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December 29, 2019

Okay Laura, tell us your favorite Cartoon Network show. Ed, Edd and Eddy. I did like Dexter’s Lab. Actually, yeah, I agree with you Dexter’s Lab was probably my favourite. Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be me testing out viral Mostly seen on Instagram makeup and I have some gadgets I have these silicone makeup brushes and I have the cut crease stamp for your eye and then I have a bunch of Really popular makeup that has just come up I have Kylie, Huda, Natasha Denona Anastasia, big brands coming out with new stuff that you guys have heard about and seen on snapchat. Ig story YouTube and Instagram Over and over and over again and a lot of these products actually all these products. I have not tested out yet Yeah, I haven’t tested out any of these products yet So it’s gonna be news to me, honey Since I am living my best time life in this Cartoon Network shirt Comment down below your favorite Cartoon Network cartoon from your childhood if you didn’t watch Cartoon Network (Wut?) Anyways, so we’re gonna sing the s-s-s-s-s sing the subscribe song And then we’re gonna jump right into this video. Be sure and subscribe to my channel Before-e-e You leave-e-e sub-SCRIBE Now, let’s go ahead and test out this viral makeup henny The foundation I have isn’t a new foundation, but I’m gonna try out one of these silicone brushes from pure. Also Tarte came out with these brushes as well. I have the pure ones on deck I have a nail appointment at one o’clock because honey, I’m going to Japan and I’ll probably be in Japan when this video uploads But I’m pre filming and I gotta get my nails done since I’m gonna be gone for a week, and I have a meet-and-greet at Morphe tomorrow which will have already passed. I don’t have a viral face primer. Just gonna put on face primer I actually let’s be real these drops are the most Virally primer on earth this this one hasn’t even been opened. This is the volcanic elixir which scares me to put on my face Oh, they’re like doo-doo greeny. Oh My god this feels like grease this feels not good. Oh and it smells rotten. Oh, it stanksss. I hate it. I hate it. You would have to get used to the smell. Oh my god. It’s really strong Okay, I’m gonna use this Becca Ultimate coverage foundation. I really like this. I tried this out in a recent video and I’m gonna put it on my silicone Makeup brush. There’s one pump and let’s see what happens I’m just rubbing it in and it seems to rubbing in. Oh I slipped. It’s very slippery. It seems to be rubbing in actually really nicely with this brush It’s kind of hard to get angles with this brush, but I’m trying here. It’s hard to get like around the nose The brush does feel pretty soft. I feel like I’m brushing my teeth. But on my forehead I find that the foundation is going a lot longer because it can’t absorb it in any way I don’t not like this. Oh, yeah a little weird and hard to get around angles and like drag it down the neck So that’s the only thing I’d be weary of with it. But like I could use this again, it’s not bad I feel like it would take some getting used to using but that’s okay I mean that’s with a lot of products might try one of the smaller ones with the concealer I’m gonna be using the Tarte shape tape concealer in the shade light/medium today Isn’t this like the world’s number one concealer or like the you know, is it America’s or the world? I don’t know I just saw like a sign at Ulta. I believe where was like NUMBER 1 CONCILLER On the nose, a little on the cupids bow and a little on the chin just like that There is my mini one It’s a lot smaller than the other ones like little spoons to eat with Because it doesn’t like absorb any of the product. I feel like it doesn’t push it into your skin It just moves the product around And that’s the only thing I feel like I don’t have to get used to when using these them on my eyelid It looks pretty though. I mean hmm. Alright my makeup looks ooh, see that’s a mess, honey You guys are clocking me on the foundation shade. She’s not that tanned. You see your neck So I’m gonna go ahead and set set it and forget it and then we’ll move on to some other fun products So here we have the magnificent Tropic palette from Natasha Tintin. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, how’d you guys know? These are super fancy I should have palettes very pricey. I picked this one up at Sephora. I think I’m gonna go in weed. I’m Gonna start with pastel Mel, and then I’ll go over to the pink shade nudists now I’ll go ahead and tell you I do like Natasha gentleness mattes. I feel like they’re really great creamy matte eyeshadows Now I’m going in with nudists which is that like pink shade and I’m just gonna blend it right on in the mix This is the new Remastered rose gold palette from hooter. I really like the cover of it a lot I think it’s gorgeous and then you get these shades and it looks like she changed the Foil the eyeshadows worn to a putty a shadow So I’m just gonna take doll face with just the pink. I also have these little Kylie X Courtney I should have palettes something I’ll be able to use all the palettes today, but I can at least show you we can talk about it cuz there’s so much So much stuff honey so much Oh struggling to get it all talked about So I’m just trying to share with you guys all the new new. That’s everybody’s talking about I’m really curious to see if this cut crease stamp is gonna work. I’m gonna be honest I was gonna film with her earlier But then I realized like there’s so many fakes out there and it’s kind of difficult to get the real one I try to order the real one several times and I couldn’t get it ordered or wasn’t available and then whenever I Finally found it and ordered it came in and I was like, I don’t think I think it’s like a knockoff version of it I think it’s a really cool concept because cut creases are so time-consuming. But yet so many people wear them So we’ll see if it works. Although I do have the knockoff Edition. So that’s annoying back into this palette and grab sangria I also wonder like if this cut crease shindig is gonna work on my eyelid size. Like does it work? Is it one size fits? All like what’s the T we’re gonna find out today. You just gotta keep watching I’m gonna take a little bit of man-eater o which is the bright red shade in the hooter palette I just want this to be a little bit deeper right here in this corner I’ve just been using it our 39 brush for all these colors So now what I’m gonna do and this is it, I think this is the phony one I’m actually not sure Oh might not be this might be the real one guys. Is it do you see how you just paint it? And you can do a whole cut crease or a half cut crease depending on what you do But I think you’re supposed to paint half of it. I’m just watching this video. Okay, do you see that? Look at this video guys? They put the concealer on it stamped the concealer then they pack the eyeshadow on it and then stamped the eyeshadow Wow, it looks amazing I’m just gonna take some of the Tarte shape tape concealer though She did half the stamp and that’s what I’m gonna do as well seems pretty easy to paint. I Want to get too much concealer on it because I don’t want it to get like goofy and gross. I’m really nervous I don’t want to mess this up Okay, so she like placed on the eye and I feel like she held it there for a second and lightly pull This got a little messy and then I think he just stopped blend that out a little bit Okay, let’s put eyeshadow on top so she kind of left it like this and then packed whatever color eyeshadow on Top, I think I’m just gonna do this Golden color out of this palette and I’m gonna put a lot of it on there Like I’m just packing on tons of eyeshadow like you guys see how much I put on there I’m gonna just keep packing it on. Okay. Now this thing is fully loaded and my eye is sticky right here, so it should just fit And we’re gonna press and hold it oh My gosh Wow look at that Heys I mean I wouldn’t be honest, is it the cleanest cut crease in the world no It is doable. And so I’m just gonna take the same brush tap that out I Mean, I feel like it wasn’t so high. I could be a little bitter, but I’m impressed Let’s do the other eye shadow can wipe it off with just a little makeup. Wipe. It’s rubber So it wipes off really easy So I’ll paint this half of my tool and it does unscrew it screws on and off so you could clean it Okay, here we go Okay Now we’re gonna put on a bunch of the eye shadow Right on top and I just pack the eye shadow on top of the concealer that was already on here And I found that that worked Really? Well cuz it sticks it on to The thing but I pack on a lot out of the eye shadow here I go Hold on I can’t see I went blind for a minute Wow. Okay, so it just needs a little cleaning up right here Bowser, so I’m going to go in with a little bit of the Mat and just blended that worked out really. Well. I Can’t believe it and I kind it was very I kind of I was very skeptical honestly. Oh there Wow, I’m really impressed with the stamp and we have success in this video It didn’t have a virally bronzer So I’m just gonna take the 8h pallet from morphe and grab Donut and go ahead and contour up my face so we can move on to some more viral hide products The next one I’m gonna try out is the dream palette prom on associate Beverly Hills. This is a new palette I need to finish in my eyes with liner, but we’ll do that guys like crazy color Highlighters, but whenever I swatched them which I’ll show you they aren’t that crazy They come off like in a variation of these colors Like do you see how they’re all like almost like not that they’re almost the same color They’re all similar in color, but they come off like this is barely pink This is barely blue and this is barely orange on the pinky I’m gonna take the brush that kind of came with the palette and I’m gonna try out this yellow sunshine color. Oh, Wow That is nice That’s pretty and down this cheek. I want to try a unicorn which is our more pink shade. Oh My gosh, that’s really cool. I do that coulda palette. Oh, I did put on lashes I mean I might put regal with just the peachy orange Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. So I do really like the dream palette. There’s an example of three of the colors on my face See you guys can see for yourself I have the Buddha power pinks and then the all-natural minis now anything hooda does goes pretty virally. Oh It goes pretty badly online because she does have like twenty some odd million. Oh and so I’m gonna try out One of these I feel like maybe I’m trying out net setter. I feel like this color was already around though It’s very pinky nude There is jetsedder really pretty it looks like a peachy pink And now I want to put one of these nudes like on top of it. I try out girlfriend Caramel brownie nude and these to mix together I think look pretty nice but not least. It’s gonna get a squirt of some tatcha Look what do you guys think? We used quite a few gadgets to create this. Look. I think the look came out really gorgina I’m like shook with the stain, but I’m not gonna lie. I definitely will be using again I’ll probably use silicone brushes again Like we had a lot of good look in these videos and a lot of time whenever I travel virally stuff I don’t live. The only thing is the first Ollie drops the volcanic one smells so bad My skin looks great with them on but it just smelled so bad. I just don’t think I can do it You guys so much for being here and watching Be sure and subscribe to my channel for more content like this give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy if you didn’t Enjoy, that’s what the thumbs up button is for for you to click it. Anyways, see what I did there Love you guys, and I will see you all in my next video I still shook at this eyeshadow thing. Let’s take us simply Pretty oh, that’s good. See you guys later. See you later. See you later alligator


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