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The Diabetes Epidemic – Radhika Vayani, DO

December 30, 2019

– Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Vayani with Primary Care Associates
of Texas and Keller. I’d like to take the next few minutes to talk about diabetes with you all. This illness can have
some devastating effects and I’ve seen it with family,
friends, and patients. Nearly 30 million
Americans have this illness in this country and there are
over 200,000 deaths from it. It is the leading cause
of kidney failure, also. It can also lead to blindness, amputations, and heart disease. Here are some of the common symptoms of diabetes to be aware of: frequent urination, if you find yourself having to urinate more often,
especially at nighttime, this is an indication; increased hunger despite
keeping your diet the same; extreme fatigue throughout the day; blurry vision; cuts or
bruises that are slow to heal; tingling, pain, and numbness
in the feet or hands. Some of the risk factors for diabetes include family history, being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a sedentary lifestyle, women who have had gestational diabetes, and women with PCOS. If you are experiencing
any of these symptoms or have one or more of these risk factors, please come in soon to get evaluated as early detection and treatment reduces the risk of
complications from diabetes.

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