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Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks!!!

February 12, 2020

– So guys, today, we’re testing
viral TikTok life hacks. – Yes, we’re gonna be detectives, today. – So on TikTok, you watch
these TikToks of life hacks, viral life hacks, and
you see them everywhere, and they look like that they really work, and that they’re life-changing, (Ronald gasping) but sometimes, they don’t work. So we’re here to expose
all of the fake ones. – We’re gonna be detectives. We’re gonna check the TikToks,
and then we’re gonna expose. – All right, well now it’s time to see our very first TikTok life hack. – Oooh. (jazz music) How to unlock any iPhone. (Ronald laughing) Turn everything off. Turn on do not disturb. Okay. Hit open, calculator, and
the phone should be unlocked. – Really? – What? That makes no sense. – I’ve never heard of that before. That’s so weird. I don’t know if that’s gonna work. – Okay, let’s go try it. – All right, there’s
only one way to find out, and it’s to try. – So guys, this is Karina’s phone, and I have no idea what the password is, and I don’t have her face obviously. Okay, so, turn it all off. Put on do not disturb. Put the brightness to
zero, the volume to zero. Go to the calculator, and then. (alarm buzzing) Awe, it doesn’t work! (Ronald laughing) – It doesn’t work. You can’t get into
people’s phones like that. – Yeah, you cannot be so sneaky. I see you Karen, being
like, “oh, I’m gonna get “into Josh’s phone, ha.” Nah, it’s not gonna work. So guys, for all of you that thought, mmm, maybe this can work. I can sneak on anyone’s phone, mwahahaha, but nah nah nah. This does not work. Moving on to the next one. – Okay guys, now it’s time
for life hack number two. – Deux. – All right. – [Man] Guys, I just found
this thing you could do to land a bottle flip every single time. – I can use this. – [Man] So I don’t
really know why it works, but if you put some salt
in your water bottle. – Okay weirdo. (Ronald laughing) – [Man] You don’t really
need to put that much. – Wait, how is that supposed to work? [Man] You land every single bottle flip. Watch. – Wait, wait, wait. – [Man] Make sure to shake it. That’s the only way it works. – You see, that was a cut,
so he just keeps, like. (Ronald laughing)
– [Man] Just watch this. This is the first try. I promise. (water bottle clunking) (water bottle clunking) – Wait.
– You literally can’t mess up. – What? – How is he doing that? – What, three in a row? – [Man] I’ll land five more in a row. – I’ve never landed a
bottle flip in my life. (Ronald laughing) – You can use this Karina. (Ronald laughing) Come now. I really actually hope that this works. – [Man] What else do you want from me? You want it next to Alaya’s bag? Watch. – Kay. Across the country. (Ronald laughing) – What? – [Man] Even if I try to, I can’t miss. – Oh my. – [Man] What? Doggo, look at this. – What? – [Man] Anyway, try this out. Duet it, and tell me if it works for you. – Wait. – Okay, we need to try this. We need to try this. – We have to try this. All right, let’s go in the
kitchen and get some salt. I’ll get some water bottles
and land some bottle flips. – Yes. – Okay guys, I’m gonna
grab the water bottles. Here you go, Ronald. Yes. – And we gotta empty some of it out, and then we’re gonna try without the salt, and then after, add the salt. – Ooh, okay. Dah nah nah nah nah. – How much are we supposed to empty? – About like, up to here. – Okay. (upbeat music) Is that good? – Yeah, that should be good. Okay, we have emptied
most of the water out. Now, let’s just try to
land it without the salt. – All right. (water bottle clunking) (water bottle clunking) – Okay guys, so as you can see, we cannot land a water bottle flip. It just takes like, about a million tries. So now, we need to add the
salt, and see if it works. – So we can land it every single time. – Yes. (Ronald laughing) – All right, salt. – He added white salt,
but it’s fine, right? – Yeah, I’m just gonna grab a bunch. Pour it in. I know how much we need, but
I think this will be good. – Okay, this is good, right? – All right, he said we have to shake it. It was very important that we shook it. – Let me wash my hands. – Got salt all over my hands. – Okay. Now we have to shake it. (water swishing) There’s no way. Is there a way? There might be a way. – I don’t know if this is gonna work. Okay. – Okay, we just made some healthy water. (Ronald laughing) – Now, let’s flip. (water bottle clunking) (intense music) – That was close. (Ronald laughing) (intense music) (water bottle clunking) Wait, wait, wait. (water bottle clunking) Heyyyy! (horns blowing) (Karina cheering and laughing) – Wait, I wanna get it. (Ronald laughing) All right, now I’m gonna get it too. (Ronald cheering and laughing) – Wait, how come the
salt’s working for you? – Yeah, I’m just good at it. (water bottle clunking) (sirens blowing) (Ronald cheering) – I got it, I got it! (Karina laughing) – Yeah, perfect trick shot
double water bottle flip. – I got it again. – So guys, the first few
tries weren’t really working, but then the salt started kicking in, and then boom, we started landing. (water bottle clunking) – [Background Voice] Brah. – Maybe we need to shake it some more. – Oh, oh, okay. – You gotta shake it. Come on, keep shaking. (Ronald screaming) – Okay. – Let’s try it one more time. (water bottle clunking) – No! – Almost. (water bottle clunking) – Oooh!
– Yeah! – I got it! – Ooooh, the perfect shaking lands it. – The key is to shake it a lot. You gotta shake it a lot. – Yeah, perfect. So guys, it looks like this
life hack actually works. Or maybe we’re just
good at bottle flipping. I don’t know. But, we’ll give a check mark to this one, and let’s move on to
life hack number three. – Okay, life hack number three. – [Man] Take a piece of
corn right from the stock, and you put it in the microwave. – Okay. Kay. Ooh. Popcorn. – [Man] You get popcorn. – I already saw someone
expose this life hack. – Yeah, maybe it might work. Maybe we’re just like, over-exaggerating, but maybe it won’t work. – All right, but we gotta test it out. So let’s go to the kitchen once
again and make some popcorn. – Yes. – Okay guys, we got some corn. It’s not straight from like, the field, but it will have to do ’cause
we don’t live on a farm. – Yes. – So, we gotta get some
scissors and open it up. – I’m not convinced. – Yeah, I don’t think this
is gonna make popcorn. Like, it’s corn, like, come on. – Okay, let’s rip the corn. – You got some corn. – Well, he put it in with the green thing, so let’s put it in, with
the green thing as well. – Okay yeah, sure. Okay, we gotta go to the microwave. – I don’t know why, but I’m excited. – Awe, you should’ve
worn your popcorn shirt. – Yeah. (Ronald laughing) – All right. – How long do we put it in for? – Put this in the microwave. I don’t know. Like, a minute. Maybe a minute and 30 seconds. All right, start. Now we wait. – We wait. Okay guys, so there’s 10 seconds left. We cannot see anything. I’m kind of hoping for popcorn, because I didn’t have popcorn in so long, but if it doesn’t work,
we’ll just have corn, which is very sad. – All right, it’s ready, three, two, one. (drum roll) – [Background Voice] Awwww.
– Oh my. – It’s just corn. – Busted! – There’s no popcorn. This life hack does not work. (alarm buzzing) It’s a thumbs down. – Exposed. – Life hack number four. – [Woman] Attach the chain
to the suitcase handle on the wheels. Hook the carabiner on it, and fasten it to a loop on your jeans. – What? – [Woman] That’s amazing. (Karina laughing) (suitcase rumbling) (both laughing) – That’s just silly. – Okay, maybe it might work, and that guy was just over-exaggerating. – All right, let’s go
try out this life hack. All right you guys, I
got the attachy thing, and I got the suitcase, and
we’re ready to put in on Ronald. – Yes. (Ronald laughing) – Are you ready? – Yes. Just imagine people walking
in the store or anywhere with this on. – Attach to the suitcase. Now we gotta attach it to you. There we go. Let’s go. – It’s pulling down my pants. (Karina laughing) This thing could be filled with stuff, and I’m gonna lose my
pants before I know it. – Is this what he said to you Ronald, and it’s already pulling down your pants. – Yeah, this life hack
doesn’t really work, but I guess it’s kinda okay
if you have the tightest pants in the whole entire world. (Ronald laughing) Can you get this off of me? (both laughing) – Or I can leave it on
for a little longer. – No! So for this life hack, it’s
getting half a check mark, because it kinda works, but
you’re gonna lose your pants before you know it. Okay guys, so that’s okay. That one didn’t really
work, but it kinda did. Now, it’s time to move on
to life hack number five. All right, so this one’s in Spanish, so we’re just gonna have to use visuals. – Yes. (Spanish music) – Okay. – Wrong outlet? – Oh. Wait, what? – He just put it in like,
twice, and then it charged. – Wait, that makes no sense. – It’s like a portable charger. You’re like oh, fill it
up, fill it up, fill it up. Okay, there we go. – But wait, why don’t you just plug it into the wall properly? – I don’t know. – So guys, we gotta charge
it, and what the guy was doing in the video was charging up his cable, and then he unplugged it from the wall, and connected it to his phone, and the phone was charging. – Oh, okay. – I don’t know if this is gonna work, ’cause we gotta connect it. – Yeah, more people would know about this. – All right, so let’s do this. Now we gotta plug it in,
and unplug it a few times. Plug in, there we go. (jazz music) All right, I think that’s ready. Kay Ronald. – Okay. – Plug it in. (Ronald gasping) It worked! – What? – Wait, what? It worked. – But it only charged for like, a second. – It only charged for a second, so it’s not a very good
portable charger, but it worked. – I was not expecting that. So guys, this life hack is
definitely a 10 out of 10 in my book or scale,
whatever you wanna say, but I have a question. If we just plug it in
like, a million times, will it charge for longer, because it only charged for a second? – So let’s try it out. Okay, you hold my phone for me. Let’s go, all right.
– Do it like, 20 times. (jazz music) – Two, three, five, six, seven, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. – All right, let’s go. – Will it go up to 98%? (jazz music) Okay. – It’s charging. It charged for two seconds this time. – Oh wow. – All right, so this life
hack isn’t very useful, but it definitely works. – Yeah, it’s like something
to show off at a party. – So guys, we got two and
a half life hacks working. Let’s see if the next one is gonna work. Life hack number six. – Yes. (mood music) Okay, you’re cutting pants. Why are you cutting pants? I don’t wanna cut my pants. – Oh, I think I’ve seen this one before. It’s interesting. Okay. – He’s cutting the edge? (mood music) And then you put it on. – It’s a shirt now? – It looks nice, but like, I don’t know if this is gonna work. – It might. Because they have it right there. – But look how much fabric
there is in the armpits. There’s so much fabric
left in the armpits. – What? Pants into shirt. This cannot be true, but there’s
only one way to find out. Actually, two ways, but let’s do it. – All right, let’s go get
some pants and cut ’em up. Okay guys, the only leggings
that I have are these ones, and these are my only
and my favorite leggings, so these better work, so. All right, flatten it out
like they did in the video. Operation, surgery pants. – Wait, I don’t know how to do this. Uh, I need to watch the video again. All right, so. – Right over this part. – Wait, wait, I’m confuzzled. Wait, I need to watch the video again. – Right, right over the spike. See that spike? – Okay, wait, I’m gonna hold
it and put it like this, like exactly like they have in the video. I don’t wanna make any mistakes, okay. All right. All right. – But they cut like, a line
and then like, a circle. – So we gotta do this line first. All right. (mood music) All right, that’s interesting. Okay, uh, I think I’m just
ruining these leggings. Okay, you gotta make a circle as well. (mood music) Oh gosh. Kay. – That’s scary. – Oh, there’s is bigger. I gotta make mine bigger. Oh gosh. (mood music) Okay, that doesn’t look too bad. (Ronald laughing) (mood music) All right, they cut on the
pant, on the leg part, so. – They cut a line. – So I gotta do the seam. There’s is pretty long, so
I’ll just make mine sort of. – All the way up to the hole,
like, there’s a gap here. – All right. – Kay, that should be good. – Yeah, that’s about good. All right, I think we did all the cutting. – Was that it? Okay. Okay, now just put it normally. (Karina laughing) – What? (laughing) I don’t think this hole
is big enough for my head. – No, that’s not for your head. – Yeah it is for my head. – How, what? – How did he do that? Did I cut mine wrong? Where is my head supposed to go? – Guys, even if this life hack did work, it’s too hard to follow. – Okay, we have to make some alterations, ’cause I can’t stick my head through that. It’s not going off the videos, but we’re gonna have to do this. (mood music) All right. – Operation surgery pants has failed. – Okay, I guess that’s, I don’t
know if this is gonna work. Okay, let’s try on my new top. This is really weird. (mood music) – Just go to the store
and buy a shirt like that. – Mmkay. – It’s okay. – The pink is upside down. (Ronald laughing) Okay, I guess it kinda works. (Ronald laughing) There’s a lot of extra
fabric in my armpits, so it’s not very comfortable. I wouldn’t ever wear this. It’s very uncomfortable. – This is like a five out of 10. – The only comfortable
position is like this, ’cause that’s how legs are supposed to go. Guys, I ruined my only
and my favorite leggings, so this is definitely a zero. This is going straight to the bin. – Okay. Okay. – All right, let’s move
on to the next life hack. Hopefully, I won’t have
to ruin anymore clothing. – Okay guys, time for
life hack number seven. I don’t know why. Maybe ’cause it’s my lucky number, but I feel like this is
gonna work very nicely. – All right, but there’s
only one way to find out. Let’s watch the video. – [Man] All right guys,
so I found a new hack. And like, it’s with the AirPods, and like, it’s connected to this phone, and they don’t know the hack yet, so like, when you put your AirPods like this, you have to make it like a tripod, and you go like this, and
when you hit play, it like, plays like a speaker. (cell phone music) – I tried that before, and it didn’t work. – Awwwwe. – But we gotta try it again,
’cause maybe they updated it. – Yes. – All right, so put the AirPods like that. Okay. – Okay. – Gotta make sure they’re connected. – It looks like a questionable speaker. – All right. (mood music) The volume’s all the way to the top. (crickets chirping) – It’s coming from there, but
it’s not playing as a speaker. – It’s not playing as a speaker. – No, it doesn’t work. – It doesn’t work. This life hack is a fail. (alarm buzzing) Wait, it’s playing now. It’s not even that loud. (AirPod music) That’s weird. – Maybe it does work. Okay, let’s give it a five out of ten, because sometimes it works. – So, let’s give it a half thumbs up, ’cause it kind of works, but
it’s not really loud at all. So, let’s move on to
life hack number eight. – Yes. So that’s kung fu. Now it’s time for life
hack number ocho eight. – All right, let’s begin. – Kay, let’s see. – [Man] All right, so this is probably one of the best kept secrets for
solving the Rubik’s cube. I almost considered not
sharing this with you guys, – I would know this. I would know this. – [Man] because it kind of
takes the fun out of it, but I figured, I don’t know,
maybe you could use it to like, get a date or impress
your friends or something. So anyways, here goes. You can solve any Rubik’s
cube, starting at any position, – Aaah. – [Man] using just two moves. You’re just gonna repeat these
moves over and over again. You’re gonna turn the left
side counter clockwise, and then you’re gonna
turn the top clockwise, so it looks like this. You’re just gonna keep on
– Everyone would do that. repeating the sequence
over and over again, and eventually the cube will
start to sort of solve itself. – Hey, that’s not gonna work. – [Man] You just keep going. – Nah. – [Man] Sometimes it
takes a little longer. – Maybe, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Wait, what is he gonna
be at the end, like, “oh, sorry it doesn’t work.” Wait!
– Wait! It worked!
How did he get it? Oh my goodness!
– Pretty simple. – How? – It actually worked. Okay, let me go get my Rubik’s cube. – All right, we gotta test this out. – So guys, I have my Rubik’s cube, and he said to only do two moves and repeat those two moves. So, I’m just like, nah
it’s not gonna work. But I already have my cube messed up, so let’s see if it actually works. Kay, like that, like that. I guess that’s it. (mood music) – How long are we gonna be
sitting here until we decide that it’s not working. (Ronald laughing) – Nah, there’s no way.
– I don’t think it’s working. – ‘Cause this corner isn’t solved at all, so how can you solve this
bit without moving it? – I don’t know. – And I saw his finger covering this bit, so I’m pretty sure it was all one color. – This is not working. Okay, I think this is a busted. This doesn’t work. – This doesn’t work. I was not expecting for it to work. It’s not even close to solved. Like, it’s just scrambled even more. – All right guys, that
did not work at all. That deserves a thumbs down. (alarm buzzing) That’s just bogus. No, that does not work at all, so let’s move on to life hack number nine. – Oh. – We only have two and a half
life hacks that work so far, so this better work. – And this is the last one. – All right, come on. – [Boy] This is how you make
a black light with your phone. First, put tape over the flash. Make sure it’s clear. And then get a blue
sharpie, and cover that up. – Okay. – [Boy] And then put
another piece of tape. Cover it again with blue. – What? – [Boy] The other piece, but
now you’re doing it purple. – Oh, okay. – [Boy] Now you have a black light. – Okay. – [Boy] Let’s try it on this. – That’s cool. Okay, we need to try this. – I don’t know if it’s gonna work. I think you need like, a
special light, not just colors. (Ronald laughing) But we gotta test it out,
so let’s get my phone and get some markers. We gotta try this out. We got some tape. We got some sharpies. So, we gotta put the tape over the flash. (piano music) – Kay, blue first. – First, you gotta cover it with blue. Okay. (piano music) There we go. Okay. – I’m kinda excited. – Gotta get another piece of tape. – Kay, I’ll do this one. – Okay. Got blue again. And one last piece of tape. – And for the purple. – Purple. All right. I don’t know if this is gonna work. – How’d we do? – Now, gotta turn on the light. – Three, two, one. Wait, we gotta go in the dark. – We gotta go in the dark,
’cause I can’t see anything. Hey guys, this is the
only place in the house where it doesn’t have windows, so we gotta go inside this closet to check out this hack. – Oh my goodness, I feel like a spy. – All right, let’s go. Oh, it’s purple. Okay, I don’t know if
it’s a black light though, but it looks pretty cool. It’s purple. – I guess that works. Let me put my hand, oh. All right, I think we
gotta get some neon colors to really test it out. – Yes. – All right, we got some highlighters. Let’s really test this out. – Yes. Let’s go trek in jungles. – Okay. It doesn’t work. – Wait, take out like, the tip. – Oh, it doesn’t make,
won’t make a difference. – Oh, it doesn’t really
look, but it does have like, some cool blue light that comes out of it. – I mean, you could use this for like, a photo shoot or something. I don’t know. – Yeah. – It’s kind of cool, but
it’s not a black light, so this hack is a fail. (alarm buzzing) – So guys, that was our last life hack. We hope that you liked us
exposing the fake life hackers. They fake life-hack into your life, but guys, don’t follow them. Only follow us. I’m just kidding. You can do that if you want. (Ronald laughing) – And if you guys wanna
see more life hack videos, go to our Instagram, and comment there if we should do them or not. – Mhmm, yes. – We always do though. If you did, – [Both] Smash that like button, and we’ll see y’all in the next tidbit. Bye! – Ching kwa! – And by the way guys,
Ronald’s announcing the winners for his iPad and his Gucci
shoes on his Instagram, so go check it out to see if you won. (mood music)

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