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THE CAUSE OF ILLNESS explained by Hans Wilhelm

December 24, 2019

Hi. I’m Hans Wilhelm. Today I will speak about the cause of illness
from the spiritual perspective. I believe that a deeper understanding can
help us to embrace and advance the healing process. Let’s get right to it: We are all familiar with Newton’s third law
of motion, called the law of Cause and effect. We see it everywhere in our life – it also
includes illnesses. All illnesses are the effects of causes set
into motion earlier. For instance, lung cancer is often the effect
of a cause called smoking. Diabetes is often caused by a sugary and unhealthy
diet. Sunburn is the effect of the cause of excessive
sun exposure. And so on. We can clearly see that these illnesses were
caused by something that we ourselves have set into motion earlier in our life. Cause and effect. But what about illness where even the physician
doesn’t know from where it came and why we have it, like many forms of cancer and
so on. We cannot pinpoint it to anything specific
which we did wrong that may have caused this illness. If everything in our life happens for a purpose
are such illnesses then just bad luck? Our problem is that we usually think of ourselves
as too small, too limited. Many believe they only live this one single
life-time and therefore, they cannot look beyond their present short life span on Earth. But we are eternal beings and most of us have
lived many, many life times before. It is quite possible that in some of these
earlier life-times we have acted against the law of LOVE and created – what is generally
called “karma”. If we are unkind, unloving against another
person, against nature or against ourselves we are against our true nature, which is LOVE. The consequence is karma, or soul burden. It is stored in the large causal cosmic computer
and will eventually return to us so that we see our mistake and can feel how our thoughts,
words and actions have impacted others and ourselves. This is not a punishment. The law of karma is a tool for us to become
loving and kind again, by experiencing and understanding what we once have given to others
or to ourselves. We are always reaping what we have once sown. Therefore, we are always our own teacher and
we are 100% responsible for whatever happens to us. This also includes our illness. So, these illnesses where we cannot trace
the cause back in this life time can be karma from a previous existence. As simple as that. There are countless reports and books on this
subject by people who have explored past lives. Most famously the American sleeping prophet
Edgar Cayce who has given about 15.000 life readings for people all over the world. Edgar Cayce was able to access the Akashic
records and could read the person’s karmic history – including the causes of their
illness and he even suggested innovative healing methods at times. Let’s look at some famous examples from
his vast library: There is the case of a college professor who
had been born totally blind. In a previous life time he had lived in Persia
– which is now Iran – where he was a member of a barbaric tribe whose custom was to blind
its enemies with a red-hot iron rod. He was the one who did it and also enjoyed
it. That was the cause of his particular blindness. Naturally, blindness can have many other causes. Then there is the story of a forty-five-year-old
mother of three children who was stricken with polio. She subsequently lived in a wheelchair and
became completely dependent on others. The karmic cause was attributed to the entity’s
behavior in ancient Rome. She had been among the royalties and closely
associated with Nero’s persecution of the Christians. The reading said, – and I quote – “And the
entity laughed at those who were crippled in the arena and lo! that selfsame thing returned
to you.” End of quote. And then there is the case of a man of thirty-five
years who since infancy had suffered from a severe digestive disorder. He needed constantly to limit himself to certain
foods in certain combinations. The origin of his disability was attributed
by the Cayce reading to an incarnation at the court of Louis XIII of France where he
had a very serious weakness: It was extreme gluttony. It was something that he had even done in
a preceding life in Persia. In these two life times he had committed the
sin of excess against his body. These are just a few examples of how our thoughts,
words and actions in past lives can become the cause of an illness in our present life
time. But karma does not only apply to physical
illness. It can also be the reason for psychological
disorders, excessive behaviors and emotional problems. Let’s look at an example: The Cayce readings speak of an entity who
for karmic reasons was once taken prisoner by Hannibal and forced to row in the galleys
of the trade ships. He was cruelly treated by his colored overseers,
of whom one of them finally beat him to death. His hatred against the colored race persisted
for twenty-two centuries. In his most recent incarnation, the entity
was a farmer in Alabama. Throughout his long life he hated black people
with a fierce and unrelenting venom. At one time he even became the founder of
a Society for the Supremacy of the White Race. This is just a typical example of an attitudinal
carryover from one life time to another one – very much the same as karma. Can we now see that even strong emotional
patterns can have their origin in past lives? For instance, if we are an extrovert or introvert
is often shaped by past life experiences. The same applies to the cause of many phobias
which are often caused by horrific experiences in past lives. We can also see how intense wows, like “I
will never marry again!” can carry through into many future lifetimes where the soul
will always choose a solitary life-style. Edgar Cayce’s vast collection of life readings
are on record at the A.R.E. headquarters in Virginia Beach. They are a true treasure trove and have been
carefully studied by many experts, health care professionals, researchers, and scientist. The A.R.E. campus also includes a Health Center
that offers healing modalities suggested by Cayce. Since his ground-breaking work there have
been a number of past life regressionists like Helen Warmbach or Dolores Cannon and
countless others who have written many books confirming and expanding on the work pioneered
by Edgar Cayce. But can we now see how everything shifts once
we grasp that our life is not just this life time, but we have had many, many lifetimes
before? Even if it was centuries ago. What we then thought, said and did can dramatically
influence and change our life and our well-being of today. Only because we can’t remember our wrong-doings
from the past does not mean that they don’t have an effect on us – like an illness or
an emotional carryover. Before anybody now rushes to the next past-life
regressionist, let me assure you that there is no need to dig into our past. The energy of the day will show us exactly
what thoughts, words, and actions are out of balance with LOVE. I have explained it in greater detail in my
video “The Amazing Earth School”. If we are facing a strong re-occurring situation
over and over again, then let’s feel into it in a quiet time. Take a moment to meditate and see if something
from a past life comes to mind that could be about some karma. Most diseases are directly from the lifestyle
of this lifetime and if not corrected will continue to be burden to the soul. There is so much more on the topic of illness
that I will explain in separate videos. Most importantly I will speak about the healing
process from the spiritual perspective. In the meantime, if you wish to read more
about the amazing work of Edgar Cayce, you may be able to get a copy of “Many Mansions”
by Gina Cerminara. I assure you, it will make fascinating reading. And then there are also the books “Cause
and Development of all Illness” and “Reincarnation – Life’s Gift of Grace” by Gabriele. The last two books are on my recommended book
list on Thank you so much. I am looking forward to seeing you in my next


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  • Reply In Perspective March 3, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    It is impossible (even theoretically) to prove anything of the past "exists" in the construct of "eternity", which contains only a never-ending present moment. The past is always presented as either a memory, or a "back-story" propped up and supported by concepts in the present. The past is not, nor never could be a part of the present moment – and therefore does not exist. Reincarnation is therefore illogical because even if one lived billions of lifetimes, in the context of eternity it is no different than having lived one life time. (Traveling 100 billion years, for example, gets you no closer to an infinite destination than a single year's travel). It would be better to believe that you are the center (or dreamer) of a reality in which you are the only one who is actually real. Consequently, only YOUR life is needed to learn all that would be necessary to forever end the need for any soul-consciousness to enter into a finite, material (un)reality (or dream) of separation, fear, suffering & death.

  • Reply Das Kai-ser March 4, 2019 at 11:31 am

    can someone offer comments on the following?:

    honestly asking, what "theory" is this?:

    Where you ARE literally every single live sentient being all at once, but your current consciousness has been intentionally tuned currently to the person who's reading this youtube comment right now,

    because in this life, you're supposed to learn some new lessons and experiences, and stuff, because you yourself chose to do so, because it looks like incredibly fun and something you haven't done before.

    Like you're willingly and gladly playing this super crazy Virtual Reality video game that starts off with temporary (but extremely effective) amnesia.

    And when you die, you get returned back to your comfy couch, and you can choose to "replay" as many times as you wish, throughout all times and eras and form. Or you can just chill out for a while, with your interbeing peers perhaps, doing other stuff?

    does the theory have a name? whats the book/ video/ audio/ exercise/ religion that i have to go experience, that would totally shed even more light on me?

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  • Reply Dejavu March 7, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Ok this may or may not be true. However being reincarnated into this world that isn't balanced no thanks. Would rather live in a world and society of perfect beings for all with more happiness, pleasure, and all the good things. Actually would want to be a god with a lot more power and be able to create the best. It wouldn't be earth creation.

  • Reply Filippa Leone March 8, 2019 at 2:08 am

    Re. the man blind from birth who destroyed the eyes of another person in a past life, what about the physical pain he inflicted on him? Being born blind or going blind is not the same as blinding a person with a hot iron rod. He should feel the same pain he inflicted on another. The disciples asked Jesus whether a certain man had been the one to sin or his parents for being born blind. Jesus did not correct them on the implied Reincarnation belief. I don't understand why mainstream Christianity refuses to believe in Reincarnation, even when Jews do.
    Reincarnation also explains the apparent inequality of sufferings done by people and animals on Earth. However, If we should be wrong in our understanding or belief, then we would have added insult to injury on the afflicted. Also, many people may not want to help the needy because they think they deserve what they suffer. This is exactly what happens in some countries with a Caste system. In speaking to a person with such beliefs, I was told that I should not try to help anyone because they signed up for their conditions — before they came to Earth. My help in any form would deprive them of their needed chosen experience. What happens to Christian charity as demonstrated by Jesus? He told us that when we do good to the least of these, we have done good unto him. My question: Do we leave people and animals to suffer, so they can "enjoy" all the pain they have coming or do we help them get out of their terrible condition? Should we all move to India?

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