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The Best Way to Fight the Flu

October 21, 2019

Do you feel that chill in the air? In a lot of places around the world, including
North America and Europe, it’s that lovely time of the year known as “flu season.” And each year, we try to fight flu season
with the influenza vaccine. Every season is kind of a whole new battle
for researchers, because flu viruses evolve quickly. This year is no different. The fact that there’s a flu season means
doctors and healthcare organizations can prepare for it. But why is there a flu season at all? Why isn’t there just flu flying around everywhere
all year? Well, there are actually /two/ flu seasons
every year, because the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere experience winters
at opposite times of year. So here in the United States, for example,
flu season lasts from about November through March. And countries in the Southern hemisphere typically
face the flu between May and September. The flu virus /does/ circulate year round,
but the number of cases rapidly increases during these peak months, giving influenza
its own holiday season to celebrate. Research suggests that winter months are ideal
for influenza transmission because they bring a combination of cool air and low humidity. Influenza virus is transmitted through droplets
from a sneeze or cough that are carried in the air. When temperature and humidity are low, these
droplets can fly easily through the air without much resistance. But in warmer and more humid climates, the
extra moisture in the air makes the droplets bigger and heavier, and therefore more likely
to fall out of suspension in the air. So the virus can’t travel very far. And of course, cooler temperatures also mean
people tend to stay indoors, increasing the number of potential bodies in an enclosed
space for the virus to infect. Makes sense, right? But even if the influenza keeps going from
one hemisphere to the next, why do we need a different vaccine every year? Each flu season is unique, because the influenza
virus mutates from year to year. There are three major types of influenza:
labeled A, B, and C. And influenza A viruses are further categorized
into subtypes, depending on the two proteins that coat their outer shells. There are the HA, or hemagglutinin [hee-muh-glue-tuh-nin]
proteins, and the NA, or neuraminidase [new-rah-min-uh-dace] proteins. These proteins act like beacons to a host
cell, tricking the cell into letting the virus attach and infect it. There are different subtypes of these proteins,
H1 through H18 for the hemagglutinins and N1 through N11 for neuraminidase. So, the different combinations are why we
talk about flu strains in terms of, say, H1N1 or H3N2. But these HA and NA proteins mutate very easily,
through a process called antigenic drift. These small changes don’t alter the virus
very much, but after some time, the changes accumulate,j and can result in a new strain
of virus that acts in completely different ways than the original did. And sometimes, in rarer cases, genetic mutations
in the virus can cause big, dangerous changes. This is called antigenic /shift/, and it can
result in a brand new combination of genes that make the virus much more infectious. You might remember the antigenic shift that
happened back in 2009. That’s what created swine flu. So, with different viruses mutating all the
time, how do we know which strains are the one we should get vaccinated against this
winter? Four strains are selected based on data collected
throughout the year by health organizations monitoring flu activity in various countries
across the globe. They report it to a network run by the World
Health Organization, which then compiles the data to predict which strains will be likely
be circulating during peak seasons and come up with recommendations for that year’s
vaccines. Since the Northern Hemisphere and Southern
Hemisphere tag-team winters, usually the data collected during /one/ flu season will help
inform the /other/ hemisphere about which strains are doing the most damage, and if
the vaccines were effective or not. Flu vaccines are actually developed /months/
before peak season starts, to allow time for them to be made and tested. But that means that sometimes the viruses
that are circulating change while vaccines are being produced, so the vaccines might
end up not being as effective. So, what strains are we up against this year? There’s A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)pdm09-like
virus, whose really long name comes from things like its type, where and when it was first
isolated, and the subtype of its HA and NA proteins. It’s an influenza A virus isolated from
California that’s closely related to the strain that caused the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Then there’s A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2)-like
virus… And a strain called B/Brisbane/60/2008-like
virus which comes from a line of B viruses from Victoria, Australia. It gets a slightly shorter name because influenza
B viruses aren’t categorized by subtype. In the quadrivalent vaccines like the nasal
spray version, a fourth strain is included and is called B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus
descended from the Yamagata, Japan lineage of B viruses. So just like spring, summer, fall, and winter,
flu season is an inevitable season that comes back year after year. But scientists do their best to fight it by
working year round to keep us up-to-date and protected from the ever-changing flu. So if it’s almost winter where you live,
go get your flu shot if you haven’t yet, and brace yourself, flu season is coming. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow,
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