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The 1918 Flu Pandemic – Lies – Extra History

October 21, 2019

Welcome extra historians to Lies The episode where we fess up to our mistakes and flesh out the things we skipped over Today, we’re doing the 1918 flu pandemic. It’s a big global story We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. You had a lot of questions and a lot of corrections So we’re just gonna lightning round it. We’re gonna go real fast So first of all, we’re going to talk about our recommended reads. There’s two this series One is The Great Influenza by John M. Barry This is a great book if you want to know anything about the American response effort, Welch, Park and Williams, Avery, all that good stuff Next, Pale Rider by Laura Spinney, great book, has like the global context of the flu It’s sometimes been criticized by… …for going a little too far in some of its conclusions, but I think it’s overall pretty solid Especially if you take it with a little bit of a grain of salt But it’s probably the best… …just, global palette of what’s going on you could possibly find, so I highly recommend it Let’s get to, like, the big embarrassing upside-down elephant in the room This is the flag of Germany This is the flag of Yemen, so… It would take too long to explain exactly how a mistake this big happened, but… Essentially, I send off photo references when I finish an episode. The artist sends me back a prop sheet The flag was upset on the prop sheet I took the prop sheet and I took the reference for the flag of the German Empire and went… “Yeah, that’s the same” because the pattern recognition part of my brain is kinda broken, so… …and unfortunately we… We had already uploaded three episodes worth of it by the time we released the first one… …and people mention that it was upside down and you know, I kind of– There was something about it that bothered me, but then I looked at the prop sheet and it was right on the prop sheet And the prop sheet must be right, right? So yeah, sorry, that’s totally my fault Some of you were a little concerned that we focused too much on the United States I actually agree with you. My original conception of this series was… …going to be a lot more like, jumping between medical teams in different countries But after kind of conferencing with the artist, I realized that that was asking way too much of them It’s a lot to change… …change what country we’re portraying because it’s different national costumes, modes of transportation… …architecture, and they have to pull– Like, I have to get a big photo library together for every new country …And basically have them create unique art assets for it So the best we can do, basically, was just one episode that was just like boom-boom-boom-boom… …just hitting, kind of, notable places in the world, and that was not ideal It’s not what I had envisioned originally, but it was the best we could do. I’m sorry about that Mispronunciations: we had a few We were very very busy, had a difficult time re-recording stuff because we were recording so much during this period The Koch Institute has the “CH” instead of the “Koke Institute” We said, “Arizonian”, it’s Arizonan We said, “John Hopkins” when it should be Johns Hopkins I can’t remember exactly what pronunciation we used for Manchu, but it was wrong and… Pogo Pogo is the capital of American Samoa, not “Pago Pago” A lot of these stuff are things that we flagged. We just didn’t have time to fix, unfortunately So let’s move on to Episode one A lot you pointed out that we used the caduceus, the rod of Hermes, as a symbol for American medicine And really, it should be the rod of Asclepius We did use that for the American Medical Association because the rod of Asclepius is the symbol for the American Medical Association But the symbol for the US Army Surgeon General… …is the rod of caduceus, because they were confused when they picked it in the 1900s Excuse me, 1800s So yeah, that’s a mistake, but it’s a historical mistake Some of you mentioned that there’s no selection pressure toward deadliness in a virus That is true… …but, as long as a virus, basically, can still spread, it doesn’t necessarily matter how deadly it is You know, it’s all just sort of a genetic roll of the dice And the Spanish Flu progressively got more deadly while still spreading very well, but you were absolutely right There is no selection pressure pushing a virus to be more deadly We also… …had a lot– very indirect line about the randomness of natural selection We should have said the randomness of mutation. Natural selection is not random Someone pointed out that heliotrope cyanosis, when people turn blue… Right? When they had a cytokine storm inside the “lungal area”… *Very scientific* It didn’t look like the patches that we showed, and that’s true The thing is, tinting is a very difficult thing to do in our animation styles… …so we just kind of used as a cheat In general, you’d get kind of like a purplish tinge to your cheeks and ears and it would spread and eventually turn you blue And that’s how it would really look. It would just be sort of a deepening… …rather than those patches that we showed in the animation Some of you mentioned that La Grippe is not a nickname for the flu It’s just French for “the flu” True, but English and American troops started calling it that, too There was this really interesting linguistic exchange going on in the trenches A lot of you mentioned that our… …section on Ludendorff and the Spring Offensive was an oversimplification 100% true. Rather than explaining all of that because we have so little time… …I’d actually suggest you just go over to The Great War… …and watch every episode, because the Spring Offensive is just about over, over there And they do a great job, and all of their German flags are right-side up, all the time. I don’t know how they do it We’re going to episode three, now Welch actually didn’t die. He lived until 1934. That’s my fault. I wrote it that way to increase… …increase the tension and… I accidentally misinformed people that the Welch had died. He had not But he was knocked out, basically, for the rest of the crisis A lot of people wondered why… …Officials, particularly in Philadelphia, didn’t treat flu seriously Part of it was just focused on the war, part of it was just thinking that flu was a… …seasonal thing that would go away But in Philadelphia, you have a very special case So, the mayor is a little distracted during this time because he has just been indicted in the death of a Philadelphia policeman You can go read about it. His name is Thomas S. Smith and he was working for the Ver(?) political machine… …in Philadelphia, but the long and short of it is, basically… He and a bunch of his cronies during a Republican primary hired a gang from New York to come down and beat up their primary opponent… …and… …a Philadelphia policeman stepped in to try and defend the guy and ended up getting shot and killed So he was indicted for… The actual charges were… …conspiracy to commit murder and impeding an election We had Anna Williams kind of look like she was the same age as William Parke Actually, they were exactly the same age: 55 That’s, again, like the shading thing, right? It’s difficult to do someone with kind of like salt and pepper hair in our animation style And I like the contrast of the kind of younger-in-spirit Williams with the older-in-spirit Park Some wondered, “Is this Gorgas the same… …guy who battled yellow fever during the Panama– building of the Panama Canal?” Yes, he is I don’t think– He was not Surgeon General at that time, but… Yeah, that’s Gorgas. It’s– And that’s the thing he’s most famous for to this day In episode four… Someone mentioned that we seem to be confusing.. …vaccine with antitoxin with serum, that vaccine is preventative… …that it shouldn’t include antibodies Conceptions of what a vaccine is have kind of changed a little bit But broadly, that’s right, like, but we were sort of using it as a shorthand for all three of those things They were making all three And by the way, the Rockefeller Institute… …wasn’t just, like hoarding vaccines and keeping them away from the public They used all their vaccines on the army and civilian workers who were supporting a war effort So it wasn’t like a stingy thing of like, “No! Here, get away from our vaccines” They, yeah, they were all gone and some had to be made for the civilian population There was a question, “Was there international cooperation?” Largely not But, these doctors were reading medical articles that came out in different countries And there was one interesting thing where early, upon entering the war, the Rockefeller Institute… …found a very effective treatment for gangrene… …and they started wondering, like, “Hey, should we publish this in a– in a International Journal because then it’ll help the Germans?” And they ultimately decided, “Our duty as doctors is above our duty as soldiers” So, they published it and indeed it was used in the German army A lot of people asked if dogs had eaten the Yupik family alive Possibly, because there’s a thing that happened all the way across the continent on the island of Labrador, where… …the village just stopped feeding the dogs because everyone got too sick to get out of bed And the dogs started literally jumping through windows and pawing in doors and attacking people in their beds And we know this because a guy came looking for his friend he hadn’t heard from in a while, and he found the guy… …sitting up in bed with a rifle across his lap, a box of bullets… …surrounded by dead dogs So yeah, go to sleep with that This is a big one: Why didn’t we mention Germany and China? So… When I realized that we hadn’t put numbers for Germany in the fifth or sixth episode… …I tried to go in and add them to the sixth week. We didn’t have time The number I came up with was 426,000, for what it’s worth But the thing with the German numbers is they’re a little spongy, because what you do… …is you get a baseline for what the death rate would be in a place at that time, and then you figure out the excess mortality Right? Very difficult to get a baseline on Germany on 1918–1919 There’s a lot of people moving around, a lot of people going in and out of the army I suspect it’s higher than that, 426,000 German officers tended to cover up the fact their soldiers had died of Spanish Flu… Not because they didn’t want people knowing But because they just didn’t want their families to know that they hadn’t died in combat, that they died in a hospital You know, wasting away from a terrible disease Same thing happened in the US Army, by the way With China… We specifically avoided it because China is very contentious There are people who think that… …it had a really really high death rate and that’s based on reports from Western missionaries that were going up in the mountain villages But it could just be that those more isolated communities got hit hard And there are people that think it really wasn’t hit that hard at all, because there doesn’t seem to be the same kind of thing in China You don’t have, like, mass graves in Shanghai and Beijing I looked here in Hong Kong, and I didn’t really find anything And that might suggest that it emerged from China and most people were immune from the mild first wave We cut out like a bunch of other possible origins There’s one from a military hospital in France Some people think that migrating Canadian geese spread it Basically, name… Name a country and there’s a theory about it We could take this whole episode and just talking about emergence theories But we– we picked two that we thought were pretty likely If you’re curious about that sample of Spanish Flu… It’s in a CDC lab in a very secure area and they’ve sequence its genome now And we don’t really know, though, at what point… …what point that sample comes from. So, is it from the more mild wave is it from the deadly second wave? Had it been mutated and become less virulent? We don’t know So it’s a little bit difficult to know if– how good a sample that is but they’re working on it One thing I wanted to point out, that we didn’t get to in episode six, is that the way that… …the horrors of World War I… …sort of killed the optimism about technology and human progress… A similar thing happened in medicine with Spanish Flu So, there, like, major doctors before the the outbreak were talking about, like, in 50 years communicable disease may disappear We may have a disease-free future And Victor Vaughn, who we briefly had in the episode (he was the guy charting the disease on the map) has a great quote about this “The saddest part of my life was when I witnessed the hundreds of deaths of the soldiers in the army camps… …and did not know what to do “At that moment, I decided never again to prate about the great achievements of medical science… …and to humbly admit our dense ignorance in this case “I saw hundreds of young stalwart men in uniform coming to the wards of the hospital “Every bed was full, yet others crowded in. The faces were a bluish cast; a cough brought up the blood-stained sputum” Let’s go through some famous victims of Spanish Flu that we didn’t have in the episodes The first one we did mention was President Wilson, but I wanted to add a little color to that So, Wilson drops in the middle of the negotiations in Paris for what will become the Treaty of Versailles And he is bedridden with what we now suspect was Spanish Flu And it probably brought on the stroke that later killed him What’s a big issue with that is the fact that he was one of the main people that wanted an equitable treaty… …with Germany, because he believed peace in Europe was not possible if they forced a punishing treaty on the Central Powers So how might history have been different? Because once he dropped… …it was done. Like, he lost all his strength. He abandoned all of his positions. He just got walked over. Went home So, in addition to him, we have the president-elect of Brazil, Rodrigues Alves He’s interesting because he was very pro-vaccine and in his first term of office… …he actually… …instigated something, or… He put in a policy of mandatory vaccination that led to something called the vaccine revolt So, yeah. He was a big proponent of medical science… …actually to the point where… …people ended up rising up against him because they didn’t like… …medical teams breaking down their doors and forcing them to get vaccinations. Understandable We also have Clementine Churchill, wife of Winston Churchill… John and Horace Dodge, brothers who founded Dodge Motor Company… Kings, Kaiser Wilhelm, King George the Fifth of the United Kingdom… Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, probably mispronouncing that, I’m sorry… King Alfonso XIII of Spain… writers and artists: T.S. Eliot; Raymond Chandler; DH Lawrence; Franz Kafka… Georgia O’Keefe, the American painter; Edvard Munch, who painted a self-portrait while he had Spanish flu called, “Self-Portrait with Spanish Flu” Austrian painters Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, they both died I wanted to repeat that because if Klimt did die from Spanish fluid, it argues for an earlier emergence We have it being in 1917–1918 It would have had to have come east into Europe If Klimt died from it, we’re still not sure. A bunch of silent film actresses including Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish survived Margaret Dumont, who is the rich widow in all the Marx Brothers movies, was a Spanish Flu survivor And in religion, in 1917, three shepherd children reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary in the Portuguese parish of Fatima After a series of miracles, prophecies, and Marian apparitions… …which are still remembered and venerated today as Our Lady of Fatima… …two of the children made a prophecy that they would die in the Spanish Flu outbreak And unfortunately, it came true. They died. That was their last prophecy So finally: Walpole We’ve got a little unusual one today So… I have a… …little excerpt from a diary from Horace and that Horace Walpole kept during a flu epidemic in 1743 “The last ships have brought over all your epidemic distempers; not a family in London has scaped under five or six ill… …many people have been forced to hire new laborers. Guernier, the apothecary, took two new apprentices, and yet could not drug all his patients “It has a cold and fever. I had one of the worst, and was blooded on Saturday and Sunday.” He means bleeding “But it is quite gone; my father was blooded last night; this is but slight “The physicians say there has been nothing like it since the year thirty-three, and then not so bad… “…[the bill of mortality –the death rate– mostly the same]; in short our army abroad would shudder to see what streams of blood have been let out” Of course his father is Robert Walpole. How does this connect the 1918 flu pandemic? Well, flu strains are related It’s very likely, or possible I should say, rather than likely, that the Spanish Flu was a descendant of this flu Thanks for joining us today. Come back next week We’ll be heading down to the Indonesian archipelago and the island of Java… …where we’ll see Hindu Buddhist kingdoms war for control over the lucrative spice trade It’s gonna be a ton of backstabbing and Mongol fleets… …and probably one of the tricksiest characters we have ever had on Extra History This guy is neat. Tune in, there’s gonna be war from elephant back and all sorts of neat stuff So, see you next week when we explore the kingdom of Majapahit


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