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The Back Of My Neck Hurts Is It Candida?

August 15, 2019

Hi there Eric Bakker, Natural Pathologist
from New Zealand. I’m going to talk with you all about the back
of the neck. So, I have a question here from a lady in
the States, I think it must be regarding her son. Eric, my sons neck hurts all the time, the
back of his neck, can it be candida? Probably not. I need to know a lot more about the case,
but if the neck hurts all the time it can do for various specific reasons. The neck is a very vulnerable part of the
body, a very vulnerable part. So could it be sport? Could it be an accident? Could he have fallen out of a plum tree like
my son did while he was younger? So, one of my sons was climbing in a plum
tree in the front yard, I think he was about 7 or 8. And, of course it was full of plums, and what
is a boy going to do when he sees a plum tree? He’s going to go straight into the tree and
he is going to be eating and eating and eating those plums until his belly’s hurting’. We’ve all been there and done that. And, of course he fell out of the tree and
he fell out onto a picket fence right onto his side and I think he cracked a few ribs. Anyway, me being me, he came to me and I said
‘What happened?’ ‘I fell out of the tree.’ I couldn’t see any blood and I said sit down
and be quiet. ‘Oh, my tummy is hurting!’ ‘Oh, you’ll be alright mate. You’ll get the diarrhea and you’ll be right,
you’ll come around.” Anyway, years later he still had a few issues
with his breathing because I suspect he would have maybe damaged a few of his ribs, but
he’s fine. So, back of the neck, let’s just think carefully
about this. If it is back of the neck would it be because,
has he done something to it, could it be whiplash, or… Often with younger people, because I’m not
quite sure of your sons age whether he’s seven or eight or 15 or 20 or 30, so it can often
be something that they’ve done in play or in sport. When it’s sides of the neck I’m thinking about
stress immediately because these muscles here on the side and these muscles here in the
shoulders around the scapula, so the top of the back and the neck are often very much
affected by chronic stress. Same with facial muscles, can be affected
by stress particularly if there are tension headaches. The back of the neck is a more tricky one
to work that one out. I can’t see the connection, generally being
with any candida at all. I would say it’s more lifestyle or sporting
related. It could be posture, your son could be spending
a lot of time at the computer because a lot of young people today have a lot of pain in
the shoulders, especially if they are using a mouse quite a lot, they get shoulder pain,
they can get arm pain. So, carefully looking at the hobbies and just
how this person lives their general life will give me an idea with what is happening within
them. I would say get it checked out. A good thing you could do, for example, is
to see an osteopath or a chiropractor and get that checked out. Massage also helps quite a lot if it is muscular
and maybe you want to get your son another pillow to sleep, that’s going to help as well. So, yeah without really knowing much more
about the case I would say that would be my take on it. Get it checked out but I don’t really see
it being related so much to candid. Thanks for the question.

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  • Reply Ryan Pedersen October 21, 2018 at 6:21 am

    Hi, was wondering do you have any videos specifically about esophagus candida? Apparently can be dangerous if left untreated and was thinking can you get this kind of candida under control without using flucanzole?
    Thanks 🙂

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