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The 5 Factors That Determine Yeast Infection Recovery

August 18, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher. Thank you so much for tuning in today to my YouTube video. Today, I’d like to talk about the five main
reasons that could affect your recovery from a Candida yeast infection or the five things
underpinning your recovery, hindering your recovery or accelerating your recovery or
the five main key factors I feel that are involved in recovery. Not just from a Candida
yeast infection, but these factors could be involved in your recovery from many different
types of chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease or arthritis or any one of
a hundred different kinds of illnesses. I think you’re going to find these five factors
quite relevant if you’ve got a major yeast infection and you’ve had one for some time.
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read. Without further adieux, let’s look at the five major factors that could be hindering
your recovery right now from a chronic yeast infection. The first one I’ve put is determination. You’re
not really going to recover unless you’re determined to recover. Going to the doctor
and getting a bunch of antibiotics or pills, spending a couple of minutes online reading
and looking for information on how you can get well, and paying lip service to treatment,
so not really being committed and determined to succeed is going to really hinder your
recovery. But determination and persistence are factors
which are going to help you succeed in any avenue in life, whether it’s recovery from
an illness, whether it’s having a successful relationship or business, any avenue in your
life, if you want to succeed, you need to have a good degree of determination. If you look around the world and look at a
lot of people who’ve achieved anything in their life of worth, determination wasn’t
far behind. I could spend hours just telling you about all the different people that you
may be aware of like Steve Jobs with Apple, like Henry Ford with his car, like Thomas
Edison with his light bulb, like Winston Churchill in saving Britain from the Nazi regime. All
these people were determined and never gave in. Even when everything was against them,
everyone said to them, all their advisors would say, Just give up. It’s not going to
work. It was the shear persistence and determination that pulled them through because they really
believed that they could succeed when sometimes other don’t. You may have that with Candida. Maybe your
partner feels that it’s all in your head. There’s nothing wrong with you. You need to
get on with your life. Maybe your doctor thinks that Candida’s a bunch of bologna. That’s
up to you to decide. Be careful not to let other people make decisions for you. You need
to start thinking for yourself and if you’re determined to succeed and you want to crush
this thing, you can crush it. Believe me. I was sick for a long time with Candida, but
I was determined to succeed. And now I’m determined to help people like you get well. Determination
is something you need. If you haven’t got determination, flick the video off now and
go and have a look at some other junk online. Let’s get that clear. Determination is a key
factor. Second one is the severity of your Candida.
I’ve always found that people will generally apply things like determination and treatment
and stickability depending on how severe the condition is. When the condition is severe
and bad enough and the symptoms are really affecting the quality of your life, then maybe,
just maybe, you’ll turn around and say to yourself, Well, that’s it. I’ve had enough
of this. I’m going to really get into it now. I’m going to finally do what it takes. I’m
determined to succeed. I’ve got a severe condition and now I’m going to do it. People with acute conditions, again, unless
they’re very severe aren’t going to act really much are they. Severity will often dictate
determination to a degree. If you’re poor and you’ve had enough of poverty and you’re
sick of being poor and you’ve got a severe case of poverty well then maybe you can muster
the determination it takes not to be poor and if you’re circumstances allow you to. Patience is the third one. You need to be
a patient person because the body has got what we call a vital force or a dynamic principle
which will allow it to heal from wounds and sicknesses and ailments. You know that with
broken bones, with cuts, with scratches, with many injuries that you’ve had in your life,
you recovered because you were patient. Have you had an operation or have you ever had
a sporting injury, you may have had times in your life where you had to be patient.
You had to stay in bed. Perhaps you couldn’t get out of house much and that patience did
pay off. And in the end, your body did recover. Whether it was from influenza or perhaps a
rotator cuff operation on your shoulder or perhaps you had a caesarean, you gave birth
to a child, for any one of a hundred reasons, you learned, particularly as you got a bit
older, you learned to be patient. The body will heal itself. You’ll read a lot of quotations in my book
and one of them I like is God heals, but the doctor takes the fee. Some people even believe
that the doctor is a bystander in the healing process. The doctor is there to help you with
serious problems, but in all cases, nature takes its course and the body heals. If you’ve
got a chronic yeast infection and you apply the right principles that I’m outlining in
my course and in my book, you’re going to get well. It’s as simple as that, but you
need to be patient. If you’re one of these people who immediately
within a few weeks doesn’t feel that he or she is getting the results then starts to
believe, Well, I need to take this antibiotic or I need to increase this kind of food I’m
eating. Then maybe you haven’t got the patience that it takes to heal your body. Maybe it’s
a lesson for you to learn and it could be why you actually got your yeast infection
and you’re maintaining it because you’re not patient enough to see things through. Patience
is the third point. Fourth point; anxiety and panic. What do I
mean by that? Are you one of those persons that as soon as he or she gets a cough or
a sore throat you’re straight off to the doctor for antibiotics? If you’re one of those people,
then I’d like you to switch this YouTube clip off and perhaps just think about that you
may be wasting my time and your time because you’re not really going to get well from a
yeast infection that at the first sign of a poor recovery that you get this knee-jerk
reaction and you immediately need to take pharmaceutical drugs. A lot of medical practice is based on this
panic and anxiety. We see it with immunizations. We see it with antibiotics. And many people
make the wrong move and judgment call by jumping into treatments which they later regretted. I wrote an article once about the 10 operations
that you may want to avoid without some serious thought and one of them is, for example, a
back operation for spinal fusions and things like that. In many cases, these are worthless,
useless operations that well down the track the patient realizes that they had no improvement
in quality of life. It’s the same with pharmaceutical treatments.
You need to think carefully before you go and get advice and stop believing in yourself
or your body’s ability to heal. With patience, determination, persistence, there’s a big
element there where you possibly could fully recover if you just waited a little bit longer
and hung in there and had that patience and didn’t immediately hit that panic button which
is a pharmaceutical drug. If you thought carefully about it and took your time and applied the
correct principles. I’ve heard this many times. And the fifth one is lifestyle changes. Have
you got what it takes to really get yourself well by applying the correct changes that
are required and keeping them long enough to finally see things through and get the
results that you so long for? You’ve got to make changes on a whole different level if
you want to get well from Candida. You can’t just take a bunch of pills or eat all these
yummy foods, healthy foods, and expect to be cured from Candida. It doesn’t work like
that. I’m sick and tired of all the 12-hour cures
I see online. Cure your Candida in 30 days. Cure your yeast infection in 12 hours. What
a load of rubbish. If you really believe in these sorts of things, then again, you’re
probably wasting your time watching this YouTube clip. You need to make the right kind of changes
and keep those changes going long enough to recover and then some. And over time, you
won’t only recover from a yeast infection, you’ll recover from a whole lot of different
problems that you’ve had probably for a long time. When you look at those five points again.
We spoke about determination, the severity, the patience, don’t get panicky or anxious
if things don’t turn out your way immediately, and be prepared to make the right kind of
changes and make them long enough and see them through to finally get the results you’re
looking for. I hope this was a useful video for you today.
Thanks for tuning in.


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    how long would it take for the Canxida to control thrush? Yeast in mouth.

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    Here is a tough case – systemic infection in blood for over 15 yrs. Tried every prescription anti-fungal, all botanical anti-microbials, anti-fungals, probiotics, dairy-free keto diet only to control it but not balanced it out. Has now reversed 6 AIs & lost 90 lbs + reversed stage 4 kidney disease now stage 2, liver enzymes elevated/detox problem, possible MTHFR. Doing progesterone, thyroid, methyl B12, Candida IgG low, BP 100/60, BS 80, A1C now 5.4, age 56, great energy, but thrust, sinusitis, vaginal.

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