enforce it,
let the government’s employees do it. Our members’re not many. I know that guy. He’s Jeon Gook Hwan,
the Commander in Qingnan in the year of 2009 Ah, right. At that time, two of our members died. No wonder. You know all the members of the
infected rescuer teams? Bundang rescuer team? I’m going. But you two look quite healthy. We’re fine now,
but we still have to wait for test results. Sir, the information is accurate but … did you see it yourself? In a disaster like this, nothing is certain. What if after 48 hours the symptoms
of infections did not appear. I will assign you again, What do you think? We still have 48 hours to make sure accurately. Please confirm for No.3889 -3889
– Here. So what do we do now? Why is everyone so agitated. No. 3890 3890 … You cannot go out. You’ve enforced it? Yes. He can’t get out. I told you so … I will lead the troops to
shift to a safe area. – 3798, No.3798
– That’s his number. Please show your identity card. It is very difficult to get food here. If you are not a civil servants,
you will not get it. Oh, she’s here too. Silent. Well, there’s news .. that, the infected will be killed. They will all be shipped out of here. How could it happen in Bundang? This place is a district
under our jurisdiction. You think I’m making this up. That man said it. I understand … I understand. Don’t be constantly with him
You’re not his subordinates. But it’s more than a day,
the people here are not supplied with water. They do not want to put us together with
the infected, but they make us die of hunger. Eat a little. I’ve no appetite,
after all, why I should eat. They said they would give
bread tomorrow, but eat a little. Ahh, never mind. Pretend you didn’t saw it. Hmm. In Hae, I understand,
you don’t want to be separated from Mi Reu, But holding Mi Reu here
is dangerous as well. We don’t make contact with others. We always wore masks. So we are not going to infect others. I’ll take care of her. How can you be so selfish. You’re not even a doctor here. There is currently no treatment
for this outbreak. What do you mean? At this moment everyone
infected are being treated. Ji goo, as you say …
I’m a doctor. I understand better the current
situation than anyone else here. So you’re saying,
what the government says is a lie? So what they do with those people? I don’t know, But definitely, what is said by
your seniors it’s not just a rumor. So if you’ve been infected,
you will be killed along with the others? If we also infected,
we will be killed as well? I.. I need to be with Mi Reu. Mi Reu … It’s all because of me. No, it’s not all because of you, I, as her mother,
is not taking care of her well. I’m sorry … I’m sorry … Currently, the sound of gunshots is heard,
It is the sound of gunshots to kill birds in Bundang This is a precautionary measure to
prevent the spread of the virus. Each person, please line up to get food. Brother, you came. I think, that guy knows about everything. This time it must be true. At a time like this you’re still
dealing with love affairs. It’s not what you imagine. You can lie to anyone,
but not with me, I know you. You continue to pay attention to her … I told you it’s not like
what you imagine. Hey, why are you so sensitive
if it’s about her. – Look at your red face …
– Brother, I don’t feel like joking. I’m just kidding. I understand … I understand. How could you think … Infected Patients Area
(Fitness Center Complex’s Parking Area) This guy has a normal body temperature. Forget it,
Even so, he still brought here. Wait. He looks like the man we’re looking for. Wait. Try to open his mask. It’s him. Try facing here. Dr. Kim, what are you doing here? Dr. Kim In Hae. We have found the survivor of the container. He has been infected,
but he’s still alive today. If we managed to make antibodies,
treatment for the infected can be done. Really, there will be a cure. In the meantime, please take care of Mi Reu. Quickly go then. Mom, you told me you wouldn’t to leave. Mom would soon return. It’s a lie. Mom do this for Mi Reu. Mom would soon return. Don’t lie, I would know. Look at this, This Mi Reu, over. This Mi Reu, over. In Hae, you tried it too, just so you know
whether her voice is transmitting or not. Mi Reu, this is mom. Mi Reu also answer, yes. Mom. Can hear, yes. If Mi Reu call mom,
mom will certainly hear it. Of course, then mom will
quickly run here. Don’t worry. Over. Mom, Over. He had been infected for more than 2 weeks,
and his conditions is still very stable. I have already done the blood tests as well. Currently, we can make antibodies for a cure. What do you think? Yes, I think so as well. Professor, if the serum is separated, What we can directly inject the
patients to see how he reacts? No, We have to wait and confirmed the effectiveness
of these antibodies against the virus Although the current situation is very
precarious, we still have to wait. Only then we can separate the serum. You want to do it, You do not know for sure
if it has not been medically tested. Injecting antibodies into the body of the
infected, can be very dangerous. It can be fatal. Sorry. Mi Reu. How?
Are you able to heal Mi Reu? Doctor, let’s go. Uncle will meet Mi Reu again. Where’s No.2966 2966, No.2966 There’s no one inside. Stop right there. Where’s 2966? Who’s 2966 We want to confirm your ID.. 2966, that’s me. No. 2966 identified as infected. Please show your ID card. Identity card, wait a minute. In Hae, give my card. You’re saving my cards right. Come on. Go. This is 2966. Wait, sorry. Why are you being 2966? Because my number is 2966 so 2966. 2966 has been identified as infected, That way you will be brought there. Brother, I have to go there. No.2966, you have to be moved
to the quarantine area. Move it. Move to the second quarantine area. Where the bastards who killed my younger brother? You are the one doing all of this, fucker. Hey, was your mask was open just now? No. This is the room where you make a decision? Yes This many people who are not infected
after 48 hours? Mr. President, If I can offer some proven explanation. The virus is spreads so rapidly through the camp,
that we simply cannot afford to let anyone out. A promise remains a promise. If they must be moved,
then we must move them. It’s not like that, Mr. President. There are 23 thousand people left at
the barrack to take care for… Those who survive will be more, Who said that? This report from the medical team there. So they ordered them
not to go anywhere. Should further tighten the vigil. There’s no other choice, Although this will make
Bundang’s residents suffer But the important thing now is the
security of the Republic of Korea Is the residents of Bundang
not part of the Republic of Korea? This is not just about Korea any more. If this virus spreads,
the impact on the world could be … Please remember, the eyes of the world
is on Korean right now. He’s my only my friend. Seniors, even if you’re out of here,
Bundang is not easy to leave. I can take care of that. You don’t need to be like this. Senior brother. I do not know,
if you can help me … Ahh, someone seems to have dropped this thing. Thank you, really thank you. Thank you, Senior brother. Still have to wait
for the next result, You better get some rest. You have not taken much break, right? Kim In Hae is also concerned
with my condition. Alright then. Watch her carefully. Mi Reu … This guy, this guy … Gook Hwan help a lot. You have to see him and thank him. You may be infected, when you are here. Before the results is out,
you should still to use these clothes. If you want to get out,
you have to prepare 20 million. Brother, is In Hae and Mi Reu okay? You’re really excited. What kind of woman that … You’re really … Brother, please find out … 48 hours had passed,
in fact it’s already overdue by 12 hours. But why don’t you move us out? You see,
I don’t have symptoms of the disease. My wife was taken for treatment, But why isn’t there anymore
news about her? Hey sergeant, what’s the hold up? Sir, there seems to be a big problem … Sergeant, just let us go. Get out. I don’t want to hurt you, My daughter is dying. Only you can help her. Right now I need your serum. I do not want to, I’m afraid. Mi Reu..Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Mi Reu … I found Moon Sai … Mi Reu …
Are you okay, Huh? Mi Reu… Mi Reu…
Wake up … You need my blood. Open the door. Kim In Hae, what are you doing? What are you doing? Put that down! Why are you hiding infected children? Once the virus is spread,
the treatment will not be useful anymore. You’re the first to get out of here. Please be even faster. Yeah, right. Come on. Mi Reu.. Mi Reu… Mi Reu… Mi Reu… Have you seen a little girl,
newly brought here? Don’t touch it,
You can only see her. Here, There are people who are still alive. That person will soon die. What? I told you, he will die. Let’s go. Hey, are you crazy? Can’t you see?
This person is still alive. What you can’t see,
is that, here’s no hope. Those who’re newly brought in today
are over there. Mi Reu … Test result is out … It is confirmed, that it can be used as an antibody. Bring him outside. Where is my daughter, where’s my daughter? Kim In Hae… Oh God … Give her the anti-body. Where Mi Reu, where Mi Reu? She’s already taken
to the infected patient. What did he do? Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Mi Reu … I’ve told you, enough is enough,
from the beginning until now you continue to do this. Hey, quickly wear your mask. Even if I wear it … Just wear your mask … – I don’t want to wear it.
– Wear your mask. Just go. Mom, how come you’re here? My son. I said, why mom could be here? Mom came to attend a birthday party of a friend … Mom do you know what this place is … Let go… Mom… Don’t hit my son. Uncle will find your mom. There vandals from outside. Who are you? Put down your weapon. If you don’t comply,
I’ll shoot you. Shoot! fucker. Don’t be like that,
mom will be fine. Mom will be treated there. Mom, look.
Mom will die in there. This disease has no cure. What do you say damn! You better shut up! There is no cure for this disease, There’s no treatment? You can see the smoke coming from the
bodies this motherfucker burn. You want to shoot me? Shoot fucker! Shoot fucker! Hey Min Gun … The man who shot! Mi Reu … What the person said is true, This is outrageous. It’s crazy. Let’s go in there. There are only dead people, Don’t misunderstand me. There are those still alive! There are those still alive! In Hae … Mi Reu …Mi Reu, it’s mom. In Hae, you hear me? Can you hear me? Mi Reu … Dr. Kim In Hae… There’s riots everywhere. We have to get out of Bundang. I cannot go. The antibody that we examined
must not be contaminated, There’s too many people here,
we should go away from here. My daughter is still here. In Hae, this is Ji Goo..this is Ji Goo,
do you hear me? Yes. Where are you? I’m at the parking area of the
Fitness Center Complex. Underground car park. Mi Reu… Mi Reu… They plan to kill us all! Parking space next to where? Stop .. stop .. I already at the parking lot,
where are you? In Hae! Kim In Hae! Stop! Who ordered the soldiers
to retreat with the medical team? The situation is no longer under control. In this case, if the soldiers is infected
with the medical team could … This happens because you didn’t move the
people who are not infected after 48 hours. We cannot let the people which
may be infected get out. So now, what will we do? The people who’re infected and those uninfected are
separated into certain areas to protect the people. To protect medical teams and military teams
is our responsibility as a government. What we now have to do is conscript as well? How can that be? We must protect the antibody. If we can protect the antibody,
That would make everyone calm. How’s your wound? You have to protect the antibody … In Hae, can you hear me? In hae … You’ve found Mi Reu? Yes, she’s with me now. Is she still alive? I think she’ll be fine. I can’t be sure at this time
but her condition is improving. What about the fever? The fever has been greatly reduced. If so, we can immediately
produce antibodies. Mi Reu, tell your mom
you’re fine. Can you continue to keep me
posted on Mi Reu’s condition? Of course, Right now I’m moving the critical patients. Can you go to west Bundang? In Hae, don’t worry.
I’m definitely going to get there. Hey, disconnect all equipments they use. Do it quickly. Hey you, stop right there. The child was not already dead? Give her to me. Don’t touch her. Ji Goo are you there? Ji Goo… Elder brother, are you okay? Let’s go! Immediately cancel the evacuation,
And ask for more help from the outside. How many military forces can be deployed? Mr. President, Mr. President.
Can I have a moment with you? Not now Mr. Snyder. After this, give me a report. Dr. Yang. Yes. Is the antibodies out of Bundang? It’s on it’s way here,
I’m going out to make sure. We need to talk about this. It’s not the right time,
There’s more important to think about. We should talk about “Op Comm.” protocol, Sir. “Basin pond” road is the boundary between
the isolation area and the western region Mom. Mi Reu, are you okay? Uncle. Mi Reu can talk now? Where’s mom? Mom. Mom will come soon. Mom, I’m sorry. Don’t talk now? I couldn’t go home. You can’t die. We need to go to Seoul
Let Seoul get infected as well. That way the government
would try to help us all. Let’s go to Seoul. In Hae … Mom, where are you? How’s the antibodies? The person who is the source
of antibody had died on the way. Sorry. Dr. Kim In Hae
Why do you say you want to go there? I lost my daughter, Mi Reu. So I had to go back to pick her up. No, you shouldn’t be there. Mi Reu is still alive. Vaccination from the male survivor’s
serum had produce antibodies. I will bring her here. Are you sure about that? I’m not sure,
But we can be sure she is still alive. I’m going to bring my daughter to you. Now is not the time. We do not know what
happened in Bundang today. Professor, my daughter is still
waiting for her mom to come. I have to get there. But we lose the antibodies. You’re not going to let
the virus out of the camp , are you? No. Then they have to sacrifice some
people to protect my country. You need to take action, now!. Shooting is authorized. We will immediately defend the position. We can be sued for this … Prepare to shoot! Aim to the target! Even if we have to be killed,
this is outrageous. You can see, I’m not infected. Please let me out of here. Snyder, did I order you to shoot? Are you crazy! Would you be willing to sacrifice the whole country for a gesture of compassion? But there’s no reason ever to
shoot the innocent people! It’s all under my command. Here!. How can I pass? Here fucker! Do you know what you’re doing now? I know for sure. Do you think I’m doing all of
this because of mere desire? I also decided this with a heavy heart. You killed your own citizen. See this report, what do you think,
Is there is another solution? The blockade in Bundang was originally 35%
and had increase to 96% Why all of this is like a drama on TV! Don’t you think,
how this will be for our entire country? Would you still say no! Mom, are you okay? The lethal protocol that we discussed this morning. We got no option, we have to launch
operations “clean city”, now! Mi Reu, uncle will be back soon. Wait for uncle here, understand. Uncle don’t go. Mi Reu, the people there
suffered, Uncle must help them. Uncle must because uncle a
member of rescue team? Uncle wanted to help
them, same as uncle help me? Whatever happens,
uncle will come back for Mi Reu. You have to believe in uncle. I will wait for my uncle here. Uncle will be back soon. Mi Reu know
how to use it. Uncle have to go. Ji Goo…
Ji Goo… Mom. Mi Reu, Mi Reu, are you okay? Mom, I’m very scared,
hurry up to come here. Mom is quickly running there. This is a very critical condition,
quickly give an order to disarm them! This is an approval based on the provisions
of KOREA-US battle decisions. Please calm down sir, they say they
will be fully responsible for all this. Wait. There is a little girl who had been
injected with the antibody, and is currently in Bundang. Doctors, you should have seen
the current situation in Bundang. Dr. Yang, follow me. This is a very dangerous battle zone! Please … You are from the medical team, Kim In Hae? Please let me pass. My daughter is actually still alive. Are you sure you daughter
can produce antibodies? Yes, I’m sure. I personally injected the
serum and I heard her voice. Ji Goo, Bundang’s Rescuers
Member is protecting my daughter. I have to go now. Kid, come here. Come here kid, Come here. We must gather and keep walking forward. Yes, we can’t go back again. This car can’t pass through. Mi Reu … Mi Reu … Shut up kid … Shut up! Shut up! Your blood is very useful for uncle. What are you doing to that child? Let go of the child. I do all this all,
so that everything can be saved. Get out there. You are just a person
who live just for yourself. It’s only a little blood, damn it, get out! – Shoot
– Don’t move – Shoot
– I told you, don’t move Anyway, I couldn’t survive,
Why don’t you shoot me? Ji Goo, you hear me? Mi Reu … You should not pass. Why now not allowed? The Commander reversed his decision. You don’t believe me? Leave it all to me We have found the person
with antibodies! No way. I’m not going to be
sway by speculation, My duty is not just not to protect Korea, but to save guard the whole of the rest of the
world. You need to stop the operation, We found the antibodies, Snyder. Snyder! Mi Reu … Uncle! Get out. Defense Commander, I ordered
pre-emptive strikes against protestor. Anybody crossing the orange line. Shoot on sight. I want to pass. Doctor, you should not go there. Go and find the kid.
I’m fine. Go on. I’ll be right back. Mom … mom … Mi Reu … Do not cross the orange line… If you want to get rid of us,
you have to shoot us, you bastard! Keep holding hands! Don’t back down! Don’t retreat … Mom. Don’t come here … Doctor Kim, It that one of your doctor? Yes sir, Mr. President. Mom … Mom … Mi Reu … Mom… Mi Reu … Mom. Mi Reu.. Mi Reu… Do not come here. Shoot. No Captain. Quickly shoot! Mom… Don’t come here Mi Reu … Are you okay? Do not shoot my mom… – Don’t shoot my mom …
– Mi Reu No, it’s too dangerous. Do not shoot my mom… Do not shoot my mom … Mi Reu, child come here quickly. Mom. Come quickly, we can pass. Snyder, tell them to hold the fire. Commander, I’m the President Do not shoot. Do not shoot. Launch secondary strikes as planned Fighter bombers confirmed your position, please. What did you say? Fighter bombers! Just in case, the ROK army losses control on the ground. We scrambled two fighter bombers. South east of Bundang, Confirm the drop location. General, confirmed the location. Will do, Sir. What is this? Where is the child with antibodies? Mr. President please refer to the screen. That child. That child. Successfully recovered and survived. This child survived the deadly flu,
I saw it myself. How do we determine whether
the child has antibodies or not? First of all we must stop the assault. We have not been able to prove
whether the child’s body has antibodies. So let’s prove it. Secretary of State,
immediately contact the Defense Minister. Command to defend the capital
is under the President’s jurisdiction, right? – Here…
– It connected, Sir… Defense Minister, this is the President. I am the Secretary of State Defense,
what can I do for you, Mr. President? Prepare anti – aircraft missiles If you see any air crafts over the
sky of Bundang, immediately shoot it down. This is unacceptable. You have no authority
to countermand my order … Those people, they are my people. Sir, I officially demand you withdraw your order. Synder, I officially warn you, I will shoot them down. All citizens, please go. I got eyes on the target.
I got eyes on the target. Snyder, We’re ready to strike the target. Target locked, confirmation to fire. Mr. Presidential the air crafts has
entered the missile’s shooting range. Get ready to launch. General. Mission Aborted. All birds return to the bird farm. Residents of Bundang, this Korea’s President. No matter what the circumstances,
the government will not abandon you. We have canceled all air strikes. Then we can survive. From now on you can feel at ease, Please wait there. Soon we will send relief vehicles for you. Mom…. Mr. President, you give me no option, but to register the strongest possible complaint with the allies. I know. If the girl doesn’t carry antibodies, I’ll take full responsibility. Come, open Bundang’s blockage. Contact the existing hospital
and send rescuers. Thank you. I’m really grateful. Oh, I’ve never heard the
like of this so far. My situation became
better after hearing that. Mi Reu, give thanks to uncle. Quickly. Geez … Thank you, uncle. Brother, Are you okay? You look fine. That man almost killed me. Your really have a long life span. Come follow me,
My breath started wheezing. – You go first
– You’re really a braggart I’ll catch up with you soon. I know, quickly close it. Although mom wanted to come along,
but now it’s not possible. Professor, please take care of Mi Reu. Do not worry, I will take care
of her as well as possible. The result will be out soon. Can you go alone? Mi Reu, you’re there to
help the lives of many people. Do you understand? Go. Uncle would be fine with my mom right? Sure. Outbreak Prevention Division, today
announced to the survivors from this flu attack, Kim Mi Reu, is the owner of the antibodies. The government will immediately implement
research and produce these antibodies and prioritized Bundang’s residents.
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