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Testing VIRAL BEAUTY Hacks …| #Fun #Anaysa

December 18, 2019

When will she come? Do you know her name? No I don’t know anything Today’s Talents Don’t have value of time Yeah! they never come on time Don’t point out me…..I had only searched all the viral beauty hacks and the things Just go and find out the things newspapers and baskets etc. So,……Let’s start Oh! excuse me…..who are you? and what is your name? My name is priya Priya!!!!! Your full name please? Priya Gupta Yeh! got Sonam Gupta’s sister You too are betrayer as she was This song is dedicated for you Stop stop! No you are singing wrong….It should go like this And won’t leave today without 1,00,000 likes Tell what should i do? Who is dare enough to test his viral beauty hack first Go with arm wrestling Just one minute….. This girl says… cut 3-4 pieces and fix what the hell! can’t even manage one Talking about four to five This hack seems to be failed Even the dogs don’t get such hairfall Excatly! So, for fixing these lashes you need Two guyzz….and lot of time And a lot of patience Which we do not have put the stamp See How these people are using kids color for making eye- liner But we have of our own Don’t lie both of you Are of Anaya’s So we three are going to apply eye- line using these colors Yes! just have to wait but for how long? This the girl did not shared I feel now it’s done Let’s try out Hack is oky but they did a mistake they dipped in cold water But it worked with hot water How did you liked the hack? Very nice According to her If don’t know how to apply lipsticks use cup for that Let’s see what happens Helo! friends….. have tea Applied? Hmmmm!…..Bit some Yeah very nicely done Don’t know where my lipstick is moving Mine applicable very perfectly Wastage of lipstics…. I love my cosmetics So’ can’t do this How could we….it’s heart breaking No to this hack What are you doing? Tell…. What are you doing? Leave me…..what are you doing?…leave me Isn’t it beautiful sculpted face? yes! but the girl told same cut the tape and fix it and you face will look sculpted She looking like stationery shop Remove it…’s so irritating How is it possible? First thing……here it’s too much humidity And second after applying……won’t work at all….. It’s useless…… These both girls haven’t done piercing This hack will change their life She says: Take stapler pin like this from paper and with the help of pencil give the proper shape She did it magically…. and gave a shape like my nose ring So we finally got it and we told it’s multiple uses Like…can apply on eye brows Can wear as nose pins It’s shape is so weird Oh! Shit actually the real products/studs are hard and easy to grab it’s not that use anything Even the cheapest one is better to use Mine is gold one….Gifted by my Mom So this hack was totally stupid and useless Next hack will be explained by Anishka Our Anshika Her eyes are really beautiful actually she belongs to Garhwal….So just kidding Tell the hack…. madam says: Apply glue on eye lid and make your eyes big Let’s see how much it works Won’t Speak much Only this much That Do Not Try! this….. She is trying to say…. Do not try at home So we are against this hack Don’t try it at home


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    In hack 1, they use eyelashes under ther lashes and in hack 4,they use small size of tape and double side tape and then ther cover it by there hairs . It realy workes

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