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The Best Medicine: Bikur Cholim – An everyday Jewish idea for kids | Shaboom!

December 22, 2019

♪ BimBam ♪♪ Shabbat Shalom! Bring it on home. ♪
♪ Shaboom! ♪ ♪ Sparks sparking you ♪
♪ Helping others is what we do ♪ ♪ Down we go! Rainbow! Shaboom! ♪
♪ Settin’ sparks aglow ♪ ♪ Magic-spin-n-whirl! Shaboom! ♪
♪ Here to fix the world! ♪ ♪ Shaboom! ♪
♪ Shaboom! Shaboom! Sha-boom! boom! boom! ♪ Shaboom! Shaboom! Shabooooooom! ♪♪ Shabbat Shalom! ♪Gabi & Rafael Fix the World in The Best Medicine.ACHOO!!! ACHOO!!! ACHOO!!!Hi Gabi. Feeling better?ACHOO!!!Guess not.
ACHOO!!! Hi Rafael! Am I glad to see you. Can you get me some juice?
UuuuuumWon’t you come closer? It’s no
fun being alone with a cold.I’d like to but colds are contagious.
That means I could catch one if I get too close. So I’m staying faaaar away.
Sniffling sneezies! The Plonyscope is calling. You stay in bed, Gabi.I’ll check it out. SHABOOM!
No cold can stop me from helping to fix the world. Aaaa-AAAACHOO!!!!Something is up down at the Plonys.
Oh no, Grandpa Plony is sick in the hospital.Hi Grandpa. Oh dear, are you okay?Oh It’s nuthin’. I hurt my big
toe.Oh no. That means you can’t come to our Shabbat picnic dinner. We’re packing right now.Ooooh! Hey Grandpa, I am the picnic ghost. I haunt the potato salad.Save some for me, picnic ghost.Sorry you’re sick, Grandpa. But we can only talk for a minute – so much to do! Take care.Bye. Have fun.Guess I’m
all alone for Shabbat tonight.Grandpa Plony is sick and sad. But
he looked happier when he got to talk to his family.
GAAH! Gabi, you should be in bed!
I’m fine. Grandpa Plony needs us.The Plonys, AND you, need to learn
about Bikur Cholim.Pickles and cream?
No! Bikur Cholim, which means visiting the sick. Try it with me?
Ready?Say BI KUR.
BI KUR CHO LIMBikur Cholim.
Bikur Cholim.Together!Bikur Cholim!Great! Now let’s GO!
Come on Sparks let’s fix the world! SHABOOM!
♪♪♪♪Having a picnic for Shabbat dinner is an awesome idea, Papa.Mama is full of awesome ideas, Ben.Uh, a little help pleeease?
Weeeee! OOF! Plotz landing!Coooool. The Plonys sure will have fun on their picnic.ACHOO!!!Grandpa Plony won’t. He can’t go on
a picnic if he’s sick.LaBriut! Maybe the Plonys can use Bikur
Cholim to help Grandpa feel better. They could visit him, or try making a call that lasts
more than a minute!Yeah, they were too busy to
talk…What is that delicious smell? We’re in for a treat tonight, Ben. Check out the extra-special Shabbat picnic
your Papa made. eh? We have CHALLAH, POTATO SALAD and MATZOH BALL SOUP!
Challah, gefilte fish potato salad… Ge-fil-teeeee…Aaaand my famous MATZOH BALL
SOUP!Ah… Just smelling that matzoh ball soup makes me feel better.
Really? Maybe some matzoh ball soup will help Grandpa feel better too.Great idea, Rafi… Sha-CHOO! Uh oh… that wasn’t the magic word.And that’s not a normal cloud.
It’s a matzoh ball cloud! Wow! Papa, it’s raining your world famous Matzoh Ball Soup.Taste test!!!SHABOOM!
Sorry. My sneeze changed the magic word. And that changed the magic.
It’s OK, Gabi. We’ll find other ways to help Grandpa feel better with Bikur
Cholim. SHABOOM!I’m sorry Grandpa Plony is
sick Lila. But you’ll see him next time.Dagwood and I were painting Grandpa
a picture. Now he won’t see it.What a predicament. The Plonys can’t
go visit Grandpa.Then why don’t we bring Grandpa to
the Plonys? Shaaaa–Wait! Maybe I should say the magic
word, Gabi. You might sneeze and change the magic again.
Oh yeah. Lucky you stopped me.Lucky is right… SHA-BOOF!!!
Uh oh… That wasn’t the magic word.We said lucky – not ducky!Ay yi yi!
You crackers are eating my quackers! I mean, you quackers are eating my crackers! Bad duck! Leave Dagwood alone.Shoo ducks! Please shoo! SHABOOM! Ha ha! If only Grandpa Plony could see this. He’d quack up! Look, Mama. The ducks decorated a get-well card for Grandpa.Wow, it’s a beautiful card, Lila.We should go and give it to Grandpa.The picnic
can wait… ‘til after we visit Grandpa!Do I have to go, Mama? I’m afraid
to see Grandpa in a hospital.It’s hard to see someone you love feeling bad. But that’s why we have to face our fears and do it anyway.Because that’s when they need us most. Soooo let’s go Plonys!♪ SHABOOM! ♪ ♪ Bikur Cholim ♪ ♪ Was today’s theme. ♪ ♪ To visit the sick is what it means. ♪ ♪ Show up for a while or use the phone, Cause no one likes to feel alone. ♪ ♪ Bring some soup or some
ice cream ♪ SHABOOM!♪ Bikur Cholim. ♪What?! Well Hello.Shabbat shalom, Grandpa! Sorry you’re not feeling well. Can I sign your toe?Why sure!Since you couldn’t come to us, we brought the Shabbat picnic to you! The ducks made you a get well card.Thank you, Lila. I was feeling lonely
and unhappy. But seeing all of you makes me feel much better.
Papa’s world famous Matzah ball soup? Just what the doctor ordered.
Now that’s Bikur Cholim!Way to go Sparks. We helped
fix the world!So may it be next week!Looks like I caught Gabi’s cold. I feel alone and miserable.Hey Rafi, what do you give a sick lemon?Lemon aid! Ha ha! See? Now that I’m
a Bikur Cholim expert, I’m here to visit you and make you feel better.
Thanks Gabi.I do feel much better and less lonely now.
And that is Bikur Cholim!♪ Shaboom! ♪
♪ Shaboom! Shaboom! Sha-boom! boom! boom!Shabbat Shalom! See you next

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