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The Chemical That Allows Bacteria To Wreak Havoc In The Gut

October 12, 2019

Dr. Eric Bakker here. Thanks for coming back. I just read a great study, very interesting
about Clostridium difficile. So C diff is a bacteria that we all have,
but it can go out of control and just go completely ballistic when in some people, when they’re
given antibiotics. This is another main reason why I’m not a
fan of just everyone routinely taking antibiotics for sniffles and coughs and small cuts and
things like that. So I can remember producing a video a few
years ago regarding antibiotic usage, particularly in America. Back in the ’50s it was so common that women
actually carried antibiotics in their purse. And if anyone had a cough or sniffle, they
were immediately given an antibiotic because they were talented as like a cure-all drug
that would cure any kind of disease. Well, now we actually know they probably created
more disease than cured, these drugs. So just be very, very careful about antibiotic
usage. I’m absolutely convinced that they will come
in the future when these drugs will never be used again, ever prescribed and seen as
a very, very dark animal in medical history. I’m talking hundred years from now, not obviously
in five years, but well into the future. It will be seen as one of the … You know,
like applying leeches to people or cutting people to make them bleed and things like
that. It’ll go down as that type of treatment. By an enlightened society, not that we are
today, unfortunately. But this study was very interesting. So what they did or what this lady found,
Lisa Dawson from the London Tropical School of Medicine and Hygiene. It was interesting when I was in India a long
time ago, I went to one of the tropical schools there in Calcutta. Talked with one of the professors, and that
was the school where malaria was first discovered, and really expanded on that. Malaria is quite a complicated disease, but
let’s look at C diff. So, many people get C diff. It can be hospital-borne, but often just by
taking antibiotics. So what Dr. Dawson discovered in this study
in London was that C diff actually produce this kind of chemical called para-Cresol. So this chemical’s secreted by C-Diff, and
it smothers and it kills other bacteria around it. But it doesn’t harm itself, which is very,
very interesting. So when she got hold of some C diff and made
a mutant C diff that doesn’t produce the para-Cresol and put that into mice, she found that that
that particular strain of C diff, which [inaudible] the para-Cresol had plenty of other bacteria
growing around it. But the one that wasn’t mutant, the original
C diff in a mouse study showed that the para-Cresol smothered and killed lots of bacteria, which
will obviously allow the C diff to ramp up production. So C diff is one of the very few conditions
where a fecal transplant has shown to actually work reasonably well. But I’ve had many people over the years asking
me if FMT, fecal microbial transplant, is any good. And I say it’s not worth the 20 grand, you
know? But if you’ve got C diff, it probably is worth
it. So that’s my take on it. C diff, para-Cresol, and the study. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link underneath in the description
box if you want my free 17 page [inaudible] report. Thank you.


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  • Reply R J October 9, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    would s boularddi long term deal with c diff without the need of a FMT?

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