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The Eviction Epidemic: Matthew Desmond

December 18, 2019

When we picture a homeless person we often think of an older man on the sidewalk or a bench. But we should really be picturing children and families. Across the country affordable housing is under threat. And people are getting evicted not by the tens or the hundreds of thousands but by the millions. We have an eviction epidemic in America. In recent years, we’ve seen incomes stagnate or fall but housing costs have soared. Today, the majority of poor renting families are spending over half of their income on rent and utilities. When you’re spending that much on housing you’re living one misstep away from losing your home. Losing a home sends families into dangerous neighborhoods and degrading housing conditions. It invites illness and depression. It uproots communities and schools. It harms children. Eviction isn’t just a condition of poverty; it’s a cause of poverty. It’s making things worse. So if we care about children’s futures and education So if we care about children’s futures and education
about healthcare costs or racial inequality about healthcare costs or racial inequality if we care about keeping families together, reducing crime expanding economic opportunity then we have to care about eviction and affordable housing. Home is the center of life. It’s where we go to be safe, to be ourselves. So we need to talk about what eviction is doing to families. We need to have conversations about the affordable housing crisis and we need to keep talking about it until we ensure that every American has a place to call home.

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  • Reply Shog Imas May 18, 2019 at 6:10 am

    And yet they force vaccinations to prevent epidemic diseases. The most epidemics are caused by homelessness, and living in no hygienic and poor conditions are one of the important causes of disease epidemics. Instead of forcing "Go take the shot" I would prefer to hear : Go visit your new apartment. It would be smaller than the normal ones, but people would have a ceiling over their head.

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