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The Benefits of Probiotics

August 23, 2019

Probiotics consists of good bacteria for the
digestive system and is now considered the new vitamin for our overall health. In this
2 part segment, we’ll focus on the benefits of probiotics and the impact on our immune
system. We confirmed with a board certified gastrointerologist and practicing physician
for 25 years, Dr. Shakher Challer who is the Author of “Probiotics for Dummies” explaining
how probiotics should be included as a daily supplement to our diet. In your gut you have
hundren trillion bacteria. 90 trillion of them are good bacteria and these are probiotics.
If they’re already in your gut these are your indigenous probiotics and if you take it in
the form of a supplement or yogurt then these are probiotics you are getting it from outside.
The ratio of 90 to 10 is very very important because as long as the good bacteria are 90%
the bad bacteria behave. So if you take antibiotics, they also kill good bacteria. That’s why we
talk about C Diff which is an infection which is happening much more now because we are
not giving probiotics along with antibiotics. So if there is an imbalance between the good
and bad bacteria, it is called dybiosis. If the bad bacteria take over then you can have
a lot of digestive problems and symptoms in fact we think irritable bowel syndrome one
of the common causes is because there is dysbiosis. You can have bloating, constipation, diarrhea,
cramping, symptoms like those and if it gets to an extreme then the bad bacteria can proliferate
much quickly and cause you a lot of diarrhea and then C Diff infection. Clostridium Difficile
Infection of the gut. My feeling is, in a way everyone of us is at risk of losing this
imbalance. Stress can cause imbalance. The kind of food we eat nowadays can cause imbalance.
Antibiotics can cause imbalance there is enough proof that as we get older this imbalance
is occuring. That is why I make a strong case of everyone of us needs to be on probiotics.
I strongly believe that probiotics are the next vitamins. According to Dr. Challa, probiotics
goes beyond just digestive issues. We thought probiotics only controlled digestive health,
but we know now that immune health is very important too. So if there is dysbiosis, if
there is an imbalance first of all your digestive health may suffer and then your immunity will
go down too so the chances of you getting infections, colds and all is much higher we
also know that probiotics are good in pregnancy for example or when a newborn is born by vaginal
delivery if not you are not exposed to the good bacteria it helps in women for example
with the infections, yeast infections, urinary tract infections are decreased if you take
probiotics. It helps longevity it helps well being and it is used in a lot of other conditions
which I mentioned in “Probiotics for Dummies.” In addition to supplements you can eat yogurt,
yogurt is probably the best way you can take probiotics other than supplements. There are
other drinks like Kefir Kimchi, Sauerkraut, there are ways to do it, the problem is we
don’t eat enough of all this and that’s why I make a case for supplements in my book.
“Probiotics for Dummies” is found anywhere books are sold., or
any store out there. We’ll continue with more on probiotics and where you can find some
of the products Dr. Challa discussed, when we return. Need the latest news on the treatment
for depression, addiction or sleep disorders? Now you can go online at
thousands of vidoes straight from doctors. In this second part of our interview with
Dr. Shekher Challa, he tells us how the discovery of probiotics was made and then guides us
through the probiotics website that offers a variety of health and daily living products.
I believe probiotics are the next vitamins. They help you with digestive health, they
help you with immune health and they’re helping you with a variety of other conditions like
maintaining you’re weight, longevity well being, and I can go on and on but they are
the next vitamins and what is interesting is, we in the U.S. are 20 years behind the
rest of the world in understanding probiotics. We are just begining to understand probiotics
for human use but there are probiotics for pet use. If you go to a grocery store and
go to the probiotic supplement section, you will go crazy trying to figure out which one
to take. So here are the things you’ll need to look for in a good supplement. #1 It has
to have at least 3 to 5 billion colonly forming units (CFU’s) Multiple different strains of
bacteria in supplement is better, more is better so you have to have at least 5 strains
in your supplement and more and more we are seeing the new generation in probiotics which
have acid protection technology, because these are live bacteria they have to bypass the
stomach and a lot of times the stomach acid kills this bacteria. The new generation also
includes a prebiotic. A prebiotic is a fiber which also serves as food, or fuel to the
bacteria, so when they’re sitting on the shelf they are feeding this bacteria when they get
into your gut they not only feed the bacteria in the capsule but also the bacteria in your
gut. Classic example is Probulin. I myself take Probulin because it has 5 billion CFU’s
7 strains of bacteria, uses acid protection technology and also has a prebiotic. An easy
way to get Probulin is to go to the, The is like amazon for
probiotics. It’s a one stop shop for everything probiotics. You can get probiotics for not
only human use but animal use and indoor and outdoor living, even probiotics snacks, educational
material like books, DVD’s etcetera under one roof, the Let me take
you through a tour of the probiotic store. We have probiotic products for human health,
animal health indoor living, outdoor care, education and we also have products for general
wellness. Let me go through a few of our products. We have a full skin care line of probiotics.
Then we a mint probio mint. This is a mint which supports gum and tooth health and also
whitens teeth. Here we see vitality supper greens which is one of our most popular products.
It’s great as an afternoon pick me up. We also have an XXX product for vaginal health
which deceases urinary tract infections and yeast infections in women. We do also have
some unique products like this one we get it from Shasha Bread Company from Canada.
These are probiotics snacks. We have kissable probiotic Anti plaque spray for pets. This
spray helps replenish the good bacteria the good bacteria in your pets mouth and reduces,
plaque and tartar. This is a multi purpose cleaner which can be used indoor and outdoor
and is safe for every type of surface. We also have a compost starter from SCD. The
probiotics store includes all major manufacturers and distributors under one roof and we will
continue to keep adding probiotics to the store. These products are all available on and will help you with digestive issues, help your pets with problems,
there are mints there, there are snacks there and you can learn much more about all these
products and also how they benefit you in my book, “Probiotics for Dummies.”


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    Taking probiotics can be stressful because there are some videos advise this way and another another way. They are all medical professionals. So Dr. Challa if we eat the food which may become inhibitors to probiotics supplement, the supplement no matter how many grains it may have would become useless in the gut. Some doctors said it is good to take with meals during med-day (i.e. I believe is Lunch) while others said before bedtime. So can you advice when is the best time to take probiotic supplement and which is the best brand available in the market as some of the best do not measure up to its label on the bottle as some milk tests showed. Thank you.

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